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Donna Peng's fascination with multimedia began at an early age - shortly after she licked the physical disc and then she's been obsessed ever since. Her decade-long career at Digiarty after the graduation has seen her unmatched expertise in the field of DVD, digital video, software and anything related to home theatre. She is currently fascinated with photography.

Articles and Guides

How to Copy DVD to USB Flash Drive on Windows and Mac
Learn how to copy DVD to USB flash drive on Windows (7/8/10/11) and Mac computer or without computer. Learn how to copy DVD to USB to play on TV.
Donna Peng May 08, 2024 DVD to USB
How to Free Burn a DVD on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac
This article will show you how to burn a DVD for free with the built-in Windows/Mac apps and third-party DVD burning software.
Donna PengMay 8, 2024
How to Free Convert DVD to Digital on Windows/Mac/Mobile
Learn how to convert DVD to digital with free HandBrake, WinX DVD Ripper, VLC, and other programs or services. Digitizing DVDs is fast and easy.
Donna PengMay 08, 2024
How to Rip DVD to NAS (Synology/QNAP) for Streaming
It's time to transfer your DVD collections to NAS with no worries about data loss, limited hard drive space, etc. Here is how to rip DVD to NAS.
Donna Peng May 07, 2024 DVD to NAS
How to Sell Used DVDs for the Most Money (Near Me & Online)
Want to turn old DVDs into cash quickly? See full guide on where to sell used DVDs for cash near me and online, with or without a DVD case, used DVD prices, required fees, shipping cost, etc.
Donna PengApril 30, 2024
[2024 Tutorial] How to Decrypt and Rip DVD with HandBrake
This is a detailed guide on how to rip DVD with HandBrake on Windows (10)/Mac: install HandBrake and libdvdcss - > load DVD - > choose title - > configure output - > select save path - > begin ripping DVD.
Donna PengApril 29, 2024
11 Best DVD to MP4 Converters for Windows 10/11/Mac in 2024
How to convert DVD to MP4 for playback on PC, TV, mobile, etc at one go? 2024 top 10 best DVD to MP4 converters are reviewed for you to back up your movies and convert them into digital MP4 speedily with best balance in quality and size.
Donna Peng April 25, 2024 DVD to MP4
How to Burn More than 4.7GB on DVD? Use DVD Compressor!
How to burn more than 4.7GB on DVD? Firstly, compress input video or DVD content size. Then burn it to DVD using DVD compressor.
Donna PengApril 24, 2024
How to Copy ISO Files to USB Drive
Here's a guide of how to copy and burn DVD ISO files to USB drive on Windows and Mac so as to play ISO videos on TV, laptop, or tablet or create bootable drive before updating your computer.
Donna PengApril 24, 2024
AVI to DVD: 5 Ways to Convert AVI to DVD with No Watermark
This article will introduce 5 AVI to DVD converters and show you how to convert and burn AVI to DVD on Windows and Mac.
Donna PengApril 24, 2024
External DVD Drive for Chromebook and How to Play DVDs
While Chrome OS doesn't support playing DVD from external disc drives, how can you use a Chromebook external DVD drive? How to watch a DVD movie on Chromebooks? Check this post.
Donna PengApril 24, 2024
2024 Top 12 Free DVD Creator Software to Make DVDs
Top 12 free DVD creator software for Windows 11/10/8/7 review. Download the best DVD creator freeware for Windows 11/10/8/7 to make DVDs from AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPEG, VOB, MOV and more videos.
Donna PengApril 23, 2024
Top 5 External DVD Players/Drives for Mac 2023
How to play DVDs on Mac when there is no built-in DVD drive for Mac? External DVD player for Mac is the optimal choice if you have such a need.
Donna PengApril 23, 2024
2024 Best 5 Portable DVD Players for Kids
We've singled out the best 5 portable DVD players for kids to watch DVDs during trip or at home. Check our picks and reviews now.
Donna PengApril 23, 2024
How to Make DVD Player Region Free Quickly- Complete Guide
To make DVD players region free, just hack it. Learn how to make regio-free DVD players from Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, etc.
Donna Peng April 22, 2024 DVD Player
How to Repair DVD Player Not Reading DVD Disc? - Solved
This article will focus on: why your DVD player is not reading disc and how to fix a DVD player that won't read discs.
Donna Peng April 22, 2024 DVD Player
How to Fix CD DVD Drive Not Working or Not Showing Up
Your CD DVD drive is not working or showing up in File Explorer, Disk Management, or Device Manager in Windows 11/10/8/7? Here we have many solutions to fix CD DVD drive missing issue.
Donna PengApril 19, 2024
[Full Fixes] DVD Player Stops Playing DVD in the Middle
DVD player stops and freezes playing a movie in the middle. All fixes are here to let users play a full DVD movie without interruption.
Donna PengApril 19, 2024
DVD Player Remote Control Not Working? Find the Fixes Here
Panasonic/LG/Sony/Samsung DVD remote not working? This post has all the fixes that can 100% solve the problem.
Donna PengApril 19, 2024
Don't Let DVD Rot Kill Your DVD Collection
Suffering from DVD rot and degradation? This post will tell you how to prevent DVD rot and store DVDs in the long term.
Donna PengApril 19, 2024
How to Play USA Region 1 DVD in UK Free
Get several ways to play USA DVD in UK or other (Europe) regions regardless of the DVD region code.
Donna PengApril 17, 2024
8 Best Region Free DVD Players of 2024
Here're the 8 best region free DVD players that can play DVDs from all regions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, along with great features incl. HDMI support, 1080p upscaling, NTSC/PAL conversion, and more.
Donna PengApril 16, 2024
Can Xbox One Play DVDs? How to Play DVDs on Xbox One?
Can Xbox One play DVDs? It depends on which model of xbox one you use. You can play DVDs on Xbox One, Xbox One X, and the Xbox One S with disc drive. Xbox One S All-Digital Edition cannot play DVDs. Check how to watch DVDs on Xbox One.
Donna Peng April 15, 2024 Play DVD on Xbox One
Can PS4 Play DVDs? How to Fix PS4 Won't Play DVD?
Can PS4 play DVDs? Yes. Read our guide and learn how to play a DVD on PS4 (without internet/controller), how to fix PS4 won't play DVDs, and more faqs.
Donna Peng April 12, 2024 PS4 DVD
Best 6 ISO Converters to Convert File/Disc/Folder to/from ISO
Free download a first-class ISO converter to handle all your ISO conversion needs, incl. convert file to ISO, convert CD/DVD to ISO, or convert ISO image to/from video or any other files.
Donna PengApril 12, 2024
How Can I Play ISO with Plex?
Plex doesn't support ISO file. How can you play/stream ISO with Plex? This article will give you a feasible fix.
Donna Peng April 12, 2024 DVD ISO play
VUDU Disc to Digital Not Working? Get It Fixed
Vudu disc to digital not working? Can't scan title? Get 'Location must match billing address'? We'll show you how to fix these VUDU not working issues.
Donna PengApril 8, 2024
How to Play DVD on Windows 10/11 Laptop Computer
Learn how to play DVD on laptop running on Windows 10, 11, 7, and 8. Find the best DVD player for Windows 10/11, and fix DVD not play on laptop computer.
Donna PengApril 08, 2024
2024 Best 4 Free DVD Ripper for Linux: Rip DVD on Linux
Best 4 free DVD rippers for Linux/Ubuntu in 2024 are revealed here. Download one Linux DVD ripper you like best and rip DVD on Linux.
Donna PengApril 7, 2024
How to Rip a DVD on Windows 7 64/32 Bit for Free in 2024
This article will introduce the best free DVD ripper for Windows 7 64/32 bit and show you how to rip a DVD to MP4 and other formats on Windows 7.
Donna PengApril 3, 2024
How to Play DVD on Nintendo Wii/Wii U [2024 Updated]
Can Wii/Wii U play DVDs? Officially no, but technically yes. You can play DVDs on Wii/Wii U via Photo Channel or Homebrew app (Mplayer or WiiMC). Check tutorials now.
Donna PengApril 3, 2024
Fix New DVDs That Won't Play on Your DVD Player
If new DVDs won't play on a DVD player, try the solutions below. The problem may be caused by damaged discs, DRM, region code, media format, outdated firmware, etc.
Donna PengApril 3, 2024
2024 Best Laptops with DVD Drives and Players Built-in
Need a laptop with an integrated DVD drive or player? Here are 2024 latest laptops with DVD burners from HP, Dell, Lenovo, and more.
Donna PengApril 3, 2024
How to Play DVD on HP Laptops with or without DVD Drive
DVD won't play on HP laptop? Never mind. This post shows you how to play DVD on HP laptop with or without DVD drive.
Donna PengApril 3, 2024
How to Fix Wrong Region Error on DVD Players
The Wrong Region error means the DVD region doesn't match that of the DVD player. Learn to fix Wrong Region error on your DVD player quickly.
Donna PengMarch 30, 2024
[Solved] DVD Drive not Reading DVDs in Windows 11/10/8/7
If the DVD drive can't recognize DVD discs, try solutions here to open and read any DVD in Windows 11/10/8/7 without hassle.
Donna PengMarch 30, 2024
Troubleshoot Burned DVD Won't Play on DVD Player/Computer
DVD you burned won't play on DVD player/computer? There are many causes for the problem. How did you burn the DVD disc? What type of black DVD disc did you use? Try the following simple fixes.
Donna Peng March 30, 2024 DVD play
VLC Guide - How to Play DVD and Fix VLC Won't Play DVD Error
Check the VLC tutorial and learn how to play DVDs on VLC Windows (10/11)/Mac. Plus, various DVD playback errors in VLC, with trustful solutions, are listed.
Donna PengMarch 29, 2024
Which Formats Does Your DVD Player Support/Read/Play
What kind of formats does a DVD player read or play? Check the DVD player supported formats and solve the problem if you cannot play DVDs or videos on your DVD player.
Donna PengMarch 29, 2024
[2024] Best 10 Free DVD Copy Software: Copy DVD for Free
This article reviews best DVD copy software for Windows 10/11 and other OS. Get one to copy DVD to DVD/ISO image or rip DVD main title to MP4 for easy management on hard drive and other devices.
Donna PengMarch 25, 2024
How to Copy DVDs to Hard Drive on Windows and Mac
Learn how to copy DVDs to hard drive on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac, so as to watch DVDs on TV or store them to computer hard drive.
Donna PengMarch 22, 2024
How to Copy DVDs on Mac Computer with 1:1 Quality? Top 4 Ways
How to copy DVDs to MacBook Air or Pro with Disk Utility? Open Disk Utility, insert DVD disc to it and select the DVD disc; continue. Or use Handbrake MakeMKV to rip DVDs to MP4 MKV on Mac.
Donna PengMarch 21, 2024
PS4 Manual Disc Eject not Working? Fixes Here!
Press PS4 manual screw several times but it won't work? All solutions to PS4 eject button not working are here. Check if you can't let PS4 spit out the disc yourself.
Donna PengMarch 12, 2024
[Steps] How to Play a DVD on TV (Samsung, Sony, LG, and more)
Don't know how to watch a DVD on a smart TV? Here are the detailed steps to connect and play DVDs on Samsung TV, Sony, Panasonic, LG, etc. with DVD player and from your computer.
Donna PengMarch 12, 2024
How to Connect DVD Player to TV with HDMI and Other Cables
This article will show you how to connect DVD player to TV with HDMI, red, white, yellow A/V cables, components cables, and SCART cable.
Donna Peng March 12, 2024 DVD Player
Best Car DVD Player (Portable/Dual) for Kids Entertainment
Which one is the best dual DVD player for car that plays two different movies or the same movies on both screens? Which one is the best portable car DVD player with swivel screen? Check here!
Donna PengMarch 12, 2024
2024 Best 6 Ways to Convert ISO to MP4 [Incl. Free Tools]
We'll show you how to convert ISO to MP4 on Windows (10) PC and Mac step by step. The programs that can be used to convert DVD ISO image file to MP4 include WinX DVD Ripper, free HandBrake, VLC, FFmpeg, MakeMKV, and file-converter-online.
Donna PengMarch 6, 2024
Get Free MakeMKV Beta Key/Lifetime Key/Registration Code
MakeMKV is free while the software in beta. Find out MakeMKV free beta key here and ways to get the MakeMKV lifetime registration code key.
Donna Peng March 6, 2024 MakeMKV
[Fixed] DVD Will Not Play on PC Computer/Laptop
Run into 'DVD will not play' problem on your PC computer, laptop? Don't worry. This article lists the possible fixes to DVD not playing on laptop and computers.
Donna Peng March 5, 2024 DVD play
How to Play DVD on Mac with/without DVD Drive
How to play DVDs on Mac with/without a DVD drive? Learn ways to play DVDs on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini running on Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, or earlier.
Donna PengMarch 5, 2024
Best 8 Ways to Rip Copy-Protected DVDs, with 5 FREE Options
We've found the best 8 ways to copy protected DVDs on Windows and Mac, including several totally free solutions. Follow the post and learn how to rip a copy-protected DVD to MP4, ISO, USB, hard drive, etc.
Donna Peng March 04, 2024 Rip DVD
How to Upload DVD to YouTube on Windows and Mac
Want to upload DVD video to YouTube for sharing with others? Here are the easiest solution to convert DVD to YouTube supported format/size and step-by-step guide to upload a DVD to YouTube.
Donna PengMarch 1, 2024
11 Best DVD Rippers for Mac in 2024 [Free & Paid]
Here we've reviewed 11 best free and paid DVD rippers for Mac in 2024. They can help you rip DVD to MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, etc so that you can play DVD on disc-less Macbook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and other mobile devices on the go.
Donna PengMarch 1, 2024
Full List of DVD Advantages and Disadvantages
DVDs have large size, long life, and what? What are the advantages and disadvantages of DVDs? This full list of DVD pros and cons will show you why DVDs are still around and where it will go.
Donna PengMarch 1, 2024
CD vs DVD: The Differences between CD and DVD
How to tell if a media is a CD or DVD? Full differences between CD and DVD with tables in storage and capacity, audio quality, playback compatibility, VCD/SVCD, etc. are all here.
Donna PengMarch 1, 2024
Tutorial: How to Import the DVD to Windows Movie Maker
Convert DVD to Windows Movie Maker compatible formats on Windows/Mac computer and import DVD movie to Windows Movie Maker with a professional DVD ripper.
Donna PengFebruary 29, 2024
How to Rip TV Series DVD into Individual Episodes or a Single File
This guide provides step-by-step instruction for ripping TV shows DVD into separate episodes or a single file. The DVD ripper helps fast rip TV DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MPG, ISO file, VIDEO_TS folder, etc.
Donna PengFebruary 29, 2024
How to Extract Subtitles from DVD to SRT on Windows/Mac
This post introduces how to extract subtitles from DVD as a separate SRT file with HandBrake, VLC, and WinX DVD Ripper on Windows and Mac. Enter to check the step-by-step guide.
Donna PengFebruary 29, 2024
How to Convert DVD to AVI for Free in 2024 - 5 Ways
We'll show you how to convert DVD to AVI for free with WinX DVD Ripper, VLC, and Icepine Free DVD to AVI Converter.
Donna PengFebruary 29, 2024
Top 5 AnyDVD HD Alternatives to Rip Any DVD
Best AnyDVD HD alternative software has been laid out here. It can rip DVD with regions and copy protections to ISO, VIDEO_TS, MP4 and more formats quickly and easily.
Donna Peng February 29, 2024 AnyDVD HD
7 Reasons to Prove DVD Is Not Dead
Is DVD dead 2021? Here are 7 seasons that DVD is not dead and is still selling well. Physic format is still another form for home entertainment in parallel with video streaming and video-on-demand.
Donna PengFeb 29, 2024
2024 7 Best External DVD Drives for Laptop
Here are the top-rated external DVD drives for laptop that can be used to read or write data into a disc.
Donna PengFeb 29, 2024
Best DVD Upscaling Player to Play DVDs 1080p/4K
The best upscale DVD players will upconvert old DVDs to full HD 1080P/4K quality for HD/4K TVs. Get the best DVD players with HDMI upscaling features here.
Donna PengFeb 29, 2024
2024 Best Ways to Rip DVD to MKV Without Losing Quality
Here are 2024 best ways to rip DVDs to MKV loessly without quality loss. The resulting MKV file will keep full video, all menus, audio and subtitle tracks, and original quality.
Donna PengFebruary 28, 2024
2024 Top Fast DVD Ripper - How to Rip a Full DVD in 5 Minutes
Need a fast DVD ripper to rip and copy DVDs quickly? This fast DVD ripping software can help you rip a DVD in 5 minutes. Check and download here.
Donna PengFebruary 28, 2024
What Resolution Is DVD? Is DVD 480P, 720P, or 1080P?
DVD resolution: what is DVD resolution (vs. Blu-ray)? Are DVDs in 480p,720p, or 1080p? How to burn 720p/1080p video to DVD? How does DVD look on 4K TV?
Donna PengFebruary 28, 2024
2024 Best Free DVD to MP3 Converter for Windows and Mac
Converting DVD to MP3 is easy with 2024 Best DVD to MP3 converters. Learn how to convert DVD to MP3 with WinX DVD Ripper, VLC, HandBrake, Online tool, and Windows Media Player. Choose your favorite one.
Donna PengFebruary 28, 2024
Are Old DVDs Worthless? What to Do with Old DVDs?
Are old DVDs worth anything? Check to know your used DVD value for sale and useful tips on better DVD playback, storage, organization, recycle if you still keep old DVD collections.
Donna Peng February 28, 2024 Old DVDs
How to Rip DVD with FFmpeg? What's the Command Line?
We'll show you how to use FFmpeg to rip DVD to MP4, MKV, and other formats you like and introduce a good alternative when FFmpeg doesn't work.
Donna PengFebruary 28, 2024
7 Ways to Improve DVD Quality - Make DVD Quality Closer to HD
We've compiled 7 ways to improve DVD quality on large-screen devices such as HDTV and 4KTV. These solutions will make your old DVD appear in high-definition quality.
Donna Peng February 28, 2024 DVD
How to Convert and Copy DVD to iPad (Pro/Mini/Air)
How to put DVDs on iPad? Check detailed steps to convert DVDs to iPad supported formats and copy the DVD rip files to iPad for playback on the go.
Donna Peng February 28, 2024 DVD to iPad
DVD Size: What are Capacities of Different DVD Types?
How much data can a DVD hold? Learn detailed DVD capacity size and physical dimension, and solutions to convert DVDs with GBs to 80% smaller and burn large videos to 4.7GB DVD.
Donna PengFebruary 28, 2024
What are DVD Region Codes and How to Unlock DVD Regions
There are 1-9 DVD region codes, RCE, NTSC/PAL on DVDs from different countries. Find out how to bypass region codes from any DVDs and unlock DVD player region-free.
Donna PengFebruary 28, 2024
[Solved] What's the Best Format to Rip DVD to?
What's the best format to rip DVD for quality, Plex, TV, mobiles, and other uses? Check this post to get answers.
Donna PengFebruary 28, 2024
Best DVD Editor for Windows 10/Mac to Edit DVD Videos
Top 4 DVD editors for Windows 10/Mac are recommended to rip and edit DVD videoss at one go. Trim/crop DVD and add effects to DVD to get desired video results.
Donna PengFeb 28, 2024
Best Free DVD Audio Ripper to Extract Audio from DVD
Download the best free DVD audio extractor and learn how to rip audio (music, soundtrack, audio track) from a DVD to MP3, AAC, AC3/DTS with 100% sound quality on Windows (11/10) and Mac.
Donna PengFeb 28, 2024
How to Remove Disney Protections and Rip Disney DVDs
This is a guide on how to rip and copy Disney protected DVD for family movie backup, not only removing Disney X-project DRM copy protection, but also dealing with (new)Disney DVD with 99 titles freely and easily.
Donna PengFebruary 27, 2024
How to Convert DVD to MP4 with Windows Media Player [Tutorial]
Can Windows Media Player convert DVD to MP4? How to rip DVD to MP4 with Windows Media Player on Windows 11/10/8/7 etc.? Get exhaustive answers here.
Donna PengFebruary 27, 2024
[8 Ways] How to Convert DVD to MP4 on Mac for Free
Here are 2024 best ways to convert DVDs to MP4 free on Mac. Learn how to convert DVD to MP4 on Mac with the best DVD to MP4 covnerters for Mac.
Donna PengFebruary 27, 2024
Best Ways to Free Convert DVD Video_TS Folder to MP4 2023
Best free ways to convert DVD Video_TS folder to MP4 or other formats on Windows (11/10) or Mac. Free WinX DVD Ripper can convert Video_TS folder, DVD, ISO Image to MP4 for free in 3 simple steps.
Donna PengFebruary 27, 2024
Best 7 DVD Decrypters for Windows Mac [Freeware Included]
Free download the best DVD decrypter - 100% free and safe to decrypt and copy any protected DVDs (incl. CSS/reginal/99-title/new DVDs) without any ripping errors.
Donna Peng February 27, 2024 Decrypt DVD
What Is DVD Upscaling? How to Upscale DVD to 1080P/4K?
DVDs are stretched and look bad or blurry on HDTVs or widescreens? You can upscale DVD 480P to 1080P/4K without pixelization and blurry outcomes. Learn how to make old DVDs look good on modern devices.
Donna PengFebruary 27, 2024
Video Ripped from DVD Is Interlaced. Why and How to Fix It?
Why do you get interlaced videos after ripping DVDs? Here are reasons and solutions to fix DVD interlacing issue to get progressive scan videos.
Donna PengFeb 27, 2024
How to Fix Blue Screen While Ripping DVD?
If a blue screen of death (BSOD) error occurs to your computer while ripping DVDs, the solutions here will help you solve the error.
Donna PengFeb 27, 2024
Can't Rip DVDs? Fix New DVD Rip & Copy Errors
Failed to rip DVDs like new movies, workout DVDs? The article will help you fix the DVD rip error issues like looping, incomplete ripping, crash, oversize output file.
Donna PengFeb 27, 2024
[OFFICIAL] WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Free License Code 2024
Can't get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum license code free with full functions? Can't use old WinX DVD Ripper Platinum license key like AA-QJJXHDY-UUPKWPH anymore? Come to this official page with giveaway info and intact download link.
Donna PengFebruary 26, 2024
DVD Data Recovery | Recover Data from Corrupted or Damaged DVDs
Here're 2 methods of how to recover or copy data from corrupted DVD to make the content (movie, TV episodes etc.) readable.
Donna PengFebruary 26, 2024
How to Fix DVD Decrypter Error: Failed to Set Data for
We'll guide you to the fixes for DVD Decrypter errors: failed to set data for/failed to set data for DVDDecrypterPlayDVDMovieOnArrival error.
Donna PengFebruary 26, 2024
How to Rip 99 Titles DVD with Right Title?
Run into a DVD with 99 titles and can't rip/copy it? Don't worry. Here you can get an easy solution to rip a protected DVD with 99 titles on PC and Mac.
Donna PengFebruary 26, 2024
How to Rip Lionsgate DVD and Be Away from Playlist Obfuscation
Knives Out DVD ripping ends with playlist obfuscation? How to rip Lionsgate DVD without screen pass error? The answer and solution are here!
Donna PengFebruary 26, 2024
Handbrake Won't Rip Lionsgate DVDs and Find the Right Title
Why can't Handbrake rip Lionsgate DVDs? Handbrake can't find the correct title from various fake titles due to playlist obfuscation/screen pass DRM. So how to rip Lionsgate DVDs withou error? Check here.
Donna PengFebruary 26, 2024
How to Rip DVD with Multiple Titles/Episodes?
We'll walk you through how to rip DVD with multiple titles, plus how to determine which title to rip, and how to rip DVD into a single file, merge titles, rip DVD titles to separate files, etc.
Donna Peng Feb 26, 2024 DVD
How to Fix a DVD that Skips and Freezes - 10 Proven Ways
DVD freezing or skipping at halfway or the same point with no scratches while you're playing it? This article will tackle why do DVDs freeze and skip, along with a variety of proven methods to fix a DVD that skips and freezes.
Donna PengFebruary 24, 2024
[FREE] How to Rip Copy-protected DVD on Mac
How to rip copy-protected DVD on Mac? 6 BEST free protected DVD ripper for Mac can help convert and rip protected DVDs to MP4, MPEG, iTunes, MOV, etc on macOS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, etc.
Donna PengFebruary 24, 2024
CSS Protection Removal: How to Copy a CSS Protected DVD
This article will show you how to remove CSS copy protection from DVD and copy a CSS protected DVD to ISO, MP4, or other format.
Donna PengFebruary 24, 2024
DVD CPRM Decrypter - Play CPRM Protected DVDs on PC/Mac
'CPRM Decrypter' in this article isn't a brand, but a Windows/Mac app to bypass or decrypt CPRM protections in DVD discs for playing any DVDs on PC, Mac, PSP, Xbox, etc.
Donna PengFebruary 24, 2024
How to Fix DaVinci Resolve Media Offline/HEVC Missing Error
How to solve HEVC media offline flashing or frames issues in DaVinci Resolve 18/17/16? Find best effective solutions here.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
YouTube HEVC (H.265) Upload Guide & Errors’ Solutions
Encountering YouTube HEVC errors? Does YouTube support H.265? This article gives solutions and help upload HEVC to YouTube.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
4K HEVC/H.265: Encode/Decode 4K HEVC with Hardware Acceleration
What is 4K HEVC/H.265? Here is the explanation about this 4K video coding format, and how to play and convert it.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
2024 Best 6 Ways to Copy DVD to Computer
Learn how to copy DVD to computer in 6 ways, such as free HandBrake and VLC. Even copy-protected DVDs can be ripped and saved to Windows PC and Mac computer.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
A Complete Guide to Add or Remove Subtitles in HandBrake
This tutorial shows how to add soft and hardcode subtitles to movie with HandBrake and how to remove subtitles. Plus, it answers why HandBrake subtitles not showing up and why burn in is greyed out.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
HandBrake HEVC: How to Set HandBrake to Encode HEVC/H.265
Can HandBrake encode HEVC? How to use HandBrake to encode HEVC? Here we will give detailed HEVC settings for converting video or DVD to HEVC/H.265 with HandBrake.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
H.265 (HEVC) vs H.264 (AVC): Compare Quality, File Size, Bitrate
H.265/HEVC vs H.264/AVC, what's the difference between them? Here we will compare H.265 and H.264 in quality, file size, bitrate, and compression ratio.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
Compress/Downscale GoPro Hero 4K to 1080p HD on Windows (10) or Mac
4 steps to compress GoPro Hero 4K to 1080p HD on Windows (10) or Mac. Downscale GoPro Hero Black 4K video to 1080p with best quality at fast speed using a hardware-accelerated GoPro 4K video editor.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
Plex HEVC | How to Fix Plex HEVC Playback Issue?
Plex HEVC issues vary. Here are how to play HEVC with Plex and how to fix Plex HEVC/H.265 4K/MP4/MKV playback issue.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
10 Secrets That Will Fix 'DVD Won't Play' Issue
Reasons why DVD won't play on TV/DVD Player/Windows 10 PC range from incompatible DVD format, dirty or damaged discs, loose connection between TV and DVD player, region code and more. Follow the steps to get DVD played on TV properly.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
2024 Best Way to Rip DVDs for Plex in 3 Easy Steps
3 steps only to fast rip DVD for Plex with best quality in a smaller size on Windows/Mac. Then, you can store DVD movies in Plex media server and stream DVDs to any Plex devices on the move.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
How to Copy DVD to DVD on Windows 11/10/8/7
Follow this DVD to DVD copy guide to copy any copy-protected DVDs to another blank DVD discs on Windows 11/10/8/7/Mac without trouble.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
5 Proven Ways Convert H.265 to H.264 Without File Size Limit
How to convert H.265/HEVC to H.264? This article introduces you 5 proven and effective ways to convert H.265 to H.264 for free fast and losslessly, so that you can play your videos without codec issues.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
How to Rip DVDs with VLC & VLC Ripping Errors Troubleshooting
VLC is one of the easiest way to rip a DVD, but not necessarily smooth. This guide shows how to rip DVD with VLC and fix any possible errors you may meet during the ripping.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
How to Fix 'Error 0x80030309: Copy Protection Error'
This post will show you how to fix 'Error 0x80030309: Copy Protection Error' for copying DVD content to computer successfully.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2024
iMovie Tutorial - How to Add Subtitles to a Video in iMovie
This is a guide on how to add subtitles or captions in iMovie to get your video content ready with subtitles on your Mac/PC or iPhone. Plus, an alternative way to auto add a subtitle file to a video without tedious copy and paste is also shared.
Donna PengJan 29, 2024
How to Extract Subtitles from MKV Video with Subtitle Extractor?
Learn how to extract subtitles from MKV or other videos like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc with the best subtitle extractor like MKVToolNix.
Donna PengJan 29, 2024
[Tutorial] How to Add Subtitles with MKVToolNix GUI
Here we'll walk you through the steps to add subtitles with MKVToolNix. Moreover, we'll answer FAQs about how to use MKVToolNix to hardcode, remove, extract, and sync subtitles.
Donna PengJan 29, 2024
How to Add Subtitles to Movie, TV Series, Video [Full Guide]
We'll show you how to add subtitles to movie video in digital format like MP4, MKV and how to add subtitles to DVD movie on PC and Mac.
Donna PengJan 29, 2024
Tutorial: How to Add Captions and Subtitles in Premiere Pro
The step-by-step guide shows you how to add captions and subtitles in Premiere Pro, speed up the subtitle workflow, change the font, color, size, style, position, etc, and fix subtitle problems with Premiere Pro.
Donna PengJan 29, 2024
How to Add Subtitles to MP4 Videos
This simple guide tells you how to add subtitles, captions to MP4, including how to find and download the right subtitles for your MP4 videos as well as how to add various external subtitles to MP4 like add SRT to MP4.
Donna Peng Jan 29, 2024 Add Subtitles to MP4
2024 Top 9 Free DVD Rippers for Windows 10/11 [Full Version Download]
How to rip a DVD on Windows 10? Here're top 9 free Windows 10 DVD ripper software for you to download and rip DVD to MP4, AVI, WMV, etc on Windows 10/11 flawlessly.
Donna PengJanuary 27, 2024
Hardware Requirements for 4K HEVC Videos
What is the hardware/software requirement for HEVC/4K video playback? Read this article and it gives you a closer look.
Donna PengJanuary 27, 2024
2024 Top 5 Best 4K Video Editing Laptops
Want to buy a powerful laptop to process large 4K video? Here are top 5 best 4K video editing laptops and check the minimum system spec for 4K video edting to buy.
Donna PengJanuary 27, 2024
How to Stabilize GoPro 4K Shaky Videos
What to do when checking out fresh but shaky or blurred 4K GoPro footage? Learn how to stabilize 4K shaky GoPro video on computer with high quality still here.
Donna PengJanuary 27, 2024
What Is the GoPro Video Format and Codec for 4K Shootings?
What video format does GoPro record in? What to do when Gopro video format like MP4 HEVC isn't supported while playing or editing? Those questions have been clearly answered here.
Donna PengJanuary 27, 2024
GoPro 4K Video Processing: How to Reduce GoPro Wind/Background Noise
Noise on recorded GoPro 4K video bothers you a lot? Follow this guide to reduce/remove wind or background noise on GoPro 4K video with ease.
Donna PengJanuary 27, 2024
VLC Error: Why and How to Fix 'VLC Is Unable to Open the MRL' Error
Have your ever encountered the error: vlc is unable to open the mrl 'dvd:///d:/', 'https://…' or 'rtsp://…'. check the log for details. when you play a DVD or stream a video? Learn why & how to fix the VLC MRL error.
Donna PengJanuary 27, 2024
Play MP4 on Mac & Solve MP4 not Playing Error
How to play MP4 files on Mac? Why won’t QuickTime play some MP4 files on Mac? This guide provides reasons and solutions.
Donna PengJanuary 27, 2024
[Solved] MOV Video Files Won't Play, Open, Recognize, and Read
If you have run into MOV videos won’t play, open, or recognize issue, use this guide to help fix the MOV processing problem.
Donna PengJanuary 27, 2024
4K Video Codec (Pack) Free Download for Windows/Mac
What are 4K video codecs? Where to download 4K codec for playback 4K videos on PC/Mac? Is there an all-round 4K encoder and decoder to create and compress 4K videos? Every secret of 4K codec will be dug out here.
Donna PengJanuary 26, 2024
How to Unlock LG DVD Player Region Code Quickly
Learn how to unlock LG DVD players and make them play DVDs from the region (1-6) without coming across 'check regional code' error.
Donna PengJanuary 26, 2024
How to Fix DVD Player Making Loud Noise While Playing Discs
Here're the troubleshooting steps to fix DVD player making loud noise, such as static noise, buzzing noise, vibrating noise, and grinding noise.
Donna PengJanuary 26, 2024
[Quick Fix] DVD Player Black and White with No Color on TV
Why is the Samsung/Philips/Lg/Sony TV playing DVD in black and white without color? You may mix up the cables. Learn how to quickly fix DVD player color problems.
Donna PengJanuary 26, 2024
Troubleshoot DVD Player Not Connecting to the TV
Learn what to do when you cannot connect the DVD player to the TV. There's an error message saying No Signal. Before you start, restart the devices, and check the cable.
Donna PengJanuary 26, 2024
4K MP4 Video Free Download/Convert/Play Solutions for PC/Mac
This post will guide you to free download 4K MP4 videos, convert 4K MP4 videos for editing software, players, and play 4K MP4 videos on PC, Mac and other devices.
Donna PengJanuary 26, 2024
Everything about 4K 30fps - Free Download, Convert & Edit 4K 30fps Video
Everything about 4K 30fps. Best 4K 30fps cameras. 4K 30fps vs 1080p 60fps, which one to choose? 4K 30fps vs 4K 60fps. 4K 30fps file size. How to free download 4K 30fps videos from YouTube, etc. How to convert 4K 30fps videos and edit 4K 30fps videos.
Donna PengJanuary 26, 2024
Upscale/Convert 2K to 4K with Best Quality on Windows (10) or Mac
Best solution to upscale 2K to 4K UHD with highest output quality. Load original 2K video and choose 4K MP4 as output, click RUN to start upscaling 2K to 4K UHD at ultrafast speed with this best 2K to 4K converter.
Donna PengJanuary 26, 2024
Top 22 Best Free Video Compressor Software for Windows and Mac
Top 22 video compression software list here includes best HD/4K video compressor, best top free video compressor for Windows 10 and Mac. Easily compress video file size cushily while retaining good video audio quality.
Donna PengJanuary 26, 2024
Where Does OBS Save Recordings? Answered Here
Where does OBS save recordings? How to find the OBS recordings location? You will get answers in this article.
Donna PengJanuary 5, 2024
What is Video Encoding and How to Re-encode Video
Video encoding is the process of compressing and potentially changing the format of video content. Learn more details about video encoding and check how to re-encode your video.
Donna PengJanuary 5, 2024
What Is VLC Media Player | How to Use VLC?
This page gives specific definition of what is VLC Media Player, and explains what VLC can do and what advantages and disadvantages of VLC Media Player are.
Donna PengJanuary 5, 2024
What Is TS Video and How to Play TS Files
This page gives specifc definition of what is TS, ts pros cons, ts video player and how to convert TS to MP4, etc.
Donna PengJanuary 5, 2024
Top 4 Ways to Free Trim/Cut MOV Video on Windows 10/11/Mac
Trimming MOV is easy peasy: load MOV, enable Trim feature to extract clips from MOV, tap RUN to begin trimming. That's all.
Donna PengJanuary 5, 2024
2024 Top 5 KeepVid Alternatives to Download Online Videos Effortlessly
KeepVid no longer allows users to download videos online and it won't come back. So, here we assemble top 5 KeepVid alternatives which still work well in online video downloading.
Donna PengJanuary 5, 2024
[Fixed] MKV not Supported in Premiere Pro
Does Premiere Pro support MKV? Why can’t I import MKV to Premiere Pro? Just find solutions to MKV not supported Premiere Pro issue here.
Donna Peng January 5, 2024 Premiere Pro
Where to Stream and Watch The Matrix 4: Resurrections Online
To watch The Matrix 4: Resurrections online, you need to subscribe HBO Max ad-free plan. It is available to stream between December 22, 2021 and January 22, 2022.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
TikTok Is Stuck on 'Video Is Being Processed' – Why and How
If you try to upload a video to TikTok but find it stucking on 'Video Is Being Processed', you can read this article to figure out why TikTok can't process your video and how to fix it.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
Failed to Upload MOV Video File to YouTube? Here's the Solution
Tried uploading a MOV file to YouTube but failed? Here we'll show you how to upload MOV video to YouTube successfully.
Donna Peng January 4, 2024 Streaming Video
3 Free Ways to Download Twitter Video to MP4 [Updated 2023]
We'll show you how to free download Twitter videos to MP4 with desktop software, Chrome extension, and online Twitter video downloader.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Use Green Screen on Tiktok [TikTok Help Center]
Here we walk you through the steps to use the green screen effect on TikTok. Troubleshooting tips for TikTok green screen not working are also covered in this guide.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
Fixes to All Plex Playback Errors S1001, Conversion Failed, etc.
Plex playback errors appear during the playback on Roku, Samsung TV, Apple TV, etc. with messages saying S1001 Network, Conversion failed, drive mounted, and more? Here are fixes to all the Plex playback errors.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
[Fixed] Plex No Sound on Fire TV, Roku, Android, PS, etc.
Plex has video but no audio on Fire TV, Android, Plex no sound since update, or no audio with AC3 5.1 streams? 100% effective solutions are all here to bring the sound back to Plex.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
[Fixed] Plex Conversion Failed Errors & 100% Effictive Solutions
Plex transcoder conversion errors like Convresion Failed. The transcoder exited due to an error, the transcoder failed to start up, a required codec could not be found, etc. occur due to different reasons. Save efforts and check fixes to all the Plex conversion failed errors.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
[100% Fixed] Plex Buffering & Stuttering Issues with 4K, Xbox One
Plex keeps buffering & stuttering with 1080P, 4K, HDR videos on Xbox One, Samsung TV, Roku, PS4, other devices? Full fixes to Plex lagging on both local network and remote access here.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
The Best Instagram Video Format for Uploading
To upload any video on Instagram without hindrance, check the best Instagram video format here and download video converter to help.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Watch Raya and the Last Dragon Full Movie [3 Ways]
Now you can watch Raya and the Last Dragon full movie in theaters and on Disney Plus with Premiere Access. We’ll give you more details in this article.
Donna Peng January 4, 2024 Raya and the Last Dragon
TikTok Video Upload: Easy Ways to Post Videos on TikTok
How to post videos on TikTok to attract viewers? Here is an overall guide to help you upload videos to TikTok.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Upload 4K Video to Facebook | Converter Download & How to Tutorial
Want to upload your amazing 4K video to Facebook? Here is the newest tutorials for you.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Upload & Share Video on Microsoft Teams Windows 11?
How to send a video in Microsoft Teams chat Windows 11? Here you can find the best way to upload large, 4K, DVD, etc. videos to Microsoft Teams and share with the members.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Remove TikTok Watermark or Save TikTok without Watermark?
How to download Tiktok video without watermark? How to remove watermark from tiktok video? Check top ways to easily get rid of tiktok watermark or logo.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
Free Live Captioning Software for Live/Closed/Open Captions
2023 Best free captioning software are all here to help add live, closed or open captions to videos.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
11 Fixes for Plex Audio Out of Sync Issue on Windows 10, Roku...
Here we've rounded up all fixes for audio out of sync issue on Plex app on Windows 10, NVIDIA Shield, Roku, Android, Xbox One, PS4, Apple TV, Sony TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Fire TV, Chrome, iPad, etc.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
Activate Login/Begin URL 8-Digit Code[Updated]
Follow to learn how to create Disney Pus using URL 8-digit code on Smart TVs, Xbox One, Roku, Playstation 4/5 and other streaming devices.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
Why and How to Fix Google Chrome Not Playing Videos?
If you cannot play video in Google Chrome and face with errors such as blank screen, endless loading, etc. Learn why and how to fix videos not playing in Chrome in the page.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
[Updated] Best 100 Plugins/Addons for Plex Media Server
Grab some useful plugins to get more out of Plex. Here's our list of best 100 Plex plugins/addons 2020, including Tautulli, Sonarr, Sub-Zero, CBS, YouTube TV, to name a few.
Donna Peng January 4, 2024 Plex
Top 6 Plex Alternatives of 2023 - Best (Free) Media Servers to Try in COVID-19 LockDown
Plex doesn't work well during COVID-19 quarantine? There're 6 good Plex alternatives that can organize and stream local/online media content to different devices.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Watch WBC/Major League Baseball Live Stream Online Free
Where to watch World Baseball Classic/MLB live stream online? Best free WBC live streaming sites and apps for iPhone/iPad/Android are listed here helping you watch this worldwide baseball competition anywhere.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
Top 10 Sites to Watch Free Movies Online Now
Want to know where to watch free movies online now? Top 10 sites designed for free online movie watching are collected here. Read this post and get the way to watch free movies online without signing up/any downloading.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Install Microsoft .NET Framework for Handbrake
To run HandBrake, you must install .NET framework. This article will show you how to install .NET framework correctly for HandBrake.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Get HandBrake Working on Windows 10/11
How to get handbrake working on Windows 10/11 or Vista? You may ask this question when you get errors ripping DVDs with latest DVD copy-protections or videos by HandBrake. This page will help you fix HandBrake Windows 10/Windows 7 not working errors.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Convert RM RMVB Video That Handbrake Does not Support
How to convert RM RMVB video that Handbrake does not support? You may ask this question when you try to convert RM RMVB video by Handbrake. This page will help you to convert RM RMVB videos with RM RMVB video converter easily and fast.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
How to Convert 1080p to 720p Video without Losing Quality
How to convert full HD 1080p video to 720p video to cut down upload time and reduce storage space? The best free 1080p to 720p video converter will show you to change video resolution from 1080p to 720p without losing quality.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2024
2024 Best NAS for Plex Media Server [4K Transcoding]
Which is the best NAS for Plex server that’s able to handle 720P, 1080P, and 4K media? Synology 218+, QNAP, ASUSTOR, or others? This 2023 Best Plex NAS recommendation will show you which and how to choose.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Apple TV Movies: How to Play 4K Movies on Apple TV (4)
Apple TV movies: does Apple TV 4 support 4K resolution movie video? Can we watch 4K movies on Apple TV 4? This post provides detailed guide on how to convert and play 4K movies on Apple TV (4).
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Comment regarder des vidéos 4K sur un iPhone (SE / 6 / 6S), iPad (Air 3 / mini 5) ou d'autres appareils sur iOS 9.3 / 10 ?
Peut-on lire des vidéos en 4K UHD sur un iPhone 7 / IPad ayant chacun une taille d'écran différente ? Pas vraiment jusqu'à ce que vous convertissez et compressez le contenu de la résolution 4K en 2160p pour l'iPhone et 1080p pour l'iPad.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
11 Ways to Fix Screen Flickering on Windows 11
This article explains why your screen is flickering in Windows 11 and how to fix screen flickering issue.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
How to Solve Torrent Not Working Errors?
How can I fix torrent errors? There are a load of torrent downloading errors, incl. 'Write to disk: access denied', cannot find the path specified, web server errors, 'bittorrent or utorrent not working, downloading, playing' and torrent is invalid.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Fix KickassTorrents Shut Down Problem Now!
KickassTorrents shut down, how to fix it? This tutorial aims to provide solutions to fix KickassTorrents not working problem and some alternatives to KickassTorrents to download free movie torrents/full movies online.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
HandBrake Freezes While Encoding Problem Fixed
If you are experiencing 'HandBrake freezes while encoding' or 'HandBrake not encoding' problem, find the solution here. This article will tell you what to do to fix HandBrake freezing errors.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Blu-ray to MP3 Music - Extract Audio from Blu-ray to MP3 Music
How to extract MP3 music out of Blu-ray/DVD movie for enjoying or uploading to YouTube? WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can save MP3 music from DVD then you can listen to DVD MP3 music on iPad, iPhone.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
[Updated] How to Fix Ethernet Doesn't Have A Valid IP Configuration
Find your computer ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration? Here we explore and learn how to troubleshoot Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP configuration error fast and easily.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
What Is Error 0x0 0x0 Windows? Reasons & Solutions Here
What is 0x0 0x0 Windows error code? It is an error indicating the software problem or computer malfunction that can be fixed at home.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Where is Windows Media Player in Windows 11/10?
Can't find Windows Media Player in Windows 11/10? This post will tell you where to find Windows Media Player and how to make it default.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
[Fixed] WebM Not Playing on iPhone, Android, Safari, Chrome, etc.
WebM files won’t play on Safari, Chrome, iPhone, mobile, TVs? Fixes to all WebM not playing or working errors on web browsers, Windows, mobiles, etc. are here.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
How to Watch 4K YouTube Video on Apple TV 4K and Older Models
You'll be able to watch 4K YouTube videos on Apple TV 4K (5th Gen), Apple TV HD (4th Gen), and even earlier versions after following our guides.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
VLC Subtitles Delay/Faster? How to Sync Subtitles in VLC?
VLC subtitles out of sync when watching movies? Here is an overall guide to help solve VLC subtitle delay or faster issue.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
VLC Player Not Playing YouTube (Streaming) Videos? Fixed Here!
VLC media player can't play YouTube videos and streaming YouTube videos? Top solutions like replace YouTube lua file with new one, update VLC version, clear cookies, etc. are shared here.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Play MOV Files with VLC & Solve VLC MOV not Playing
This is a brief introduction of VLC MOV playback feature. Here, learn how to play MOV with VLC and solve VLC not playing MOV files error like choppy, no sound, no audio, etc.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
How to Play and Convert M4V on VLC Media Player
You can do a lot with your M4V files on VLC Media Player which offers features from basic playback to M4V file conversion.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Full Fixes: How to Solve VLC Chromecast Not Working
We have full fixes for VLC Chromecast not working issues, such as can't see Chromecast in VLC Renderer, get black screen with audio only, not playing, no subtitles, and no sound.
Donna Peng January 3, 2024 VLC Chromecast
How to Fix Video Black Screen Issue?
Encountering video black screen issue? Check this article to find reasons and solutions to solve black screen when playing videos on Windows 10 or streaming YouTube videos.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Best Free Samsung Video Player Apps & Software Review
The best free Samsung video player/video apps download and recoms. It lists top 3 video players for Samsung (Galaxy), shows how to play AVCHD MKV HD videos on Samsung Galaxy S20 etc.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
QuickTime Not Working on MacBook/iMac? [Effective Solutions]
Why does Mac say QuickTime player can't play MP4 MOV? QuickTime quit unexpectedly? QuickTime not screen recording on Mac? Top solutions are here to check!
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
QuickTime Can't Open MP4 Video? [Effective Solutions]
Why can't QuickTime player open MP4 on Mac? How to open MP4 video on Mac? Top solutions are here to check!
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Play MP4 on iPhone & Solve MP4 not Playing on iPhone Error
This guide teaches you how to play MP4 on iPhone and iPad, covering 4 easy ways and a solution to help any MP4 video playback successfully.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
How to Play MOV Files on Windows Media Player?
Unable to load MOV files in Windows Media Player? No picture showing up while playing MOV on WMP? This post shows you how to play MOV files on Windows Media Player without any errors.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
MOV File Won’t Play on iPad? Here’re Reasons and Fixes
How to play MOV files on iPad? With some third-party help, you can not only play H.264 and MPEG-4 encoded MOV videos but also some MOV files that won’t be played by iPad.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Play MOV on iPhone & Solve MOV not Playing on iPhone Error
Several ways are accessible to play MOV on iPhone. If necessary, solutions are also provided here to help solve MOV file not playing on iPhone error.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
[Fixed] MP4 File Not Playing Windows 10/11, Mac, etc.
Is your MP4 file not playing? How to play MP4 video files on Windows 11/10, QuickTime, VLC, iPhone, TV, etc. without errors? This guide will tell you the reasons and solutions.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
[Fixed] MOV No Video Only Audio Mac/Windows
Is your MOV file only audio but no video when playing via QuickTime, VLC, Windows Media Player, or on Premiere, iPhone, Movie Maker? Tune in to this guide to find a solution to MOV no video error.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
[Fixed] MOV File not Compatible with QuickTime
When MOV the file not compatible with QuickTime Player error message pops up, your QuickTime Player can’t open MOV files on Mac or Windows. To solve this, this article provides solutions.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
Download Free MOV Codec for Windows Media Player
Here we'll walk you through the steps to download MOV codec for Windows Media Player to help you play all .mov video files on Windows 10/8/7 with Windows Media Player.
Donna Peng January 3, 2024 Play Video
[Fixed] MOV Black Screen Error When Playing & Editing
MOV black screen issue caused by corrupted file, incompatible codec or high resolution is common yet easy to handle with a video converter.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
[Solved] iPhone Won't Play Videos? Easy Ways to Fix
Are your videos not playing on iPhone? Please check the solutions for iPhone not playing videos on YouTube, Camera Roll, Safari, etc. from this article.
Donna PengJanuary 3, 2024
How to Play 4K Videos on iPhone iPad
iPhone iPad can't play 4K UHD videos smoothly? Learn why and how to watch 4K videos on iPhone iPad without error.
Donna PengJanuary 2, 2024
Play 4K Ultra HD Videos on macOS: Things You Need to Know
Here're some tips on playing 4K Ultra HD videos on macOS (Big Sur). And the best way to play 4K UHD smoothly is to convert and compress 4K videos to mainstream media formats.
Donna PengJanuary 2, 2024
Top 10 Free Movie Sites Allow You to Watch Movies on Windows 10 PC/Mobile
Here is an updated list of the best 10 free movie sites for streaming movies on Windows 10 PC, mobile. You will find the site to watch HD, 4K, 3D, blu-ray Hollywood and Bollywood movies.
Donna PengJanuary 2, 2024
Best 20 Romantic Love Songs for Valentine's Day 2024 [List & Download]
We complies a music list for Valentine's Day 2024 embracing 20 great romantic love songs which can make this special day of love more sweeter. Plus, a download guide will be given.
Donna PengJanuary 2, 2024
Solved: Audio Out of Sync in MOV Video Files
This article explains why audio is out of sync with your .mov video file and how to solve the MOV video audio desychronization issue while playing it or importing it to video-editing software.
Donna Peng January 2, 2024 Play Video
[Solved] OGG Files Not Playing on Windows 10 v1903
OGG files not playing after Windows 10 v1903 update? For example, .ogg extension files can't open, be moved, deleted or analized properly. Here are easy steps to fix it.
Donna PengJanuary 02, 2024
Fixes to No Sound when Playing Videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android
There is no sound when playing videos in 4K, on computer, iPhone, Android, or YouTube, Instagram, etc.? 100% effective fixes to only video no audio issues are all here.
Donna PengJanuary 02, 2024
How to Fix No Sound Issue with MOV Files?
Here're fixes to the issue that .mov files play with no sound in Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, QuickTime, VLC, Adobe Premiere, or other programs.
Donna Peng January 02, 2024 Play Video
How to Fix MP4 No Sound? Solutions Here
Is MP4 no sound error when playing with Windows Media Player/QuickTime/VLC? Or is there no audio when importing MP4 to Premiere Pro/iMovie? Find reasons and solutions here.
Donna PengJanuary 02, 2024
WinX Video Editor for Windows 11/10/7 – Free Software Download
WinX Video Editor is free video editing software for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 or lower. The desktop app can edit (cut, crop, merge, add subtitles) and convert SD/HD/4K (MP4 YouTube) videos easily.
Donna PengJanuary 1, 2024
3 Best 4K Slideshow Maker Free Download for Slideshow Making
This article introduces best free 4K slideshow maker to help make your birthday, graduation, wedding, etc. photos as 4K slideshow videos for sharing online, burning to DVD or any other purposes.
Donna PengDecember 29, 2023
4K Downscaler: Downscale & Compress 4K Videos to 2K/1080P HD
We would like to introduce the best 4K downscaler software to help you downscale and compress 4K UHD videos to 2K, 1080P HD on (Windows 10) PC/Mac with ease.
Donna PengDecember 29, 2023
What's 4K Upscaling? How Does 4K Upscaling Work for Better Quality?
What is 4K upscaling? Is 1080p upscaled to 4k really better? How to upscale HD to 4K/8K/10K? Which 4K upscaler converter software should you choose? Here are all things you need to know about 4K video upscaling.
Donna Peng December 29, 2023 4K
Quick Fixes for HTML5 Video Not Found Error
Have you ever be promoted with the 'HTML5 video not found'when playing videos on the web? Never mind. This post will shows you how to fix HTML5 video not found error quickly and easily.
Donna PengDecember 28, 2023
How to Fix Error Code 0xc10100bf and Play Video without a Glitch?
If you run into the error code 0xc10100bf can cannot play the video file due to unsupported file format, incorrect file extension, or corrupt file, find the solutions to fix the file not playing error.
Donna PengDecember 28, 2023
Can VLC Support AV1 Codec and Play AV1 Video File Correctly?
Does VLC Media Player support AV1 codec? Can VLC play AV1 encoded video flawlessly? This article has detailed information about these two questions.
Donna Peng December 28, 2023 AV1
Top 6 Easy Methods to Convert MKV to MP4 on Mac
This page lists 5 free Mac MKV to MP4 converters to help you free convert MKV to MP4 format on Mac.
Donna PengDecember 28, 2023
Top 5 Ways to Convert XviD to MP4 Efficiently
Want to convert XviD video to MP4 format in order to play on portable devices like iPhone, iPad Pro with the highest visual quality? So try these remarkable video converters which enables you convert any XviD to MP4 in a hassle-free way.
Donna PengDecember 28, 2023
Convert MXF to MP4 - 6 Such Easy Ways You Never Thought of
How to convert MXF to MP4? Here's the easiest 6 ways you have never thought of with fast speed and best quality. Pick out the best fit one for you to convert MXF files to MP4 format at ease.
Donna Peng December 28, 2023 MXF
What Is 8K Resolution Video and 8K Display UHDTV?
This article gives specific definition of what is 8K resolution/video format/file, as well as the advantage and disadvantage of 8K display UHDTV.
Donna PengDecember 27, 2023
4K Splitter: Split/Cut/Edit 4K Video with Best Free 4K Video Editor
Utilize a top 4K video splitter and editor to split large MP4 4K video into small segments. Also cut and merge 4K, MP4, YouTube video clips, add effects, adjust video resolution, frame rate, and save the output into any preferred format with the best free 4K video editor software for Windows (10) PC and Mac.
Donna PengDecember 27, 2023
How to Convert F4V to MP4 with Original Quality
Easiest way to convert F4V to MP4 with original quality on Windows (10) or Mac is here. Check the step-by-step guide on how to easily convert F4V to MP4 with best F4V to MP4 converter.
Donna PengDecember 27, 2023
How to Convert ASF to MP4 Fast and Easily?
How to convert an ASF file to MP4 for playback on more players and devices? The following 4 ways can achieve this ASF to MP4 conversion task easily and quickly.
Donna PengDecember 27, 2023
5 Brilliant Ways to Convert AV1 to MP4 You Never Knew
Looking for a way to convert AV1 to MP4? You're in the right place here. This post shows you 5 brilliant ways to convert AV1 to MP4 without losing quality. Start converting AV1 files to MP4 HEVC/AVC/MPEG-4 for playing on any devices without error.
Donna PengDecember 27, 2023
Does PS4/PS4 Pro Play 4K Movies & Videos? Answer Here
Can you play 4K movies on PS4? PS4 can’t play 4K but PS4 Pro can play 4K videos and movies if it is connected to a 4K-compatible display.
Donna PengDecember 25, 2023
How to Remove Hardcoded/Soft Subtitles from MP4, MKV, AVI
How to remove hardcoded, built-in and soft subtitles from MP4, MKV, AVI movie or video permanently.5 subtitle removers here can help you remove subtitles from video esaily.
Donna PengDecember 25, 2023
How to Fix 4K Video Not Playing on Windows (10) and Mac?
If you are encountering 4K video not playing error on PC or Mac, or if playback of your large 4k video is freezing, stuttering, laggy, choppy, grainy, out of sync, or so, you can take several minutes to find reasons and solutions here.
Donna PengDecember 25, 2023
Best MP4 Encoder 2023: How to Encode MP4 Videos Files
Your MP4 video failed to open, play or edit on your device. Check out the best MP4 encoders 2022 to find out the best suit one to encode and decode MP4 videos from or to other formats.
Donna Peng December 25, 2023 MP4 Encoder
Top 5 HDR Players for Windows 10/11 - Play 4K HDR Videos Smoothly on PC
We'll introduce 5 best HDR players for Windows 10/11. These media players will help you play 4K HDR video without choppy, jerky, stuttering, washed out color issues.
Donna Peng December 22, 2023 HDR
How to Open SWF Files on Windows 10/11 without Adobe Flash Player
Adobe discontinued Flash and makes it challenging to open SWF files on Windows 10/11 or Mac. Follow the post to open and play SWF files on Windows 10 easily using SWF player or SWF converter.
Donna PengDecember 22, 2023
Can't Play MOV Files on Mac? How to Play MOV Files on Mac?
If you can't play .mov files on Mac with QuickTime, VLC or other players, you've come to the right place to find the reasons and solutions to help play MOV files on Mac.
Donna Peng December 22, 2023 Play Video
Does VLC Support Xvid Codec? How to Play Xvid Files on VLC?
Does VLC Media Player support Xvid codec? How can you play Xvid files correctly on VLC? In this video, we'll take a look at how to play Xvid files easily on VLC.
Donna Peng December 22, 2023 VLC Media Player
[Plex Guide] How to Change Aspect Ratio / Fix Incorrect Aspect Ratio in Plex
Check this guide to learn how to change aspect ratio in Plex app on TV/PC/Mac/Mobile, etc to avoid black bars, video stretched, video being chopped off, and video not in full screen issues.
Donna Peng December 21, 2023 Plex
OBS Recording Formats: Best Format to Record in OBS
What’s the best recording format for OBS studio? Here is an explanation of OBS recording formats and which one is the best format to record videos.
Donna PengDecember 21, 2023
What's the Best OBS Recording Bitrate Settings for 1080p 60FPS or YouTube
What’s the best OBS recording bitrate for 1080p 60fps/30fps, 1440p, 720p or for YouTube? This post walks you through the best OBS recording bitrate settings in different situations.
Donna PengDecember 21, 2023
OBS AV1 - Does OBS Supports AV1, How to Use AV1 on OBS?
Does OBS Studio support AV1 encoding? If yes, how to use AV1 on OBS? Any suggested AV1 settings on OBS Studio? We have all these covered in this post.
Donna PengDecember 21, 2023
What Formats Does DaVinci Resolve Support?
DaVinci Resolve supported file formats are listed here to help you import videos and audio files to DaVinci Resolve without issues.
Donna PengDecember 21, 2023
[Fixed] Music Won't Go into Media Pool/Timeline in DaVinci Resolve
MP3 music won't add to media pool or timeline in DaVinci Resolve 18/17/16? Find best effective solutions here.
Donna PengDecember 21, 2023
Best HandBrake Settings for Plex (2023 Update)
What're the best settings for HandBrake to encode video and rip DVD/BluRay for playing on Plex? This post has detailed HandBrake video, audio, and quality settings for Plex.
Donna Peng December 21, 2023 HandBrake, Plex
How to Use HandBrake to Batch Convert Videos
How to batch convert videos with HandBrake? This article tells you how to batch convert/encode videos including resizing and compressing step by step.
Donna PengDecember 21, 2023
7 Proven Ways to Convert DAV to MP4 on Windows & Mac
Discover the simplest and most efficient way to convert DAV to MP4 with our comprehensive guide. Unlock compatibility and versatility by converting your DAV files to MP4, utilizing our easy-to-follow steps and recommended DAV to MP4 converters.
Donna PengDecember 21, 2023
Convert Videos from 4:3 Aspect Ratio to 16:9 Widescreen
How to change the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 to watch on widescreen TV, upload to YouTube, webs, etc., no stretching, no pillarboxing? Easily convert video aspect ratios from 16:9 to 4:3, 4:3 to 3:2, 16:9 to 3:2, more.
Donna PengDecember 20, 2023
10 Best Free Media Players to Elevate Your Multimedia Experience
10 best free media players 32/64 bit are listed here. Read the media player reviews, and pick out your favorite one for playing videos, audio, DVDs, and more on Windows 11, 10, and 7.
Donna PengDecember 13, 2023
2024 Top 5 DVD Region Killer Software for Windows/Mac
DVD region killer software can bypass all DVD region codes helping you play any region DVD without hassle. Here, we rank top 5 DVD region killers for Windows (11/10) and macOS for your reference.
Donna PengDecember 12, 2023
How to Rip and Convert DVD to M2TS/MTS
We can convert DVD to Bluray M2TS video or HD camera recorded video MTS with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum in very simple steps.
Donna PengDecember 11, 2023
How to Rip DVD to FLV on Windows and Mac
WinX DVD Ripper is a powerful DVD to FLV ripper which helps you rip your home DVD videos to FLV on Windows (10) and Mac for later sharing on You Tube.
Donna PengDecember 11, 2023
Fast Free DVD Ripper for Windows 8/8.1
We can free rip and copy DVD on Windows 8/8.1 by Handbrake; and there is also a free Windows 8 DVD ripper that is much better than Handbrake.
Donna PengDecember 11, 2023
How to Fast Convert DVD to H.264 Without Quality Loss
How to convert DVD to H.264? WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can help you rip all DVDs to H.264 at fast speed yet keeping best quality.
Donna PengDecember 11, 2023
How to Convert dvdmedia to MP4/M4V on macOS
How to play and convert dvdmedia on macOS? Here's the guide to convert dvdmedia with the best dvdmedia converter.
Donna PengDecember 11, 2023
How to Convert DVD to WMV on Windows (10) and Mac
With WinX DVD Ripper, you can convert both home-made and copy-protected DVDs to WMV format. It is easy to use, works fast, and exports high-quality file.
Donna PengDecember 11, 2023
[Fixed] DVD Resolution Exceeds 800x600 on Samsung DVD Player
The DVD movie won't play saying DVD resolution exceeded 800x600 on Samsung DVD player and others? Why and how to fix? Check this post.
Donna PengDecember 6, 2023
Resolve MakeMKV Wrong Aspect Ratio - MakeMKV Support
The MPEG2 headers are messed up, which can lead to the wrong aspect ratio or squished image when ripping DVDs in MakeMKV. Use the following troubleshooting tips for the incorrect aspect ratio in MakeMKV.
Donna Peng December 6, 2023 MakeMKV
[Reason & Fix] DVD Jerky Playback on Standalone DVD Player
When a DVD playback on a standalone DVD player is jerky, choppy or jumpy, it may be caused by wrong field order, interlacing or high bit rate. Check this post to fix choppy DVD playback.
Donna PengDecember 6, 2023
What to Do When INSERT DISC Appears on the Display on the DVD Player
INSERT DISC message shows up on the display of the DVD player even if you've already inserted one? Let's fix it.
Donna PengDecember 6, 2023
How to Play DVD on Laptop (Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac)?
How to play DVD on laptop? How to play DVD on Windows 11/10/8/7 computer? How to play DVD on laptop without DVD drive. Check answers here.
Donna PengDecember 6, 2023
Best DVD Decrypter Can Rip DVD to Windows Media Player
Want to free download a DVD decrypter for ripping DVD to Windows Media Player playable file? Here's the best option, which makes you finish DVD to WMP conversion on Windows 10/11/8/7 easily and quickly.
Donna PengDecember 5, 2023
[Guide] How to Remove Commercials from DVD
We'll introduce a simple way to remove commercials from DVD, as well as edit out previews, trailers, ads, studio logos, anti-piracy FBI warning, and other crap from DVD.
Donna Peng December 5, 2023 DVD
Solve DVD Subtitles Not Displaying on TV in the Easiest Way
DVD subtitles (closed caption) won't display on your Sony/LG/Samsung/Hulu Smart TV? Learn how to fix it and get DVD subtitles to work properly on TV.
Donna PengDecember 4, 2023
2024 Best DVD Decrypter Alternative: Easier, Faster, and More Powerful
Here we'll introduce a DVD Decrypter alternative that is easier, faster, and more powerful than DVD Decrypter.
Donna PengDecember 4, 2023
How to fix 'AnyDVD is disabled for Drive D:!/E:!/F:!...'
Get AnyDVD is disabled for Drive D:! (maybe another drive) when you insert a disc? Here're 6 simple troubleshooting tips for you to fix this error.
Donna PengDecember 4, 2023
[Fixed] Plex Cannot Play VIDEO_TS Folder
Plex can't play VIDEO_TS DVD folder because it dosen't support any disc image format. How to play Video_TS folder on Plex? Check the effective workaround here.
Donna PengDecember 1, 2023
How to Fix Beachbody Workout DVD Won't Play/Not Working
This help page shows troubleshooting tips of how to fix Beachbody workout DVD (21 Day Fix, P90X, Insanity, Cize DVD etc.) won't play/not working issue.
Donna PengNovember 30, 2023
DVD Player Not Working with TV Error Fixed
Standalone and built-in DVD player is not working with TV? Why and how to fix? Find a solution to TV DVD player not working in this post.
Donna PengNovember 30, 2023
[Stop Now] DVD Player Tray Keeps Opening and Closing
DVD player drive keeps ejecting and closing by itself. Here are all the reasons and fixes to stop the DVD drive from opening and closing anymore.
Donna PengNovember 29, 2023
Simple Fixes for DVD Player Pink Screen Problem
If your TV suffers from a pink screen when connected to a DVD player, these simple fixes can help you out.
Donna PengNovember 29, 2023
If Xbox One Won't Play Redbox DVD, Try This Troubleshooting Guide
When Xbox One won't play Redbox DVD, you can check whether the disc and Xbox disc drive are in good condition. Read this post to get detailed fixes.
Donna PengNovember 27, 2023
[Fixed] AnyDVD is Unable to Crack All CSS Keys on This Disc
AnyDVD unable to crack all css warning occurs with different DVD regions. How to fix the AnyDVD region code error and convert the DVD without error?
Donna PengNovember 27, 2023
How to Fix AnyDVD CloneDVD/CloneDVD Mobile Cyclic Redundancy Check Error
Get cyclic redundancy check data error with AnyDVD, CloneDVD, or CloneDVD Mobile? There're reasons and fixes for this error.
Donna PengNovember 27, 2023
Is VidCoder Available for Mac?
VidCoder isn't compatible with Mac, but there are many good VidCoder alternatives for Mac.
Donna PengNovember 27, 2023
Why Do Old Movies on DVDs Have No Subtitles? What to Do?
Not all old discs are subtitled or closed captioned. Why do some classic TV shows and movies on DVDs not have subtitles? What to do if your old DVD has subtitles but won't display the sub?
Donna Peng November 27, 2023 DVD subtitle
Does Nintendo Switch Play DVDs? Here is the Answer
Does Nintendo Switch play DVDs? The answer is it will support DVD playback if VLC for Nintendo Switch become available, but the date in not confirmed.
Donna PengNovember 27, 2023
Does Xbox Series S/X Have a Disc Drive for Playing DVD or Bluray
Does the Xbox Series S/X have a disc drive? Can the Xbox Series S|X play DVD or Blu-ray discs? The Xbox Series X has a disc drive for playing game and movie discs while the Xbox Series S doesn't. Is it possible to use an external USB disc drive for Xbox Series S? Check answers.
Donna PengNovember 27, 2023
How to Make Free Christmas E-cards/Slideshow for Family and Friends
There're lots of free (Animated) Christmas eCards online, but it's more creative to make Christmas E-cards/slideshows on Windows 10 by yourself for greeting family and friends.
Donna PengNovember 24, 2023
Best Free Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults
Check out Christmas party games ideas for adults and children, and rankings of best free online Christmas themed games for kids to play.
Donna PengNovember 24, 2023
Don't Buy Christmas Gifts Online before You Read This
This post hares you some money-saving tips and guides to buy Christmas gifts online safely for kids, family, parents, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend.
Donna PengNovember 24, 2023
How to Make New Year Greeting Video and Send Your Happy New Year Greetings Wishes
This guide saves you effort in making best New Year video greetings with Christmas New Year Greeting video downloading, converting and editing features.
Donna PengNovember 22, 2023
Christmas Tree Ornaments Giveaways - Homemade Xmas Tree Ornaments for Kids
How to find the best family Christmas tree ornament giveaways? How to get free personalized Xmas tree ornaments for kids to make easily? Get answere here.
Donna PengNovember 22, 2023
2023 Best Christmas Party Ideas for Kids and Families
Get best Christmas party ideas, to decorate Christmas tree, exchange gifts, bake cookies, sing carols and watch Christmas movies for having a funniest Christmas party.
Donna PengNovember 22, 2023
Tips on Christmas Activities for Kids and Students
This article provides you some tips on Christmas/Xmas activities for kids and students. Based on these Christmas activities, your kids may have a great holiday time.
Donna PengNovember 22, 2023
Best Xmas Gift Ideas from Best Xmas Deals and Giveaways
Learn to prepare special Xmas gifts from the best Xmas gift ideas for your parents, lovers, teachers, friends, kids, or pets, find the best Xmas discount/giveaway deals easily.
Donna PengNovember 22, 2023
How to Rip DVDs Losslessly with 100% Untouched Quality
You can easily preseve 100% original quality with DVD lossless rip to ISO, Video_ TS folder, MPEG2, and also MKV videos. Check how to rip DVDs without any quality loss.
Donna PengNovember 22, 2023
How to Rip or Copy DVD with Bad Sectors
Can't copy DVD that has bad sectors, freeze at 75% and fail at CRC errors? Learn how to copy corrupted files from DVD easily.
Donna PengNovember 22, 2023
Can DVD Players Play MP4? Yes, We Always Have a Way!
Can DVD players play MP4 files from USB? Some have MP4 playback capability, while others don't. But no matter your DVD player supports MP4 or not, we can make MP4 play on DVD player.
Donna Peng November 22 , 2023 DVD player
What is the DVD Region for the US?
Which DVD region is the USA? Can you watch Region 2 DVD on the US DVD player? Learn how to play Region 2/4 DVDs on Region 1 US players.
Donna PengNovember 21, 2023
How to Fast Convert DVD to DivX on Windows/Mac
When users convert a DVD to DivX format, they often get bigger file size than the original DVD. Here is a way to rip DVD to DivX with high quality and small file size.
Donna PengNovember 21, 2023
How to Rip Christmas Movie DVDs on Windows 10?
Christmas is drawing near! If you want to rip Christmas movie DVDs on new Windows 10/11 OS with DVD ripper, just follow this guide!
Donna PengNovember 20, 2023
How to Play A Christmas Carol DVD on iPhone, iPad and Android
Get tools to help play A Christmas Carol DVD on iPhone/iPad/Android after ripping Disney kids' movie DVD A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens on Windows (10/11) PC or Mac.
Donna PengNovember 20, 2023
[Fixed] When I Put a DVD in the Computer and Nothing Happens
When I insert a DVD into a computer or laptop, it should auto play it but nothing happens. If this problem occurs, here are what you can do.
Donna PengNovember 20, 2023
[Solved] How to Fix ImgBurn I/O Error?
ImgBurn I/O error can be related to your DVD drive, disc, file, cable, and your DVD burning settings. Here are 15 fixes that may work for you.
Donna PengNovember 14, 2023
How to Convert 8mm Film to Digital
You can convert 8mm film to digital at home with an 8mm file to digital converter or find a reputable 8mm to digital conversion service to do it for you.
Donna PengNovember 13, 2023
How to Transfer and Burn iPhone Videos to DVD for Free
iPhone videos to DVD services online are expensive and full of limitations. Learn how to free transfer iPhone videos to DVDs with easy steps in this post.
Donna PengNovember 13, 2023
List of DVD Case Dimensions/DVD Blu-ray Cover Size
Check for the list of the size and dimensions of different types of DVD case, DVD covers, and compact DVD disc, such as standard DVD case/cover, slim DVD case/cover, Blu-ray DVD cover.
Donna PengNov.13, 2023
Make Likable Thanksgiving and Christmas Videos for Kids on PC/Mac
Several ways and tips to create and make Thanksgiving/Christmas MP4 videos for kids on PC/Mac with HD video maker, converter, editor, etc. Share MP4 1080p/720p Thanksgiving/Christmas videos via iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones.
Donna PengNovember 10, 2023
2023 Best Sites for HD Thanksgiving Wallpapers Free Download
Best sites for 2023 Thanksgiving wallpapers/screensavers/backgrounds are listed. You can free download a HD/3D Thanksgiving wallpaper for your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
Donna PengNovember 10, 2023
Top 30 Thanksgiving Movies for Kids
This post compiles best Thanksgiving movies for kids of all time, movies coming out on Thanksgiving, as well as solution to save Thanksgiving movies for kids and families.
Donna PengNov 10, 2023
DVD Drive Won't Burn DVD Disc on Windows 10? Error Fixed!
Here we've listed everything that you can do when DVD drive won't burn disc on Windows 10/11. Also, the causes of this DVD drive error will be presented.
Donna PengNovember 9, 2023
How to Convert VHS to Digital: Service or DIY
This article will introduce the best VHS to digital services, best VHS to digital converters, and show you how to convert VHS to digital such as MP4 to relive your precious memories.
Donna PengNovember 9, 2023
Adobe Media Encoder Free Download v24.0.2 2023
How to get Adobe Media Encoder for free/crack? This page is a guide for Adobe Media Encoder free download for your reference.
Donna PengNovember 09, 2023
How to Burn DVD More than 4.7GB on Windows 10/11 [with Pictures]
How to burn files larger than 4.7GB to a DVD? Choose DVD-5 or DVD-9? Compress large-sized file to smaller? Check the best way to burn DVD more than 4.7GB on Windows 10/11.
Donna PengNovember 6, 2023
Fix Audio Skipping/Distorted Problem When Playing a DVD
This post focuses on troubleshooting audio skipping or distorted issue when playing a DVD with a DVD player.
Donna PengNovember 3, 2023
How to Fix VLC Green Screen When Playing DVDs
If you receive a green screen in VLC but the audio is playing during DVD playback, find the solutions here to get VLC back to work.
Donna PengNovember 3, 2023
How to Remove Flickering TV Screen When Playing DVDs
If your TV flickers when playing DVDs, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.
Donna PengNovember 3, 2023
How to Play Video_TS Folder Files on Windows 10/Mac TV and Android
This article will introduce 5 ways to play VIDEO_TS folder and files on Windows 10/11, Mac, smart TV, Android, and Apple devices.
Donna PengNovember 3, 2023
How to Rip and Convert a Region 2 DVD on Windows and Mac
This tutorial will walk you through 3 steps for ripping a region 2 DVD to MP4 or converting region 2 DVD to region 1 for playback in USA.
Donna Peng Nov.3, 2023 DVD Region
[Money-saving] Where to Buy DVDs Cheap Online or Near Me?
Where can I buy cheap DVDs online or near me? Here are the best places where you can buy new and used DVD movies at low prices with the best deals, discounts, and coupons.
Donna PengNov 3, 2023
How to Compress Movie ISO File but Maintain High Quality
Want to compress movie ISO file to free up storage space or to fit on a DVD? This article will show you how to reduce ISO image file size without damaging quality.
Donna Peng Nov 3, 2023 ISO
DVD Won't Rip on macOS? Here's the Best DVD Ripper for Mac
If you find your DVD ripper failed read DVD structure or crashed after upgrading to macOS, don't worry. Here we share the useful solution and best DVD ripper that works with new macOS seamlessly.
Donna PengNov 3, 2023
Premiere Pro Supported/Unsupported File Formats
What file formats are supported in Premiere Pro? Premiere Pro supports MP4, MOV, QuickTime format, MP3, H.264, HEVC, and so on.
Donna PengNovember 02, 2023
DVD Drive The Directory Name is Invalid on Windows 11/10 Error Fixed
What to do when the DVD drive says the directory name is invalid in serting DVD disc? Check the efficient solutions here to fix DVD drive the directory name is invalid on Windows 11/10 issue.
Donna PengNovember 1, 2023
How to Fix MakeMKV Title Skipped due to Navigation Errors
MakeMKV is not showing all DVD titles saying that the title is skipped due to navigation error, less than minimum title length, equal to other titles, etc. Find solutions here.
Donna PengNovember 1, 2023
[Fixed] DVD Player Says Playback Prohibited by Area Limitations
Playback Prohibited By Area Limits error often occurs when the Sony DVD player plays a DVD from a different region. Here are some quick fixes.
Donna PengOctober 31, 2023
Can't Rip DVD with Handbrake? [Solved Now!]
HandBrake won't rip a DVD usually because the DVD is encrypted. To fix this, you can try installing libdvdcss or telling HandBrake exactly which title to rip. If it still doesn't work, try an alternative.
Donna PengOctober 31, 2023
VLC DVD Rip No Audio? Problem Fixed!
VLC error pops up again. No audio after DVD ripping with VLC media player. How to fix this VLC DVD rip issue? Find answer in this post.
Donna PengOctober 30, 2023
2023 DVD Archiving Guide: How to Store DVDs Digitally
To store DVDs digitally, digitize DVDs first. Once done, you can store DVD to Dropbox, Google drive, iCloud, external hard drive, NAS, Plex, etc.
Donna Peng October 30, 2023 Store DVD
Free Download DVD Codec for Windows 10/11 to Play DVDs
Here you will get the method to free download DVD codec for Windows 10/11 media player, to play any DVDs on the new Windows OS, despite of the absence of Windows Media Center.
Donna PengOctober 27, 2023
How to Download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Free without Watermark and Limitations
Download free WinX DVD Ripper Platinum without limitations / watermark at the official site due to Halloween giveaway; get full license key of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for free to rip even copy-protected DVDs to iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Nexus, Xbox…
Donna PengOctober 27, 2023
[Solved] Handbrake Cannot Rip DVD with 99 Titles Error
How to solve Handbrake cannot rip DVDs with 99 titles latest DVD copy-protections? This page has solved the error.
Donna PengOctober 27, 2023
How to Sell DVDs to Amazon [2023 Brief Guide]
How to get ungated to sell DVDs to Amazon? Use third-party listing or trade-in to sell your DVDs to Amazon? Any limitations? Check this full guide to know both methods for selling DVDs to Amazon to maximize your profits.
Donna PengOctober 27, 2023
How to Change Region/Country on PS4 to Play Any DVDs & Games
PS4 is region free for games, with region restrictions for DLC, but it is region locked for movie discs. So let's check how to change the region of PS4 to play DVDs from other regions and access out-of-region content.
Donna PengOctober 27, 2023
Can PS5 Play DVDs? How to Play DVD on PS5? - Get Answers
Does PS5 play DVDs? The Standard PS5 can play DVD while the PS5 Digital cannot. Read this article to learn how to watch DVD on PS5 Digital and Standard Edition.
Donna Peng October 27, 2023 PS5
Quick Fix: Plex Black Screen on TV/Roku/Firestick/PS5
Plex shows a black screen? The Plex black screen problem can be caused by video formats, unstable internet connection, hardware/software issues, etc.
Donna PengOctober 26, 2023
[Fixed] Windows 11 Not Recognizing DVD Drive
The external USB DVD drive is not recognized in Windows Device Manager? How to find the DVD drive icon and open the DVD drive in Windows 11? Here are all the fixes.
Donna PengOctober 26, 2023
Do Blu-ray Players Play DVDs? Find the Answer Here!
Do Blu-ray players play DVDs? Yes. It's no problem to play standard DVDs. But for regional or informally formatted DVDs, there will be error. Follow the guide and learn how to play a DVD on a Blu-ray Player successfully.
Donna PengOctober 26, 2023
2023 Best DVD Player Apps & External DVD Drives for Mac
Mac DVD player not permitted, won’t eject, gray screen, and problems happen often. So what are the best DVD player for Mac? Check the list of 2023 Best Mac DVD player apps and drives here.
Donna PengOctober 26, 2023
[Solved] Connecting DVD Player to HDTV Gives No Signal
If your HDTV/4K TV shows No Signal message when connecting it to a DVD player, it could be the wrong input or source, cable issue, DVD player breakdown, etc. Here are some troubleshooting tips.
Donna PengOctober 25, 2023
Must-Know Vudu Disc to Digital Limits Before You Pay
What are the Vudu 100 limits, billing address, compatible titles, and other Vudu Disc to Digital limits? Before you pay $2- $5 on each Vudu D2D conversion, you may want to remove the Vudu disc to digital restrictions.
Donna PengOctober 25, 2023
[Solved] Samsung DVD Player Keeps Pausing While Playing
Common causes to Samsung DVD player pausing while playing are dirty or scratched DVD discs and the hardware breakdown. Learn what to do when Samsung DVD player freezes.
Donna PengOctober 24, 2023
Troubleshooting - Fix DVD Plays with No Sound on TV
Have picture but no sound when connecting DVD player to TV via a HDMI, scart or regular video cable? Follow our fixes here to get sound.
Donna PengOctober 24, 2023
How to Copy DVD to Emby Server
This article will show you how to rip and add DVD movies to Emby server for later streaming via Emby client on various devices.
Donna PengOctober 24, 2023
[Solved] MakeMKV Scsi Error - Illegal Request, Hardware Error
Donna Peng October 23, 2023 MakeMKV
How to Fix DVD Player Says 'Wrong Disc' Error
Here we've figured out why DVD player says wrong disc error and how to fix DVD player wrong disc error.
Donna PengOctober 23, 2023
[100% Fixed] DVD Player Has Sound but No Picture
Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and portable DVD players has sound but no picture on TVs? Learn how to remove black/blue screen and bring the picture back to normal.
Donna PengOctober 23, 2023
2023 Free Ways to Burn DVD on Windows 11 [with Pictures]
Burning DVD on Windows 11 is easy. We'll show you how to burn DVD on Windows 11 with Windows Media Player, File Explorer, and free WinX DVD Author.
Donna PengOctober 23, 2023
[7 Ways] How to Convert VOB to MKV on Windows 10/11 and Mac
Discover the best methods for lossless VOB to MKV conversion, preserving video, audio, and subtitles while reducing VOB file size without compromising quality.
Donna PengOct 23, 2023
How to Fast Convert Disney Movie DVD Discs to Digital Copies
Disc to digital: Disney movie DVD discs to digital conversion guide. Easiest cheap way to convert Disney DVDs collections to digital copies. Digitalize any physical Disney movie DVD to digital file as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, etc. at ultrafast speed.
Donna PengOctober 20, 2023
How to Play DVD on Windows 11: 4 Ways to Choose
If you want to play DVDs on Windows 11, you can use preinstalled DVD player software, Windows DVD Player, free DVD players for Windows 11 like VLC, and WinX DVD Ripper.
Donna PengOctober 20, 2023
Why Can't Copy Video File from DVD to Computer? How to Fix It?
If you can't copy (VOB) file from DVD to computer/hard drive, it could be due to corrupted or copy-protected media. Now let me show you how to solve it.
Donna PengOctober 20, 2023
List of 2023 Horror Movies on DVD | Rip / Copy Horror DVDs
This is a list of newest Halloween or horror movies on DVD and a guide that shows how to copy and rip Halloween scary horror DVD movies on Windows 10 or Windows 7, 8 with WinX DVD Ripper.
Donna PengOct 20, 2023
Top 10 Halloween Movies on DVD of All Time [2023 Updated!]
Which movies are best for Halloween? We list top 5 Halloween horror movies on DVD of all time as well as worth-watching films for Halloween in 2018. Get one of the best Halloween DVDs and watch with your families on Halloween Night.
Donna PengOct 20, 2023
How to Use HandBrake to Convert DVD to MP4 | 2023 Guide
We'll show you how to rip DVD to MP4 with HandBrake and how to fix the HandBrake errors during the DVD to MP4 converting process.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2023
How to Upload a DVD to Google Drive [Solved]
After ripping DVD to Google Drive acceptable format, you can upload DVD video/movie to Google Drive. Here's the guide to rip and upload DVD to Google Drive for DVD backup and convenient access.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2023
How to Free Convert H.264 to H.265 for Small Size without Quality Loss
Need to convert H.264 to H.265 to save space, especially for 4K AVC videos? Get the best free H.264 to H.265 converter to encode H.265/HEVC videos fast without quality loss.
Donna PengOctober 17, 2023
HandBrake Tutorial - How to Solve Handbrake Does not Support some of VOB Files Error
How to solve Handbrake does not support some of VOB files error? You may ask this question when you ripping DVDs in VOB format by Handbrake. This page will help you to solve Handbrake does not support some of VOB files error.
Donna PengOct 16, 2023
How to Free Convert DVD VOB to FLV File on Windows 10, 8 or 7?
This is a unique guide about how to free convert VOB to FLV YouTube/flash video file on Windows 10 or other PC and make the DVD VOB file playable on more players and devices.
Donna PengOct 16, 2023
[Solved] HandBrake Rip DVD VOB to MP4 Aspect Ratio Distorted
Need HandBrake to rip/convert DVD VOB file to MP4 without distorted aspect ratio issue? This HandBrake tutorial will help finish DVD VOB to MP4 video conversion without such an error
Donna PengOct 16, 2023
How to FAST Convert DVD VOB File to MPEG Video on PC/Mac
This guide tells how to fast convert DVD VOB file to MPEG video on PC/Mac while keeping great video/audio quality using the best VOB to MPEG converter – WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.
Donna PengOct 16, 2023
Best 8 DVD Copy Services Near You – Copy/Burn DVD
This article will introduce 8 DVD copying services near you which can make copies of your DVD or other media.
Donna PengOctober 13, 2023
[Steps] How to Connect DVD Player to Laptop Computer via HDMI/USB
Can I connect DVD player to laptop via HDMI or USB? Yes but not easy. Learn how to connect a DVD player to a laptop computer with detailed steps.
Donna PengOctober 9, 2023
7 Ways to Play DVD on DVD Player Without Remote
When you lost or break DVD player remote, you can still play DVD without remote, thanks to built-in controls, remote control app, universal remote control, and others.
Donna Peng October 9, 2023 DVD player
How to Backup Old/New DVD in 5 Minutes [No Quality Loss]?
This is a introductive guide that offer a better solution to shows how to perform 1:1 DVD backup and backup main title only to MP4 or other popular formats without quality loss. Thus, you can store and transfer DVD to hard drive, NAS, mobile, cloud, etc.
Donna Peng Oct 8, 2023 Backup DVD
How to Rip and Play DVD Movies on Kodi
Here is the best DVD to Kodi ripper that you can use to rip your DVDs to Kodi in order to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows on a larger screen, stream them over your network, or access them from various devices.
Donna PengSeptember 28, 2023
Comment calculer les paramètres de bitrate/qualité des vidéos HandBrake
Tutoriel HandBrake sur la façon de calculer les paramètres de qualité et de débit binaire des vidéos HandBrake lors de l'extraction de DVD et de la conversion de vidéos. Utilisez HandBrake pour ripper des DVD et convertir des vidéos facilement en vous familiarisant avec la taille cible, le débit moyen et la qualité constante de HandBrake.
Donna Peng27 septembre 2023
Does iMovie Support MKV? How to Import MKV to iMovie?
Want to edit MKV files on iMovie? You need to check if iMovie can support MKV or not and learn how to import MKV into iMovie if iMovie doesn't support MKV.
Donna PengSep.26, 2023
How to Rip DVDs for Jellyfin – Best Solution in 2023
This article will show you how to rip and add DVDs to Jellyfin server and how to stream DVDs via Jellyfin.
Donna PengSeptember 21, 2023
10 Best Free DVD Rippers 2023 [Not Free Trial]
Here is a list of the 10 best free DVD rippers in 2023. Read our reviews and comparison to find your favorite DVD ripping software.
Donna PengSeptember 20, 2023
How to Play DVD on iPhone/iPad?
Playing DVD on iPhone sounds impossible, but it is realizable. By utilizing a DVD to iPhone converter, you can play home-made and commercial DVDs on iPhone 12, 11, SE, XS, XR, X, etc. and even iPad models easily.
Donna PengSeptember 19, 2023
List of Latest DVD Releases in September 2023
Here we have all the latest releases on DVD and Blu-ray in September 2023, so you won’t miss a movie or TV show that you will like.
Donna PengSeptember 13, 2023
Video Audio Format Supported by iPhone 15
What are video audio formats supported by iPhone? Here's a full list of iPhone 15/Pro Max accepted media formats. Also, learn how to convert video format not supported by iPhone.
Donna PengSeptember 13, 2023
How to Open BUP Files on Windows and Mac
What are BUP files and how to open them? You can open BUP files with VLC and convert them to MP4 video. Learn steps in this article.
Donna PengSeptember 12, 2023
How to Cut Video Clip from a DVD on Windows or Mac
Want to cut a video clip from a DVD for sharing, editing or other purposes? Here we'll show you the best DVD video cutter software and how to use it to extract video clips from DVD.
Donna Peng August 30, 2023 DVD tips
Free Download H.265/HEVC Encoder to Encode HEVC Videos
Free download the best H.265/HEVC encoder to encode 4K/8K videos to HEVC for small size and best quality. Learn the best H.265 encoders and HEVC encoding apps in this article.
Donna PengJuly 07, 2023
DVD Player Not/Slow Loading Discs Problem Solved
DVD player just says loading discs but nothing happens or takes long time to load a DVD? Learn how to fix DVD player loading problems here.
Donna PengJuly 5, 2023
How to Burn a Playable DVD on Mac | Top 4 Ways
How to burn any (MP4) file to DVD to play on any DVD player on Mac? Here top 4 ways are shared with you.
Donna PengJune 19, 2023
5 Ways to Convert ISO to MKV without Losing Quality
Here we introduce 5 ways to convert ISO to MKV, including WinX DVD Ripper, HandBrake, MakeMKV, VLC, and FFmpeg. Check how to use them to perform conversion on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Donna Peng June 16, 2023 ISO
Can Kodi Play ISO Files? Why Won't Kodi Play ISO Files?
Can Kodi play ISO files? Yes. Read this article to learn how to play ISO files on Kodi and how to fix Kodi unable to play ISO files.
Donna PengJune 15, 2023
DVD Player Says Unknown Disc? Now Fix This Error
Here we've listed everything that you can do when DVD player says unknown disc. Also, the causes of this DVD player error will be presented.
Donna PengJune 14, 2023
DVD Player Shows Wrong Aspect Ratio - Full Troubleshooting Guide
When the DVD player is showing wrong aspect ratio, the DVD is distorted or stretched, adjust the settings or change the DVD aspect ratio to fix the error.
Donna PengJune 14, 2023
How to Rip and Transfer DVDs to iTunes in Clicks
Here we'll show you how to rip DVDs to iTunes formats and import DVDs to iTunes library. Then you can sync and play DVD movies on iPhone iPad iPod and Apple TV.
Donna PengJune 14, 2023
MakeMKV Support - If MakeMKV Won't Rip DVDs and Blu-rays
Many users have reported issues trying ripping DVDs in MakeMKV. It's possibly a problematic disc, like dust, scratches, an outdated firmware/hardware, copy protection methods MakeMKV can't handle.
Donna Peng June 13, 2023 MakeMKV
DVD Player Not Spinning Discs Error Fixed
Why is DVD player not spinning discs or spinning but won't play? Hardware issues in most cases. Before you buy a new disc drive, check the tips here.
Donna PengJune 13, 2023
How to Fix Sony DVD Player Error 'Cannot Play (This) Disc'
We'll show you how to fix 'cannot play this disc' or 'cannot play disc' error on Sony DVD player.
Donna PengJune 13, 2023
DVD Looks Terrible on HDTV/4K TV? You Can Improve DVD Quality
DVD looks bad on a HDTV or 4K TV, looks grainy and blurry with pixelation? Make DVD look better on TV easily.
Donna PengJune 12, 2023
4 Ways to Convert M3U8 to MP4
How to convert M3U8 to MP4? You have two main ways: M3U8 to MP4 converter and merging .ts videos in an M3U8 file into an MP4 video.
Donna PengJune 08, 2023
Handbrake Mac Tutorial - How to Rip DVD and Convert Video
HOW TO use handbrake on macOS to rip DVD movies, convert video for better playback on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad Pro, etc. Read this Handbrake Mac review and user guide.
Donna PengJune 07, 2023
MakeMKV Failed to Open Disc? Problem Fixed!
MakeMKV not reading your source disc? Why would failed to open disc error pop up? Here check the reasons and solutions to fix MakeMKV failing to open disc error.
Donna PengJune 5, 2023
How to Play AVI on Mac Seamlessly: A Comprehensive Guide
Looking to play AVI files on your Mac seamlessly? This article provides a comprehensive guide to open AVI files on Mac with or without QuickTime Player.
Donna PengJune 2, 2023
How to Rip Copy-protected DVDs to Mac in 2 Methods
We'll show you how to rip DVD to MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini. One way is to rip DVD to Mac with HandBrake, the other is to rip DVD including encrypted disc to Mac with WinX DVD Ripper for Mac.
Donna Peng May 31, 2023 DVD to Mac
Best 4 DVD Recorders with Hard Drive
In this article, we will introduce 4 DVD recorders with hard drives in the market, highlighting their features and benefits.
Donna PengMay 30, 2023
How to Play FLV (F4V) on Mac | Top FLV Players
How to open and play FLV, F4V video files on MacBook iMac? Check top effective ways to make FLV F4V playable on Mac without error.
Donna PengMay 26, 2023
[MakeMKV Subtitles] Fix MakeMKV Subtitles Missing, Always On, Forced Subtitles…
There is no subtitle in MakeMKV ripped file? How to rip DVDs with forced subtitles in MakeMKV? Here is an overall MakeMKV subtitle settings guide.
Donna PengMay 26, 2023
Top DVD43 Alternatives to Free Remove DVD Protection
Any DVD43 alternative recommendation for DVD copy protection removal? Check this post to find top alternatives to DVD43 to decrypt and rip DVDs to MP4 MOV MKV.
Donna PengMay 26, 2023
2023 Best DVD Authoring Software for Windows and Mac
Here is a list of the best DVD authoring software free and paid for Windows 11/10/7, and macOS. Free download the best DVD author program to create home DVDs with custom menus easily.
Donna PengMay 24, 2023
Top 10 Used DVD Stores near Me and You to Buy and Sell Used DVDs
Here we'll introduce 10 used DVD stores near me and you where you can buy and sell used DVDs.
Donna PengMay 23, 2023
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum vs WonderFox DVD Ripper: Review and Compare
Test, compare and review WinX DVD Ripper Platinum with WonderFox DVD Ripper on the same PC, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum vs WonderFox DVD Video Converter, in an all-out face-off and a guideline of the fast DVD rippers.
Donna PengMay 19, 2023
DVD-R vs DVD+R: Difference between DVD-R and DVD+R
We will thoroughly compare DVD-R and DVD+R formats, covering key aspects such as compatibility, capacity, longevity, and more. Discover the differences between these formats to determine which one offers better compatibility and overall performance.
Donna PengMay 17, 2023
Top 5 Ways to Open and Play ISO Files on macOS
Can't run ISO file on Mac? Now you can easily open ISO on Mac in 5 ways: mount iso as a virtual drive and then play it with DVD Player; convert ISO to Mac playable format; use a third-party app to play ISO file on Mac.
Donna Peng May 15, 2023 Play ISO
Best Free DVD to VOB Rippers to Rip VOB from DVD Disc
There are 2023 Best free DVD to VOB rippers. Free download the best free DVD to VOB ripper to convert DVD to VOB files on PC and Mac hard drive.
Donna PengMay 12, 2023
Best 3 Free Blu-ray Rippers to Rip Blu-ray to PC and Mac
This article will show you how to rip Blu-ray to PC, Mac,and Linux based computer for free. The Blu-ray rippers we'll introduce include MakeMKV, HandBrake, and VLC.
Donna PengMay 11, 2023
M4V vs MP4 Comparison | Difference Between MP4 and M4V
Confused with M4V vs MP4? Are M4V and MP4 the same? What's the difference between MP4 and M4V? How to convert M4V to MP4 for playback iTunes videos movies on non-Apple devices like Android? Here are answers.
Donna PengApril 28, 2023
How to Fix MakeMKV AV Synchronization Issues
Get the AV synchronization issues when using MakeMKV to rip a Disney DVD or TV show DVD? Learn how to fix MakeMKV AV sync issues here.
Donna PengApril 26, 2023
Plex Can't Recognize/Play MP4 Files? How to Fix?
Some MP4 files play on Plex while others don't? Plex can't recognize and play MP4 video files? Check the post to get this Plex MP4 error fixed with most simple solution.
Donna Peng April 23, 2023 Plex MP4
7 Ways to Convert MOD Files to MP4 with Zero Quality Loss
Guide on how to convert JVC, Canon, Panasonic HD camcorder MOD videos to MP4 with best MOD to MP4 converters on PC/Mac so as to play MOD files on iPhone iPad Android or import to video editing software without any trouble.
Donna PengApril 19, 2023
PowerDVD Won't Play DVD? Problem Solved
CyberLink PowerDVD will no longer play DVDs? Why and how to fix this powerdvd not playing DVD issue? Chech here!
Donna PengApril 7, 2023
How to Make a DVD Disc on Windows 10/11 [with Pictures]
Burning DVD on Windows 11 is easy. We'll show you how to burn DVD on Windows 11 with Windows Media Player, File Explorer, and free WinX DVD Author.
Donna PengMarch 20, 2023
How to Copy DVD to External Hard Drive to Watch on TV? [Updated]
3 Steps to copy DVD to external hard drive to watch on TV: digitize DVD to TV best format; connect hard drive to computer to sync digital copies of DVD to HDD; connect the external hard drive to your TV and select the DVD files to watch on TV without DVD player.
Donna PengMarch 15, 2023
Top 5 Ways to Convert VOB to MOV Efficiently
VOB files not recognized on your video editing software or mobile? Follow this article to learn how to convert VOB to MOV on Windows and macOS efficiently. 5 different ways are provided here.
Donna PengMar 15, 2023
Top 5 Ways to Convert VOB to AVI Free without Losing Quality
This is a review of the best way to free convert VOB to AVI on Windows (10) and macOS without losing quality. You can convert VOB to AVI format using desktop VOB converter programs, online tools, VLC media players.
Donna PengMar 15, 2023
How to Upload DVD to Cloud Service like Google Drive, iCloud
This DVD to cloud guide shows you how to rip and put your movie DVDs to cloud storage services like Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, iCloud and OneDrive for playback thru TV, tablets, mobile phones, Roku box, game console, etc.
Donna PengMarch 14, 2023
Best Free DVD Copier Burner Software for Windows (10)
Download 2023 Best free DVD copier burner software for Windows 10/8/7 to copy DVD to new DVD disc to create backup DVDs for your new, old or scratched DVDs, or copy DVD to ISO, Folder, etc.
Donna PengMarch 13, 2023
How to Upload Your DVD Collections to Amazon Cloud Drive
To upload DVDs to Amazon Cloud Drive for backup purpose or streaming, first, you have to rip DVDs and get the DVD copies. Then, things become much easier. All you need is a DVD ripping program.
Donna PengMarch 13, 2023
HandBrake vs MakeMKV: Which One to Choose for Ripping DVD/Bluray?
Here we'll compare HandBrake and MakeMKV in terms of Bluray/DVD ripping speed, quality, file size, and supported inputs and outputs, to help you decide which software to use.
Donna Peng Feb 22, 2023 HandBrake, MakeMKV
How to Rip Region Locked DVDs with Handbrake
Does HandBrake rip DVDs from a different region? How to rip a region-locked DVD with Handbrake? We'll answer these questions here.
Donna PengFeb 22, 2023
How to Connect DVD Player to Roku TV (Hisense/Sharp/Hitachi/TCL)
This article will show you how to connect DVD player to Roku TV by using HDMI cable or AV cable. Also, it provides fixes for connection (no signal) and playback errors.
Donna Peng Feb 22, 2023 DVD play, Roku
Best External CD/DVD Drive for Windows 11/10 Laptop and Desktop
Here we round up 2023 best external CD DVD drive for Windows 11/10 laptop and desktop computers to play, rip, copy, burn DVD, and install software or game from DVD.
Donna PengFeb 22, 2023
Plex Hardware Transcoding User Guide
Does Plex support GPU hardware transcoding? How to use Plex hardware transcoding? This article will give you an instruction.
Donna PengFebruary 18, 2023
Troubleshoot DaVinci Resolve Importing MP4 Only Audio
DaVinci Resolve imports MP4 only audio? We are here to help. All the possible causes and solutions are well analyzed below.
Donna PengFebruary 16, 2023
[Fixed] DaVinci Resolve 18/17 Keeps Crashing on Startup
Why DaVinci Resolve keeps crashing on startup? How to fix Resolve not starting issue? Find best effective solutions here.
Donna PengFebruary 16, 2023
Best New Valentine's Day Movies, Romantic and Sexy Movies for Lovers
What're the new red and white Valentine's Day movies 2021? It'll show you how to digitize your old or new Valentine movie DVDs and watch 2023 romantic films like Fifty Shades Freed freely.
Donna PengFeb 14, 2023
Best Classic Valentine's Day Movies for A Romantic Night
Some classic romantic Valentine's Day movies should not be forgotten. Let's go over the top 20 classic love films of all time for Valentine's Day.
Donna PengFeb 14, 2023
A Complete Guide to Deinterlace Video with HandBrake
How to use HandBrake to deinterlace DVD or video? What's the difference of Yadif and Decomb? Is there a simpler tool than HandBrake to deinterlace video? All will be answered in this article.
Donna PengJanuary 29, 2023
Plex 4K Transcoding: Decode and Play 4K Content on Plex Smoothly
Plex 4K HDR movie can't direct play? How to transcode 4K content within Plex? Check here and find better solution to make 4K HDR Bluray rips playable on any Plex app without buffering or not working error.
Donna Peng December 30, 2022 Plex 4K Transcoding
5 Best Free ImgBurn Alternatives for Windows (10) and Mac
We've rounded up 5 free ImgBurn alternatives to help you burn DVDs, CDs, and Blu-rays on Windows (10) and Mac, namely WinX DVD Author, BurnAware Free, CDBurnerXP, PowerISO, and Burn.
Donna PengDec.29, 2022
How to Rip and Stream DVD Movies to (Sony) Android TV
Follow the guide to rip and stream DVD movies to Android TV using the best DVD converter for Android TV and Google Cast for a great movie enjoyment on (Sony) Android TV.
Donna PengDec.27, 2022
How to Rip DVDs to Huawei Devices/Phones
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is your ideal choice to rip and convert DVDs to Huawei devices/phones with remarkable video/audio quality and fast DVD ripping speed.
Donna PengDec.27, 2022
What's an IFO File and How to Open IFO Files?
An IFO file is an information file for a movie DVD. You can open IFO files with VLC, Windows Media Player, and so on.
Donna PengDec.27, 2022
How to Convert ISO to MP4/MKV using Handbrake on Windows and Mac?
How to use Handbrake to convert ISO image files to MP4 or MKV? Here are the detailed steps to convert an ISO image for playback on other players.
Donna PengDecember 26, 2022
Decrypt Blu-Ray Disc and Remove BD+ Copyright Protections
Want to decrypt Blu-ray movies onto your computer? WinX Blu-Ray Decrypter lets you decrypt protections of Blu-ray disc and backup your favourite Blu-ray movies to your PC with fast speed.
Donna PengDec.26, 2022
Best 3 DVD to Xvid Converters to Convert DVD to Xvid
Read reviews of best 3 DVD to Xvid converters to learn which one is the greatest ripper to convert DVD to Xvid on PC/Mac efficiently and effortlessly.
Donna PengDec.26, 2022
How to Mount ISO Image as a Virtual Drive
This article will present you with the definition, usage and advantages of virtual drive, as well as the method to create a virtual drive with an ISO image mounter.
Donna PengDec 26, 2022
2023 Best Free MP4 to DVD Converters Online
Here are the best free MP4 to DVD converters online that can easily convert your MP4 videos to DVD VOB format online. Also learn how to convert MP4 to DVD disc without limits on size, settings, network, etc.
Donna PengDec.23, 2022
What is CSS (in DVD Copy Protection)?
This article is going to tell you what is CSS in DVD copy protection and how to remove CSS protection when copying DVD content.
Donna PengDec.21, 2022
How to Convert DVD VIDEO_TS Folder to AVI with High Quality
To convert VIDEO_TS folder to a single AVI file can help play, edit and upload DVD content much easier. Follow us to make an AVI copy from VIDEO_TS folder while maintaining high quality.
Donna PengDec.21, 2022
Best & Fastest H.264 Encoder to Encode Videos to H.264/AVC
Need an H.264 encoder? The best free x264 encoder software provided here will help create 1920 x 1080 Full HD video files encoded with H.264/AVC.
Donna PengDecember 20, 2022
[Guide] How to Use MakeMKV to Backup DVDs to MKV on Windows 10/11
MakeMKV offers an easy way to backup DVD to MKV with all videos, audios and subtitles in. Check the detailed steps on MakeMKV backup DVD on Windows 10, or find best MakeMKV alternative to rip DVD to MP4, AVI etc.
Donna PengDecember 16, 2022
How to Rip DVD Chapters Individually – 3 Ways
This article will show you how to rip a DVD into individual chapters with WinX DVD Copy Pro, HandBrake, and VLC media player.
Donna PengDec.16, 2022
How to Copy Damaged DVD Disc Successfully
You can copy damaged DVD disc to a new blank DVD, ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, MPEG2, and other formats. Now recover data fully or partly from unreadable DVD following our guide here.
Donna Peng Dec.14, 2022 DVD
YouTube to DVD Converter - Free Download and Burn YouTube Videos to DVD
Here is a free YouTube to DVD converter to help you download and burn YouTube videos to DVD disc on Windows 11/10/8/7/XP.
Donna PengDecember 12, 2022
How to FAST Rip P90x3 Workout DVDs to Computer (PC & Mac)
Here's a guide of how to fast rip and copy P90x3 workout DVDs to computer (PC & Mac) in MP4, MOV and any other formats for a better preservation or later playing, editing or uploading online.
Donna PengDecember 12, 2022
How to Burn ISO to DVD on Windows (10) and Mac: 6 Ways
Is there any way to burn ISO to DVD on Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac? Yes! Here you can find solutions to burn an ISO image that you created from a DVD or downloaded online to a DVD with ease.
Donna PengDec.9, 2022
How to Burn Video_TS to DVD within a Few Clicks: 4 Ways
This article shows you a step-by-step guide on how to burn video_ts files or folder to a playable DVD on Windows and Mac.
Donna Peng Dec.9, 2022 Burn DVD
A Worthwhile Collection of Hard to Find Movies on DVD
This article collects top hard to find movies on DVD that are still extremely valuable, including the rariest DVD movies and out of print DVDs.
Donna Peng December 7, 2022 DVD
How to Rip and Upload DVD to Facebook
If you want to upload DVD video to Facebook for sharing to specific friends or only for yourself, check this how-to tutorial.
Donna PengDec.7, 2022
Best 3 Free Media Players for Windows 7 32&64 Bit
This is a roundup of best 3 free media players for Windows 7. All of them are best alternatives to Windows Media Player - the default yet ill-named media player software in Windows 7.
Donna PengDecember 05, 2022
Solved: How to Fix Vudu Location Not Matching Billing Address Error
What to do when Vudu informs you that your current location doesn't match billing address at the time of conversion? Here are the fixes to the Vudu disc to digital location error and show you how to digitize any Disney or other DVDs as many as 100.
Donna PengDec.5, 2022
Used DVD Price Guide: How Much Your Used DVDs Are Worth
How much your used DVDs are worth? Read this used DVD price guide and learn how to sell old DVDs for a pretty penny.
Donna Peng Dec.5, 2022 DVD
MakeMKV vs WinX DVD Ripper: Which One to Choose?
MakeMKV and WinX DVD Ripper, which software to choose for ripping DVD? You'll make a right decision after reading our all-sided comparison and reviews.
Donna Peng Dec.5, 2022 MakeMKV, WinX DVD Ripper
Is VLC Region Free to Play DVDs from any Regions?
Is VLC media player region free? Can VLC bypass regions and play any foreign DVDs? It depends on your drive. Learn how to play any region DVDs on VLC in this post.
Donna PengDec.5, 2022
Get [Official Lowest] WinX HD Video Converter for Mac 6.7.1 Coupon Code
Get official valid WinX HD Video Converter for Mac [6.7.1] discount license/coupon code here at the lowest price, to activate its full video converting features on macOS Ventura or lower.
Donna PengDec.2, 2022
[OFFICIAL] Get $15 Off WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Discount Coupon Code 2023
Do you want to get $15 off Discount Coupon Code of powerful DVD Ripping and copying software in 2023? This article will guide you to WinX DVD Ripper Platinum $15 off Discount Coupon Code in three ways. Just feel free to choose.
Donna PengDec.2, 2022
[Official] $15 Off WinX DVD Ripper for Mac 6.7.1 Full License/Serial Code 2023
Get valid WinX DVD Ripper for Mac license code/discount here to finish the software registration. Thus, all features will be activated for DVD ripping on macOS Ventura or lower.
Donna PengDec.2, 2022
Full List of Google Chromecast Video Formats
The list of Chromecast video formats helps you learn video/audio file types supported by Chromecast. The method of how to stream unsupported video formats via Chromecast is also introduced.
Donna PengDecember 1, 2022
Top 4 ISO Creators in 2023 [Free & Paid]
This article will introduce an easy-to-use ISO creator and show you how to make ISO from DVD in 3 simple steps.
Donna PengDecember 1, 2022
Windows 10/11 Codecs Pack Download and Install
Best free Windows 10/11 codec pack download and install will be introduced to help play MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG, MKV, DivX, etc. on Windows 10/11 32 bit & 64 bit.
Donna PengNovember 29, 2022
Download Free PSP Video Converter to Help You Watch Movies on Sony PSP/PS4
WinX Free PSP Video Converter to help you watching your favorite movies on your PSP at anytime and anywhere in economic crisis.
Donna PengNov 29, 2022
Best iPhone MP4 Converter to Convert MOV, MKV, YouTube to iPhone MP4
Download best iPhone MP4 converter to decode MOV to MP4, MP4 to iPhone, MKV to iPhone, YouTube to iPhone, iPhone MP4 to MP3, etc. with virtually no quality loss and size limit.
Donna Peng Nov 29, 2022 iPhone MP4 Converter
How to Store DVDs on Media Server (Plex, NAS, Roku, DLNA Server)
This guide shows how to rip/copy/convert DVDs to best media server formats and add/transfer DVD/Blu-ray collection to Plex, NAS, Roku, DLNA Server, etc.
Donna PengNov.23, 2022
Best 3 Free DVD Menu Creators to Create DVD Menu
Searching for a free DVD menu creator capable of making unique and professional-looking DVD menus for your self-made DVD? Get the best DVD menu creator freeware for Windows (10) and DVD menu making guide here.
Donna PengNov.22, 2022
How to Rip Avatar 1/2 DVD for Easy Playback and Safe Backup
Learn how to rip and copy Avatar: The Way of Water DVD and 2009 Avatar movie for free playback on any device and safe backup.
Donna PengNovember 19, 2022
How to Rotate Video in Premiere Pro?
How to rotate video in Premiere Pro? For example, rotate videos 90 degrees, rotate from portrait to landscape, flip horizontally, etc. This guide will give answers.
Donna PengNovember 18, 2022
DaVinci Resolve WebM Import/Export Errors & Fixes
Does Davinci Resolve support WebM? Is it possible to import WebM videos to DaVinci? How to Export DaVinci Resolve to MKV? This guide will give you all the answers.
Donna PengNovember 18, 2022
How to Open a DVD Folder with Windows Media Player
We'll show you how to open DVD folders (VIDEO_TS folders) with Windows Media Player on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
Donna PengNov.18, 2022
How to Rip/Copy Top Gun 1986 and 2022 Movie DVDs
Follow our guide to rip Top Gun 1/2 DVDs and watch Top Gun: Maverick movie or Top Gun 1986 on any device you like.
Donna PengNov.16, 2022
Top 10 Best Free MP4 Editor Software for Windows Mac Linux
This page covers the best free MP4 video editors for Windows (10), Mac, and Linux and pros and cons of each MP4 video editing software. Choose one to trim, crop, and edit your MP4 videos.
Donna PengNov 4, 2022
[Solved] Adobe Premiere Pro Could Not Find Any Capable Video Play Modules
Adobe Premiere Pro Startup Error? Adobe Premiere Pro could not find any capable video play modules? Check top solutions here to get error fixed.
Donna PengOctober 31, 2022
How to Fix Windows 10/11 FPS Drops in Games?
Games stutter with huge fps drops in Windows 10/11? Don't worry. We have figured out a slew of fixes to solve this issue.
Donna PengOctober 27, 2022
Can I Play A PAL DVD in the USA? Learn How
Does PAL DVDs work in the USA? No, PAL DVDs are not compatible with American NTSC devices. So how to watch a PAL DVD in the US? It’s very easy.
Donna PengOctober 24, 2022
Plex AVI Not Showing Up? How to Fix AVI Not Recognized Issue
Plex won't see/play AVI files? Check this post to make AVI movies playback on Plex with ease.
Donna Peng Oct 20, 2022 Plex AVI
WinX DVD Ripper (Platinum) Review - Is It Worthy to Install
We'll review WinX DVD Ripper (Platinum) from various aspects, including user interface, DVD compatibility, decryption ability, conversion speed, output quality, preset configuration and so on.
Donna PengOct.17, 2022
DaVinci Resolve MKV: Import, Export & Issues Solved
How to import MKV files to DaVinci Resolve? How to edit MKV files in DaVinci Resolve? How to export DaVinci Resolve to MKV? This guide will give answers.
Donna PengSeptember 29, 2022
Can't Rip DVD with MPEG Streamclip on Windows (10/11)/Mac
Can't rip DVD with MPEG Streamclip? The following tips can lead you to rip DVD using MPEG Streamclip on Windows (10/11)/Mac successfully. Also, the best MPEG Streamclip alternative is introduced for ripping any DVD efficiently.
Donna PengSeptember 29, 2022
How to Play M2TS on Plex? Convert M2TS to MKV MP4...
M2TS is not natively playable on Plex. To play M2TS files on Plex, convert M2TS to MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI...Plex supported formats with best Plex video transcoder.
Donna Peng September 20, 2022 Plex M2TS
How to Convert ISO to AVI Video with High Quality
It's an instruction on how to convert ISO to AVI on Windows 10/8.1 etc., and then play and watch DVD ISO file in AVI format on more portable devices like iPhone iPad Android.
Donna PengSeptember 19, 2022
How to Clone DVD Free to DVD ISO on Windows 10/8/7
A best free DVD cloner software is needed to clone DVD free to DVD or ISO on Windows 10 since Windows Media center no longer exists. This is the guide of how to clone DVD free on Windows 10/8/7.
Donna PengSep.15, 2022
[Solved] AVI Won't Open in Premiere Pro - Unsupported Format or Damaged File Error
Unsupported format or damaged file error message pops up when importing AVI into Premiere Pro? Why Premiere Pro won't open AVI? How to make AVI open in Premiere? Check best solutions.
Donna PengAugust 26, 2022
iMovie Export Not Compatible with QuickTime? Fixed Here!
Why won't QuickTime open MP4 file from iMovie? How do I make iMovie compatible with QuickTime player? Find best solutions here.
Donna PengAugust 24, 2022
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Top 5 AV1 Video Converters to Encode AV1 to MP4 HEVC and More
Download the best AV1 video converter to solve the problems such as AV1 video no sound while playing, incompatibility issue with iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices, lags and collapses in uploading AV1 video.
Donna Peng Aug 15, 2022 AV1
SlySoft AnyDVD HD Crack Download Method and Warnings
Want to download AnyDVD HD crack? Just get the method here. Plus, there are some warnings you need to know before downloading AnyDVD crack version.
Donna PengJuly 30, 2022
How to Rip Downton Abbey: A New Era DVD
This is a guide on how to rip or copy Downton Abbey: A New Era DVD to MP4 MOV digital format, ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, MKV, AVI and more formats with best quality.
Donna PengJuly 22, 2022
MakeMKV Not Ripping Back to the Future Trilogy DVD? Solved Here!
Makemkv works fine with BTTF 1&2, not the 3rd one? Or Makemkv read BTTF 3 disc, not Part 1& 2? Fixed here.
Donna PengJuly 21, 2022
How to Convert and Transfer VHS to DVD on PC
Learn the tips of burning VHS to DVD service: transfer VHS tapes to DVDs with VHS to DVD recorder, or convert Video Home System to digital video and burn to DVDs.
Donna PengJuly 20, 2022
10 Proven Ways to Fix Windows 11 Constantly Crashing Issue
It's beyond frustrating that windows 11 crashing when you're using your computer. Here are 10 fixes for Windows 11 keeps crashing error.
Donna PengJuly 12, 2022
How to Troubleshoot Data Loss After Windows 10/11 Update
Windows users have been complaining about the issue since Windows 10. Use steps below to troubleshoot 'Windows 10/11 update deleted files' problems.
Donna PengJuly 12, 2022
How to Record Screen Video on Windows 11 with Audio?
How to screen capture video in Windows 11 with audio sound? Here shows you the most simple way to screen record Windows 11 gameplay or activities with best sound.
Donna PengJuly 8, 2022
[Fixed] Windows Update Error 0x80070643 on Microsoft Windows 11/10
Get error code 0x80070643 while you try to install Windows Updates? How to install Windows Update successfully on Windows 11/10 without error code? Fixes are here!
Donna PengJuly 5, 2022
How to Fix 100% Disk Usage in Windows 11
Find 100% disk usage on your Windows 11 PC? Follow this tried-and-tested method to reduce the disk usage in Windows 11.
Donna PengJune 24, 2022
How to Stop Windows 11 Update and Stay on Windows 10?
How to disable and block Windows 11 update on Windows 10? Possible to stop Windows 11 update forever? Yes, follow the guide to pasue and cancel Windows 11 update forever.
Donna PengJune 23, 2022
Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 11? All Fixes are Here!
Fixes to all Bluetooth not working issues on Windows 11 here, incl. Bluetooth not showing, Bluetooth speaker/earbuds/mouse not staying connected, no sound playing from Bluetooth devices, etc.
Donna PengJune 21, 2022
[Updated] Fixes to All Windows 11 Update Issues So Far
Fixes to all Windows 11 update problems so far here, incl. Windows 11 update not showing, stuck at 61%, 100%, won’t install, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth issues after Windows 11 update.
Donna PengJune 17, 2022
Top 12 Easy Fix for Windows 11 Can't Connect To This Network
The troubleshooting guide below focuses on Windows 11 'Can't Connect To This Network' problems causes and how to get around the issue easily.
Donna PengJune 17, 2022
DVD Creator Crack for Windows (10) Free Download)
How to get secure DVD creator crack with available key(gen) on Win (10) for free DVD making? Read this to obtain crack version of RZ/Aimersoft/Xilisoft/Super DVD Creator.
Donna PengJune 17, 2022
[Fixed] Windows 11 WiFi Not Showing Up Issue
Windows 11 WiFi not showing up issue can be caused by various reasons and you can fix the WiFi missing error and other issues by following this guide.
Donna PengJune 15, 2022
Windows 11 Sound Not Working? 14 Ways to Fix It
No sound on Windows 11 computer? The issue might be with your audio jack, speakers, headphones, audio drivers, settings, etc. This article will show you 14 ways to fix sound issue on Windows 11.
Donna PengJune 10, 2022
Windows 11 Taskbar Not Working or Showing? 10 Ways to Fix It
Have you ever encountered Windows 11 taskbar not working or showing error on your computer? This post shows you why and how to fix the unresponsive, frozen or disappearing taskbar in Windows 11.
Donna PengJune 7, 2022
Best DVD Player for Laptop to Make DVD Playback Easier
How can you play DVDs on laptops? What the best external DVD player for laptop? This post rounds up top-rated external DVD players for laptop and shows an easy way to play DVD on laptops.
Donna PengMay 25, 2022
2023 Best 5 DVD Players with Netflix Streaming Support
If you're looking for a DVD player with Netflix and other streaming options, check this article. We'll introduce 5 smart Bluray DVD players from LG and Sony that can play Netflix and others.
Donna PengMay 24, 2022
How to Burn Any Videos to DVD with Nero Burning ROM
How to burn any videos to DVD with Nero Burning ROM? How to fix Nero burn process failed at x8, x16… Full guides on Nero DVD burning are here.
Donna PengMay 24, 2022
How to Free Burn iMovie Project to DVD without iDVD
Learn how to burn iMovie projects to DVD for free on Windows and macOS. Burn iMovie MP4, MOV, M4V, etc. to DVD discs without iDVD in just clicks.
Donna PengMay 24, 2022
Best Free DVD Flick Alternative for Windows 11/10 and Lower
Here's a clean and free DVD Flick alternative for Windows 11, 10, 8.1/8, 7. It is able to burn nearly all videos to DVDs quickly and losslessly, without taking up much processor power.
Donna PengMay 23, 2022
How to Convert PowerPoint to DVD Free with Sound
Need to convert PowerPoint presentation to a DVD for easier playback on a DVD player? Learn free ways to burn PowerPoint PPT to DVDs with sound on Windows and Mac.
Donna PengMay 20, 2022
Top 3 Free Open Source DVD Burner Software for Windows, Mac, and Linux
Here's a list of absolutely free and real open source DVD burner for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With them, you can burn DVD-Video, data disc, audio disc, and do more with ease.
Donna Peng May 20, 2022 Burn DVD
Best Movie Video Cutter Windows 10 to Cut Movie Video Clips
Download best movie video cutter for Windows (10) to cut movie video by freely setting start and end time. Learn how to fast trim and merge favorite movie video clips for uploadiing to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Donna PengApril 29, 2022
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2022 Digiarty Mac software discount coupons of DVD ripper, DVD copy, video processing software for Mac are available in holiday season.
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Top 7 Windows Movie Maker Alternatives for Windows 10/11/7
What's the best Windows Movie Maker alternative for Windows 10/11/7? According to this thorough review of top 7 alternatives to Windows Movie Maker, you can find the answer.
Donna PengApr.14, 2022
How to Download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)
Free download Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) to make and edit videos on PC. Plus, best Windows 7 Movie Maker alternative will be introduced here.
Donna PengApril 11, 2022
[Official] WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Crack Download 2023
Where and how to download WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe crack/torrent (of the latest version)? Read the only official post to get free WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe legally.
Donna PengApril 08, 2022
Top 5 Free DVD Player Software for Windows 7 of 2023
Top-five list of 2023 Best free DVD player software for Windows 7. Free download DVD player software for Windows 7/8/10 64 bit or 32 bit version to play DVD movies of all regions.
Donna PengMar.30, 2022
What is M2TS | M2TS Video Format Definition - WinXDVD
This page gives specific definition of what is M2TS/MTS, what is the advantage and disadvantage of M2TS/MTS format and how to convert M2TS/MTS video to other formats.
Donna PengMarch 18, 2022
Guide How to Add Subtitles to DVD Movie Video
Here you'll learn how to add subtitles to an existing DVD and how to add subtitles before burning. You can add subtitles in English, French, Spanish or other alien language to your DVD video.
Donna Peng March 15, 2022 Subtitle
Best 4 Ways to Crop MOV File on Windows and Mac
We'll show you how to crop MOV files with QuickTime, iMovie, and third-party online/desktop video cropping tools.
Donna PengMar.9, 2022
7 Proven Ways to Convert MOV to AVI for Free
This article introduces 7 proven ways to convert MOV to AVI for free on Windows and Mac. Thus you can open your MOV files on any computer and multimedia devices.
Donna PengMarch 4, 2022
How to Get a Digital Copy of WWE DVDs
This article will show you how to convert your wrestling/WWE DVDs to digital files in MP4 and other popular formats.
Donna PengMar.1, 2022
Solved: Fix Vudu Network Error Code 28 Operation Timeout
Vudu failed to connect the network error code 28 (operation timeout) when convert DVD to disc, play movies? You can fix Vudu error code 28 easily.
Donna PengFeb.21, 2022
How to Upload GoPro 4K HEVC Videos to Facebook
Facebook doesn't support HEVC video upload, so this post tells how to upload GoPro 4K HEVC video to Facebook fastly with high quality still.
Donna PengFebruary 15, 2022
[2021] Top Free Windows 10/11 Video Players Free Download
Here are the best free video players for Windows 10/11. 100% free, clean, and easy. Free download the top video players on Windows 10/11 to play videos in MP4, HEVC, MKV, MOV, etc. without error.
Donna PengDecember 16, 2021
Top AVCHD Players for Windows 11/10 and macOS
How to play AVCHD (.mts) and other HD videos on your PC and Mac? Here, best AVCHD video player recommended to help play AVCHD video on your Windows PC (incl. Windows 10), Mac and other devices.
Donna PengDecember 9, 2021
Windows 11 vs macOS Monterey: Which Is Better?
Windows 11 and macOS Monterey are the newest OS respectively from Microsoft and Apple. We'll compare them and help you figure out which is better.
Donna PengOct.29, 2021
How to Convert DVD to QuickTime for Apple Devices
This tutorial introduces how to free convert DVD to QuickTime iTunes MOV MP4 on Mac/Windows and enjoy your favorite DVD movies on QuickTime QT Player with only several steps.
Donna PengOct.29, 2021
Where to Buy Squid Game Season 1 DVD and How to Rip
Here we gather top trust-worthy websites to buy Squid Game Season 1 on DVD and offer ways to copy Squid Game on DVD for backup or easier playing.
Donna PengOctober 21, 2021
How to Create a Windows 10/11 Recovery DVD/Disk?
Does your Windows 10/11 computer encounter a hardware failure and can’t boot up? Windows 10/11recovery DVD or USB drive can help restore your Windows 10/11.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
Where Is Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10/11?
Where is Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10/11? How can you download Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10/11? Any Windows Movie Maker alternative for Windows 10? Check the answers here.
Donna Peng October 19, 2021 Windows 10
Top 3 DVD Movie Subtitle Editors for Windows 10/11
This article lists top 3 DVD subtitle editors for Windows 10/11, which can help you create, edit, extract and add DVD movie subtitles on Windows 10/11 with ease.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
10 Ways to Speed up Windows 10/11 Without Using PC Speed Booster Software
You can speed up Windows 10 /11performance by deleting unwanted programs and temporary files, defragmenting drives, running disk cleanup, etc. No 3rd-party software needed. Check more details in this post.
Donna Peng October 19, 2021 Windows 10
Steps to Decrypt Protected DVDs on Windows 10/11/Mac Easily
Follow easy steps to decrypt copy protected DVDs on Windows (10/11) or Mac to NAS server, hard drive, Chromecast, iPhone, iPad, etc with best free Windows 10 DVD decrypter.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
How to Fix Scaling Issues When Using 4K Monitor on Windows 10/11
Are the desktop icons, texts and UIs of programs are small and blurry on your Windows 10/11 when you use 4K display? Here're three solutions to fix these 4K scaling issues.
Donna Peng October 19, 2021 Windows 10
DVD Decrypter on Windows 10/11 Will Bring You into Your Favorite DVD Movies
DVD decrypter on Windows 10/11 could remove DVD CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ARccOS, UOPs and even Disney X-project DRM to enhance your movie-watching experience provided by Windows 10/11.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
MovieBox for Windows 10/11 PC Download for HD Movie Watching
If you're probing to MovieBox for Windows 10/11 PC, here you'll find the how-to solution. Install MovieBox or its alternative for Win 10/11 PC to watch/stream HD movie free.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
Download iMovie for Windows (11, 10, 8, 7, etc.) to Make and Edit Your Videos
Want to get iMovie for Windows? Check this post to see how you can get iMovie for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and other OS. Top 3 free iMovie alternatives for Windows are listed and reviewed as well.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
How to Copy DVD on/to Windows 10/11 Computer While Keeping Original Quality
This is a step-by-step guide on how to copy DVD to DVD, ISO image and VIDEO_TS folder on Windows 10/11. Both home-made DVDs and commercial copy-protected DVDs can be duplicated without losing original quality and other data.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
How to Burn DVD to DVD on Windows 10/11 Computer?
Want to burn DVD to DVD on Windows 11/10/8/7? This tutorial shows how to clone DVD to blank DVD disk with the best DVD copying software for Windows 10.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
Best Free Blu-ray Video Player for Windows 10/11 Free Download
Can't play Blu-ray video using Windows Media Player on Windows 10/11? The best free Blu-ray video player is recommended to help play Blu-ray 1080p/4k M2TS video/movie on Windows 10/11 flawlessly.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
Best Free DVD Burner for Windows 10/11 Review | Free Download & User Guide
Which is the best free DVD burner for Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit)? How to burn DVD free on Windows 10/11? WinX DVD burner is the answer.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
How to Import AVCHD Files to Windows Movie Maker for Editing
Can't import AVCHD files to Windows Movie Maker for editing? This guide will show you how to open AVCHD (.m2ts/.mts) video file from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, and other AVCHD camcorders on Windows Movie Maker.
Donna Peng October 19, 2021 Windows 10
[Windows 10/11] Best 4K Video Editors, Ranked by 1000 Users
Here we gather top-ranked 4K video editing programs working on Windows 10/11 for beginners and professionals, such as Shotcut, HitFilm Express, Cyberlink Powerdirector, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more.
Donna PengOctober 19, 2021
2 Steps to Convert and Import DVD into iTunes Library
With 2 stps, you can convert DVDs to iTunes formats and import DVD video to iTunes library. Then you can sync and play DVD movies on iPhone iPad iPod and Apple TV.
Donna PengSep.29, 2021
How to Solve Handbrake Crashed Before DVD/Video Conversion Finish Error
How to solve Handbrake crashed before DVD/video conversion finish error? You may ask this question when you ripping DVDs or converting videos with Handbrake. This page will help you solve Handbrake crashed before DVD/Video conversion finish error.
Donna PengSep 18, 2021
Can Handbrake Convert DVD/Video to Windows Media Player? [Solved]
Can Handbrake convert DVD/videos to Windows Media Player? Here's the easiest guide to convert DVD or any video to WMP for playing any DVD or video on Windows Media Player with no hassle.
Donna PengSept. 03, 2021
HandBrake Tutorial - How to Solve Some File Refused to be Converted by HandBrake Error
How to solve error message: some file refused to be converted by HandBrake? You may ask this question when you convert video or DVD source by Handbrake. This page will help you to solve some file refused to be converted by HandBrake error.
Donna PengAugust 31, 2021
How to Fix Handbrake Fails to Scan Files on Mac
Helpful solutions to fix 'Handbrake fails to scan files on Mac' are here. This article will help troubleshoot Handbrake scanning errors like 'unrecognized file type', 'Handbrake can't scan DVD title', etc.
Donna PengAugust 31, 2021
No CUDA in HandBrake? How to Get Hardware-accelerated Encoding with HandBrake?
Does HandBrake support NVIDIA CUDA? Can you enjoy NVIDIA GPU acceleration for H.264/H.265 encoding with HandBrake? Follow us to get answers.
Donna PengAugust 25, 2021
HandBrake Tutorial - How to Solve Handbrake Convert AVI to MP4 Crashed Problem
How to solve Handbrake convert AVI to MP4 Crashed Problem? You may ask this question when you converting AVI videos with Handbrake. This page will help you solve Handbrake convert AVI to MP4 crashed Problem.
Donna PengAugust 24, 2021
Rip DVD with HandBrake for macOS Sierra and Later (Big Sur)
It shows how to rip DVD with HandBrake on macOS Sierra and later including Big Sur, along with the best HandBrake alternative for Mac for ripping more DVDs with no error.
Donna PengAug.23, 2021
How to Fix 'HandBrake Crashes During Batch Conversion/Encoding' on PC/Mac
Bothered with HandBrake crashes while batch encoding videos and have no idea about how to fix it? This article can offer you the best solution for Handbrake crash problem during batch video conversion.
Donna PengAug.23, 2021
[Solved] HandBrake Crashes/Freezes on Windows 10?
If you're experiencing HandBrake crashing, freezing, not working issue on Windows 10, try the possible solutions here to get HandBrake worked.
Donna PengAugust 19, 2021
Disable HandBrake Auto Crop & Crop Videos Manually
HandBrake crops your videos improperly? Want to disable HandBrake automatic cropping? Need to crop videos manually and correctly with HandBrake? How-to guides are ready for you.
Donna PengAugust 18, 2021
[Solved] HandBrake Always Selects Wrong DVD Title Error
How to solve HandBrake wrong title selection error? This tutorial will help make HandBrake select correct DVD main title when ripping DVDs.
Donna PengAugust 17, 2021
HandBrake AAC Encoder | What AAC Encoder Does HandBrake Use?
Try to get the best HandBrake AAC encoder for a better audio quality? This post will tell you what kind of AAC encoder HandBrake uses and introduces the best HandBrake alternative integrating better AAC encoder for better sounds.
Donna PengAugust 17, 2021
Best Kids and Family DVDs of Movies, TV Series, and Educational Videos
Here you'll find the best kids and family movies,TV shows, and educational DVDs, as well as some useful tips about kids DVD playback, backup, and storage.
Donna PengAug. 16, 2021
Best HandBrake Settings for Xbox One X/S
If you plan to rip DVD or transcode video with HandBrake for playback on Xbox One X/S, but don't know how to do the settings, walk through this post to get some preset tips for the console.
Donna PengAugust 12, 2021
How to Create Handbrake iPad Preset Settings to Convert Video and DVD to Apple iPad by Handbrake
With easiest method to create handbrake iPad preset settings to convert video/DVD with Handbrake preset for iPad, you can play iPad video with self-made Handbrake iPad preset freely.
Donna PengAug.12, 2021
How to Solve Handbrake Stuck at 100% End of Conversion Trouble
How to solve Handbrake stuck at 100% end of conversion trouble? This page will help you solve Handbrake stuck error when you ripping DVDs or converting videos with Handbrake.
Donna PengAugust 11, 2021
How to Solve Handbrake No Title Found Error?
The guide shows you how to solve Handbrake no title found error when ripping DVD with Handbrake. Update HandBrake version and input a valid DVD source first.
Donna PengAugust 11, 2021
Handbrake Not Encoding Full Movie – Reasons and Solutions
Reasons and solutions to fix Handbrake not encoding full movie. 5 tips to solve Handbrake encode a part of file, Handbrake encoding stop early, Handbrake not ripping entire DVD movie issues. Best Handbrake alternative is also provided.
Donna PengAugust 10, 2021
How to Solve HandBrake Output Video Audio out of Sync Error
How to solve HandBrake output video audio out of sync error? You may ask this question when you convert video or DVD by HandBrake. Don't worry. This article will show you how to synchronize audio with video data.
Donna PengAug.6, 2021
HandBrake: Best Constant Quality RF Value Settings for DVD, Blu-ray, 4K
This article will offer HandBrake users the best constant quality settings (RF values) while working with DVDs, Blu-rays, SD, 720p, 1080p HD and 4K UHD videos.
Donna PengAug.6, 2021
HandBrake Tutorial - How to Solve Handbrake Output Out of Order Error
How to solve Handbrake output out of order error? You may ask this question when you ripping DVDs with latest DVD copy-protections by Handbrake. This page will help you solve Handbrake output out of order error.
Donna PengAugust 05, 2021
Can You Use NVENC in HandBrake? How to Enable NVENC Encoder?
HandBrake adds support for Nvidia NVENC. Check if your graphics card is supported and how to enable NVENC GPU hardware acceleration in HandBrake.
Donna PengAugust 04, 2021
Windows 11 vs Windows 10: Differences You Need Know
Windows 11 will be announced on June 24. Now let's see what the differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 are.
Donna Peng June 16, 2021 Windows 11
How to Rip and Copy Friends DVDs 1-10 Seasons Fast and Easily
Fast and easy! Rip and copy Friends DVDs 1-10 complete series to individual MP4, HEVC, H.264, and more with small size and high quality.
Donna PengMay 24, 2021
How to Rip and Copy The Office: the Complete Series DVD
MakeMKV and Handbrake have issues with copying The Office(US) DVD episodes. Here's the only program that can rip The Office: the complete series DVD.
Donna Peng April 16, 2021 TV Series
How to Rip and Backup Wonder Woman 1984 DVD
This is a guide on how to backup DVD Wonder Woman 1984 to ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more formats.
Donna Peng April 15, 2021 WW84
Why & How to Fix The Croods: A New Age DVD Not Ripping Issue
Cannot rip The Croods: A New Age DVD? Find out why The Croods: A New Age DVD not ripping and learn how to rip DVD The Croods: A New Age with WinX DVD Ripper for better storage and easier playback.
Donna Peng April 15, 2021 New DVD Releases
How to Erase/Format and Reuse DVD
How do I erase DVD R/RW disc on Windows 11/10/7? Can I make disc blank and reuse the formatted DVD RW? All your questions are answered here!
Donna Peng March 31, 2021 DVD
Must-have Tips to Declutter Your DVD Collections In Order
Have too many cluttered DVDs scattered in your house? Follow this post to learn how to declutter your DVD collections in order instead of making them an eyesore in your house.
Donna Peng March 26, 2021 DVD
2023 Best Free DVD Burners for Windows 7/8.1/10 Free Download
2023 Best free DVD burners for Windows 7/8.1/10 here will let you burn video, audio, data to DVD, CD, Blu-ray discs with the least efforts.
Donna PengMar. 26, 2021
Recommended Instagram Video Size & Dimension for Errorless Uploading
Wondering the best video size and dimension for uploading video to Instagram fast without error? Follow the correct Instagram video size, specs and aspect ratios and make video uploading as easy as possible.
Donna PengMar. 25, 2021
Stream DVD to Chromecast: How to Cast DVD to TV via Chromecast 2/3/Ultra
This article will walk you through how to stream DVD to Google Chromecast 2/3/Ultra, Chromecast with Google TV: cast a DVD from PC/Mac computer to HDTV via Chromecast.
Donna PengMar.22, 2021
Can VLC Burn DVD? How to Burn a DVD with VLC on Windows/Mac?
Can VLC burn DVD? How can we burn video to DVD with VLC? This article will answer these questions.
Donna Peng Mar 22, 2021 VLC, burn DVD
How to Fast Rip and Stream DVD Movies to Roku on PC and Mac?
Want to stream DVD to Roku? This article will show you how to rip and stream DVD movies to Roku supported formats for playing on HD TV.
Donna PengMarch 18, 2021
Windows 10X vs Windows 10 Full Differences
Windows 10X is a new version of Windows 10 for dual-screen devices. So many people are wondering if Windows 10x is replacing Windows 10. No, just check the differences between Windows 10X and Windows 10 here.
Donna PengMar.16, 2021
[Tutorial] How to Download and Install Windows 10X?
This article will show you how to download and install Windows 10X Emulator and how to create Windows 10X image to try out Windows 10X on our existing PC and laptop.
Donna Peng Mar.13, 2021 Windows 10X
Disc to Digital: VUDU vs WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
VUDU vs WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, which disc to digital way suits you better? Here we carry out a comprehensive comparison between VUDU and WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - the most popular disc converters of 2023.
Donna PengMar 13, 2021
How to Digitize DVDs Fast with No Quality Loss
You'll learn two great ways to digitize DVDs to video files for hard drive, mobiles, TV, streaming servers, etc. You'll see fast conversion speed and no quality loss.
Donna PengMar 13, 2021
Windows 10X Errors/Not Working Issue Fixed!
Windows 10X update error occurs? Win32 app not supported on Windows 10X? Windows 10X start menu doesn't work? Check this post to fix all Windows 10X errors and not working issue.
Donna Peng Mar.12, 2021 Windows 10X
Unblock The Pirate Bay to Access to Movie Torrent Download
How to get The Pirate Bay unblocked? Here we will list 4 methods to unblock Pirate proxy for successfully accessing to torrent download from this blocked site.
Donna PengMarch 10, 2021
Top 5 KickassTorrents Alternatives You Can Turn to When KickassTorrents Down
5 best KickassTorrents alternatives with large data base are here. These sites offers similar services, enabling you to download torrents of movies, music, games, software and others successfully even when KickassTorrents is shut down.
Donna PengMarch 10, 2021
Fix Down Right Now in 2023
ExtraTorrent shuts down for good since May, 2017. So what's the next torrent field for massive ExtraTorrent users? Fix ExtraTorrent down by getting its best alternatives or ...
Donna PengMar 09, 2021
Best 3 Free Media Players for Windows 7 32 Bit & 64 Bit | 2021
This is a roundup of best 3 free media players for Windows 7. All of them are best alternatives to Windows Media Player - the default yet ill-named media player software in Windows 7.
Donna PengFeb 4, 2021
Copy Blu-ray to PC Using Helpful Blu-ray Decryption Software
It is urgent to copy Blu-ray to PC since not always can Blu-ray disc be kept away from unintentionally physical destruction, and WinX Blu-ray Decrpyter can be a good helper.
Donna PengFeb 3, 2021
How to Rip Blu-ray to AVI - WinXDVD Converter Software
How to Rip Blu-ray to AVI format as digital backup? WinX Blu-ray to AVI Converter is best choice to remove all Blu ray protections and rip Bluray to AVI.
Donna PengFeb 3, 2021
How to Copy Blu-ray on Win 8 or Backup Blu-ray Movie on Win 10 PC
You need some Win 8 Blu-ray copy software to backup Blu-ray on Win 8 PC with respect to the Blu-ray encrypted with latest BD+, BD-Rom Mark, region code, etc., even though Windows 8 has the ability to play DVD and Blu-ray with its own media player software.
Donna PengFeb 3, 2021
How to Backup Blu-ray Discs to Computer Easily
Backup Blu-ray to computer by removing all Blu-ray encryptions with WinX Blu-ray Decrypter easily and smoothly; it can backup Blu-ray to a M2TS file or a Blu-ray folder.
Donna PengFeb 3, 2021
Cómo copiar DVD protegido a AVI MP4 iPhone iPad FLV WMV MOV
Cómo copiar un DVD protegido contra copia? WinX DVD Ripper Platinum es el mejor programa/decodificador de DVD para pasar DVD protegidos al PC disco duro y copiar un DVD protegido a MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG, 3GP, iPhone, PSP, iPod y otros celulares.
Donna Peng3. Feb 2021
Copy Blu-ray - 1:1 Clone and Burn Bluray Disc [No Compression]
HOW to make 1:1 Copy of Blu-ray with Blu-ray Copy software? The guide page will teach you Clone and Burn Blu-ray to BD disc without compression.
Donna PengFeb.2, 2021
Convert Blu-ray to DVD with Blu-ray to DVD Converter
How to convert Blu-ray to DVD with Blu-ray to DVD Converter? WinX Blu ray software is best for convert Blu ray to DVD 5, DVD 9 and Bluray to AVCHD DVD disc.
Donna PengFeb.2, 2021
Den Film DVD Keinohrhasen Rippen bzw. Kopieren und auf iPhone, iPad Ansehen
Hier wird erklärt wie Sie den Kinohit Film Keinohrhasen auf DVD von Til Schweiger kopieren können, um eine Sicherheitskopie zu erstellen oder um ihn auf iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Surface, Sony Xperia, PSP etc. abspielen zu können.
Donna PengJan.15, 2021
How to Rip DVD to Ultrabook | Play DVD Movies on Ultrabook
The solution of how to rip DVD to ultrabook, for example Dell XPS 13 2015 ultrabook, for playing DVD movies on Windows/Mac ultrabooks smoothly will be introduced in this article.
Donna PengJan.15, 2021
How to Convert DVD to iPod with Free DVD to iPod Ripper
Free DVD to iPod ripper allows you to convert DVD to iPod fast and easily. No watermark and time limits. Totally free DVD to iPod converter.
Donna PengJan.11, 2021
Best DVD to iMovie Ripper - Rip DVD to iMovie for Video Editing
It is the easiest guide on converting ripping DVD to iMovie compatible video for further edition, from which you will also learn what is iMovie, what can iMovie and iMovie ripper do, and be recommended about the best DVD to iMovie ripper.
Donna PengJan. 11, 2021
WinX DVD Ripper vs WinX DVD Ripper Platinum: What's the Difference
Compare WinX DVD Ripper with (vs) WinX DVD Ripper Platinum in everything to see the differences and judge whether it is necessary to upgrade to WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, the best DVD ripping software.
Donna PengJan 11, 2021
How to Backup DreamWorks DVD Movies/Animations
Here is a solution for how to backup DreamWorks DVD movies animations to phones/tablets on PC or Mac for anyone who wants to fast rip DreamWorks DVD Rise of the Guardians, Shrek series, Madagascar or The Croods.
Donna PengJan 11, 2021
How to Install ImgBurn without Adware of Ask and OpenCandy
This article will guide you to install ImgBrun without adware of Ask, OpenCandy and introduce the best ImgBurn alternative to copy/burn DVD quickly with any annoyed adware free.
Donna PengJan 08, 2021
How to Convert Multi-track HD Videos to AVI MP4 iPhone iPad Android
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe supports converting Multi-track HD videos, such as BDAV M2TS MKV AVCHD HDTV and MPEG-TS video movies, making it convenient to choose audio language track and audio track as you need.
Donna PengDec 10, 2020
How to Successfully Rip and Copy Spider-Man DVD
This is a guide on how to rip or copy Spider-Man series movie DVD to ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more formats.
Donna Peng Nov 20, 2020 Rip DVD
How to Successfully Rip and Copy Knives Out DVD
This is a guide on how to rip or copy Knives Out movie DVD to ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more formats.
Donna Peng Nov.4, 2020 DVD
How to Rip and Copy DVD to 500GB Seagate Portable Hard Drive
How to rip and copy DVD to 500GB Seagate Wireless Mobile Portable Hard Drive in iPhone, iPad or Apple TV supported file formats for later streaming and transferring? This is a guide for DVD to Seagate backup.
Donna PengOct 22, 2020
DVD Main Title Copy within 5 Minutes
Still put up with ads before watching DVD? Want to get rid of the unwanted parts of movie video? Actually, the simplest solution is to copy the main title of DVD video to watch the main movie only.
Donna PengOct.19, 2020
How to Transfer Home Movies to DVDs (VHS & Videos)
How to convert home videos to DVD, including VHS and digital videos? Learn free method to transfer home VHS/digital videos to DVD in clicks.
Donna PengOct. 14, 2020
Top Creative DVD Storage Ideas for Small Spaces (with Images)
How to store DVDs minimalist? How to store DVDs without eyesore? Check here to get best wall-mounted DVD storage ideas, hidden DVD storage options and creative DIY DVD storage solutions.
Donna PengSept 18, 2020
List of Plex Supported File Formats and Best Format for Plex
This article lists Plex supported video and audio file formats and the best format for Direct Play on Plex. If your video isn't supported, we have a solution.
Donna Peng Sep. 11, 2020 Plex
Plex Transcoding: The Complete Guide and Error Troubleshooting (2020 Update)
This article contains all things you are concerned most about Plex transcoding: what is Plex transcoding, plex transcoding settings, plex hardware transcoding, how to fix Plex transcoding error...
Donna Peng Sep. 9, 2020 Plex
How to Fix HandBrake Quitting Unexpectedly on Mac OS
This is HandBrake Mac tutorial about how to solve HandBrake quitted unexpectedly on Mac OS (11 Big Sur), with the best HandBrake solution to solve the HandBrake quitting crashing problem.
Donna PengAugust 26, 2020
Solved - How to Fix AnyDVD (HD) Won't Recognize DVD Issue
This guide will help you fix AnyDVD (HD) won't recognize DVD disc issue. Read this article and fix errors 'no DVD drive detected', 'no disc is present in drive...' and 'failed to read DVD'.
Donna PengAugust 25, 2020
How to Get Around CRC Error When Ripping DVD with DVD Shrink
Get data error (cyclic redundancy check) when you try ripping DVD with DVD Shrink? In this article we'll explain why you get CRC error in DVD Shrink and how to fix it.
Donna PengAugust 24, 2020
How to Decrypt/Rip/Copy Marvel DVD Movies on PC/Mac?
Fail to digitize Marvel DVD movies? Get WinX DVD Ripper Platinum now to decrypt and rip Marvel DVD collections right away. Also check the full list of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and start your Marvel movies marathon in right order!
Donna PengAugust 21, 2020
[Fixed] AnyDVD Gives IFOProperties 6 Error While Ripping to Hard Drive
Here're the fixes for IFOProperties 6 error which appears when you do the Rip Video DVD to Harddisk option.
Donna PengAugust 21, 2020
Can't Rip DVD with DVD Decrypter [Fixed Now!]
Wonder why can't rip DVD with DVD Decrypter? Why DVD Decrypter can't rip Disney DVDs and not working on new DVDs? Find ultimate solutions in this tutorial.
Donna PengAugust 20, 2020
Fix 'Unable to Identify This Disc' on VUDU Disc to Digital
Here we'll give you fix for 'unable to identify this disc', 'this disc is not eligible for disc to digital conversion', or 'the barcode not recognized' problem on VUDU Mobile/In-Home Disc to Digital.
Donna PengAugust 20, 2020
Best HandBrake Nightly Alternative to Rip DVD Easily and Quickly
This best HandBrake nightly alternative can help avoid various HandBrake errors, like crash, and rip any DVDs including protected Disney DVDs to all popular formats and devices.
Donna PengJuly 30, 2020
'DVD Main Title Copy Crash' Problem Is Settled
Can't copy the main title of a DVD to a digital file? Now, this problem is fixed. This title will show you how to rip main title of a new movie DVD, workout DVD, and others on PC/Mac successfully.
Donna PengJuly 29, 2020
Detailed Analysis of the Pro & Con of Current NAS system & Cloud data storage
This article briefly compared network attached storage and cloud storage, also to tell the customer the good, bad, proper and improper for both NAS and cloud storage. And introduce them a proper software that help to backing up their DVD.
Donna Peng July 22, 2020 NAS
Another Choice for Backing up DVD after Vudu’s Disc to Digital Service Terminated
To introduce a better choice as to backup physical DVD to PC, after Vudu announced the change to their disc to digital service term, which approves to make lossless copy of DVD discs to digital form
Donna Peng July 22, 2020 Store DVD
Download Best Free DVD Encoder to Burn Video to DVD
Free download the best free DVD encoder here and then you can burn videos in various formats to high-quality DVDs at fast speed.
Donna Peng July 20, 2020 DVD encoder
HEVC-H265 Decoder: How to Play x265 on Windows 10
Can't play HEVC videos on Windows 10/8/7/ or TV? Simply download this HEVC video decoder and then you can play HEVC/H.265 (incl. 4K HEVC) on any TV, computer, smartphone, etc.
Donna PengJuly 6, 2020
[Answered] Can I Convert DVD to MP4 Online for Free?
Can you convert DVD to MP4 online for free just as you convert digital videos online? Here's the answer. Besides, we've shared the best free way to rip DVD to MP4 with high quality.
Donna PengJuly 3, 2020
How to Upload Homemade/Protected DVD to Dropbox with High Quality
Will you store thousands of DVD movies on Dropbox? The answer is yes. You can upload DVD to cloud service by ripping any DVD to MPEG, MP4, MOV, etc that Dropbox can recognize, with maximum quality reserved and fast speed.
Donna PengJune 23, 2020
How to Digitize DVD Collection and Upload to OneDrive Cloud
This post is about how to rip and upload DVD collection to OneDrive, which will help you backup and save digital copies of DVD movies to Microsoft's cloud service for easier storage, streaming or accessing on more mobile devices.
Donna PengJune 23, 2020
Top 3 DVD Copier Software Review for Windows 10
Review the top 3 DVD copier software and get the best all-in-one DVD copy program free download for Windows 10/8/7 to copy any (protected) DVD to DVD or hard drive with intact quality.
Donna PengJune 17, 2020
How to Convert DVD Aspect Ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 for Widescreen
Here's the best way to convert DVD in the aspect ratio of 4:3 to 16:9 for watching on widescreen TV or laptop in full screen, and without distortion.
Donna Peng May 27, 2020 DVD
Convert Rip DVD to Windows 10 Mobile | Play Watch DVD on Windows 10 Mobile
Follow this tutorial to rip and convert any DVD movies to Windows 10 Mobile, watch DVD on Windows for Phone/WP 10 like Lumia 550, 950/XL with ease.
Donna PengMay 26, 2020
Rip DVDs to Surface Hub Windows 10 Tablet to Play Movies
Ripping/converting DVDs to Surface Hub (new Windows 10 tablet with 4K resolution). The best DVD to Surface Hub ripper helps you enjpy movies and TV series anytime without Wi-Fi/3G/4G networks.
Donna PengMay 26, 2020
Top 100 Best Old TV Shows on DVD Worth Your Money
TV shows DVD release is going to an end. It's a great time to pick old TV shows on DVD at a low price. Here we gather some classic TV shows on DVD worth collecting.
Donna PengMay 20, 2020
Freaking You Out - Movies Well Predicted The Covid-19 Outbreak Decades Ago
In this post we've compiled 10 best pandemic movies that well predict virus outbreak like coronavirus. And the safe and cheap way to watching these movies is also included.
Donna PengApril 27, 2020
2023 Best Free DVD Copy Software for Windows 7 - WinX DVD Copy Pro
WinX DVD Copy Pro is the best free DVD copy software for Windows 7, to make DVD copies of your DVD movie (chapter) to ISO Image, VIDEO_TS Folder and MPEG2 File. Free download it now.
Donna PengApr 27, 2020
[Solved] Fix DVD Shrink Not Working Error on Windows 10 | DVD Shrink Windows 10 Help
Are you bothered with DVD Shrink not working error on Windows 10? This DVD Shrink Windows 10 help page will show you the best solution to fix DVD Shrink stopped working/won't copy DVD problems on Windows 10.
Donna PengApr 27, 2020
DVD Ripper for Windows Phone/Mobile – Rip DVD to Windows Phone/Mobile
The DVD ripper for Windows phone/mobile introduced here can help rip/copy any DVD to all Windows phones/mobiles compatible formats, including upcoming Windows 10 mobiles Lumia 950 and 950 XL.
Donna PengApr 27, 2020
How to Free Download HandBrake Safely without Virus Trojan
Is Handbrake safe to download? This page will show where and how to free download HandBrake safely to rip unprotected DVDs on PC/Mac and recommend best HandBrake alternative to rip copy-protected DVDs securely.
Donna PengApril 22 2020
What is MOD TOD video format
This page gives specifc definition of what is MOD TOD video, what is the advantage and disadvantage of MOD TOD format and how to convert MOD TOD format.
Donna PengApr.20, 2020
M2TS Codec Free Download for Windows Media Player
This page gives you M2TS codec free download solution. You can free download M2TS codec pack to play AVCHD and Blu-ray M2TS video on Windows Media Player as easy as ABC.
Donna PengApr.20, 2020
How to Play DVD Movies on the Plane, Boat or Train
If you want to play DVDs on a plane, boat or train tip, just rip DVD to USB, iPad, iPhone, Android, HTC, Samsung, etc for playback on the plane in Fly Mode.
Donna PengApr 20, 2020
Latest New DVD Releases with Release Dates and Fast DVD Rip Solution
Roundup of latest/new/upcoming movie DVD releases with release dates, ratings, etc. Ultimate guide on how to rip newly released copy-protected DVD movies from Disney, Sony, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., etc. to MP4, AVI, MOV, H.264, HEVC, iPhone 11, etc.
Donna PengApril 15, 2020
Watch Outbreak (1995) Full Movie on DVD While in COVID-19 Quarantine
Want to watch Outbreak full movie? Here we'll show you where you can get Outbreak DVD and how to watch Outbreak DVD without using DVD drive / DVD player.
Donna Peng Apr.15, 2020 Movie
How to Watch Contagion Full Movie: Stream Online and Play from DVD
This post will show you where you can watch Contagion full movie, where to buy Contagion DVD, and how to digitize Contagion DVD for backup or easy playback.
Donna Peng Apr.15, 2020 Movie
What Are Media (Video/Audio) Formats Supported by Windows 10
It aims to introduce Windows 10 media (video/audio) formats supported, best media formats for Windows 10 and offer the best solution to play media file formats on Windows 10 PC/laptop/tablet.
Donna PengApr 9, 2020
5 Best Jillian Michaels DVDs for Starters and Advanced Athletes
The best 5 Jillian Michaels fitness DVDs are reviewed here. People, including both starters and veterans, will get the best choice to burn fat and calories, lose weight, build muscle, and shape body.
Donna PengApr.1, 2020
Why and How to Protect New DVDs for Kids by DVD Protection Software
Ripping DVDs for kids is a necessary action since they always get DVDs scratched or lost. It's also quite connvenient to backup protected DVDs for kids for travel by car or homeschooling.
Donna Peng March 31, 2020 Kids DVD
Video Audio Formats Supported by Samsung (Galaxy S20)
Samsung Galaxy devices including S20, S20+ S20 Ultra, Note 10 support MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM. For full list of supported video and audio formats, check the chart below.
Donna PengFebruary 28, 2020
How to Fix Not Working?
Can't open or get errors while converting videos? Here're fixes for onlinevideoconverter not working problem.
Donna PengFeb 21, 2020
Windows 10 Security - How to Keep Windows 10 Safe from Virus, Hackers
This is a roundup of Windows 10 security features and tips. In addition to introducing built-in security features, we will attach some important tips to safeguard your Windows 10.
Donna PengFeb. 20, 2020
How to Fix Screen Flickering or Flashing on Windows 10
Is your Windows 10 screen flickering after installing update version, logging into system, opening start menu, or waking from sleep? Here are fixes for this issue.
Donna PengFebruary 14, 2020
How to Edit (4K UHD) AVCHD Videos in Windows Movie Maker
Here we offer a basic guide on how to edit AVCHD videos in Windows movie maker and how to troubleshoot the program not working errors when processing AVCHD videos.
Donna PengFeb. 13, 2020
How to Free Upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10 [Latest Version]
Easy steps to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10 to get rid of Windows 8 errors or enjoy Windows 10 new features? Luckily, this article will show you the step-by-step guide to update to Windows 10 from Windows 8 without losing data.
Donna PengFeb. 10, 2020
Windows 10 Download Guide: How to Free Download Windows 10 (32/64 Bit) Full Version
Want to free download Windows 10 full version to experience this best Windows system ever? This Windows 10 (32/64 bit) download guide can help you get Windows 10 full version in a pretty simple way.
Donna PengJanuary 14, 2020
Windows 10: How to Free Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10
How to free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7? Here are all the ways you can free get Windows 10, download, install and boot Windows 10 TP ISO on Windows 7 via USB, DVD or Virtualbox, etc.
Donna PengJanuary 8, 2020
3 Steps to Free Convert DVD Video_TS Folder to iPhone
Best free way to convert DVD Video_TS folder to iPhone on Windows (10) or Mac. Free WinX DVD Ripper can convert Video_TS folder, DVD disc, ISO Image to iPhone compatible format MP4 for free in 3 simple steps.
Donna PengJan 08, 2020
How to Import and Convert MTS/M2TS Videos to Windows Movie Maker
To import and load MTS/M2TS to Windows Movie Maker successfully, you may need to download a video codec pack for Windows, or directly convert 4K UHD MTS to the best format for Windows Movie Maker such as MP4 and WMV.
Donna PengJanuary 4, 2020
Fixes to Redbox DVD Not Working / Not Playing Issue
Rented Redbox DVD not working / not playing on your Windows/Mac computer, laptop, Xbox one, PS3/PS4, or other players? Here're several fixes to get Redbox DVD playing properly.
Donna PengDecember 5, 2019
How to Solve DVD Shrink Won't Start Error
If your DVDShrink won't start on Windows 10/8.1/7 and you are looking for a free best DVD Shrink alternative to solve the DVD Shrink won't work error, read this tutorial here.
Donna PengSep. 25, 2019
DVD Authoring Software: Convert and Burn Video to DVD - WinXDVD
WinX DVD Author is professional DVD authoring tool to convert video of all popular formats into DVD. It allows you to create DVD menu, add subtitle, background picture and music.
Donna PengSep. 23, 2019
How to Backup iPhone/iPad with Finder for iOS 13/14 & iPadOS Update
Before you upgrade to iOS 13/14 or iPadOS, you will need to backup data with Finder, not iTunes anymore. Check this guide on how to backup iPhone iPad using Finder easily.
Donna PengSep 15, 2019
How to Rip (Encrypted) Movie DVDs to HDTV | Samsung High Definition Television
Read on to learn how to convert/rip DVD to HDTV or Apple TV, and stream and play DVD movies to 4K/1080p HD televisions Led Sony, Vizio, Samsung 32/40/50/60 inch TVs via USB, cloud storage device or external hard drive.
Donna PengSep. 06, 2019
[2 Ways] How to Copy DVD to Laptop (Windows 10/8/7, Mac Mojave, etc.)
How to copy DVD to laptop incl. Windows 10/8/7, macOS Mojave or lower computer? Here are the best 2 ways to fast copy movie/music DVDs to Windows or Mac laptop in format MP4/MP3, ISO/DVD folder, etc. with original quality.
Donna PengSep. 5, 2019
Rip DVD to MPEG2 Multi-track File for Playing on HTPC
Want to play DVD movie on HTPC? This tutorial will spare you the suffering from the loud and crowded cinema and suggest a better way to enjoy HTPC.
Donna PengSep. 05, 2019