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Review on 2018 Top 3 DVD Editors for Windows (10) and Mac

How to Edit a DVD? This Question Can Be Answered by the Following Top 3 DVD Editors.

It's easy to name a couple of video editors, such as Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. But when we face the question – what software can be used to edit DVD, I bet most of us couldn't answer it instantly.

Is it necessary to edit a DVD? Of course. Sometimes, we need to trim DVD to cut off unwanted clips, for example, ads and tidbits; sometimes, we need to crop DVD to remove black edges; sometimes, we want to add specific effects to the DVD video; or we need to add subtitles with foreign or local language to the DVD movie. The requests are diverse.

Is it possible to edit DVD? Certainly. The traditional method to edit DVD includes two steps: rip DVD to digital video file -> then, throw the video to regular video editing software. However, it is a little complicated and time-consuming. To make things easier, you can try the following top 3 DVD editors which can rip DVD and edit DVD movie/video at one go.

How to Edit DVD

Free Download a DVD Editor for PC/Mac

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - It can edit any home-made and commercial protected DVD by trimming, cropping, merging, setting video audio parameters, adding subtitles, etc, and then rip the DVD to any popular formats for playback on portable devices, later burning to DVD, editing in regular video editors, etc.

Free Download DVD Editor for Windows
Free Download DVD Editor for Mac

Best 3 DVD Editing Software [Reviews & Download]

No.1 DVD Editor - WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is specially designed as a DVD ripper and has been listed into the best 3 DVD ripping software. But this versatile program also comes along with multiple useful DVD editing functions. Check if the functions below are what you need.

No.1 DVD Editor

▪ Trim DVD – If the home-made or commercial DVD contains some unwanted video clip, you can remove it by setting start time/end time or just dragging the bars under the preview window.

▪ Crop DVD – Find some black edges around your video image? Just crop them with this powerful Windows (10) DVD editor.

▪ Merge DVD titles – You can merge a few DVD titles into one.

Add external subtitle to DVD – When the preset subtitle tracks are not useful for you, you can disable them or add external subtitle to the DVD movie/video.

▪ Set DVD video audio parameters – In addition to the above mentioned DVD editing features, this DVD editor is also available to customize video audio parameters, including video/audio codec, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, aspect ratio, channel, and resolution.

Thanks to the ability to defect all DVD copy-protection schemes, it can edit any DVD and rip the DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android Samsung, HTC, Google Nexus, Windows Phone, etc. Afterwards, you can enjoy the edited DVD on portable gadgets, import it to video editing software, or burn it to DVD again with free DVD burner.

Learn more about WinX DVD Editor from product page, or free download it to experience.

No.2 DVD Editor

No.2 DVD Editor – Aimersoft DVD Ripper
Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Windows 10

The second one we want to introduce to you is also a DVD ripper named Aimersoft DVD Ripper. And just like the first software, it also includes a bonus feature - edit DVD. Downloading this DVD editor, you can:

▪ Trim DVD by setting start/end time or moving bars under the preview window;

▪ Crop unwanted area off the DVD;

▪ Specify effect for the DVD video, and adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation;

▪ Input image watermark or text watermark to the DVD.

▪ It also allows users to adjust video audio parameters.

Users can manage it easily, and can edit and convert DVD to various formats and devices. But according to the review on Softonic, it may be a little slow at encoding.

No.3 DVD Editor

No.3 DVD Editor – Xilisoft DVD Ripper Ultimate SE
Supported OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP (missing: Windows 10, 8.1, 8)

The name of the final top-notch DVD editing software has been presented above. Based on its name, you can recognize its main function immediately – rip DVD of course. But when you read its product description or work with it, you will surprisingly find that it can also work as a DVD editor.

Just launch it, load the DVD you want to edit, and then you can crop the DVD video area size, clip the DVD video, merge multiple DVD titles/chapters into one, add watermark, modify the brightness, contrast and saturation, etc.

Compared with the first two DVD editors, it has a few drawbacks, for example,
▪ The interface is not intuitive. Some users need take a while to master the operation.
▪ It charges $55.95, much higher than $39.95 of the first two.
▪ !! The SE version cannot rip protected DVDs, so you can't load protected DVD for editing.

There're good reasons to free download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum/for Mac as your DVD editor for PC/Mac

▪ It can load and edit DVD with all region codes/copy protection schemes, including Disney DRM protected DVD.
▪ It has multiple practical DVD editing features: trim, crop, expand, merge, add subtitle, reset video audio parameters, etc.
▪ After editing DVD movie or video, it can help rip DVD to any popular formats or devices with No.1 fast ripping speed thanks to the support for advanced technologies.

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