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Top DVD Rentals Lists on RedBox, Netflix of All Time

If you prefer renting DVDs to eschew lifelong ownership of physical movie discs, don't miss those top DVD rentals listed.

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- I travel a lot for work, so I can't carry a DVD machine with me. I rip my subscribed rental DVDs to a HD and watch on Roku in the hotel.
- I often rent family DVDs from Netflix and Redbox for watching during long drives or flights with my 4 kids. (Real feedback from WinX support)

Online streaming is the trend indeed. But DVD disc industry would not disappear in the near decade. That's the reason why Netflix still remains its DVD rental service. In the past 2017, 3.3 million customers subscribed Netflix DVD business, contributing to its $450.5 million in revenue. Together with other DVD rental providers like RedBox, Amazon and iTunes, the total disc rentals achieved roughly over $1 billion.

For loyal DVD movie lovers, and those parents who get used to play classic or new hot DVD movies for kids at home or at travel, renting DVD, either from online via DVD-by-mail or directly from redeployed kiosks on vending machines, is a cheaper and more convenient way to go. Here we will deliver you:

Compilation of top DVD rentals on mainstream Netflix and RedBox
Faster DVD copy method for the rented (if necessary)

2019 Best Backup Tool for DVD Rentals

- Make a copy of any DVD rental before giving it back.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum helps make an easy copy of any DVD rental to MP4 (H.264), MPG, AVI or other formats, so that you can watch DVD rental movies/TV series anytime anywhere! [Hardware Accelerator Enabled]

  • : Windows 10 | macos Mojave or lower

After the bankruptcy of DVD rental giant - Blockbuster in 2000, Netflix and Redbox get the hold of the baton. Redbox offers a great many DVD rentals starting at fairly low $1.50 a day. Whenever you want to spare your time to a new movie title, you just need to walk up to the red vending machines at nearby grocery, liquor or 7/11 stores, select and pay for a certain one, then DVD disc would come out from the slot. However, Netflix runs its DVD rental business in another way online. You have to register an account, subscribe a membership with disc rental service included paying $7.99 per month (one at a time) with unlimited DVDs by mail, and then make your wish list to be sent by. Each has its own pros and cons, so quite many users claims they have rented DVDs from both of them.

When you wonder what are the most popular DVD movies on Netflix or Redbox recently, you can check out related page officially like Netflix Top 100 and Netflix new releases. You are also allowed to search by genres like anime & animation, children & family, classics and comedy. Here we've collected some authoritative lists of top DVD rentals on Netflix and Redbox for your reference.

Top DVD Rentals of All Time on Redbox
  • Redbox Top DVD Rentals
    Redbox Top 15 DVD Rentals of All Time [Revealed in 2017]
  • 1. The Hunger Games | Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller | PG-13
    2. 21 Jump Street | Action, Comedy, Crime | R
    3. Identity Thief | Action, Comedy, Crime | R
    4. The Avengers | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | PG-13
    5. We're the Millers | Comedy, Crime | R
    6. The Heat | Action, Comedy, Crime | R
    7. Flight | Drama, Thriller | R
    8. Grown Ups | Comedy | PG-13

  • 9. Just Go With It | Comedy, Romance | PG-13
    10. The Wolf of Wall Street | Biography, Comedy, Crime | PG-13
    11. Captain Phillips | Biography, Drama, Thriller | PG-13
    12. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire | Action, Adventure | PG-13
    13. World War Z | Action, Adventure, Horror | PG-13
    14. Divergent | Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi | PG-13
    15. White House Down| Action, Drama, Thriller | PG-13
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Top DVD Rentals of All Time on Netflix
  • Netflix Top 20 Most-rented DVDs of All Time [Revealed in 2016]
  • 1. Dexter (2006–2013) | Crime, Drama, Mystery
    2. The Sopranos (1999–2007) | Crime, Drama
    3. True Blood (2008–2014) | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
    4. The Wire (2002–2008) | Crime, Drama, Thriller
    5. 24 (2001–2010) | Action, Crime, Drama
    6. Mad Men (2007–2015) | Drama
    7. Weeds (2005–2012) | Comedy, Crime, Drama
    8. Lost (2004–2010) | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
    9. Six Feet Under (2001–2005) | Comedy, Drama
    10. Game of Thrones (2011– ) | Action, Adventure, Drama

  • 11. Breaking Bad (2008–2013) | Crime, Drama, Thriller
    12. Entourage (2004–2011) | Comedy, Drama
    13. House, M.D. (2004-2011) | Drama, Mystery
    14. Battlestar Galactica (2003-2009) | Action, Adventure
    15. Sex and the City (1998–2004) | Comedy, Romance
    16. Deadwood (2004-2006) | Crime, Drama, History
    17. The Tudors (2007-2010) | History, Politics, Romance
    18. NCIS (2003-2016) | Action, Comedy, Crime
    19. Smallville (2001-2010) | Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
    20. Grey's Anatomy (2005- ) | Medical Drama, Romance
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  • Netflix Top DVD Rentals
    from 1998 - 2018
  • 1998: The Big Lebowski | Comedy, Crime | R
    1999: Office Space | Comedy | R
    2000: Gladiator | Action, Adventure, Epics | R
    2001: Memento | Thriller, Mystery, Drama | R
    2002: The Bourne Identity | Action, Mystery, Thriller | PG-13R
    2003: Mystic River | Crime, Drama, Mystery,Thrillers | R
    2004: The Notebook | Drama, Romance | R
    2005: Crash | Drama, Social Issue Dramas, Indie Dramas | R
    2006: The Departed | Crime, Drama, Thriller | R
    2007: The Bucket List | Adventure, Comedy, Drama | PG-13

  • 2008: The Hurt Locker | Drama, History, Thriller | PG-13
    2009: The Blind Side | Biography, Drama, Sport | PG-13
    2010: Inception | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | PG-13
    2011: The Lincoln Lawyer | Crime, Drama, Thriller | R
    2012: The Hunger Games | Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller | PG-13
    2013: Captain Phillips | Biography, Drama, Thriller | PG-13
    2014: The Monuments Men | Drama, History, War | PG-13
    2015: The Martian | Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi | PG-13
    2016: Sully | Biography, Drama | PG-13
    2017: Wonder Woman | Action, Adventure, Fantasy | PG-13
    2018: Unknown yet

  • Netflix Top 10 Most Rented Movies during 2000-2010
  • 1. The Blind Side (2009) | R
    2. Crash (2004) | R
    3. The Bucket List (2007) | R
    4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) | R
    5. The Hurt Locker (2008) | PG-13R

  • 6. The Departed (2002) | R
    7. Sherlock Holmes (2009) | R
    8. Inception (2010) | R
    9. Iron Man (2008) | R
    10. No Country for Old Men (2007) | R

Previously, Netflix and Redbox released nearly all new-release DVD rentals in a 28-day delay. But in 2017, Redbox linked many DVD distributors like Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and Universal for 7-day or even same-day new title kiosk rentals.

Want to Enjoy DVD Rentals with No Time Limit?
Make a DVD to Digital Backup!

All DVD rentals must be returned in a specified period of time. If not, you will pay for extra charges or buy it instead. If you want to take all of the rented films to yourself, of course just for personal entertainment either at home or on the road, it's a wise way to take a DVD rental backup. In view of the different copy protection schemes built in DVD rentals, you're suggested to use WinX DVD Ripper Platinum as the right DVD ripping tool. For one thing, it can circumvent all mainstream DVD decryption mechanisms easily, the most complicated one from Disney included. For another, it's the first DVD ripper to reach level-3 hardware acceleration, quikening DVD to digital transferring speed to the maximum by delivering the whole intermediate process to hardware decoder and encoder.

rip dvd rental of manchester by the sea

Steps on Ripping DVD Rentals on Windows 10

1. Put DVD rental into DVD-ROM successfully.

2. Free download, install and launch WinX DVD Ripper Platinum on Windows computer.

3. Click "DVD Disc" on the main UI to select and load DVD content with right title ticked by default.

4. Choose a specific video format, or device model for output. If you prefer 1:1 DVD backup, just choose any mode under DVD Backup Profile category.

5. Choose subtitles/audio channel, and edit video if necessary. 6.Tap "RUN" to start rip/backup DVD. Hardware accelerator will make the process a snap.

- "I just would like to say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!! The WinX DVD ripper Platinum is indeed a worthy investment! Cos I have backed hundreds of my discs up with WinX program, some of which were rentals."

No.1 DVD Ripper Free Download & Purchase

As a full-fledged and also the strongest DVD ripper in the market, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum provides you perfect solution to:
• rip, copy, and backup both homemade and commercial (Disney/Paramount/Warner etc.) DVDs while removing the complicated copy protections;
• fast process and output video with no quality downgrade by utilizing multiple CPU cores, MMX- SSE & 3DNow! and Hyper-threading tech and hardware accelerator.

>> Get lifetime license key from this page to enjoy lifetime free upgrade with 30-day money back guarantee. <<

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software doesn't advocate ripping DVD rentals for profit purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

Please feel free to share this tutorial if you think it is helpful!

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