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How to Stream Movies from Xbox to Windows 10

When it comes to Windows 10, the seamless interaction between Xbox and PC excites us that users can stream Xbox games to computer or tablets running on Windows 10 through home network as well as gamers can handle several tasks in gaming life, to assign games, check messages and achievements, chat with friends on PC with the aid of Xbox App for Windows 10. It's not the end. DirectX 12 drives gaming on Windows 10 in an efficient and power-saving way. Game DVR is reserved for recording, editing and sharing great gaming moments. At present, all streaming features are about Xbox games, not including movies, TV shows and music. For someone who would like to stream movies from Xbox to Windows 10, the following ways can probably satisfy you.

Stream Movies from Xbox to Windows 10

Xbox Video is an app collecting a huge number of movies and TV shows, even new releases for Xbox users to rent or purchase. With Xbox Video, you can watch favorite movies whenever and wherever you like. Of course, if you prefer to have a better enjoyment of Xbox Video movies on computer, the how-to guide will teach you to stream movies from Xbox to Windows 10.

Firstly, free download Zune Music + Video software from Xbox.com for Windows 10 and launch it on your computer.
Secondly, sign in with the Microsoft account same to your Xbox account and access Account by tapping Settings.
Thirdly, open Purchase History and tap Movies to get the list of movies you have purchased or downloaded from Xbox Video.
Fourthly, click the purchased movie you want to stream and tap Download button.
Fifthly, after that, the CONFIRM dialogue box pops up. Select Watch now to stream movies from Xbox to Windows 10 for watching immediately. Otherwise, click Download now for offline playback.

Stream Movies from Xbox
Stream Movies from Xbox


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