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[Full Fixes] DVD Player Stops Playing DVD in the Middle

The DVD player stops in the middle of the movie and you cannot stop it, shut it off or do anything else. It freezes and will only start again if you tap the top of the player. I have taken canned air and sprayed it in the machine to make sure there is no dirt or debris in the player. But the DVD player still freezes in the middle of the movie with no luck. Help.

Part 1. How to Troubleshooting 'DVD Player Stops Playing in the Middle' Errors

1. Dirty lens - Before you try anything else, try a known-good disc or another drive before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps to check whether the disc or the player is the reason. Then try a DVD cleaner (a DVD with a brush underneath). Any dirt or sticking labels can prevent the optical drive from reading the disk correctly.

2. Defective DVD unit - The problem "DVD stops in the middle of playback" can be caused by the misread of the disk, a problem of laser pickup assembly, DVD reading head or stepped motor, a butter error, or a bad memory sector, etc. This can be fixed by cleaning or relubricating the guide rails and checking the rubber bumper grommets are in good condition.

3. Unsupported DVD format - If the DVD that stops in the middle of playback is burned by users themselves, please check if the disc format is DVD-R. Note that some older DVD players won't support DVD-R discs except the commercially-made ones.

4. Old/bad/region DVD - A disc may prevent a DVD player from reading the DVD correctly in the middle for reasons: 1) Visually check if the disc is scratched or worn out. A DVD player may stop in the middle of the movie if the disc is scratched and you need to fix the scratched DVD. 2) Normal DVD players won't play a DVD that comes from another region. You will need a region free DVD player.

5. Old firmware - If it's an old DVD player that stops in the middle of a movie or new DVD won't play, then the old firmware may be the cause. The encryption keys in an old drive, whether your PC or Home Theater system, may be out of time and therefore fail to decrypt many newer DVD titles that have special and advanced protections on them. You may check if the manufacturer provides an update or convert the new DVD movies.  

Part 2. The Workaround to Fix 'DVD Player Freezes in the Middle of Movie'

Convert scratched/protected DVD to digital to avoid DVD player hardware/software errors.

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DVD player stops in middle of movie fix

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping commercial DVDs for any illegal purpose. You're suggested to refer to the DVD copyright laws in your country before doing so.

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author - Donna Peng

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Home > DVD > Play DVD > Fix DVD Player Freezes in the Middle of Movie


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