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DVD Player Says Unknown Disc? Now Fix This Error

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Solutions to Fix DVD Player Unknown Disc Error

Unknown disc is a very common DVD player problem. Our DVD player may say "UNKNOWN DISC" for certain DVD and even all DVDs we insert. This error is usually caused when the DVD is dirty, region locked, or in a DVD player incompatible format, or when the laser lens of the player is dirty or broken. Below are the steps to fix unknown disc error on DVD player when you cannot play DVD on TV, Xbox or so.

DVD player says unknown disc error

Step 1. Find out the Cause of Unknown Disc Problem

Is the issue related to the disc or the player? To figure out this, you can put the problematic disc into another DVD player or a computer and see if the disc can play properly or not. If the disc can be read by other devices, then unknown disc error is to do with the DVD player. Otherwise, the problem is to do with the disc. Another way is to put other discs in the DVD player with the issue. If it says unknown disc for all discs, the problem lies in the player.

Step 2. Fix DVD Player Unknown Disc Error

1). If the disc is the problem, you need to clean it if it is dirty, repair it if it is scratched, or re-burn it if it is a self-burned disc and uses a disc format that the DVD player doesn't support. If the problematic disc is bought online, you'd better check if the region of disc matches with that of DVD player.

2). If the DVD player is the problem, you can try cleaning the laser lens with a lens cleaner disc. If cleaning doesn't solve unknown disc problem, you may need to change the lens or buy a new player.

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