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Converting DVDs to digital formats can benefit us a lot. By doing so, we can store our DVD movies on hard drives, and even add them to a media server like Plex for easy access anytime and anywhere. Plus, we'll no longer need to worry about DVDs getting scratched or lost because we already have digital copies.

Well, how to convert a DVD to a digital file? There are many methods you can use.

If you want to digitize your DVDs straight from your phone, you can use VUDU (now Fandango at Home). However, it is important to note that VUDU only supports discs from partnering studios. So you may encounter a situation that your DVD isn't work with VUDU. In this case, you can try a DVD to digital converter software. Both free and paid programs are available in the market. Some popular options include WinX DVD Ripper, HandBrake, and MakeMKV.

Another way to convert DVD to digital without computer is to use devices like ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0. Hardware solutions like this can make it easy to transfer your DVDs onto USB flash drives or SD cards.

Next, we will compare these methods based on price, supported DVD types, output formats, and conversion speed. This will help you find the solution that best suits your needs!

Compare the DVD to Digital Converter Software/Service



Supported DVD Types

Supported Digital Formats


Overall Evaluation

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum [Best Choice]

Premium License One-Year Subscription / 3 PCs: $34.95
Ultimate License Lifetime Plan / 1 PC: $59.95
Get 15-day free trial license to experience full features >>
Limited-time Offer for full version >>

Homemade DVDs, commercial copy-protected DVDs, region-locked DVDs, newly released movie DVDs, old DVDs, unplayable DVDs, etc.

350+ output presets, including ISO, VIDEO_TS folder, MP4, MKV (only available in Mac version), MOV, MPEG, FLV, AVI, WMV, MP3, etc.

Fast. It can rip a 2-hour movie DVD within 5 minutes.

The most cost-effective option. Support homemade and commercial DVDs. Work fast. Give users full control over the output. 


DVD to SD: $2+ tax / 1 disc
DVD to HDX: $5+ tax / 1 disc

Commercial movie DVDs. Some titles are not supported.



No need for a computer and optical drive, but the service is only available in the US and Mexico and has many limitations.


$12.96 for the first 30 minutes and $5.46 for each additional 30 minutes.

Previously transferred DVDs from Walmart and YesVideo, and other DVDs, MiniDVDs, CDs, and VCDs.


3-4 weeks.

You don't need to do it yourself, but you need to pay high price and wait very long time.



Unencrypted DVDs.

MP4, MKV, WebM

It could be tens of minutes to a few hours.

Free but can't handle copy-protected DVDs.



Unencrypted DVDs.


It could be tens of minutes to a few hours.

Free but can't handle copy-protected DVDs.

VLC media player


Unencrypted DVDs and some encrypted DVDs.

MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, WebM, WMV, MP3, TS, etc.

It will take the entire runtime of the movie to digitize it.

Free but works extremely slow. And, it always fails to manage commercial discs.



Unencrypted DVDs and some encrypted DVDs.


Usually about 20 to 30 minutes.

Free but can only export MKV file.

ClearClick Video to Digital Converter


Unencrypted DVDs.


It will take the entire runtime of the movie to digitize it.

Worth a try if you also have other video sources to digitize.

For more detailed information about each method, just read on.

Method 1. Convert DVD to Digital on Windows/Mac

What tool you can use: WinX DVD Ripper

Why we picked it

WinX DVD Ripper has garnered praise from top tech publications like TechRadar and PCMag, as well as from online communities such as Reddit and Quora. Its widespread popularity speaks volumes about its effectiveness. Developed by Digiarty Software in 2009, WinX DVD Ripper is a comprehensive DVD to digital converter that caters to both home movie DVDs and commercial discs, offering a variety of output formats.

One of its standout features is its ability to automatically bypass DVD region codes and copy protections without the need for additional software. Unlike VUDU, which is limited to partnering studios, WinX DVD Ripper supports DVDs from all studios including Disney.

Thanks to its support for multi-core CPUs, Hyper-Threading technology, and advanced Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology, utilizing Intel QSV, NVIDIA NVENC, and AMD, WinX DVD Ripper boasts lightning-fast conversion speeds. In our tests on a Windows 10 (64-bit) PC with an Intel Core i7-8700K CPU, it took just 8 minutes and 45 seconds to rip a 2.5-hour disc.

Another noteworthy aspect is WinX DVD Ripper's extensive range of output profiles, covering all mainstream video and audio formats, as well as popular devices. This allows users to either clone DVDs 1:1 to ISO images and Video_TS folders for exact digital copies, or selectively convert desired titles to formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, and more.

Who it's for

WinX DVD Ripper is ideal for users with large DVD collections who seek a fast and cost-effective solution to convert copy-protected DVDs to digital format on Windows or Mac. Unlike VUDU, which charges per conversion, WinX DVD Ripper offers both one-year subscription and lifetime license. During the eligible period, users can convert as many DVDs as they like without any additional costs.

  • Support both home-made DVDs and commercial copy-protected DVDs.
  • Offer a wide range of output formats.
  • Superfast conversion speed.
  • Allow editing video before ripping.
  • Need to download and install this software on your computer.
  • Need a computer with a built-in DVD drive, or an external drive.

How to Convert DVD to Digital with WinX DVD Ripper?

The user interface is nearly identical on both Windows and Mac platforms. Therefore, you can follow the steps below whether you want to convert DVD to digital on Windows or Mac.

Step 1. Download and install WinX DVD Ripper.

Download the WinX DVD Ripper installer for your computer here. Run the installer and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Step 2. Load the DVD disc.

Insert the DVD disc into your computer's DVD drive. Then, open WinX DVD Ripper and click the "DVD Disc" button to import the DVD. WinX DVD Ripper will scan the DVD disc and automatically detect the main movie title. Of course, you can select title manually.

Import your DVD to digitize

Step 3. Choose an output format.

In the "Output Profile" window, select the output format for your digital copy. You can choose from a variety of popular digital formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, ISO, VIDEO_TS folder, MP3, and more.

Tips: If you're digitizing DVDs for transferring to a device, you can also select a device profile. WinX DVD Ripper offers optimized profiles for various devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox, PlayStation, TV, and more.

Digitize DVD to MP4

Tips: If you need to adjust the bitrate, resolution and other parameters, click the setting button.

Adjust setting

Tips: Click the "Edit" button and then you can trim, crop, expand, and add or disable subtitles. If you want to convert DVD to digital with subtitle, select the Subtitle tab, check Enable Subtitle, and then check Inner or Extra. If you want to use the original subtitle, check Inner and then select a desired subtitle track. If you want to add external subtitle track, check Extra and then click Add to load the subtitle file you want to embed to your movie.

Edit DVD

Step 4. Start DVD to digital conversion.

Click "Browse" to set a folder to store the digital copy extracted from your DVD. Then, click the "RUN" button to start the conversion.

The conversion process may take a few minutes, depending on the length of the DVD, the output format you choose, the settings you use (enable hardware accelerator or not), and your computer configuration.

In my test converting the Disney movie Up to MP4 format, it took approximately 10 minutes to process the 1 hour and 46-minute video using default settings on my computer. My system specs are an Intel Core i5-4460 CPU at 3.20 GHz and 12.0GB of RAM. The frame rate during conversion averaged around 270 FPS.

WinX DVD Ripper is converting DVD to digital

Tips: If you meet problems in digitizing DVDs, choose "Safe Mode" to rip any DVD smoothly.

Check Safe mode

Step 5. Find your digital copy.

Once the conversion is complete, your digital copy will be saved in the location you specified. You can then play your digital copy on any device that supports the selected format.

For centralized management and easy access, you can also add your DVD digital copies to Plex. Check how to rip and add DVD movies to Plex >>

My digital files ripped from DVD

Method 2. Convert DVD to Digital on iOS/Android

What service you can use: VUDU (now Fandango at Home)

Why we picked it

With VUDU's disc to digital service, you can use your mobile device to scan the UPC barcode on your disc to get a digital copy. No need to open your computer. No need to install a DVD to digital converter software. VUDU can save you a lot of effort.

Moreover, it allows you to convert your DVDs to HDX quality (1080p), although it is a bit pricey. But for some users, the expense may be worth it.

Notes: Vudu's name has been changed to Fandango at Home. However, it won't impact the way you use Vudu.

Who it's for

VUDU is a good choice for users who possess a small collection of DVDs and wish to convert them into digital files without the need for a DVD drive. However, it's important to note that VUDU has region limitations and is exclusively available in the US and Mexico.

If you have a substantial DVD collection, the costs can quickly add up. VUDU charges $2 (DVD to SD) / $5 (DVD to HDX) for each conversion, with a cap on the maximum number of conversions per year. Users are restricted to converting 100 DVDs annually. For instance, if you have 500 DVDs to convert, it would amount to $1000 for DVD to SD and $2500 for DVD to HDX, and completing all conversions would take 5 years.


  • You can't convert Disney, workout, and Home-made DVDs to digital files with VUDU.
  • You need the case and UPC code to convert with Disc to Digital.
  • Sometimes there is SD version available only.
  • VUDU provides digital files via the internet connection, which can be capped soon.
  • The process can be fraught with issues that are difficult to deal with, for example, can't find any titles in the cart, location doesn't match billing address, can't read barcode, operation timeout, etc.
  • Pros
    • Process DVD to digital right from mobile.
    • No need for a DVD drive.
    • HDX quality available.
    • Expensive for users with large collection.
    • Only DVDs from partnering studios are supported.
    • When you cancel the membership, you lose the movies.

    Check the full limits of Vudu disc to digital service >>

    How to convert DVD to digital on Android/iPhone with VUDU?

    Before you use this service, you'd better type the name of your movie in's search bar to see if your movie is available for conversion.

    Step 1. Visit on your Android or iPhone, scroll down and tap the Convert Disc button.

    Convert DVD to digital with VUDU - tap Convert Disc

    Step 2. Sign up if you don't have an account. And then, sign in.

    Step 3. Allow app permissions.

    Vudu will request permission to access your location data to ensure the billing address associated with your account matches your phone's location. The aim is to prevent misuse of the service, like scanning random DVDs you find outside your home.

    Convert DVD to digital with VUDU - allow app permissions

    Step 4. Scan the UPC barcode on your DVD case.

    Convert DVD to digital with VUDU - San UPC barcode

    Step 5. Select output quality, SD or HDX.

    Convert DVD to digital with VUDU - select output quality

    Step 6. Pay for the DVD to digital conversion (DVD to SD: $2 per disc; DVD to HDX: $5 per disc), and then the movies will be available in your Vudu account.

    Convert DVD to digital with VUDU - checkout

    Method 3. Convert DVD to Digital for Free

    What tool you can use: HandBrake, VidCoder, VLC, or MakeMKV

    1. HandBrake

    Why we picked it

    We notice that HandBrake often emerges as a top recommendation for converting DVDs to digital format. It is widely recommended due to being free and easy to use. HandBrake allows users to convert DVDs to common video formats including MP4, MKV, and WebM. Additionally, it provides a range of customization options for video and audio output, making it ideal for users seeking greater control over their conversion process.

    Who it's for

    HandBrake is suitable for those with limited budgets for DVD to digital conversion. It is a good choice for digitizing non-protected DVDs. However, if you intend to rip copy-protected DVDs with HandBrake, you will need to install libdvdcss to bypass DVD copy protection.

    • Totally free.
    • Provide dozens of output presets.
    • Rich settings.
    • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux.
    • Can't bypass DVD copy protections.
    • Some settings are confusing for beginners.
    • No merge option.
    • No ISO or VIDEO_TS output options.

    How to convert DVD to digital with free HandBrake?

    Step 1. Download, install, and open HandBrake on your computer. The steps are almost same on the Windows and Mac.

    Step 2. Insert the DVD you want to convert into your computer's DVD drive.

    Step 3. Choose the DVD you want to digitize under "Source Selection". Then, it will scan you DVD titles.

    Converting DVD to digital free with HandBrake - open source DVD

    Step 4. Choose the specific title you want to convert from the drop-down menu of "Title".

    Converting DVD to digital free with HandBrake

    Step 5. Select a preset for your desired output format from "Presets".

    Step 6. Adjust video audio settings as needed, such as resolution, codec, and bitrate.

    Step 7. Specify save path for the digital copy by clicking on the "Browse" button at the bottom right.

    Step 8. Click the "Start Encode" button (on Mac, it's "Start") at the top of the HandBrake window to begin the conversion process.

    Step 9. Wait for the conversion process to complete. Once the conversion is finished, you can locate your newly created digital file in the destination folder you specified.

    2. VidCoder

    Why we picked it

    VidCoder is a free, open-source DVD to digital converter that utilizes HandBrake as its encoding engine. This means it offers many of the same functionalities as HandBrake, including the ability to convert DVDs to MP4 and MKV. While HandBrake is often preferred, some users encounter issues with its performance. In such cases, VidCoder serves as a reliable alternative.

    Note: While VidCoder and HandBrake share similar core functionalities, there are key distinctions worth noting. Here's what sets VidCoder apart. Firstly, VidCoder is tailored exclusively for Windows users, while HandBrake extends its reach to a broader audience, catering to Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Secondly, VidCoder specializes in exporting content to MP4 and MKV formats. In contrast, HandBrake offers a broader range of output options, including MKV, MP4, and WebM, providing users with more flexibility in choosing their preferred digital format.

    Who it's for

    VidCoder is ideal for users who encounter difficulties with HandBrake. However, it is important to note that VidCoder cannot deal with copy-protected DVDs.

    • Free to use and open-source.
    • Allow users to fine-tune output parameters.
    • Incompatible with Mac/Linux.
    • Cannot digitize encrypted DVDs.
    • Require .NET 6.0.2 Desktop Runtime (x64).
    • The installation process is very slow.

    How to Convert DVD to Digital with VidCoder

    Step 1. Download and install VidCoder on your Windows computer. If you are required to install .NET 6.0.2 Desktop Runtime (x64), just do it. The installation process may take quite a long time.

    Step 2. Insert the DVD you want to convert into your computer's DVD drive.

    Step 3. Open VidCoder and select the "Open Source" button to load your DVD.

    Step 4. Select the title you want to rip from DVD.

    Step 5. Configure your output settings, including the format, quality, and destination folder.

    Step 5. Click the "Encode" button to start the conversion process. VidCoder will handle the rest.

    The DVD digitizing process can be resource-intensive, particularly for large or complex DVDs. VidCoder may place a considerable strain on the hardware resources, resulting in elevated temperatures and increased fan speeds.

    Converting DVD to digital free with VidCoder

    3. VLC Media Player

    Why we picked it

    While VLC may not be a dedicated DVD to digital converter, it offers a convenient solution for users who already have the software installed. By utilizing VLC, you can avoid the need for additional programs and extra expenses.

    With VLC, you can convert your DVDs into a variety of digital formats, such as MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, and WMV. Additionally, it provides options to adjust video and audio parameters such as bitrate and resolution. Furthermore, VLC can even handle some encrypted discs, adding to its versatility.

    Who it's for

    VLC is suitable for users who wish to digitize DVDs and are comfortable with a potentially slower conversion speed. It's worth noting that VLC's conversion process may take as long as the duration of the movie itself, as VLC technically "streams" the video to a file on your hard drive.

    • Free of charge.
    • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux.
    • It can do more than DVD to digital.
    • It requires quite a long time to digitize DVD.
    • Strictly protected DVDs are not supported.

    How to digitize DVD with VLC?

    Step 1. Download and install VLC if you don't have this tool on your computer.

    Step 2. Insert the DVD you want to digitize into your computer's DVD drive.

    Step 3. Open VLC, click "Media" and then select "Convert/Save".

    Converting DVD to digital free with VLC

    Step 4. Click "Disc" tab and choose disc device, title, chapter, audio, and subtitle track. Then hit "Convert/Save".

    Converting DVD to digital free with VLC - open media

    Step 5. Choose profile, the output format you want to use.

    Converting DVD to digital free with VLC - convert

    Step 6. Click "Browse" to specify destination file.

    Step 7. Hit "Start" to begin converting DVD to digital.

    The resulting DVD digital files created by VLC may be incompatible with standard media players or contain playback errors that prevent smooth playback. It could be caused by incomplete or corrupted digital copies of the DVD content from VLC Media Player.

    4. MakeMKV

    Why we picked it

    MakeMKV is a popular DVD ripper, frequently mentioned in online forums. With MakeMKV, users can convert protected Blu-ray and DVD discs into digital MKV files for free during its BETA phase. Notably, the conversion process preserves the original quality without any compression, ensuring that users receive a digital copy identical to the original.

    Who it's for

    MakeMKV features a simple and user-friendly interface, making it an excellent option for beginners who may be new to DVD and Blu-ray ripping. Its straightforward navigation system ensures that users can easily navigate through the software without encountering any complexities.

    • It can decrypt DVDs and Blurays.
    • Free to use.
    • It keeps the original quality.
    • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux.
    • Support MKV format only.
    • Output is uncompressed. Large file size.
    • Lack editing options.
    • Users are required to upgrade to new versions or input a registration key when new updates are released.

    How to transfer DVD to digital with MakeMKV?

    Step 1. Download and install MakeMKV on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

    Step 2. Open MakeMKV and insert the DVD you want to convert to digital.

    Step 3. When MakeMKV detects your DVD, click the "Open DVD disk" button to let MakeMKV access your DVD.

    Open DVD with MakeMKV

    Step 4. When you see a tree structure with your titles, video tracks, audios, and subtitles, just choose which titles or tracks you want to convert.

    Step 5. Click "Set output folder" button to specify where you want to save the digital copy.

    Step 6. Click the "Make MKV" button to begin converting DVD to MKV digital file.

    Converting DVD to digital free with MakeMKV

    Method 4. Use a DVD to Digital Service near You

    What service you can use: DVDWalmart's Digital Media Transfer

    Why we picked it

    DVDWalmart's Digital Media Transfer service accepts all previously transferred DVDs from Walmart and YesVideo, and other DVDs, MiniDVDs, CDs, and VCDs. It will store the digital copy in MemoryCloud and transfer it to a single USB if you ask it to.

    Who it's for

    This service is ideal for individuals with a modest collection of DVDs seeking a hassle-free digitization process. However, it's important to note that the service comes at a slightly higher cost. The price for creating a digital copy with MemoryCloud online access is $12.96 for the first 30 minutes and $5.46 for each additional 30 minutes. If it is a 2-hour movie DVD, you need to pay $29.34 for this service.

    Tips: If you have a lot of DVDs that need to be converted to digital format, it will cost a shedload of money. If you're on a budget, DVD to digital conversion software will be a better choice. Take WinX DVD Ripper as an example, you only need to pay $34.95 to get a one-year license, which can be used on 3 computers. After activating WinX DVD Ripper with this license, you can convert as many DVDs as you like and choose a desired output format. And it only takes a few minutes to get a digital copy of your DVD.

    • You don't need to do the conversion by yourself.
    • It is troublesome.
    • It is expensive.
    • Users will wait long time to get digital copy.

    How to use DVDWalmart to transfer DVD to digital copy?

    Step 1. Create your order online or at Walmart.

    Step 2. Bring your DVD and order confirmation printout (if you created your order online) to Walmart Photo near you or mail your order.

    Step 3. Pick up the digital copy at Walmart if you dropped off your DVD at Walmart and wait for it to be delivered to you if you sent your media directly to Walmart. You may need to wait 3-4 weeks to get the digital copy.

    Method 5. Use DVD to Digital Converter Device

    What device you can use: ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0

    Why we picked it

    We have observed that many users search for "DVD to digital converter." When we input this keyword into Google, an Amazon result appears. Upon opening it, we find some DVD to digital hardware devices that can help digitize and record videos from DVDs to USB flash drive or SD card. A good example is ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0. With this device, you can record video from various sources such as VCR's, VHS Tapes, AV, RCA, Hi8, Camcorder, DVD, and Gaming Systems. The whole process can be accomplished without the necessity of a computer or any software. The output format will be in MP4.

    Who it's for

    The ClearClick Video to Digital Converter 2.0 is ideal for individuals who want to convert their old video tapes or camcorder tapes into digital format without the need for a computer or software. It's suitable for those with VHS tapes, VCRs, DVD players, DVRs, camcorders, Hi8, and retro gaming systems.

    • No computer or software required.
    • Easy to use.
    • Don't support customizing output.
    • Considered relatively expensive at $159.95.
    • Time-consuming due to the recording process for DVD digitization.
    • A standalone DVD player is required.
    • A USB flash drive or SD card is necessary.
    • Cannot bypass copy protection mechanisms.

    How to use ClearClick to convert DVD to digital?

    Step 1. Insert the DVD you want to digitize into a standalone DVD player.

    Step 2. Connect ClearClick Video2Digital Converter to your DVD player with a RCA cable.

    Step 3. Plug in a USB flash drive or a SD card into the converter.

    Step 4. Press the Record button on to converter to "digitize" and transfer your DVD to the USB or SD card. It will display the video as it transfers.

    Step 5. Press the Record again to stop recording. Don't skip this step, otherwise you'll get a corrupted file.

    Tips: You can use the "Auto Stop" feature to stop recording after a preset amount of time.

    Step 6. Remove the USB drive or SD card from the converter. After that, you can transfer your DVD video to computer or any device you like.

    Converting DVD to digital with ClearClick

    How to Improve the Quality of Digital Copy

    When converting DVDs to digital files yourself, you can take steps to ensure the highest possible quality. Here are a few steps.

    1. Prioritize a lossless format when storage allows

    Re-encoding video in compressed formats like MP4 can reduce quality. If storage space isn't a concern, consider converting your DVD to an ISO file or VIDEO_TS folder using tools like WinX DVD Ripper. These formats preserve the original DVD quality.

    Convert DVD to digital without quality loss

    For a more common format with minimal quality loss, use MakeMKV to convert your DVD to MKV format. This method also avoids re-encoding.

    2. Choose the right balance with video settings

    If storage space is limited, you can still achieve good quality by selecting the appropriate video codec and bitrate.

    H.264 or H.265 codecs offer a good balance between quality and file size. Avoid older codecs like MPEG-2. Higher bitrates (measured in megabits per second) generally result in better quality but larger files. Find a balance that suits your needs.

    Many DVD to digital converters such as WinX DVD Ripper offer presets optimized for common uses. If you're unsure about individual settings, these presets are a good starting point.

    3. Leverage High-Quality processing

    Some software boasts features like "High-Quality Engine" to enhance output quality. If video quality is a priority, enable these features before conversion.

    Enable High Quality Engine to improve digital quality

    4. Deinterlace video

    If your DVD source uses interlaced video (common in older content), use deinterlacing to eliminate combing artifacts (jagged edges) and improve motion smoothness.

    Deinterlace video to improve digital quality

    5. Enhance the digital copy with additional video enhancer

    Nowadays there are separate video enhancement tools that can further improve video quality. One good example is Winxvideo AI. By utilizing advanced AI models, this program can enhance the quality of DVD videos and even increase the resolution by 2X, 3X, and even 4X to fit modern large-sized screen.

    Enhance the quality of DVD video

    How to Boost DVD to Digital Conversion Speed?

    Here are some tips on how to improve the DVD to digital conversion speed:

    1. Enable Hardware Acceleration

    If your software and hardware support it, enable hardware acceleration. This leverages your graphics card (GPU) to offload some of the processing tasks, speeding things up.

    On WinX DVD Ripper, you can find this option on the right side of the main interface.

    Improve DVD to digital conversion speed on WinX

    On HandBrake, you can click the Video tab, click the dropdown menu of Video Codec and select a format that utilizes hardware acceleration, such as those with Intel QSV, Nvidia NVEnc, or AMD VCE in the name.

    Improve DVD to digital conversion speed on Mac

    2. Harness the power of your CPU cores

    Modern processors often have multiple cores, which act like multiple CPUs working together. This can significantly accelerate DVD to digital conversion.

    Software like WinX DVD Ripper lets you take advantage of this. Simply access the "CPU Core Use" dropdown menu and choose the highest number available. This will ensure your conversion leverages all the processing power at its disposal for maximum speed.

    3. Adjust settings

    While some settings like higher bitrate improve the quality of your digital file, they also increase processing time. Find a balance between quality and speed based on your needs. Consider using presets optimized for faster conversion.

    4. Close unnecessary programs

    Close any background programs that might consume system resources while converting. This frees up processing power for the conversion task.

    5. Ripping instead of full conversion

    The DVD conversion programs we mentioned earlier allow you to select only the specific video content you want, like the main movie, instead of converting the entire DVD with menus and bonus features.  Since you're focusing on a smaller amount of data, ripping can be significantly faster than full conversion.

    If you use WinX DVD Ripper, you'll save much effort. This is because it will automatically check the main movie title for you after scanning the DVD. If you use other tools, you need to play the DVD to identify the main title before selecting it for ripping.

    6. Ensure your DVDs are clean and undamaged

    A scratched or dirty DVD can take longer to read, impacting conversion speed. Ensure your DVDs are clean and undamaged.

    Wrapping up

    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is our top recommendation as it offers a range of pricing options, supports various DVD types, provides a wide selection of output formats, and performs conversions at a fast speed. It is a cost-effective solution that allows users full control over the output.

    VUDU is a convenient service option, but it is limited to the US and Mexico and has some restrictions on supported DVD titles. DVDWalmart offers a service for transferring DVDs but comes with a high price and a long wait time.

    HandBrake and VidCoder are free software options but can only handle unencrypted DVDs and cannot process copy-protected DVDs. VLC media player is another free option but works slow and has difficulties with commercial discs.

    MakeMKV is a free software that supports both unencrypted and some encrypted DVDs, but it can only export to MKV format.

    ClearClick is a way to go when you need to digitize DVDs, old video taps and camcorder tapes.

    Consider your specific needs, such as budget, the size of your DVD collection, and desired output formats, when selecting the best DVD to digital converter option for you.

    How We Tested

    We began by researching and identifying the most popular DVD to digital conversion methods and tools recommended by trustworthy sites and forums.

    Afterward, we installed each software and thoroughly tested them to evaluate their functionality, interface design, available settings, and overall user-friendliness.

    Our testing process involved using the same computer for each method and tool. We tested various types of DVDs, including homemade and store-bought ones, to check compatibility with copy-protected discs. Additionally, we conducted complete DVD to digital conversions with each method to gauge conversion speed and assess any potential quality loss. We compared the quality of the digital copies with the original DVDs, as well as compared the quality of the digital copies made by each method to determine the best performer.

    After comparing the results of our testing, we identified the strengths and weaknesses of each method and tool. This comprehensive evaluation allowed us to provide informed recommendations and valuable insights to our readers, helping them choose the most suitable DVD to digital conversion solution for their needs.


    1. How to convert DVD to digital on Mac?

    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum has a Mac version which can help you digitize DVDs on Mac. The procedure is like digitizing a DVD on Windows, so just download this tool and follow the steps in method 1.

    If you want to try something different, you can try Disk Utility – Mac's built-in app that can digitize DVDs without copyright. However, it can only export image file. Don't expect it to make a MP4 copy or other mainstreaming format from your DVD. If it's ok for you, just follow this:

    Step 1. Go to Applications > Utilities, find and open Disk Utility.

    Step 2. Locate your DVD and click on it.

    Step 3. Choose New Image which is in the centre along the top.

    Step 4. The next option to look out for is Image Format, which you should set to DVD/CD Master.

    Step 5. Set Encryption to None.

    Step 6. Hit save and the DVD will begin copying to the destination you specified. When the process is complete, just eject your DVD.

    Convert DVD to digital on Mac with Disk Utility
    2. Can I convert copy-protected DVDs to digital?

    It depends on the DVD to digital converter software you are using. Some programs, such as WinX DVD Ripper, can bypass copy protection and digitize protected DVDs, while others may not be able to. It is important to check the software's capabilities before attempting to turn a copy-protected DVD into a digital file.

    3. What digital file formats can I convert my DVD to?

    Most DVD to digital converter software can convert DVDs to common file formats such as MP4, AVI, and MOV. Some software may also support less common file formats or allow you to customize the output format.

    4. Can I convert my DVD to digital without losing quality?

    It depends on the DVD to digital conversion software and the settings you use. Some programs will not allow you to preserve the menus of the original DVD, such as HandBrake. However, some software may offer options to preserve menus for the digital file.

    5. Will my converted digital files have menus like the original DVD?

    Yes. For example, if you choose to clone DVD to ISO or VIDEO_TS folder on WinX DVD Ripper, you won’t lose quality. As for other output options, this program offers High Quality Engine to minimize this loss of quality and produce high-quality digital copies of your DVDs.

    Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

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