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Why is TV Playing DVD in Black and White with No Color?

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"I have an apex ad1010w dvd player and when I hook it up to my UN32J400DAF Samsung TV with the red, white and yellow rca jacks. But the DVD player has black and white with no color."

When playing a DVD on a TV, users may need to connect the DVD player to the TV via A/V, S-Video, Component or composite cables. Then problems come. You may find the Philips/Samsung/LG/Sony DVD player is playing black and white without color, or some other times, the colors don't look correct and the DVD playbck flickers. This post will show you how to fix DVD player no color problems via two ways- check the cables and digitize DVDs.

DVD player black and white errors
  • Analysis
    When TV plays DVD in black and white without color, it's often the incorrect cabling that causes the problem. For example, if you connect the green cable into the green Component jack on the TV, you will see the DVD player not playing DVD in color. If you connect the blue cable into the blue Component jack, the image color will show bluish hues...
  • Possible Fix
    Fix 1: If your TV has a shared component video (3 RCA) and composite video (1 RCA) input, the DVD player will get black and white picture if you connect the DVD with composite to the input when the TV is set for the component. You need to set the TV to composite in the TV menu.
    Fix 2: Disconnect all cables from the TV > then reconnect the colored cables to the same color-coded jacks on the TV. If the DVD player still has no color, replace the cables if necessary.
    Fix 3: For S-Video cables, unplug the S-video cables on both ends and check if there are any bent or missing pins, which will cause DVD player black and white with no color errors. Replace the cables if necesary. Check what to do if your TV screen is pink.

[Ultimate fix] TV still plays DVD in black and white with no color...

If after you check out and replace the composite and component cables, the LG/Samsung/Sony DVD player still plays DVD in black and white only, there is an ultimate fix - convert the DVD to digital files. With a video file, users can input the DVD video into TV via USB/NAS without mixing up different cables. By the way, it will also fix the problem that the DVD suddenly become white and black errors.

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Fix TV playing DVD in white and black errors

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