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Donna Peng
Donna Peng's fascination with multimedia began at an early age - shortly after she licked the physical disc and then she's been obsessed ever since. Her decade-long career at Digiarty after the graduation has seen her unmatched expertise in the field of DVD, digital video, software and anything related to home theatre. She is currently fascinated with photography.

Articles and Guides

[Solved] How Can I Play ISO with Plex?
Plex doesn't support ISO file. How can you play/stream ISO with Plex? This article will give you a feasible fix.
Donna Peng June 23, 2020 DVD ISO play
How to Connect DVD Player to Roku TV (Hisense/Sharp/Hitachi/TCL, etc.)
This article will show you how to connect DVD player to Roku TV by using HDMI cable or AV cable. Also, it provides fixes for connection (no signal) and playback errors.
Donna Peng June 19, 2020 DVD play
How to Convert DVD Aspect Ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 for Widescreen
Here's the best way to convert DVD in the aspect ratio of 4:3 to 16:9 for watching on widescreen TV or laptop in full screen, and without distortion.
Donna Peng May 27, 2020 DVD
Are Old DVDs Worthless? What to Do with Old DVDs?
Are old DVDs worth anything? Why do you still keep classic DVD collections? Check to know your used DVD value for sale and useful tips on better DVD playback, storage, organization, recycle if you still keep DVD collections.
Donna Peng May 20, 2020 Old DVDs
How to Organize Your Cluttered DVDs for Not Being An Eyesore
Have too many DVD discs in your home? You do need declutter your DVDs to make them in order instead of an eyesore. Here are some must-have tips to declutter your DVD discs to build a well-organized DVD library.
Donna Peng May 22, 2020 DVD
Used DVD Price Guide: Find Out How Much Your Used DVDs Are Worth
How much your used DVDs are worth? Read this used DVD price guide and learn how to sell old DVDs for a pretty penny.
Donna Peng May 21, 2020 DVD
3 Ways to Improve DVD Quality - Make DVD Quality Closer to HD
We've compiled 3 ways to improve DVD quality on large-screen devices such as HDTV and 4KTV. These solutions will make your old DVD appear in high-definition quality.
Donna Peng May 20, 2020 DVD
Burned DVD Won't Play on DVD Player/Computer
If the DVD you burned won't play on your DVD player or computer, try these simple fixes.
Donna Peng May 22, 2020 DVD play
[Fixed] Old DVDs Have No Subtitles/Captions
Why do some classic TV shows and movies on DVDs not have subtitles? What to do if the old DVD has subtitles but won't display the sub?
Donna Peng May 26, 2020 DVD subtitle
How to Erase/Format DVD and Reuse DVD RW
How do I erase DVD R/RW disc on Windows? Can I make disc blank and reuse the formatted DVD RW? All your questions are answered here!
Donna Peng May 20, 2020 DVD
Hard to Find Movies on DVD That Worth Collecting
This article collects top hard to find movies on DVD that are still extremely valuable, including the rariest DVD movies and out of print DVDs, along with a simple guide to digitize such DVDs for better playback and storage.
Donna Peng May 19, 2020 DVD
How to Remove Commercials from Recorded and Purchased DVD
We'll introduce a simple way to remove commercials from DVD, as well as edit out previews, trailers, ads, studio logos, anti-piracy FBI warning, and other crap from DVD.
Donna Peng May 18, 2020 DVD
How to Rip DVD with Multiple Titles? Which Title to Rip?
We'll walk you through how to rip DVD with multiple titles. We'll show you how to determine which title to rip, how to rip DVD with multiple titles into a single file, how to merge titles, and how to rip DVD titles to separate files.
Donna Peng May 13, 2020 DVD
How to Compress Movie ISO File but Maintain High Quality
Want to compress movie ISO file to free up storage space or to fit on a DVD? This article will show you how to reduce ISO image file size without damaging quality.
Donna Peng May 11, 2020 ISO
How to Copy Damaged DVD Disc in Windows 7/8/10
You can copy damaged DVD disc to a new blank DVD, ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, MPEG2, and other formats. Now recover data fully or partly from unreadable DVD following our guide here.
Donna Peng Apr.17, 2020 DVD
How to Watch Contagion Full Movie: Stream Online and Play from DVD
This post will show you where you can watch Contagion full movie, where to buy Contagion DVD, and how to digitize Contagion DVD for backup or easy playback.
Donna Peng Apr.15, 2020 Movie
A Quick Guide to Watch Outbreak (1995) Full Movie on DVD
Want to watch Outbreak full movie? Here we'll show you where you can get Outbreak DVD and how to watch Outbreak DVD without using DVD drive / DVD player.
Donna Peng Apr.15, 2020 Movie
MakeMKV Guide: Which Title or Playlist to Rip for a Lionsgate DVD/Blu-ray
Here we'll walk you through which title/playlist to rip when MakeMKV shows hundreds of playlists or titles for a Lionsgate DVD/Blu-ray.
Donna Peng Mar.26, 2020 MakeMKV
How to Successfully Rip and Copy Knives Out DVD
This is a guide on how to rip or copy Knives Out movie DVD to ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more formats.
Donna Peng March 24, 2020 DVD
Top 3 HDR Players for Windows 10 - Play 4K HDR Videos Smoothly on PC
We'll introduce 3 best HDR players for Windows 10. These media players will help you play 4K HDR video without choppy, jerky, stuttering, washed out color issues.
Donna Peng January 7, 2020 HDR
How to Fix Scaling Issues When Using 4K Monitor on Windows 10
Are the desktop icons, texts and UIs of programs are small and blurry on your Windows 10 when you use 4K display? Here're three solutions to fix these Windows 10 4K scaling issues.
Donna Peng January 4, 2020 Windows 10
10 Ways to Speed up Windows 10 Without Using PC Speed Booster
You can speed up Windows 10 performance by deleting unwanted programs and temporary files, defragmenting drives, running disk cleanup, etc. No 3rd-party software needed. Check more details in this post.
Donna Peng December 30, 2019 Windows 10