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Best Free Blu-ray Video Player for Windows 10/11 Free Download

Windows 10 Media Player won't play Blu-ray video? Fix it now!

"I ripped M2TS video from my purchased Blu-ray disc using a ripper. Thus, I can play the Blu-ray video without bothering Blu-ray drive and clumsy flimsy Blu-ray disc. However, when I loaded the Blu-ray M2TS video to Windows Media Player of Windows 10, it couldn't play. What's going on? Can anyone give me a fix? Or, recommend a piece of free Blu-ray video player software?"

If you also encounter a similar issue and want to play Blu-ray video, Blu-ray movie on Windows 10, you've come to the right place.

FREE Blu-ray Video Windows 10
FREE Blu-ray Video Player for Windows 10

Download Free Blu-ray Video Player Software for Windows 10/11

5KPlayer - 100% Free & safe Blu-ray video player. It is capable of playing Blu-ray video ripped from disc or downloaded online on Windows 10 and also lower. It supports any video format encoded in any codec. It can play M2TS, AVCHD, MKV, HEVC, MP4, AVI, WMV and others.

Blu-ray and M2TS

Blu-ray is capable of storing high-definition and ultra high-definition video resolution (4K 2160P). It owns the same size as DVDs and CDs, but features much larger capacity, 25GB for single-layer, 50GB for dual-layer, 100/128GB for BDXL. Video, audio and other streams are multiplexed and stored on Blu-ray Discs in a container format based on the MPEG transport stream using .m2ts as the filename extension.

If your Blu-ray M2TS video can't be accepted by Windows 10's Media Player, it is probably because the file is encoded in a non-supported codec. Windows Media Player only supports M2TS file encoded in MPEG-2 codec. You can fix this issue by installing a codec pack for WMP, converting to a WMP friendly format, or downloading a powerful Blu-ray video player that can play Blu-ray M2TS video encoded in any codec. If you want to make things easier, try 5KPlayer - a reliable and free Blu-ray M2TS video player.

Best Free Blu-ray Video/Movie Player - 5KPlayer

Besides DVD player for Windows 10, 5KPlayer is also a player for Blu-ray video/movie you ripped from Blu-ray disc or from Blu-ray movie sites. No license code is required. No malicious stuff is hidden in the player. This free and clean Windows 10 Blu-ray video player is safe to use. Moreover, it supports almost all video audio formats and codecs, including M2TS, AVCHD, MKV, HEVC, MOD, MPEG-TS, MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV and more. And it can play 1080p/4k/3D Blu-ray video.

Play Blu-ray videos on Windows 10
Play Blu-ray videos on Windows 10

Free download the Blu-ray video player on your Windows 10. Go through the following steps to enjoy HD Blu-ray video on Windows 10.

Step 1. Double click the 5KPlayer icon to get started. Then, the amicable user interface will pop up instantly.

Step 2. Load the Blu-ray video you want to play by drag and drop, or tap +Video button to open it. Then, it will begin playing in no time.

Besides, this Blu-ray media player also comes with lots of options, enabling you to rotate video, select subtitle track, specify audio track, deinterlace video, stream Blu-ray video from Windows 10 PC to Apple TV, etc.

5KPlayer is not just a Blu-ray player for Windows 10

5KPlayer is not only a Blu-ray video player but also a DVD disc player, ISO file player, DVD folder player, HD/4K/8K/3D video player, music player, radio player, etc. Besides, this player will also turn your Mac and Windows into AirPlay sender and AirPlay receiver for video music streaming, and free download videos (incl. movies) and music from 1000+ sites. Free download this lightweight and powerful all-in-one player.


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