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How to Rip Blu-ray to AVI - WinXDVD Converter Software

Now that HD DVD is dead, Blu-ray is poised to take over as the consumer home-video format of choice. Blu-ray offers high-definition video and high-resolution audio, providing a superior viewing experience to DVD, although you need a modern home theater to take advantage of it. Do you want to play and watch Blu-ray movie on your non-bluray hard drive computer? This article will teach you how to remove Blu-ray protections and then rip Blu-ray to AVI format, which is playable on majority of PC media players.

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Why We may Need to Convert Blu-ray to AVI

First of all, rip Bluray to AVI does not mean it will ruin the Blu-ray movie due to quality degradation. You should understand that even you play with 1080p Blu-ray movie on 17" and 19" LCD monitors, the maximally resolution you saw is 1280 x 1024 rather than 1920 x 1080 (less than a quarter of computer users will use Full High Definition monitor, which is the native resolution for many 24" widescreen LCD monitors). Besides, some powerful Blu-ray to AVI Converter will keep most razor-sharp image for you.

After then, if you simply preserve your Blu-ray movie into BD disc, you will be embarrassed by variety of Blu-ray protections, such as BD ROM Mark and BD+. They will prevent you from copies and playback of your own Blu-ray Discs. But after remove these protective measures and convert Blu-ray to AVI format, you can play and enjoy BD movies on your computer whenever wherever you please.

Do you know there are more than 80% DVD owners will make digital backup of their discs, so need you if you have Blu-ray. It is sure that Blu-ray engineered with much stronger scratch proof than DVD, but as optical storage media, Blu-ray also need a backup. With around 4 times compression ratio, by converting Blu-ray to AVI, you can shrink 20GB Blu-ray movie to 5GB AVI file yet the quality loss cannot be noticed by naked eyes. Learn How to Convert 50GB Blu-ray to 10GB MKV.

Basic Knowledge about Ripping Blu-ray to AVI

There always lies variety of Blu-ray disc copy-protections before trying to rip Blu-ray to AVI, such as The Advanced Access Content System, The Image Constrain Token (ICT), The ROM-Mark, and so on. So you need a Blu-ray to AVI ripper that can help you remove them all. It should also constantly update to defeat upcoming Blu-ray encryption technologies.

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Home > How-tos > Rip Blu-ray to AVI


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