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How to Free Burn 8mm Film to DVD and Convert 8mm to DVD

"I attempted to burn my 8mm film to a DVD but don't know how. What can I do if I want to convert 8mm film to DVD?"

The general way to turn 8mm film to DVD is complicated. For example:

I started a project by using my Canon Camcorder to copy from a projector using a Mini DVD-R -1.4GB - 30min disk. The copy from the projector to the Camcorder went really well. As I wanted to edit the films, I decided to copy them into my computer first in order to bring the movies into Windows Live Movie Maker. The films came with a prefix of "TS_", which is unsupported by any of the Windows' apps. Then I converted the TS format [from the Cannon Mini Disk] into a format acceptable by Windows, i.e., wmv, avi, mp4, etc. I successfully managed to edit the film using Windows Live Movie Maker. But after the editing, I don't know how to burn the edited, or even raw 8mm film to DVD.

Here we'd like to introduce you 4 ways to burn 8mm film to DVD easily.

Convert 8mm to DVD

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Method 1: Best DVD Authoring Software to Burn 8mm Film to DVD Easily

WinX DVD Author: A free self-help DVD burning program that will convert 8mm films to DVD no matter what format your source 8mm film video is, TS, WMV, AVI, MP4, H264, MKV, FLV, VOB, Xivd/DviX, OGG, and any other formats. More than that, it will burn film 8mm to DVD with background music, text and images independently.

Free download the 8mm film to DVD burner. WinX DVD Author is provided with several options for burning 8mm film video to DVD:

Option 1: Choose "Video DVD Author" to directly burn 8mm video file to DVD in one step. It is easy but allows choosing subtitle and menu.

Option 2: Convert video to VOB first and then burn VOB to DVD. [Video to VOB: Click "Convert Video to VOB" -> add source file via "+" button -> click to enter Next step -> Start]

best free 8mm to DVD burner

Adjust: You can choose 4:3 for Standard TV and 16:9 for Widescreen TV (4:3 to 16:9), and set Output Property according to your needs, including output folder, Encoder Engine (Deinterlacing), etc.

Edit: Go back to the main interface -> Click "VOB to DVD Complier" -> add the source VOB file -> implant any background music, Title Menu, Chapter Menu, text and picture you like -> Click Next Step (>>) button and Start

how to burn 8mm to DVD

VOB to DVD: Enter "DVD Disc Burner" process -> click VOB File and Add the source -> Click Next Step button and Start. You can choose DVD-5 (4300MB) or DVD-9 (8500MB) as the output.

Method 2: Burn 8mm Film (ISO/Folder) to DVD with DVD Burner

WinX DVD Copy Pro is powerful to convert and copy your 8mm film to DVD if it is in forms of ISO image file or VIDEO_TS folder. It also virtualizes a drive when mounting DVD ISO image. If you have a DVD folder or ISO image of 8mm film, you can turn it into DVD without quality loss with software. It also supports DVD to DVD, DVD to ISO and DVD to VIDEO_TS folder copy while starving off all kinds of DVD copy protections, for fair use.

Free download WinX DVD Copy Pro on your PC first and launch it.

Step 1: Click DVD Burner button and load ISO/DVD folder.
Step 2: Choose Target DVD Burner.
Step 3: Insert a blank DVD disc.
Step 4: Click Run to start burning 8mm film to DVD from either ISO image or DVD folder.

Burn 8mm ISO/Folder to DVD

Method 3: Turn 8mm to DVD with 8mm Tape to DVD Transfer Service

There are a number of service providers offer transfer service to convert 8mm tapes to DVD, such as Kodak Digitizing Box. By using the Kodak Digitizing Box, you can convert 8mm tape to DVD, thumb drive, or into a digital download format. But all of this assumes you pay for it. Usually, a crush-proof prepaid box is sent to the user through which they can send back their barcoded media to the service provider. After that, their technical experts start processing the 8mm to DVD conversion, and the update process is mailed to the user. Once it done,  the original tape along with the created DVDs is sent to the user.

So just waiting at home after you paid for Kodak Digital Box and send back the barcoded media to them.

8mm Tape to DVD Transfer Service

Method 4: Transfer 8mm to DVD with 8mm Tape to DVD Converter

There are also 8mm tape to DVD converter available for transferring 8mm tapes to DVD discs. If you searching "8mm to DVD converter" on amazon, you'll get a huge list of results. One of the most impressive products could be Wolverine 8mm & Super 8 Reels to Digital MovieMaker Pro. You can mount-up the 8mm film with a proper reel up to the 5-in diameter and the adapter before you start. Usually, the 8mm film is converted to a digital movie at 720p 30fps. Wolverine 8mm to DVD converter scans and then saves the digital movie to SD SDHC cards. You're able to convert it to a DVD disc further if needed.

8mm Tape to DVD Converter

About 8mm Film

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