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[Fixed] AnyDVD is Unable to Crack All CSS Keys on This Disc

When you import a DVD from another region, like a region 2 DVD to the US drive, AnyDVD may give the following warning after scanning the disc: "AnyDVD is unable to crack all the CSS keys on this disc. ANY DVD will guess the correct CSS key but it is possible that one or more titles on this disc will not play correctly. You can check the ANY DVD CSS archive from the ANY DVD setting window. To avoid this message in the future you should set your drive region code to match the region of the disc."

Search the forums for 'AnyDVD is unable to crack all CSS keys' to see that it is singularly the most reported DVD issue & the problem is (almost) always related to DVD region code. Why does the issue happen and how to solve it? Keep reading.

AnyDVD not changing DVD region error

Why does the AnyDVD region code error happen?

As Dvd regions are stored on the drive firmware, AnyDVD can brute force it to make discs region-free. When the region of the drive is properly set, AnyDVD can retrieve the correct decryption keys, at least for the disc region that matches the drive region right away. AnyDVD then only has to brute force for the regions that don't match the drive. That has a higher success chance. An unset region forces AnyDVD to apply brute force decryption on all regions. Most times it does so OK, sometimes not. If this fails, this then results in the AnyDVD not changing DVD region warning you're seeing.

**Brute Force** is a process of submitting all possible combinations of a targeted password until the correct password is discovered. 

How to Fix AnyDVD Unable to Crack All CSS Issue?

1. As long as your PC DVD drive has the region code set, preferably to your "home" region, AnyDVD can decrypt DVDs from other regions. You need to exit AnyDVD completely, go into your Windows device manager, set the hardware drive region, and then restart AnyDVD.  

2. If you're working with Blu-ray discs, you need to tell AnyDVD what region the Blu-ray disc is from and it will work.

3. If you have another drive or computer, try it. Maybe it reveals the correct title key.

4. Set the PC DVD drive to a region that matches the disc. Then AnyDVD doesn't need to brute force guess/crack the DVD region code. But you can change the region of a DVD drive for up to 5 times only.

5. If after the above fixes, the AnyDVD region code issue still exists, you can also switch to another powerful DVD decrypter program.

Avoid AnyDVD Unable to Crack All CSS Error with Alternative

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - get rid of all AnyDVD changing region errors easily:

  • Automatically remove regions from 1-6 without the need to set the region of your DVD drive;
  • Decrypt DVD with CSS, UOPs, APS, Sony ARccOS, Disney X-project, & other copy preventions.
  • Convert DVD to MP4, H.264, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. for mobiles, PC, Mac, TV, game console, etc.
  • 1:1 clone DVD to ISO image or VIDEO_TS folder; backup main/full title as a single MPEG file.
  • Rip a DVD within 5 minutes and deliver original video/audio quality.

Step 1. Insert the DVD that AnyDVD is unable to crack. Open WinX and click DVD Disc to load the DVD. It's updated decryption library will automatically remove any protections from the DVD, including region codes, CSS, RCE, bad sectors, etc.

Step 2. It will then auto pops up an Output Profile panel. There're a totally of 350+ presets ready for you.

 anydvd region code alternative

Step 3. After that, click RUN and the AnyDVD alternative will start. After several minutes, you will get a region-free and protection-free video file.

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping commercial DVDs for any illegal purpose. You're suggested to refer to the DVD copyright laws in your country before doing so.


author - Donna Peng

Donna Peng

Donna Peng's fascination with multimedia began at an early age - shortly after she licked the physical disc and then she's been obsessed ever since. Her decade-long career at Digiarty after the graduation has seen her unmatched expertise in the field of DVD, digital video, software and anything related to home theatre. She is currently fascinated with photography.

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