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Rip DVD to MPEG2 Multi-track File to Play MPEG2 on HTPC

Want to play DVD movie on HTPC? This tutorial will spare you the suffering from the loud and crowded cinema and suggest a better way to enjoy HTPC...

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No more waiting in the queue for a ticket

No more tolerance for the loud

No more submergence in the crowd

Just enjoy your HTPC at home in a free and comfortable posture

Make comments with your friends aloud

Or even pause or go backward wherever you want...

HTPC Comes to Our Life

HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) is a lately arisen device taking full advantage of both computer and home theater. HTPC can be recognized as a home theater where PC is taken as the signal source or the processor. So watching DVD movies on HPTC at home is as good as standalone and more convenient than playing DVD by dedicated DVD player. It enables DVD movie playback with high quality.

What Format for Ripping DVD to HTPC

In general, HTPC is powerful enough to support all possible video formats with the help of various software; you can clone DVD to ISO image, copy DVD to VIDEO_TS file, or convert DVD video to MP4, AVI, etc. But here we recommend MPEG2 as the output format for DVD playback on HTPC, i.e., rip DVD to MPEG2 for the sake of exceeding compatibility and wide use range of MPEG2 format.

Why Play DVD movie on HTPC?

As is approved by most, HTPC is superior to traditional home theater mainly for its incredible excellences such as flexible configuration, powerful processing ability, outstanding display, cheap and high-capacity storage and abundant software support.

Apart from these excellences, HTPC can be applied to:

* Being used as an integrated downloading/recording box

* Wireless audio/video streaming from main PC

* Highly configurable post-processing and upgrading

* Supporting file formats as many as possible

* Saving lots of files as buffer

* Online suffering and gaming

* Adjusting image color with a calibrator

Additionally, one can play DVD movies on HTPC with joy and ease, because HTPC always comes with a remote control and a generally 10-foot UI. Therefore, men can watch DVD on HTPC indoors at comfortable distances without moving their bodies.

Ripping DVDs to MPEG2 for playing on HTPC can spare you the trouble of finding and changing DVDs, can leave a replica as backup copy and reduce the wear and tear of DVD-ROM.

Moreover, if ripping DVD to MPEG2 with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, you can play DVD MPEG2 video on HTPC with multiple tracks and with multiple videos, audios and subtitles (if the original DVD has any). In other words, with respect to DVD to MPEG2 ripping, this No.1 fast DVD ripper is especially designed to rip DVD to multi-track MPEG2 for playback on HTPC with all videos/audios/subtitles within 5 minutes, so you can watch multi-track MPEG2 video by HTPC in just a few minutes and backup more multi-track MPEG2 videos on your PC for later playback or further burning to DVD.

How to Play DVD MPEG2 video on HTPC

In order to convert DVD to MPEG2 with multiple tracks and play multi-track MPEG2 video on HTPC, you may first download a fast and trustworthy DVD to MPEG2 ripper. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum especially supporting playing movies on HTPC can surely meet your demand. Before ripping DVD to a MPEG2 file, you should be aware that DVD to MPEG2 copy typically refers to ripping DVD main title to a single MPEG2 file.

After this MPEG2 ripper is downloaded here, the realization of playing DVD MPEG2 on HTPC is near.

Rip DVD to MPEG2 for Playback on HTPC

Rip DVD to MPEG2 for Playback on HTPC

Step 1: Import your source DVD, click "Disc" button on the bottom to select and load the DVD disc;

Step 2: Choose "Copy" button in the middle, and select "Full Title Copy" under the drop-down list of profile setting, and the description below will give you detailed explanation of this full DVD title backup solution.

Note: "Full Title Copy" mode of this MPEG2 ripper supports ripping DVD to a single multi-track MPEG2 file with.

Step 3: Choose the main title of DVD.

Main title generally is represented by the title with longest duration displayed in the title information on the GUI.

Generally, this software will check out and choose the main title automatically. You can also click to change it by yourself.

It is unnecessary to click multiple titles at the same time. If more than one title is chosen at one time, the longest title is usually defaulted as the main title.

Step 4: Browse in your PC to save the output MPEG2 file.

Step 5: Click "Run" to begin ripping DVD to MPEG2, and you can stop the process once you want to make some change. After that, you can manage to rip DVD to a multi-track MPEG-2 file in a few minutes!

After the procedures above, you can enjoy watching MPEG2 video on HTPC with multiple audio tracks and original subtitles.

Besides, DRP supports another DVD to MPEG2 copy mode - copy DVD main content or selected title with selected audio/video/subtitle tracks to satisfy different copy needs.

Still have trouble about ripping DVD to MPEG2? Please feel free to Email Us >>

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