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Donna Peng
Donna Peng's fascination with multimedia began at an early age - shortly after she licked the physical disc and then she's been obsessed ever since. Her decade-long career at Digiarty after the graduation has seen her unmatched expertise in the field of DVD, digital video, software and anything related to home theatre. She is currently fascinated with photography.

Articles and Guides

MakeMKV Guide: Which Title or Playlist to Rip for a Lionsgate DVD/Blu-ray
Here we'll walk you through which title/playlist to rip when MakeMKV shows hundreds of playlists or titles for a Lionsgate DVD/Blu-ray.
Donna Peng Mar.26, 2020 MakeMKV
How to Successfully Rip and Copy Knives Out DVD
This is a guide on how to rip or copy Knives Out movie DVD to ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, and more formats.
Donna Peng March 24, 2020 DVD
Top 3 HDR Players for Windows 10 - Play 4K HDR Videos Smoothly on PC
We'll introduce 3 best HDR players for Windows 10. These media players will help you play 4K HDR video without choppy, jerky, stuttering, washed out color issues.
Donna Peng January 7, 2020 HDR
How to Fix Scaling Issues When Using 4K Monitor on Windows 10
Are the desktop icons, texts and UIs of programs are small and blurry on your Windows 10 when you use 4K display? Here're three solutions to fix these Windows 10 4K scaling issues.
Donna Peng January 4, 2020 Windows 10
10 Ways to Speed up Windows 10 Without Using PC Speed Booster
You can speed up Windows 10 performance by deleting unwanted programs and temporary files, defragmenting drives, running disk cleanup, etc. No 3rd-party software needed. Check more details in this post.
Donna Peng December 30, 2019 Windows 10
Where Is Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10?
Get to know how to free rip DVD to USB 3.1/3.0/2.0, USB Type-c flash drive on your computer, and transcode DVD to digital file (in MP4/AVI/MOV, etc.) for storing on a USB drive with high quality.
Donna Peng December 27, 2019 Windows 10
How to Import AVCHD Files to Windows Movie Maker for Editing
Can't import AVCHD files to Windows Movie Maker for editing? This guide will show you how to open AVCHD (.m2ts/.mts) video file from Sony, Panasonic, Canon, JVC, and other AVCHD camcorders on Windows Movie Maker.
Donna Peng December 24, 2019 Windows 10
How to Fix MOV File Out of Sync Issue
This article explains why audio is out of sync with your .mov video file and how to solve the MOV video audio desychronization issue while playing it or importing it to video-editing software.
Donna Peng Dec.19, 2019 Play Video
How to Fix No Sound Issue with MOV Files?
Here're fixes to the issue that .mov files play with no sound in Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, QuickTime, VLC, Adobe Premiere, or other programs.
Donna Peng Dec.17, 2019 Play Video
Can't Play MOV File on Mac? Here're Reasons and Fixes
If you can't play .mov files on Mac with QuickTime, VLC or other players, you have come to the right place to find the reasons and solutions.
Donna Peng Dec.16, 2019 Play Video
Download and Install Free MOV Codec for Windows Media Player
Here we'll walk you through the steps to download MOV codec for Windows Media Player to help you play all .mov video files on WMP.
Donna Peng Dec.11, 2019 Play Video
Can't Upload MOV Video File to YouTube? Here's the Solution
Tried uploading a MOV file to YouTube but failed? Here we'll show you how to upload MOV video to YouTube successfully.
Donna Peng Dec.6, 2019 Streaming Video
Is It Truly Unnecessary to Purchase DVD with the Arrival of Streaming
Do you prefer to stream movies or use physical media like DVD? This post lists 4 solid reasons why you'd better watch movies with DVD even though streaming is cheaper and more convenient.
Donna Peng Nov 13, 2019 DVD tips