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Fix VLC Chromecast Not Working - Cast VLC to Chromecast Successfully

With the release of version 3.0, VLC media player gets Chromecast support[1]. That means users can cast media files from Windows (10) PC, Mac, and Android to Chromecast. If you don't know how to stream VLC from Windows or Mac to Chromecast, click here.

However, some users come across VLC Chromecast not working issue. They can't stream from VLC to Chromecast on Windows, macOS, or Android. The most common issues include Chromecast black screen, no video, not playing, freezes, Chromecast not showing up in VLC, and VLC render stuck on scanning. If you're troubled by these problems, just read on to find fixes.

VLC Chromecast not Working? Try VLC Alternative

When VLC Chromecast function is not working, you can try WinX Video Tools (including a video converter and 5KPlayer) to directly play a video with subtitles and beautiful pictures, and Chromecast to devices easily. If necessary, convert your video with subtitles to a video format more compatible with VLC media player.

  • Convert 4K to 1080p/720p for playback on VLC without crashing.
  • Convert MP4, HEVC, H.264, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc.
  • Add SRT subtitles to videos for playback on VLC and Chromecast.
  • GPU-accelerated HD/4K video converter & player.
VLC vs WinX Video Tools

VLC vs WinX Video Tool Full Comparison >>

Fixes for Chromecast Not Showing up in VLC Renderer

When you launch VLC, click through to Playback -> Renderer, but find that you can't see your Chromecast device. What to do when Chromecast isn't detected by VLC? Try the tips below.

1. Check if VLC and Chromecast are under the same WIFI network. If not, reconnect them to the same network.

2. Under Renderer there's a Scan option. Click it to find your Chromecast. If VLC is stuck on scanning for renderer, you should use VLC to open a random multicast network stream in the range of address 224.0.0.X, where X is between 100 and 199. You should notice there is nothing played (since there is no such stream available). Wait for a while and then check for available renderers again. Now they should show up (might take a couple of seconds but not more than a minute). Note: once you have used a number X, you cannot use it again. A way to generate new numbers might be to set X to 100 + current date. If you get stuck more than once a day, then add 30 to the date or just use 100 + current minute as a random number. And when all numbers are exhausted, well then you have to powercycle the laptop unless that has already been done in a month. The complete syntax for the multicast network stream to open is udp://@224.0.0.X:5000

3. Click Tools in the top menu of VLC, tap Preferences, and then click Reset Preferences at the bottom left corner.

4. Reboot VLC and Chromecast.

Fixes for VLC Chromecast Black Screen/No Video

When you attempt to cast files from VLC to Chromecast, you may be unable to watch video but see a black screen with only the title of the file displayed on TV. Hope the following methods can fix your problem.

1. Make sure that VLC and Chromecast are on the same network.
2. Disconnect from the VPN service if connected.
3. Update the VLC app to its latest version.
4. Turn your firewall off, because it may block the ports. Alternatively, allow VLC port in firewall configuration.
5. Check your network configuration and change your network from public to private.
6. Check your Chromecast settings in VLC and turn off Audio passthrough: click Tools -> Preferences -> click All at the bottom left -> search Chromecast -> uncheck Enable Audio passthrough -> click Save.

chromecast stream settings in VLC
Chromecast stream settings in VLC

Click OK for Performance Warning but Nothing Happens

VLC can stream to Chromecast even in formats not supported natively[2]. But if the format isn't supported by Chromecast, VLC will convert it first and you will see a Performance warning massage saying "Casting this video requires conversion. This conversion can use all the available power and could quickly drain your battery." You will see three options: <OK> <OK, Don't warn me again> <Cancel> . Normally, conversion will start after clicking OK button. But some users report that nothing happens after they tap OK. We haven't found a fix for this issue yet. But there's a workaround - convert the format first before you throw it to VLC. Once done, try casting from VLC to Chromecast again.

Performance warning appears when casting VLC to Chromecast
Performance warning appears when casting VLC to Chromecast

HD Video Converter Deluxe is a great tool you can use to convert virtually all video formats to VLC and Chromecast supported file formats. It won't damage the original quality and will finish conversion at super fast speed by utilizing Intel/NVIDIA/AMD powered hardware acceleration, multi-core CPU, and Hyper-threading technology. Now, let's check how to use it.

Step 1. Download and install HD Video Converter Deluxe on your computer (download icon for Windows, download icon for Mac).
Step 2. Open this converter, click +Video button to load the video you need to convert for streaming to Chromecast. If you have multiple files to convert, import them all for batch conversion.
Step 3. On Output Profile window choose an output format that VLC and Chromecast support. There're 420+ output profiles in total, among which there is a Chromecast preset in the PC General Video group.
Step 4. Hit RUN to begin conversion.

Convert video for later casting VLC to Chromecast
Convert video for later casting VLC to Chromecast

That's it. Now you will get rid of performance warning when casting VLC to Chromecast. Certainly, you can also put the resulting file to a flash drive and play it back via a smart TV or set-top box, if VLC is still not working with Chromecast.


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