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  • Rip any DVDs to MP4, HEVC, H.264, AVI, etc as short as 5 minutes.
  • Backup DVD to MPEG2, clone DVD to ISO image without losing quality.
  • 350+ preset profiles for HD TV, Xbox, PS4, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc
  • Support both old and new DVDs, incl. 99-title discs and damaged DVDs.

DVD Troubleshootings and Solutions

Here are all the hot topics about DVD issues and solutions. No matter DVD lovers or disc collector, find your solution here. WinXDVD is for everyone who attempts to backup, rip, play and store DVDs for any purpose.

[DVD Player] How to Repair DVD Player Not Reading DVD Disc? - Solved
This article will focus on: why your DVD player is not reading disc and how to fix the DVD player that won't read a DVD disc.

WinX DVD Ripper Free Download

WinX DVD Ripper is the best free DVD ripper that is available for you to rip DVD to any format at will and protect your DVD against damage.

All Fixes to Common DVD Player Not Working Errors

This post provides all the efficient fixes to most common DVD player not working problems, such as no reading disc, loud noise, etc.

How to Make DVD Player Region Free Quickly

To make DVD players region free, just hack it. Here are methods for changing DVDs manufactured by Sony, LG, Samsung, etc. multi-region.

How to Backup DVD to Hard Drive with High Quality

By backing up DVD to your internal/external hard drive, you can protect your DVD investment from damage or scratch.

Common DVD Playback Tips, Errors and Fixes

2024 Best DVD Decrypter Alternative: Easier, Faster, and More Powerful
Here we'll introduce a DVD Decrypter alternative that is easier, faster, and more powerful than DVD Decrypter.
Donna Peng June 11, 2024 Rip dvd
How to Make DVD Player Region Free Quickly- Complete Guide
To make DVD players region free, just hack it. Learn how to make regio-free DVD players from Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, etc.
Donna PengApril 22, 2024
How to Repair DVD Player Not Reading DVD Disc? - Solved
This article will focus on: why your DVD player is not reading disc and how to fix a DVD player that won't read discs.
Donna PengApril 22, 2024
How to Fix Wrong Region Error on DVD Players
The Wrong Region error means the DVD region doesn't match that of the DVD player. Learn to fix Wrong Region error on your DVD player quickly.
Donna Peng March 30, 2024 DVD Player
How to Unlock LG DVD Player Region Code Quickly
Learn how to unlock LG DVD players and make them play DVDs from the region (1-6) without coming across 'check regional code' error.
Donna Peng January 26, 2024 DVD player
How to Fix DVD Player Making Loud Noise While Playing Discs
Here're the troubleshooting steps to fix DVD player making loud noise, such as static noise, buzzing noise, vibrating noise, and grinding noise.
Donna Peng January 26, 2024 DVD Player
[Quick Fix] DVD Player Black and White with No Color on TV
Why is the Samsung/Philips/Lg/Sony TV playing DVD in black and white without color? You may mix up the cables. Learn how to quickly fix DVD player color problems.
Donna Peng January 26, 2024 DVD player
Troubleshoot DVD Player Not Connecting to the TV
Learn what to do when you cannot connect the DVD player to the TV. There's an error message saying No Signal. Before you start, restart the devices, and check the cable.
Donna Peng January 26, 2024 TV
[Fixed] DVD Resolution Exceeds 800x600 on Samsung DVD Player
The DVD movie won't play saying DVD resolution exceeded 800x600 on Samsung DVD player and others? Why and how to fix? Check this post.
Donna Peng December 6, 2023 play DVD on TV
Resolve MakeMKV Wrong Aspect Ratio - MakeMKV Support
The MPEG2 headers are messed up, which can lead to the wrong aspect ratio or squished image when ripping DVDs in MakeMKV. Use the following troubleshooting tips for the incorrect aspect ratio in MakeMKV.
Donna Peng December 6, 2023 MakeMKV
[Reason & Fix] DVD Jerky Playback on Standalone DVD Player
When a DVD playback on a standalone DVD player is jerky, choppy or jumpy, it may be caused by wrong field order, interlacing or high bit rate. Check this post to fix choppy DVD playback.
Donna Peng December 6, 2023 DVD player
What to Do When INSERT DISC Appears on the Display on the DVD Player
INSERT DISC message shows up on the display of the DVD player even if you've already inserted one? Let's fix it.
Donna Peng December 6, 2023 TV
Solve DVD Subtitles Not Displaying on TV in the Easiest Way
DVD subtitles (closed caption) won't display on your Sony/LG/Samsung/Hulu Smart TV? Learn how to fix it and get DVD subtitles to work properly on TV.
Donna Peng December 4, 2023 TV
How to fix 'AnyDVD is disabled for Drive D:!/E:!/F:!...'
Get AnyDVD is disabled for Drive D:! (maybe another drive) when you insert a disc? Here're 6 simple troubleshooting tips for you to fix this error.
Donna Peng December 4, 2023 AnyDVD
If Xbox One Won't Play Redbox DVD, Try This Troubleshooting Guide
When Xbox One won't play Redbox DVD, you can check whether the disc and Xbox disc drive are in good condition. Read this post to get detailed fixes.
Donna Peng November 27, 2023 Xbox
[Fixed] AnyDVD is Unable to Crack All CSS Keys on This Disc
AnyDVD unable to crack all css warning occurs with different DVD regions. How to fix the AnyDVD region code error and convert the DVD without error?
Donna Peng November 27, 2023 AnyDVD
How to Fix AnyDVD CloneDVD/CloneDVD Mobile Cyclic Redundancy Check Error
Get cyclic redundancy check data error with AnyDVD, CloneDVD, or CloneDVD Mobile? There're reasons and fixes for this error.
Donna Peng November 27, 2023 AnyDVD
DVD Drive Won't Burn DVD Disc on Windows 10? Error Fixed!
Here we've listed everything that you can do when DVD drive won't burn disc on Windows 10/11. Also, the causes of this DVD drive error will be presented.
Donna PengNovember 9, 2023
Fix Audio Skipping/Distorted Problem When Playing a DVD
This post focuses on troubleshooting audio skipping or distorted issue when playing a DVD with a DVD player.
Donna Peng November 3, 2023 play dvd
DVD Drive The Directory Name is Invalid on Windows 11/10 Error Fixed
What to do when the DVD drive says the directory name is invalid in serting DVD disc? Check the efficient solutions here to fix DVD drive the directory name is invalid on Windows 11/10 issue.
Donna PengNovember 1, 2023
[Fixed] DVD Player Says Playback Prohibited by Area Limitations
Playback Prohibited By Area Limits error often occurs when the Sony DVD player plays a DVD from a different region. Here are some quick fixes.
Donna Peng October 31, 2023 DVD player

DVD Won't Play on TV: Problems and Solutions

VLC DVD Rip No Audio? Problem Fixed!
VLC error pops up again. No audio after DVD ripping with VLC media player. How to fix this VLC DVD rip issue? Find answer in this post.
Donna PengOctober 30, 2023
[Solved] Connecting DVD Player to HDTV Gives No Signal
If your HDTV/4K TV shows No Signal message when connecting it to a DVD player, it could be the wrong input or source, cable issue, DVD player breakdown, etc. Here are some troubleshooting tips.
Donna Peng October 25, 2023 TV
[Solved] Samsung DVD Player Keeps Pausing While Playing
Common causes to Samsung DVD player pausing while playing are dirty or scratched DVD discs and the hardware breakdown. Learn what to do when Samsung DVD player freezes.
Donna Peng October 24, 2023 DVD player
Troubleshooting - Fix DVD Plays with No Sound on TV
Have picture but no sound when connecting DVD player to TV via a HDMI, scart or regular video cable? Follow our fixes here to get sound.
Donna Peng October 24, 2023 TV
[Solved] MakeMKV Scsi Error - Illegal Request, Hardware Error
Donna Peng October 23, 2023 MakeMKV
How to Fix DVD Player Says 'Wrong Disc' Error
Here we've figured out why DVD player says wrong disc error and how to fix DVD player wrong disc error.
Donna Peng October 23, 2023 DVD player

Troubleshootings to DVD Ripping

DVD Player Shows Wrong Aspect Ratio - Full Troubleshooting Guide
When the DVD player is showing wrong aspect ratio, the DVD is distorted or stretched, adjust the settings or change the DVD aspect ratio to fix the error.
Donna Peng June 14, 2023 DVD Player
MakeMKV Support - If MakeMKV Won't Rip DVDs and Blu-rays
Many users have reported issues trying ripping DVDs in MakeMKV. It's possibly a problematic disc, like dust, scratches, an outdated firmware/hardware, copy protection methods MakeMKV can't handle.
Donna Peng June 13, 2023 MakeMKV
DVD Player Not Spinning Discs Error Fixed
Why is DVD player not spinning discs or spinning but won't play? Hardware issues in most cases. Before you buy a new disc drive, check the tips here.
Donna Peng June 13, 2023 DVD player
How to Fix Sony DVD Player Error 'Cannot Play (This) Disc'
We'll show you how to fix 'cannot play this disc' or 'cannot play disc' error on Sony DVD player.
Donna PengJune 13, 2023
DVD Looks Terrible on HDTV/4K TV? You Can Improve DVD Quality
DVD looks bad on a HDTV or 4K TV, looks grainy and blurry with pixelation? Make DVD look better on TV easily.
Donna Peng June 12, 2023 TV
MakeMKV Failed to Open Disc? Problem Fixed!
MakeMKV not reading your source disc? Why would failed to open disc error pop up? Here check the reasons and solutions to fix MakeMKV failing to open disc error.
Donna PengJune 5, 2023

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