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VLC Tutorial - How to Play DVD on VLC and Fix DVD Not Playing error

VLC is a well-known free media player that plays everything, from files, webcams, devices, streams to discs, with no codec packs needed. However, there are still a big crowd of users asking questions such as how do I play DVDs on VLC media player? Why doesn't VLC play my DVD? Can VLC play DVDs on Windows 10? How can I enable GPU accelerated decoding on VLC? Given the difficulty and time consumption to find a complete answer from the crowded Google results, here we offer the trustful VLC tutorial here in response to your troubles with VLC.


Note: It's constantly blamed VLC won't play DVD because the physical disc is region locked and commercially protected, even with libdvdcss installed. The only efficient way to fix this issue is to convert DVD to a digital video file. WinX DVD Ripper is a 100% free and safe DVD ripper with over 10 years of experience to rip DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI, etc, which VLC recognizes.
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How to Play DVDs in Windows 10/8/7 with VLC Media Player

Step 1: Free download VLC (latest version: 3.0.8) from its official page or any other approved site. This will keep you away from any form of viruses, with no spyware or ads. Make sure not to download VLC V2.0.5 with ASF files, a great bug that will crash VLC memory process.

Step 2: Launch VLC media player from its Start menu shortcut.

Step 3: Insert a DVD into the DVD drive on your PC computer or laptop.

Step 4: Click the Media and Open Disc option from the VLC menu, choose the option for DVD and click the Play button to start playing DVD on Windows 10 with VLC. You can also control your DVD movie during the playback with a full range of control options, where you can add subtitle, move or pause the progress bar, adjust the volume, change screen size, add subtitle, etc.

How to play DVD in VLC
Play DVD in VLC

• If you are working with Mac operating system, you can download VLC Mac version and launch it, choose File > Open Disc ..> click the Open button to start playback. Additionally, you can choose Video > Fullscreen from the menu to view the movie in full screen.

Part 2: Why and How to Fix VLC Won't Play DVD Errors

Steps are simple but results are various, and even faulty. The VLC not playing DVD errors put users in an embarrassing situation. But we are here to get you out. Based on users' feedbacks, we've list six major errors while playing DVDs in VLC media player.

1: DVD read error.

There are cases VLC won't read or play DVD. Typically, the DVD disc or video_ts folder is always ejected, cannot open, and even nowhere to be found. This is down to the region code that restricts DVD playing from another region. You can change DVD region code (for at most 5 times) to fix it. Besides, dust or scratch on DVD will lead to DVD read error. Make sure the physical disc is clean before playing.

2. Playback performance error.

Users of VLC often complain that playing DVD, even it is new, is choppy and unwatchable, because video and audio files are messed up, with yellow warning notification. On the other hand, VLC won't play the whole DVD movie, and even stops or crashes after very few seconds of playing. Why does this happen? Some argue that it is the DVD problem or faulty DVD drive. While the real culprit is the copy protection, which cannot be decoded or analyzed even with libdvdcss installed. You'd better remove DVD protections with a professional DVD decrypter to fix the issue.

3. Quality problem.

Perhaps bad quality is the last thing DVD owners want to see. But VLC cannot fix the quality error unfortunately. For example, the pictures are distorted, interlaced, and there is a green screen in VLC while watching DVD, with audio still playing. Sometimes, VLC settings will help to play DVD at times.

Go to Tools > Preferences to activate the Show Settings options, then select All > Filters > check the Deinterlacing video filter > choose Yadif mode and hit Save. Besides, You can go to Preferences > Input/Codecs > Disable HW decoding to disable hardware decoding in such a way to fix the green screen issue.

4. Compatibility issue.

Occasionally, VLC DVD player fails to work after each macOS or Windows update. For example, some users notice DVD won't play on Windows 10 PCs with VLC. In this situation, just wait and upgrade to the latest VLC version to fix the compatibility error. Just go to Help on the menu and click Check for Update. Or you can try VLC alternative such as 5KPlayer, KMPlayer, or other media player to see if the error is fixed.

Part 3: How to Play DVD on PC, HDTV, Tablet, etc without a Glitch

Actually, VLC DVD playback errors are diversified, trying the solutions mentioned above is still circumscribed. For example, there are a diversified of DVD copy protections except for CSS, region code, ranging from ERC, Sony ARccOS, to Disney X-project, which are hard to crack with libdvdcss. While playing damaged/scratched DVD is unresponsive in VLC. Why not trying to backup and digitize DVD to a format that VLC will accept without worrying about the protection or DVD fragility.

Here you can try WinX DVD Ripper, a reputable free DVD ripping tool recommended by high-authority editors from CNET, Techradar, etc and with over 10-year experience in the field. Accepting any copy-protected DVD, be it movie, TV show, 99-title DVD or workout disc, it makes DVD ripping as fast as possible with lossless quality, thanks to the GPU acceleration. Typically, you can rip a full-length DVD to MP4 or others in 5 minutes, just a cup of tea.

To know more tutorial to rip DVD on Windows, please check the user guide >>

Watch video tutorial on how to play DVD when VLC doesn't work


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