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This is the page for DVD lovers who'd like to get all info of the new DVD releases, from the best Disney DVD movies for kids, 2019 new TV shows on DVD, to the family movies for holiday. Plus, tips about where and how to rent DVDs from Netflix, Redbox, along with related DVD rental prices/tutorials are shared.

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Trying a movies together with your kids is absolutely a nice choice to build a healthy relationship with your family and relieve the tension that builds up at work. This is the place where you can find what movies and TV shows are coming out on DVD in 2019, what are the best blockbusters suitable for your holiday, or what are the most classic ones that deserve your lifetime collection.

2019 Best New Kids Movies on DVD, Ranked by Fans
This is a list of 2019 best new kids movies on DVD, including popular Disney animations, best superhero movies, live-action remakes, etc.

[List] Top DVD Movies and TV Shows

2019 New DVD Releases: All the Latest Movies and TV Shows on DVD
If you are going to spend time watching new DVDs with your child, look no further. This page rolls out a full list of newly released movies and TVs coming to DVD in 2019.
Arlene Cooper September 24, 2019 New movies
List of New Disney Movies on DVDs for Kids
Here is a list of the best Disney movies DVDs your kids and family will love. Also check the best Disney movies 2019 incl. animated films for kids and backup Disney DVD movies to computer hard drive as digital MP4, AVI, MOV, ISO, etc.
Arlene Cooper July 12, 2019 Disney movies
Top DVD Rentals on Netflix/Redbox of All Time [List & Backup Solution]
Check out the top DVD rentals on Netflix, Redbox, etc, along with the new movies in 2019 coming out to DVD.
Kaley Torres May 16, 2019 DVD rental
2017-2019 Top 10 Kids DVDs | What're Best Kids Movies on DVD?
Here's a list of top 10 kids DVDs in 2017-2019 which are picked as best movies for kids on DVD. Plus, the solution of how to watch kids DVDs on iPhone, iPad, Android etc, is introduced here.
Estrella H. Dec 11, 2018 Kids DVD

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What DVDs will be coming out in 2019
1. Avengers: Endgame
2. Aquaman
3. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
4. Spider-Man: Homecoming
5. Captain marvel

What Movies Have Come or Are Coming to DVD Recently
Does Netflix Have DVD anymore?
Some people may think Netflix would discard the DVD rental service soon or later since the streaming service is so popular nowadays. Actually, Netflix has kept the DVD rental service going and it's profitable. You can learn more info about the Netflix DVD rental here.
Top DVD Rentals on Netflix

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Over the past years, intractable DVD copy protection techs have been widely adopted by famous film publishers such as Disney, Warner, Paramount and more, which are hard to remove and therefore hinder the process of DVD backing up and ripping. If you've got the new protected DVDs, such as Avengers, Frozen, etc but don't know how to backup them for personal use, here're tips to rip and backup the newest protected DVD movies to general formats and portable devices on Windows (10) or Mac.

Best Oscar Motion Pictures Winners and Nominees
How to guide of watching Academy Awards Best Pictures full movie tips; how to backup movie DVDs performed by the Oscar film Winners and Nominees at free will.
May Watt June 27, 2019 DVD won't play on Mac
News of Bollywood Filmfare Awards 2019
Rip and copy 2019 Filmfare Awards movies DVDs of winners and nominees for storing and watching best Bollywood Filmfare Awards movies on iPhone/iPad/Android with no hassle.
Beatrice Green Mar 7, 2019 Scratched DVD
The 31st European Film Awards Information and DVD Backup Tips?
The 31st European film awards nominations are announced and learn How-to guide of ripping European Film Festival movie DVDs like Cold War.
Kaley Torres May 8, 2019 Kodi
Rip Oscar-winning Moonlight DVD
Learn how to rip Oscar winner Moonlight DVD to MP4 or other file formats for flexible playback and backup.

May Watt April 12, 2019 DVD movie
Rip/Copy DVD of Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens
This post provides solutions for those with problems in ripping/copying Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD.
Estrella H. Nov 28, 2018 DVD movie
Rip and Copy Inside Out DVD
This is a tutorial of how to rip/copy Disney-Pixar Inside Out DVD to popular formats/devices on PC and Mac.
Donna Peng Nov 26, 2018 DVD movie

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