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How to Play USA Region 1 DVD in UK Free

How to get rid of DVD region code, and play USA DVDs in UK on laptop, TV, Xbox, PS4 etc.? Get 3 easy ways here.

Generally, you buy or rent DVD movies & TV series to watch in your own countries. But there're also times when you pay for some DVDs in one country and wanna play them in another area. Playing USA DVD in UK is a typical example:

- I live in UK, and how can I play the DVD I purchased in American in a UK laptop?
- I often collect DVDs when traveling around, so I wonder how to play my USA DVDs in UK?
- Is there a way of playing region one DVD discs on a UK Xbox One?

Why Region Code Makes It Hard to Play USA DVD in Europe UK

Every DVD collector must know about the region codes of DVD-Video more or less. In brief, there are 10 types of region codes across the world, each of which manages DVD playback in a specific region. A DVD may use one code, a combination of codes (multi-region), every (all-region) or no code.

DVD regions with related countries

To better control the international DVD distribution and protect the interests of DVD holders, many film distributors, joint with DVD drive and player manufactures, applied region code into DVD discs, DVD players and drives. From the sheet above, we can see that playing an USA DVD in UK is actually playing region 1 DVD in region 2. To remove the region restriction and play American DVDs in United Kingdom cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and more at will, you're offered 3 simple ways here.

Jump into:
▶ Way 1 - Play USA DVDs with Region-Free DVD Player
▶ Way 2 - Unlock the Region on DVD Player/Drive by Hacking
▶ Way 3 - Rip Region 1 DVD to Digital File for Watching Anywhere

Way 1 - Play USA DVDs with Region-Free DVD Player

unlock (USA) dvd region code

Although common standalone DVD players have related region code, there're still exceptions. Many DVD player producers, for example Panasonic and Philips, don't incorporate the regional-playback control system from American DVD Copy Control Association completely, creating such commercial region-free, multiple- or all-region PAL/NTSC DVD players for unencumbered DVD playback in any region.

Many users may also recommend VLC media player as the region-free DVD player, but you may not know that only when DVD-drive hardware is region-free can region-locked USA DVDs be played in UK successfully via VLC on computer. DVD drive region is available to be changed in 5 times, and once you use them up, the drive will lock to the last region set. So how to check or change DVD drive region?
How to find or set DVD drive region on macOS | How to find or set DVD drive region on Windows

Note: Region-free DVD player cannot play DVDs encoded with region-code enhanced (RCE/REA). To eliminate this kind of region code tech, you have to turn to way 3.

Way 2 - Unlock the Region on DVD Player/Drive by Hacking

VideoHelp site provides a vast number of DVD player hack instructions. If your DVD is not region-free, just search its name here to find corresponding hacking steps, and then unlock the player by using a series of remote control commands.

All DVD drives have related firmwares. Older DVD drives with RPC-1 is able to play any region DVDs, while the newer with RPC-2 can only play certain region DVDs. It's possible to flash or hack drive firmware from PRC-2 to PRC-1, but may void the drive warranty or bugger drive.

Way 3 - Rip Region 1 DVD to Digital File for Watching Anywhere

Nowadays, nearly every DVD has built in with a couple of DRM (Digital rights management) techs to restrict access to copyrighted DVD content. Apart from general DVD region code and RCE, there're many other copy protection methods like CSS (Content Scrambling System), UOP (Advanced Regional Copy Control Operating Solution), ARccOS (Advanced Regional Copy Control Operating Solution) and Disney multi-title DRM.

If you take great pains to remove region restriction off DVD disc only, the disc is still playable on computer or DVD player. Therefore, the most effective way to free DVD content up is ripping DVD with region code and more DRMs to digital file.

rip usa dvds for playback on uk

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - Digitizing Any Copy Protected DVD to MP4, AVI etc.

With the most up-to-date DVD analyzing and DRM removal tech, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is capable of killing any DVD region code/RCE, DVD CSS, Disney DRM and other copy protection mechanisms.

Level-3 hardware acceleration support and rich output format & device profiles make it easier and faster than ever to digitalize DVD video into MP4 (H.264/HEVC), AVI (DivX/XviD) etc.

Brief Instruction on How to Play USA DVD in UK with DVD Ripper

No matter you're an American who wanna watch USA DVD in UK, or a British to order some USA DVDs for enjoying at home, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can fit the bill without any DVD player or drive hack. Now input any of your American DVD disc in to DVD drive, and then follow the steps one by one.

Step 1. Open WinX DVD Ripper Platinum and click "DVD Disc" icon to "Auto Detect" and load DVD content. In case the source DVD cannot be analyzed, you can re-read it by altering DVD disc file system type to Force UDF or Force ISO.

winx dvd ripper platinum rip dvd with region code

Step 2. Choose target media format at the output profile. Usually, you can choose any of the ready-made options under General Profiles - MP4, AVI, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Pad, WMV, MOV etc. Lossless DVD video copy is also available under DVD backup profile. For those who are not so familiar with video formats and want play DVDs on gaming console or so like PSP/PS4 and Xbox/One, please select it at device profile, and then click OK to move on.

Step 3. Then you can choose audio channel, select, disable or add external SRT subtitle, reset video resolution, crop/trim DVD video and choose video saving folder. If you're ripping USA TV series DVDs, you can merge titles into a single output video.

Step 4. Press "RUN" to fire up USA DVD ripping at accelerated speed if your computer is hardware acceleration supportive. (Check CPUs and GPUs with hardware acceleration support)

Step 5. Watch region-free digital video ripped from USA DVD in UK on computer, TV, mobile devices and so on effortlessly.

User feedback: I travel a lot and DVDs make great souvenirs, now I don't have to worry about which format they are in, because WinX could help me handle any Region Code.

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so. Still have any question about how to play USA DVD in UK or other regions? Please Email Us >>.

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