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How to Install .NET Framework/Desktop Runtime for Handbrake?

If you want to use Handbrake software on Windows PC, the first thing you need to concern about is how to install .NET framework for HandBrake. Handbrake requires .NET framework to work, but it isn't an easy job to do this. What is .NET framework? Where to get .net Framework? Which .net framework version to choose? What if other version of .net Framework has been installed on the PC? NET framework not found? We'll give you answers.

"Following the installation instructions, I installed the latest .NET Framework 4.8. It won't work, however - when I launch the program, I get an error which tells me that I have to install v4.8.50727. I will admit that I am unable discern which version I just installed, but I have a hunch that it's newer than this. Is there any way to get an "old" build of the .NET Framework 4.8 installer that'll get me the right version."

HandBrake requires installing .net Framework

How to Install .NET Framework for Handbrake

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes a large library of coded solutions to common programming problems (surely Handbrake is one of them) and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework. Since Handbrake at times lacks of coded solution, you need to install .NET Framework. HandBrake may send you the wrond download after you click the Yes button when HandBrake asks whether you want to install .NET now. What you should install is the .NET Desktop Runtime, not .NET Runtime. You can get .NET Framework easily like this:

  • Step 1: Visit Microsoft webpage and search ".NET Framework".
  • Step 2: Open the download page for the .NET Framework version that Handbrake asks for. Handbrake 1.5.1 requires .NET 6 and later.
  • Step 3: Find .NET Desktop Runtime and select x64 to download. HandBrake doesn't run on 32 bit platforms anymore so x86 is irrelevant.
  • Step 4: After the installer is downloaded, run it and follow the prompts.

* You can install .NET Framework 4.8 on Windows 10 version 1809, version 1709, version 1703, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows Server 1809, Windows Server 1803, Windows Server 2016
* The .NET Framework 4.8 is not supported on Windows 10 1507 and Windows 10 1511

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[1]: HandBrake - popular DVD/Video encoding software, open-sourced
[2]: Microsoft .NET Framework - a software framework that installed on Microsoft Windows OS


"I have give other version of .net framework a try before installing handbrake, like .net framework 3.5, that is ok! i love handbrake as always though sometimes i ll give other handbrake alternative a try(only when i need to handle with 99 titles DVDs.." - Kirk

"my opnion is that mojarity of newly released disney, panamount, or sony dvds starred with 99 title. formerly i thought they simply want to seperate a large file to pieces (like vob file cannot over 0.99 g). but now i got to know that disney want to prevernt their dvds from pivate or commercial use, than create 99 titles to scramble dvd backup software scanning. not quite sure whether install .net framework is legal or not?" - Roderick

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