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[Updated] 2023 Top 7 Netflix Alternative DVD Rental Services

Netflix's DVD rental service, after 25 years, is shutting down on September 29th this year. Since 1998, more than 40 million customers have rented over 5.2 billion DVD movies from Netflix. With the end of Netflix's legacy by-mail DVD/Blu-ray Disc movies rental service, where to rent DVDs? For people who still love renting DVD movies are seeking for alternatives to Netflix for DVD rental, don't worry. There are many other options offering an equivalent DVD rental services for former Netflix DVD users.

DVD rental services like Netflix

2023 Top DVD Rental Services Alternative to Netflix

Whre to Rent DVDs like Netflix


DVD Titles

Maximum Rental Period

Late Fee

Month Limit

Netflix DVD Rental

Starting from $7.99 a month for one disc at a time ($9.99 for Blu-ray discs).

Up to 100,000 titles in its library.

As long as you want.

No due dates or late fees.



$1.80 per night for DVDs, $2.00 for Blu-ray.

600 DVDs per kiosk.

7 days

s$2 per day



Starting from $8.99/1 month for 2 DVDs.


As long as you want.

No due dates or late fees.

Starting from 2 limit per/month


Starting from $8.95 one movie per month (no 4k).


As long as you want.

No due dates or late fees.



Starting from $24.99 a month for 4 DVDs and $29.99 for 4 Blu-rays.


You will keep the DVDs and don't need to return them.

No due dates or late fees.

4 a month

Cafe DVD

Starting from 2 Disc for $9.99 a month.


8 days for non-subscribers.

$3 per DVD per additional 7 days.

Starting from 2 limit per/month


Starting from 4 Disc for $16.99 a month.


As long as you want.

No due dates or late fees.

Starting from 4 limit per/month

Public Library

Llibrary license fee

It depends.

3-14 days

It depends.

It depends.

WinX DVD Ripper

$39.95 and free for all DVDs.

Depands on your DVD collections.

As long as you want.

No due dates or late fees.


Like Netflix, online DVD rental services may close their DVD business you needd to seek where to rent DVD movies again. Then the DVDs in your watchlist may not be available streaming and not easy to find elsewhere on DVD. You will also need to comb through your list again and find the DVD titles on other websites.

So it's always safe to build your own movie library by ripping physical DVDs into a digital format. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the most professional tool for this. It can convert a DVD to MP4, H.264, MOV, WMV, ISO image, Video_TS folder, MPG, and 350+ profiles. It supports DVDs from Disney, Paramount, Warner Bro., Sony, and other studios, regardless of copy protections like region codes, CSS, RCE, ArccOS, UOPs and Disney X-project DRM.

#1. Redbox

Price: $1.80 per night for DVDs, $2.00 per night for Blu-ray discs.
DVD titles: Kiosks can can hold more than 600 DVDs with 70–200 titles, updated weekly.

Redbox is one of the largest DVD rental companies in the United States. It's a cheap and convenient Netflix DVD rental alternative by installing kiosks (it now has about 38,000) in retail stores and renting DVDs out at a low-price point. Users can rent DVDs from a local Redbox kiosk where you live. Compared to Netflix's by-mail DVD rental, the low-cost and convenience of renting from Red Box is unmatched, though it doesn't provide many movie choices in a kiosks.

Note to return the DVD before 9:00 p.m, or you will be charged the daily rental fee for the next day. You can keep a DVD for a maximum rental period of 17 days for movies and 23 days for games.

where to rent DVDs like Netflix -redbox


  • Convenient kiosks located in various retail locations for easy pick-up and return of DVDs.
  • Relatively low rental cost compared to other rental services.
  • New releases are added sooner to a kiosk.


  • Limited selection compared to other rental services.
  • Late fees can add up quickly if DVDs are not returned on time.


Price: Starting from $8.99/1 month to get 1 Disc at a time (2 limit per/month)
DVD titles: N/A is specialized in offering 3D & 4K Blu-ray DVDs and games for rental. This site can be the best alternative to Netflix DVD rental if you have some DVD titles in your Netflix DVD queue that cannot be found elsewhere. It has some hard-to-find titles and you can even email them to help you find a movie. You can rent a DVD from the service via two ways: pay per DVD rental for $4.99 to $8.99, and return the DVD within 7 days (an extra $2 per day will be charged after 7 days), or subscribe a plan starting at $8.99 a month with no due dates and no late fees!

Alternative to Netflix to rent 4K Bluray discs


  • Great Netflix DVD rental alternative where you can rent 3D and 4K Blu-ray discs.
  • You can keep the disc for as long as you like when you are on an active subscription plan.
  • You can rent another disc without having to return the first one.


  • They don't carry DVDs and some movies are available on DVD instead of Blu-ray.
  • The movie selection is rather limited.
  • Long delivery times.

#3. Gamefly

Price: Starting from $8.95 plus tax one movie per month (no 4k)
DVD titles: 292 DVD titles, not including Blu-ray titles

GameFly is well-known for providing games for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Wii, and more, however, there is a less-known DVD-by-mail rental service like Netflix. You can find a huge number of new and old titles available in DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K UHD formats. It's also a place where you can rent DVDs that are newly released movies and you can't stream on Netflix. You can choose from different plans and there are one-month trials for its Blu-ray and DVD or 4K Elite plans, and discounts are available in other plans for the first 3 months.   

alternative to netflix for dvd rental- Gamefly


  • There are no late fees or due dates and you can keep the rental DVD as long as you want.
  • It's also where you can rent 4K UHD Blu-ray titles, while Netflix doesn't.
  • The subscription costs are among the lowest in the industry.


  • GameFly doesn't rent TV shows.
  • The movie selection is rather limited.
  • Long delivery times.

#4. Horrorpack

Price: Starting from $24.99 per month for 4 horror DVDs and $29.99 per month for 4 horror Blu-rays
DVD titles: N/A

Horrorpack is a good alternative to Netflix for DVD rental where you can rent horror DVD movies. Every month, 4 horror movies in DVD or Blu-ray formats will be shipped to customers in mystery boxes. You can't request a specific movie title, instead, the site will pick four best titles for you. The movies in the boxes can be a hit or miss but overall it's pretty good value considering you're getting 4 brand new, shrink-wrapped movies. The DVD plan starts at $24.99/month while the upgraded Blu-ray option will cost you a bit more at $29.99.

where to rent DVD movies like Netflix - Horrorpack


  • It offers a curated selection of horror movies that may be difficult to find elsewhere.
  • Different to other places where you can rent DVD movies like Netflix, you don't need to return the DVD.
  • The DVD/Blu-ray movies can be shipped to different countries worldwide.


  • As it's specialized in horror movies, the movie selection is limited compared to larger Netflix DVD rental alternatives.
  • You can't request the movie in the mystery box.

#5. Cafe DVD

Price: $3 per DVD for 8 days or $4 for most Blu-ray; or starting from 4 Disc $9.99 a month
DVD titles: over 60,000 DVDs

Cafe DVD is another DVD rental service just like Netflix. It's based in San Francisco and is able to send DVDs to users anywhere in the United States. It offers a massive selection of over 60,000 DVDs, focused on high-quality movies that Netflix doesn't carry. You can subscribe for $9.99 to $27.99 a month and 2 or 4 movies added in your Movie Queue will be shipped to you. If you don't want to become a subscriber, you can also pay $3 or $4 per DVD or Blu-ray rental (plus shipping). But note that pay per rental allows a maximum rental period of 8 days, and $3 per DVD per week late fee will be charged after that.

Netflix DVD rental alternative


  • It has a good collection of DVD movies for rental.
  • There are movies that are not available on other Netflix DVD rental alternative sites.


  • The average price per disc of CafeDVD rental is more expensive than Netflix.
  • It lacks an unlimited plan that most other Netflix DVD rental alternatives offer.  
  • Users have to ship back the two movies at a time before they can rental new ones.

#6. 4KBluray4U

Price: Starting from 4 Disc $16.99 a month
DVD titles: over 1200 Blu-ray titles

4KBLURAY4U is a good alternative to Netflix where you can rent Blu-ray discs. On the site, you can find 4K UHD movies in various genres and some newest 4K movies are available. If you can't find something you want, you can ask them to add it to their selection via a simple request. Compared to another UHD rental service 3D-BlurayRental, this services offers more competitive and lower price, with 4 discs rental priced for $16.99. The monthly price decreases considerably as you increase the amount of monthly disc rental.

alternative to netflix for dvd rental - 4KBluray4U


  • There are no late fees or due dates and you can keep the rental Blu-ray movies as long as you want.
  • There is an excellent collection of Blu-ray movies.
  • The subscription costs are among the lowest in the industry.
  • Excellent customer service.


  •  It doesn't provide DVD rental option like many other services.

#7. Public Library

Some users are asking where to rent DVDs near me. The public libraries are the answers. If you live in a big city, check if there is a public library. For example, Hoopla and Kanopy are offering movies for free rental via local library. In general, these libraries have a wide range of physical DVD or Blu-ray selection that you can brorrow. For example, Kanopy offers more than 30,000 films, including Hollywood classics, foreign films, indie flicks, shorts, and documentaries. In order to rent or borrow DVDs from the library, you usually only need a library card. In addition, you may also stream movies via apps on iPhone or iPad, Android device, Fire TV, Roku, or Apple TV.

where to rent DVDs near me


  • You can brorrow DVD movies from local libraries for free as long as you return them on time.


  • Public libraries may not provide as many DVD titles as Netflix.
  • You need to find a public library near you.

How to Build Your Own Netflix Alternative Library

In light of Netflix DVD closing, somes users are seeking for other options that provide similar DVD rental service like Netflix, while there are also users who have a large DVD collection are considering building their own alternative to Netflix. But those users are worrying their DVDs may get lost or damaged, especially when the disc is no longer available to buy. Instead of buying a second copy of a DVD, you can choose to make a digital copy of your DVD before you lend a DVD out.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can help make a 1:1 DVD copy in ISO image, Video_TS folder, MPG, as well as convert a DVD to MP4, H.264, MOV, WMV, nd 350+ output profiles. All your movie DVDs, TV show DVDs, workout, animation, 99-title DVDs, old and even damaged DVDs are supported.

Step 1. Insert the DVD into your computer's DVD drive. Run the DVD converter and click "DVD Disc" button to load the movie DVD.

Step 2. In the pop-up output profile window, choose a format that you'd like to convert your DVD into.

Step 3. Click "Browse" to set a folder to store the digital copy of your DVD. 

Step 4. Next, click "RUN" to begin converting DVD copy process. The hardware acceleration will speed up the digitizing and finish the task in minutes.

Build Netflix alternative library

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose. Before you copy DVD to iPhone, check DVD copyright laws in your countries.


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