DVD Playback Solution

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum helps you to play DVD without error by ripping DVD to digital formats easily and fast.

  • Rip any DVDs to MP4, HEVC, H.264, AVI, etc as short as 5 minutes.
  • Backup DVD to MPEG2, clone DVD to ISO image without losing quality.
  • 350+ preset profiles for HD TV, Xbox, PS4, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc
  • Support both old and new DVDs, incl. 99-title discs and damaged DVDs.

What Is the Best DVD Player for Windows 10

Windows 10 won't play DVDs by default, this is because Microsoft excluded Windows Media Center on the latest operating system. But you can resort to a professional DVD player for Windows 10 to do the task. A good DVD playing software shall first be compatible with Windows 10, with the capability of playing all kinds of DVDs, including the region locked DVDs, protected DVDs, ISO images and DVD folder, and new DVD releases. It will be free to download and safe to use, without putting your computer in the danger of virus infection or malware invasion. Besides, the ability to play other media files such as 4K, HEVC, MKV, AVI, etc is referred.

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Read the review of top 10 free DVD players working with Windows 10 in 2021 and learn how to play regional or protected DVD movies or other media files on Windows 10 without issue.

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DVD Player and Disc Drive Troubleshootings


Playing DVDs will never be an easy thing, especially when your DVD drive or DVD player won't work. Typically, your disc drive won't read DVD and even scratches your physical movie instead. Besides, your DVD player just shows no picture but only sound and sometimes cannot play your newly purchased DVDs. If resorting to the official pages won't help to get the issue solved, you can read the following troubleshooting steps to fix your error one by one.

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Can DVD players play MP4 files from USB? Some have MP4 playback capability, while others don't. But no matter your DVD player supports MP4 or not, we can make MP4 play on DVD player.
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If the DVD you burned won't play on your DVD player or computer, try these simple fixes.
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Here's tutorial of how to rip/convert a DVD on Mac computer without DVD optical drive like MacBook Air, Mac Mini using the best DVD ripper for Mac.
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Standalone and built-in DVD player is not working with TV? Why and how to fix? Find a solution to fix the issue and play DVD on TV with a solid DVD player software.
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[Solved] Why and How to Fix DVD Drive Won't Eject or Open
Your DVD drive not opening or ejecting after you pressed the Eject button? It doesn't necessarily mean a lost disc or dead drive. Try the follow solutions to fix 'DVD won't eject/open' error easily.
Kaley Torres April 17 , 2019 DVD Drive

People also ask

How Can I Play DVD on Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player offers an easy solution to play DVD movies. Just insert the disc you want to play into the drive. However, it sometimes shows 'Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD' error message due to the lack of proper DVD decoder to deal with some protected DVDs. You have to check the solution to fix the Windows Media Player errors here by ripping DVD first.
How to Rip DVD for playback on Windows media Playerhttps://www.winxdvd.com/resource/free-dvd-ripper-windows-media-player.htm
Why Won't VLC Play My DVD?
VLC sometimes cannot read the DVD or the audio and video files of the DVD are choppy. The reasons why VLC won't play DVD may be caused by the outdated version of VLC itself, the lack of libdvdread or libdvdcss capable of reading commercially protected DVDs. You can find the solution to fix the issue or try a VLC alternative to play DVD without error.
[Troubleshooting Steps] Fix VLC Won't Play DVDhttps://www.5kplayer.com/video-music-player/solve-vlc-cant-play-dvd-problems.htm

Troubleshootings: How to Play DVD on Computer, HDTV, Xbox, PSP, Mobiles without Error


You may want to play your DVD movies on large-screen display, from HDTV, computer, Chromecast, Xbox one to mobile devices. Chances are you may encounter various errors such as wrong aspect ratio with black bars on both sides, burry image, wired screen and more. Never again any DVD playback issues. Follow the troubleshooting steps to fix all DVD playing error here if you are with a TV, computer, gaming system or so.

Is Xbox One Region Free? If Not, Can We Make It Region Free?
Xbox One and Xbox One X are region free for games, but region locked for DVDs and Blurays. Here we'll discuss how to change region on Xbox and how to make Xbox One region free.
Donna Peng July 23, 2021 Xbox
3 Ways to Play ISO Files on Mac
Can't run ISO file on Mac? We'll show you 3 methods: 1. mount iso as a virtual drive and then play it with DVD Player; 2. convert ISO to Mac playable format; 3. use a third-party app to play ISO file on Mac.
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Can PS4 play DVDs? Yes. Read our guide and learn how to play a DVD on PS4 (without internet/controller), how to fix PS4 not reading disc, and more faqs.
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This post gives a detailed explanation of 'Can Xbox One play DVDs?' and provides the reasons and best solution to fix 'Xbox One won't play DVD' issue.
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Which Formats Does Your DVD Player Support/Read/Play
What kind of formats does a DVD player read or play? Check the DVD player supported formats and solve the problem if you cannot play DVDs or videos on your DVD player.
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Top 5 Region Free DVD Players
Here you can find 5 best DVD players that can play DVDs from different regions 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, along with great features incl. HDMI support, 1080p upscaling, NTSC/PAL conversion, and more. Plus, you can get alternative solution if your region free DVD player won't read/load/play DVDs as usual.
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Here you can get the reasons and find the solution when you cannot play UDF DVD movie.
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Reasons why DVD won't play on TV range from incompatible DVD format, dirty or damaged discs, loose connection between TV and DVD player, region code and more. Follow the steps to get DVD played on TV properly.
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Plex can't play DVD folder because it dosen't support any disc image format. How to play Video_TS folder on Plex? Check the effective workaround here.
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If your TV flickers when playing DVDs, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue.
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How to Play and Watch DVD on Macbook Air
If you want to play DVD on macbook Air, here is the tutorial you can rely on.
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[Troubleshoot] How to Solve the Error Code 0x80040287 When Playing DVD
Get 0x80040287 error code from Windows DVD Player? Here are two easy ways to fix this.
Jack Watt Apr 20, 2020 Windows media Player
[Troubleshoot] How to Solve the Error Code 0x8004027d When Playing DVD
Get 0x8004027d error code from Windows DVD Player? Here are two easy ways to fix this.
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[Troubleshoot] How to Solve the Error Code 0x87e10bc6 When Playing DVD
Get 0x87e10bc6 error code from Windows DVD Player? Here are two easy ways to fix this.
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Get DVD error from Windows DVD Player when decoding disc? Here are solutions to fix this.
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What is the Best DVD Decrypter for Windows Media Player
If you want to free rip commercial DVD with Windows Media Player, you will need a DVD decrypter first to cope with the copy protection on DVD. Here is the solution.
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[Tutorial] How to Play DVD on laptop on Windows 10/87
Here is the solutions to play DVD on laptop whether you are working with windows 10, 8 or 7.
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This post shares the best DVD ripper that can decode protected DVD and rip DVD to any format.
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Troubleshootings to DVD Region Code Error


Region codes prevent the playback of DVDs in other geographical areas. You will have to change the region code at most 5 times, or you will receive a region error when playing a DVD from other countries. But don't worry, the follow part will show you how to change the region for unlimited times and play region locked DVDs anywhere anytime.

How to Play USA Region 1 DVD in UK for Free
Due to region code restriction, you cannot play USA DVD in UK or other (Europe) regions directly, unless you change DVD region code. Follow the guide to play any DVD regardless of the DVD region code.
Nicole Moore Apr. 11, 2019 DVD Region
DVD Drive Won't Change Region to Play JP DVD in USA 5 Times Later
Changing the DVD drive region code to play Japanese DVD in USA? It works indeed but a DVD drive won't change region after 5 times. Then how can you play Japanese DVD in USA? Find the easiest solution in this post.
Kaley Torres May 7, 2019 DVD Region
DVD Drive Won't Change Region to Play JP DVD in USA 5 Times Later
Changing the DVD drive region code to play Japanese DVD in USA? It works indeed but a DVD drive won't change region after 5 times. Then how can you play Japanese DVD in USA? Find the easiest solution in this post.
Kaley Torres May 7, 2019 DVD region

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