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Windows 10 Security - How to Keep Windows 10 Safe from Virus, Hackers

Everything you need to know about Windows 10 security!

Although Windows 10 comes with many great features, a large number of people are still hesitating whether to jump to Windows 10. In addition to compatibility, stability and other issues, Windows 10 security is also an important factor that holds people back from making an upgrade. They wonder whether Windows 10 is safe to use and whether Windows 10 antivirus software is available to safeguard the new Windows operating system. As a matter of fact, Windows 10 is the most secure Windows OS ever, owing to various powerful built-in security protections. Read on to see what Microsoft has done for Windows 10 security, and what you can do to protect Windows 10 computer.

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What Microsoft Has Done for Windows 10 Security?

1. Windows Defender and Windows Firewall

Windows 10 ships with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. Defender is a piece of anti-malware capable of scanning files and offering real-time protection, while Firewall is able to control incoming connections as well as outgoing connections.

2. Device Guard

Microsoft has added several new computer security features to Windows 10, one of which is Device Guard capable of blocking unsigned applications from running on Windows 10 machine and its network.

3. Windows Hello and Windows Passport

Windows Hello is also a new comer. With this technology built in and biometric device attached, Windows 10 can be signed in using face, iris and fingerprint. Passport is a program that permits access with no password. You can verify the possession of Windows 10 device with a PIN or Windows Hello, and then you can get access to all password protected websites.

4. SmartScreen

SmartScreen is also a useful feature for Windows 10 security. It will protect you when you're using Microsoft Edge from phishing sites which attempt to steal your personal information. Besides, it will check if a file downloaded from file-sharing services like DropBox is a probable threat.

5. Microsoft Edge

Besides great web experience, Edge is also the most secure browser released by Microsoft. It applies cutting-edge sandboxing technology to separate what you're experiencing online from your personal information, data and Windows itself.

Not limited to abovementioned features, Microsoft also take other measures to boost Windows 10 security, including, extend BitLocker's ability to provide data protection on data that resides on and off a specific device, release a new approach to patch management for Windows 10 Pro, update Windows Store and offer trusted apps only, employ Secure Boot to prevent hackers' attack, introduce Virtual Secure Mode to protect key aspects of Windows 10 PC in case hackers go deeper into the enterprise infrastructure, and so on.

Besides relying on the built-in features to protect your Windows 10 PC, there are other things you can do. Check details in the following section.

What You Can Do to Secure Windows 10?

1. Download antivirus software for Windows 10

Although Microsoft has put Windows Defender to Windows 10 for antivirus protection, it is still necessary to download a piece of professional antivirus software. This is because Defender is a bit behind the professional programs, only providing a baseline of protection.

2. Stay far away from malicious programs

We all like freeware, but not all free stuff is reliable. Some may be bundled with adware, malware, spyware, virus, etc. So, before you download freeware, such as a free DVD player for Windows 10, you'd better read the reviews carefully for the sake of Windows 10's security.

3. Don't visit suspicious websites

If you enter into a suspicious site, your computer may be infected by virus, ads, attacked by hackers, etc. Additionally, you're not recommended to watch videos/movies online at ad-supported sites. Alternatively, you can free download them for offline playback by making use of free online video downloader for Windows 10.

For Windows 10 security, you are highly recommended to download free, clean, all-in-one 5KPlayer as your Windows 10 PC's DVD player, video audio player, radio player, video audio streaming tool, and video (movie)/music downloader.

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