AI-Powered Winxvideo AI Record 4K Screen with Audio

3 record modes High Quality Intuitive
  • Record screen, webcam, and picture-in-picture with virtual background.
  • Draw while recording full screen and custom screen in high quality.
  • Capture gameplay, meetings, demos, tutorials, streaming video, etc.
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A Versatile Screen Recorder for Every Recording Need

Winxvideo AI is a robust screen recorder that can record full screen, custom screen, webcam, PIP, and audio at will. You can capture any desktop activity in high quality, be it online meeting, product demo, lecture, online course, video call, streaming video, or gameplay.

  • presentation

    Business Presentation

    Record presentations, product demos, app previews with key elements highlighted.
  • conference

    Online Conference

    Capture online meetings, conferences, webinars from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype Meeting.
  • streaming

    Streaming Video

    Record live stream from YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram for enjoyment without traffic usage.
  • gaming

    Gameplay Video

    Capture gameplay walkthrough with your face and narration at the same time. Chroma key helps you record gameplay video with virtual background.
  • education

    Educational Tutorial

    Winxvideo AI is the hub for educators and students to record instructional sessions, online courses, TED talks, and students feedback.
  • videocalls

    Video Calls

    Record video calls from Skype, Facetime, Snapchat, Discord, WhatsApp with sound.

Winxvideo AI - Record Everything You See and Hear

Winxvideo AI is a strong performer in screen recording, webcam recording, or both with system and microphone sound captured. Not only does it record your browser activities and PC screen, but it does so in stunning detail, supporting up to 4K resolution for full-screen or selected area recording.

record desktop screen

Record Screen with System/Microphone Sound

Winxvideo AI allows you to record the entire screen, a target window, or a customized area with system/microphone audio, whether you're creating educational content, watching streaming video, or delivering demonstrations. You can even use its Draw feature to point out your recording highlights.

  • Product Demos
  • Instructional Video
  • Streaming Video
record pip video

Record a PIP Video with a Virtual Background

A video featuring individuals on camera captivates the audience more effectively. The picture-in-picture mode helps you record your PC screen and webcam together, so that you can show both your screen and face for your gamplays, educational videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. And its Chroma Key enables you to create a virtual background for your recordings!

  • Gameplay Video
  • Online Training
  • Slide Presentations
record webcam video

Capture Webcam in High Quality

The webcam recorder is great to record webinars or meetings on Zoom or Teams to ensure no crucial discussion is missed, create engaging face-to-face presentations, crafting authentic content for social media, fostering a robust personal branding with their audience, making a video resume, etc.

  • Online Webinars
  • Content Creation
  • Video Resume

More Features to Enhance Your Recording Experience

Apart from the features mentioned above, both during and after the screen recording process, you may need additional auxiliary functions. Don't worry, Winxvideo AI has everything you need!

Your Video. Your Way.

Winxvideo AI helps you become a better Vlogger, YouTuber, Influencer, TikToker, etc.

  • gaming
  • marketing
  • education
  • videocalls
  • businessconference
  • contentcreation
  • gaming
  • marketing

Engage Your Audience with Catching Presentation Winxvideo AI is a perfect helper for marketers, whether you want to create a contagious sales presentations, foster collaboration with your business partners, enhance communication through visual content for heightened employee productivity, craft an engaging product demo so your viewers can get all details, or improve customer satisfaction.

Get Creative with In-class and After-class Time Capture your lectures, tutorials or online courses for e-learning so students can watch them anytime. With Winxvideo AI, you can even elevate your instructional video by adding extra annotations for better illustration, trimming awkward mistakes and unwanted footages. Keep your students engaged with attractive educational videos.

Family Video Call Worth a RecordPreserve cherished moments with friends and family by recording video calls on platforms like FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Discord, Snapchat, Facecam, WeChat, Telegram, and more. Capture and share your story effortlessly!

Capture Significant Meetings for Later ReviewRecord online meetings and lectures, such as Zoom, GotoMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc., and utilize the Drawing feature to highlight key points for subsequent conference review and emphasis extraction.

Create Eye-catching Video & Bring in more Traffic Capture product demonstrations, record tutorial walkthroughs, create engaging picture-in-picture videos, or produce interesting viral content to bring in more blog traffic using this all-round screen recorder software. Share your creations seamlessly on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Record Gameplay Walkthrough to Unlock the Game FunRecord high-quality gameplay walkthrough, game reviews, hacks and more. Capture your casual gaming experiences, incl. favorites like Minecraft, with computer audio and narration. Add music or a reaction cam. Share your achievements and highlights with the world!

Guide: How to Record Screen with Winxvideo AI

In a few clicks, you can use Winxvideo AI to capture everything on your screen for sharing without experiencing any lag or freezing.

  • Step 1. Select Recording Mode

    Click "Recorder" > choose the record mode > select the record region, full screen or custom screen.

  • Step 2. Start Recording

    Tap the "REC" button to start screen recording. Click "Stop" to end video recording.

  • Step 3. Cut and Trim

    Optionally, you can click the Edit icon to trim and cut off unnecessary clips from recording.

  • Step 4. Share Your Recording

    After recording, you can then upload your recording MP4 file to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Ins for sharing.

1. To add texts, lines, arrows and more real-time annotations while recording, enable its Draw feature to point out your key points.

2. Its built-in Chroma Key feature is helpful for you to remove background and turn your recording into virtual background.


High-Quality Screen Recorder

Winxvideo AI features a lightweight interface engineered to simplify every screen recording process. With it, you can record any area of the PC screen and webcam, capture audio from both microphone and system. It is also a toolbox to enhance video and photo, compress, convert, and edit video with ease.

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How to download, install, and record screen using Winxvideo AI? Learn the step-by-step guide below.

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