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Matthew Palmer
Matthew Palmer is a seasoned content creator with over 10 years of experience in Windows at large. He has been specialized in almost any technology with Windows OS and written thousands of new articles, covering everything from in-depth features of new laptops, latest GPU/CPU PC hardware, games, to software related. While digging into new techs, he continues enjoying painting and comics.

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[Solved] How to Fix VLC Won't Rip DVD Problem on PC/Mac?
If you've come up against the 'VLC won't rip DVD' problem on either Windows PC or Mac OS X, find possible reasons and the easiest solutions from this post.
Matthew PalmerSep.18, 2023
DVD DRM Removal Software - How to Remove DRM from DVD
This post shows how to use the best DVD DRM removal software to remove Walt Disney X-project DRM, CSS, Region Code and other DRM protections from DVDs, ISO files and DVD folders.
Matthew PalmerSeptember 14, 2023
2023 Top 6 Netflix Alternative DVD Rental Services
Netflix DVD rental service is closing, but don't worry, there are many other places that still offer DVD and Blu-ray rental services.
Matthew PalmerJuly 25, 2023
[2023] How to Bypass and Change DVD Region Codes
Want to change DVD region code or bypass region 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 DVDs on any PC/laptop/Xbox/PS4/PS5 in any country without errors? The guide shows you how to remove / unlock DVD region locks for US, Europe, Australia, Japan, etc without changing region code on DVD drive at all.
Matthew PalmerJune 16, 2023
[Updated] Best Free 4K H.265 HEVC Video Players in 2023
Reviews of the best free H.265/X265/HEVC players for 4K/8K Ultra HD videos. Download a free H.265/HEVC media player app on Windows (11/10) or Mac without HEVC codec.
Matthew PalmerMay 31, 2023
How to Eject DVD from Mac External DVD Drive
This article will show you how to eject DVD disc from MacBook, iMac external DVD drive like SuperDrive in easy peasy way.
Matthew PalmerMay 18, 2023
Fix Windows Movie Maker Can't Import/Edit/Recognize MP4 Movies/Videos
Can't import MP4 to Windows Movie Maker fore diting? You can convert MP4 to Windows Movie Maker supported video formats or switch to another MP4 video converter.
Matthew PalmerApril 27, 2023
Top 5 AV1 Video Players Free Download [2023 Update]
Here’s a handpicked list of the best AV1 player for Windows 10/11, macOS, Android, and iOS, with their worth-mentioning features, reviews, pros, and cons.
Matthew PalmerApril 18, 2023
10 Best Video Converter Software for Windows 11/10 [Safe & Fast]
Looking for a video converter for Windows to convert videos easily on Windows 10 and 11? This post listed 10 best free video converters for Windows 10/11 for your choice.
Matthew PalmerApril 17, 2023
Download Free HD Video Player for PC to Play 1080p/720p HD Videos
The best free HD video player software for PC to play 1080p HD, 4K UHD videos. Enjoy high quality and smooth viewing experience playing HEVC, MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, H.264, MP4, MOV, etc.
Matthew Palmer March 28, 2023 Player
Xbox One Disc Drive Repair: Fix Top 5 Xbox One Disc Drive Errors by Yourself
This post focuses on showing you how to repair Xbox One disk drive errors by yourself, such as Xbox One not reading disk, Xbox One disc drive makes grinding noise.
Matthew PalmerMar 16, 2023
How to Rip and Put DVD to iPhone in Clicks
We'll show you how to rip DVD to iPhone format and transfer DVD rip file to iPhone. It's easy.
Matthew PalmerMar 16, 2023
How to Burn VOB to DVD Free on Windows 10/Mac?
WinX DVD Author is a not only a free VOB to DVD burner to free burn VOB file to DVD disc on all Windows OSs, but also a video to VOB converter, VOB video editor, VOB to DVD folder converter and so on.
Matthew PalmerMar 15, 2023
[Review] 20 Best Free and Paid Video Converters in 2023
Seeking for the best video converter to convert, compress and edit videos? Check the review and comparison of 20 best video converters with features and pricing, and pick up the video converter suits you best.
Matthew PalmerMarch 13, 2023
2023 Top 10 Free 4K/HD Movie Apps for Windows 10
Review best 10 free movie apps for Windows 10 to watch free instant movies on Windows 10. Learn how to free download 4K/HD 1080p/720p movies for offline playback on PC iPhone iPad Android.
Matthew PalmerFeb 21, 2023
2023 Fastest Free CUDA/GPU Video Converter
Full review of a fastest CUDA video converter for Windows and Mac, which converts 4K H.264, HEVC/H.265, MKV, MP4, 1080p 5K 8K videos etc using both GPU/CPU hardware acceleration technologies.
Matthew PalmerFebruary 13, 2023
Best Free DVD Ripper No Watermark or Limitations
A real free DVD ripper without watermark can convert DVD to MP4 FLV AVI WMV MPEG and other video formats. Enjoy fully functional DVD ripper without any limitations.
Matthew PalmerFeb.10, 2023
Top 5 AMR File Players to Play AMR Files
How to play AMR file? Download the free AMR file player to get help.
Matthew PalmerDecember 28, 2022
Windows NAS Review | Top 2 NAS Devices Running on Windows Storage Server
Want to get a Windows-based NAS for file storage, management or sharing? This article will introduce top 2 NAS devices for home or small business running on Windows Storage Server.
Matthew PalmerDec 14, 2022
WinX Video Converter Windows 7 Full Version [Free Download]
Video converter Windows 7 Windows 10 (64 bit, 32 bit) free download full version. See the reviews and key features of the Windows 7 video converter, compressor, downloader and editor.
Matthew PalmerNov 29, 2022
[Updated 2023] Best/New Christmas Movies on Netflix
What are the best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix instant? Here we have lists of good Christmas movies new on Netflix, best Xmas films 4K on Netflix for kids, family, etc for watch instantly and New Years Eve movie on Netflix streaming.
Matthew PalmerNov.28, 2022
How to Play DVD on Android Tablet and Phone? Rip It First
How to play DVD on Android tablet or phone? Use Android DVD player or rip DVD to Android supported format and then put DVD rip file on Android for playback? Here are answers.
Matthew PalmerNov.10, 2022
[Solved] Windows Movie Maker Not Working on Windows 11/10/8(.1)/7/Vista
Here's the best answer to solve Windows Movie Maker not working on Windows 11/10/8(.1)/7/Vista issue. Read it now, fix your error and then edit videos with Windows (Live) Movie Maker properly.
Matthew PalmerSeptember 23, 2022
[Solved] DVD Won't Play on Windows 10/11? Troubleshooting Tips Arrive Here!
Are you experiencing 'DVD won't play on Windows 10/11' error? Don't worry! Here we will list troubleshooting tips helping you play DVDs on Windows 10 (for free) with no hassle at all.
Matthew PalmerSeptember 20, 2022
3 Solutions to Solve Windows DVD Player 0x8004027d Error Code!
Error code 0x8004027d appears when launching Windows DVD Player in Windows 10? Follow the solutions below to easily fix DVD playback error 0x8004027d.
Matthew PalmerSeptember 7, 2022
Best Free H.264 Player - Play H.264 Files on Windows/Mac
We'll introduce 5 free H.264 players to help play raw .264, .h264, and regular H.264-encoded files on Windows and Mac. Can't play H.264 files? Just check these methods.
Matthew PalmerAugust 15, 2022
How to Clean DVD Discs at Home – Clean Dirty and Scratched DVDs
This article will show you how to clean DVD discs with dust, smudges, fingerprints, and scratches. It's easy to clean a dirty and even scratched DVD at home.
Matthew PalmerJuly 20, 2022
How to Convert/Burn MOV (QuickTime) Video to DVD
Load your MOV QuickTime video file to video to DVD burner software, create DVD menu and chapter, and then burn MOV to DVD. That's all.
Matthew PalmerJuly 19, 2022
Top 3 MakeMKV Alternatives: Rip DVD to MKV and More
Score easiest MakeMKV alternative for Windows and Mac to get best DVD ripping without quality loss. Easily rip protected DVD to MKV, MP4, MOV, and more formats for playback on iPhone iPad Android, etc.
Matthew PalmerMay 23, 2022
4 Steps to Convert a DVD for Streaming to TV, Roku, iPad
This article will show you how to convert DVD and stream DVD to TV, Roku, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chromecast, and other devices.
Matthew PalmerMay 12, 2022
How to Burn MKV Files to DVD: 3 Free Converters to Choose
Download the FREE MKV to DVD converter to free convert and burn MKV to DVD with high quality and no watermarks. Add MKV, select DVD, and you can create DVD from MKV videos easily and fast.
Matthew PalmerApr.21, 2022
MKV Converter - Convert MKV to/from AVI, MP4, DVD, VOB, M2TS and More
How to get best MKV Converter software to convert MKV to/from AVI, MP4, DVD, VOB, AVCHD, M2TS, and more on PC/Mac? WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is the best MKV Converter capable with above all.
Matthew PalmerApril 20, 2022
Damaged DVD not Ripping? Here're the Most Effective Solutions
Can't rip damaged DVDs with DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, HandBrake, or other software? This troubleshooting guide will help you copy files from scratched DVDs.
Matthew PalmerApr.15, 2022
How to Free Burn DVD with Subtitles SRT ASS SSA on Windows 10
Many people need to burn DVD with subtitles to watch foreign movies without language or hearing barrier or something else. This guide shows how to add subtitles to DVD with WinX DVD Author, a free DVD burner on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP.
Matthew PalmerMarch 15, 2022
CUDA HEVC Encoder | 2023 Best CUDA H.265 Video Converter
CUDA HEVC encoder and decoder can be taken to accelerate (4K/1080p HD) video conversion in this way.
Matthew PalmerFebruary 25, 2022
List of Free Christmas Songs for Kids | Free Download
This article covers 2023 Best free kids Christmas songs list and shows how to free download Christmas music for children from YouTube.
Matthew PalmerDec.1, 2021
Fix Windows Movie Maker Windows 10 Errors: Not Working, No Sound...
Guide on how to fix Windows Live Movie Maker errors for Windows 10 such as Movie Maker no sound, Movie Maker won't work/respond with Windows 10/Windows 8/7, won't open/start error data, etc.
Matthew PalmerOctober 19, 2021
Windows 10 Compatibility Issues with Windows 7/8 or Software
Here are solutions to Windows 10 compatibility issues with Windows 7/8 program software. Check Windows 10 compatibility before upgrade or run app in Win 10 compatibility mode.
Matthew PalmerOctober 19, 2021
HandBrake Cannot Passthrough Video and DVD [Fixed]
HandBrake will not passthrough video and DVD. Why? The text will give you answers and solutions to rip and convert DVDs, videos, audios without re-encoding.
Matthew PalmerAug.31, 2021
How to Make HandBrake Video Settings for Android Tablet
Compared with making HandBrake video settings for Android tablet or smartphone, it is simpler to find a HandBrake alternative for ripping/converting DVDs to Android devices.
Matthew Palmer August 24, 2021 Handbrake
HandBrake Slow: Why It Happens and How to Improve?
If your HandBrake is always slow or suddenly slow during encoding some DVDs, Blu-rays or videos, find reasons and solutions in the article to improve the DVD / video transcoding speed.
Matthew PalmerAugust 4 , 2021
How to Fix A Scratched DVD and Recover Data
How to fix a scratched DVD cheap at home with toothpaste, Vaseline, Windex, etc.? All effective scratched DVD repair methods are here to help you recover data from unreadable DVDs.
Matthew PalmerMarch 29, 2021
Download Free DVD Writer Software on Windows 7/8.1/10 - WinXDVD
Download the best free DVD writer software for Windows 7/8.1/10 here. Detailed software review and user guide are also provided.
Matthew PalmerMar.29, 2021
How to Fix Kernel Security Check Failure BSoD on Windows 10
Do you dread to see blue screen or blue screen of death (BSoD) on your computer? Here's is what to do if the BSoD happened owing to kernel security check failure on Windows 10.
Matthew Palmer March 12, 2021 Windows
[Solved] Facebook Videos Not Playing Loading Problem
Can't view or play Facebook videos? This is a guide to how to fix 'Facebook video won't play/load' problem in Chrome, Firefox or IE. If you still can't watch Facebook videos online, download movie/music videos from Facebook using free Facebook downloader.
Matthew PalmerFeb 5, 2021
MakeMKV - Make Blu-ray and DVD to MKV by Ripping Blu-ray DVD to MKV
How to use MakeMKV to make Blu-ray to MKV and Make DVD to MKV? This is MakeMKV user guide helps you make MKV from Blu-ray and DVD.
Matthew PalmerJan. 08, 2021
Network Storage – NAS (Network Attached Storage), Best NAS Devices, NAS vs SAN
Network storage NAS (Network-attached storage) introduction. How does NAS work? What are the best NAS devices/hard drives? NAS vs SAN (Storage Area Network), what's their difference?
Matthew PalmerJan 08, 2021
WinX DVD vs DVDFab Part 1: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum vs DVDFab DVD Ripper
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum vs DVDFab DVD Ripper: what are the differences? which is the best DVD ripper you should choose?
Matthew PalmerNov.4, 2020
How to Rip DVD to SSD Drive on PC/Mac/Tablet?
If you've built the computer with SSD for speeding up, better performance, and want to rip DVD to SSD, this is the tutorial you need.
Matthew Palmer November 03, 2020 SSD drive
How to Rip DVD to Xbox One (X) on PC/Mac | Play DVD on Xbox without Internet
It is a solution of ripping DVD to Xbox One on PC or Mac for playing any DVD movie on the video game console Xbox One released by Microsoft without internet connection; a DVD to Xbox One ripping and importing/transferring tutorial.
Matthew PalmerOct 26, 2020
Can't Rip Beachbody Insanity Workout DVDs or Other Exercise DVDs? Fix it now!
This guide is about how to fix Insanity workout DVD ripping problems. If you can't rip Beachbody's or other fitness DVDs to MP4, AVI, MOV, or to mobile, TV and tablet format, please try the solution out.
Matthew PalmerAugust 25, 2020
Best DVD Extractor to Extract DVD Video & Video Easily
The best DVD extractor can extract DVD videos to MP4, ISO image, extract movie music, soundtracks, and extract only a part of video or audio from DVDs with original quality.
Matthew PalmerJuly 15, 2020
Best and Fastest HEVC/H.265 Encoder with NVIDIA NVENC/CUDA Support
This post introduces a simple and fast HEVC/H.265 encoder supporting NVIDIA NVENC/CUDA to accelerate any video to HEVC/H.265 encoding speed.
Matthew PalmerJuly 6, 2020
Best Hardware-accelerated HEVC/H.265 Encoder Converting Any Video to HEVC
In addition to introducing HEVC, HEVC hardware encoder, this article also brings in the best H.265 encoder that utilizes Nvidia NVENC and Intel QSV hardware encoding for H.265.
Matthew PalmerJuly 6, 2020
Backup DVD Alice in Wonderland to MP4 in The Best Way
Learn the best way to rip and convert DVD Alice in Wonderland to MP4/MPEG or any other video format which can be supported by iPohne, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Netflix, Plex, etc.
Matthew PalmerJuly 3, 2020
[Solved] How to Fix KMPlayer Doesn't Work
KMPlayer stop working or not working properly? The KMPlayer guide and tips will help you fix KMPlayer errors and solve KMPlayer doesn't work problem so you can play MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, H.264 videos smoothly.
Matthew PalmerJune 17, 2020
How to Use DVDShrink to Burn DVD on Windows 8
If you want to download DVD Shrink free and use it to burn DVDs without installing Nero 7/8/9 on Windows 8/10, please read this tutorial for DVD Shrink Alternative.
Matthew PalmerJune 17, 2020
[Free Download] No.1 Fast DVD Ripper Decoder
Here we will show you the No.1 fast DVD ripper decoder software and a detailed user guide of how to rip/decode DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV etc, on Windows (10) PC/Mac.
Matthew PalmerJune 17, 2020
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum vs. WinX DVD Copy Pro: What're the Differences?
What are the differences between WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and WinX DVD Copy Pro of Digiarty? What're the differences between DVD ripping software and DVD copy software?
Matthew PalmerJune 5, 2020
Windows 10 S vs Windows 10 Pro Comparison and Difference
Windows 10 S vs Windows 10 Pro, what's their difference? Which one to choose for a new Windows laptop, Windows 10 S or Windows 10 Pro?
Matthew PalmerMay 29, 2020
Windows 10 vs macOS High Sierra Comparison: Similarities and Differences
Windows 10 vs macOS High Sierra comparison will focus on teasing out similarities and differences of these two OSes in terms of interface, design, security, virtual assistants, supported file types, multitasking, etc.
Matthew PalmerMay 29, 2020
How to Stream Movies from Xbox to Windows 10
If you hope to stream 4K/HD movies from Xbox to Windows 10 for a greater movie playback, this article will show you the Xbox to Windows 10 movie streaming guide.
Matthew PalmerMay 28, 2020
Microsoft Windows 10 Review: Mystery of Windows 10 for Touch
This article gathers Microsoft Windows 10 reviews on basis of features and improvements helping people learn experience, performance, useful functions and lacks of Windows 10 on PC, laptops and mobiles.
Matthew PalmerMay 28, 2020
Windows 10 New Features | What's New in Microsoft Windows 10
This Windows 10 features page explains what's new in Microsoft Windows 10 and what these Windows 10 new features can bring to users.
Matthew PalmerMay 28, 2020
How to Stream Movies, Music on Windows 10 with Movie/Music Streaming Apps
This article discusses how to stream movies, music from Windows 10 PC to devices (Windows Phone/Tablet, Xbox) using movie/music streaming apps in Windows 10 app store.
Matthew PalmerMay 28, 2020
5 Answers: Instagram Desktop App for Windows 10/8/7
Instagram desktop app for Windows 10 PC is available for free download in Windows App Store. Read more for Instagram app for Windows 7, Chrome, etc and fix Instagram app can't login or upload photos error.
Matthew PalmerMay 28, 2020
Best Windows 10 Review Videos | Must-See Windows 10/Mobile Video Reviews
List of must-see Windows 10 reviews with video, incl. video reviews of Windows 10/mobile specs and new features from CNET, YouTube, WinBeta, TechRadar, Vimeo, etc.
Matthew PalmerMay 28, 2020
YouTube Not Working on Windows 10? Get Troubleshooting Tips Now!
Windows 10 YouTube not working problem is quite troublesome, while the following tips will provide useful guidance to fix YouTube not playing, loading, no audio, black screen and other errors on Windows 10.
Matthew PalmerMay 27, 2020
Windows 10 New Feature: Spartan Will Play DVD and Flash Videos?
Here, we'll explore Windows 10 browser new feature: Spartan (Microsoft Edge) supports for playing DVD videos and flash videos? Read this article to learn more about the features of Windows 10 Spartan browser.
Matthew PalmerMay 27, 2020
Windows 10 Mobile | Lumia 950/950 XL Specs, Release Date, Price
Latest news on Microsoft's Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL specifications, price, and supported file formats, etc. Learn how to convert video to Lumia 950 Windows 10 mobile for playback.
Matthew PalmerMay 27, 2020
How to Download iTunes for Windows 10 (32 & 64 Bit)
Try to download iTunes for Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit) to sync and manage iOS files? Here we will show a complete iTunes download guide and list solutions if you fail to download iTunes on Windows 10.
Matthew PalmerMay 27, 2020
How to Download Windows 10 Wallpaper and Desktop Backgrounds HD/4K Online
Download HD/4K wallpaper and desktop backgrounds for Windows 10 to design your desktop with favorite Windows 10 wallpaper/backgrounds.
Matthew PalmerMay 26, 2020
How to Use Boot Camp to Install Microsoft Windows 10 on Mac
This Windows 10 Boot Camp guide will tell you how to install/run Microsoft Windows 10 on a Mac computer using Boot Camp.
Matthew PalmerMay 26, 2020
Most Helpful Battery Saving Tips for Windows 10 Laptops/Mobiles You Should Know
How to extend the battery life of Windows 10 devices? Here, the most useful battery saving tips for Windows 10 laptops/tablets/phones will be introduced to you in details.
Matthew PalmerMay 26, 2020
Windows 10 Update Guide: How to Upgrade to Windows 10 OS from Win 7/8.1?
This guide helps get Windows 10 free update or upgrade easily from Microsoft Windows 7 or 8.1 (32/64 bit, genuine or non-genuine). See how to download Windows 10 OS and apps free.
Matthew PalmerMay 19, 2020
Step-by-step guide to Install Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine on Windows/Mac/Linux
How to install Windows 10 in a virtual machine to test new Microsoft Windows OS without affecting your original system? This guide will walk you through the process from beginning to end.
Matthew PalmerMay 18, 2020
3 Best Ways to Watch HD Movies on Surface Pro 4/3 Freely
How to freely play and watch HD/4K movies on Surface Pro 4/3/2 Windows 10 tablets? There are 3 best ways for watching movies online on Surface Pro 4.
Matthew PalmerApril 27, 2020
Nvidia NVENC/CUDA GPU Transcode HEVC/H.265 Video, DVD at Fastest Speed
Nvidia NVENC/CUDA GPU hardware accelerated video transcoding is perfectly supported by the best video converter, DVD ripper for Windows (10) – WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. Transcode HEVC/H.265/H.264 video, DVD at fastest speed with GPU acceleration.
Matthew PalmerApril 26, 2020
Hardware Acceleration in Windows 10: Everything You Should Know
What is hardware acceleration? How to enable/disable hardware acceleration in Windows 10? Is there a great hardware-acceleration video transcoder to speed up video transcoding on Windows 10? Every question can be answered here.
Matthew PalmerApril 23, 2020
How to Speed up Video Encoding -- 4 Tricks to Accelerate Video Encoding
Video encoding is quite slow? Using the tricks here will speed up video encoding distinctly.
Matthew PalmerApril 23, 2020
All about Hardware Acceleration on H.264 Video | Windows 10
The hardware of your Windows PC can realize smoother H.264 playback and faster video conversion of H.264 video. Here's how to...
Matthew PalmerApril 23, 2020
What Are 3 Levels of Hardware Acceleration?
Hardware acceleration can be classified into 3 grades: level-1, hardware encoding only; level-2, hardware decoding + hardware encoding; level-3, hardware decoding + GPU processing + hardware encoding. WinX Level-3 hardware accelerated video software delivers NO.1 fastest video transcoding speed.
Matthew PalmerApril 23, 2020
New Disney Movies DVDs for Kids and DVD Rip/Backup Solution
List of best Disney movies DVDs for kids. Also check best Disney movies 2018 incl. new Disney animated movies for kids. Backup Disney DVD movies to computer as digital MP4, AVI, MOV, ISO, etc.
Matthew PalmerMarch 31, 2020
Windows 10 Update Problems - Full Fixes and Tips
When you upgrade from Windows 7/8 to 10, you may see Windows 10 update stuck, failed to install, won't complete and no DVD playback, missing video codecs, slow computer, no sound, and other issues after Windows 10 update. Have any problems with Windows 10 update, find a fix here.
Matthew PalmerMar 23, 2020
How to Download ShowBox App on PC (Windows 10/8.1/7) Free to Watch HD Movies
Updated: ShowBox is not working and is shut down on iPhone. How to download ShowBox movie app for PC Windows 10/8.1/7, laptop/Surface Pro? - install ShowBox alternative for PC (Win 10) or Android Emulator to watch, stream or download HD movie free without jailbreak.
Matthew PalmerMar. 12, 2020
UDF DVD Movie Will Not Play: Solved with WinX DVD Ripper
How to solve if your UDF DVD movie will not play? Read the article and find different solutions to fix UDF format file not playing problems on Windows or Mac.
Matthew PalmerJan 17, 2020
Download Best Free Video Cutter & Joiner
WinX Video Converter is the best free video cutter and joiner for Windows (10) and Mac; it can cut 4K HD MP4 videos, split MKV, AVI, 3GP, MOV, FLV, MPG, M2TS movies, and join video clips for video processing.
Matthew PalmerDec 16, 2019
How to Rip and Copy DVD Star Trek: Into Darkness for PC & Mac
The article introduces the best and fastest DVD ripper to rip and copy DVD Star Trek: Into Darkness with excellent quality.
Matthew PalmerSep.24, 2019
Free Download Windows 8.1 DVD Ripper - HandBrake or Alternative
Many people wonder that whether HandBrake can rip DVDs on Windows 8.1 Windows 10, but may find HandBrake not working on Windows 8.1 Windows 10 perfectly, nor Disney and many other encrypted DVDs such as Iron Man 3 and Monsters University can be ripped free by HandBrake on Windows 8.1 Windows 10.
Matthew PalmerSep 5, 2019
Convert DVD to PSP Format with Free PSP DVD Converter
Want to convert your favorite DVD movies to PSP compatible format? Free PSP DVD converter is what you need. WinX Free DVD to PSP Ripper lets you convert DVD to PSP with ease.
Matthew PalmerSep. 04, 2019
Best Free DVD to HTC Ripper for PC Windows
WinX DVD Ripper is the best free DVD to HTC ripper running on PC Windows 7/Windows 8, which is helpful in free ripping DVD to HTC Android phone such as HTC EVO, Aria, Surround, etc to enjoy HD video on HTC phone.
Matthew PalmerSep. 04, 2019
How to Play DVD on HTC One M8 - Rip Any DVD with the Best DVD Ripper
This tutorial aims to guide you on how to play DVD on HTC One M8 by using the best DVD ripping software, to rip any DVD to any HTC One M8 compatible video format with No.1 fast ripping speed.
Matthew PalmerJuly 24, 2018