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[Solved] Fix DVD Shrink Not Working Error on Windows 10

Here's a DVD Shrink Windows 10 help page giving troubleshooting tips for DVD Shrink not/stopped working on Windows 10.

Question - "Yes, I'm aware that DVD-Shrink is long-since abandoned and not useful for removing any modern DVD protection schemes. But I would still like to use it to compress unprotected data. Recently, I installed Windows 10 and try to load DVD Shrink on the new system to copy one movie without decryption. It runs fine until I hit backup button. DVD Shrink stopped working. Has anyone else experienced this problem? And more to the point, resolved it? Thanks much."

DVD Shrink is still a pretty well received freeware for DVD backup and DVD burning in conjunction with Nero although it has stopped development in 2005 and cannot handle new copy protections. On the other hand, users should face various DVD Shrink not working errors. If you are the unlucky one who get interruptions when copying DVDs with DVD Shrink running on Windows 10, read on to seize the best solution for DVD Shrink stopped working problem.

Best DVD Shrink Windows 10 Alternative

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - the top-notch DVD ripping software enables users to copy and backup any homemade or commercial DVDs to MP4, AVI, WMV, etc, as well as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows devices and more on Windows 10 with removal of protections and deliver hi-fi images/audios.

Solutions to Fix DVD Shrink Not Working Errors on Windows 10

Take a look at forums and communities about DVD Shrink. Questioners portray sorts of DVD Shrink stopped working problems, like DVD Shrink can't start, DVD Shrink freeze while analyzing, DVD shrink won't copy DVD. All of those issues may be caused by the following reasons.

1. The DVD movie you want to copy is encrypted.
Fix: As is known, DVD Shrink has no ability to settle latest DVDs wrapped with strict encryptions. If you want to copy a newly released DVD movie, please remove copy-protections using a DVD decrypter at first, and then copy it using DVD Shrink.

2.DVD Shrink is not compatible with your system.
Sometimes, you may find DVD Shrink suddenly not working on your computer even though the last minutes it is very ok. Well, it is a quite common issue for compatibility problem leading this free DVD copy software not to run on Windows 7, 8 stably, let alone Windows 10.

Fix: Uninstall the existing DVD Shrink and download the new one from DVD Shrink official site or a verified setup file from reliable third party software download site. Reinstall DVD Shrink. After it is installed, right click the icon to run as administrator.

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Best Workaround to Fix DVD Shrink Not Working Errors on Windows 10

Some users get DVD Shrink worked well following the above two solutions, while some others complain that the methods are in vain. From our DVD Shrink test on Windows 10, it cannot rip any content, both protected and unprotected. Therefore, we suggest you to explore a DVD Shrink alternative for Windows 10 to copy DVDs without DVD Shrink stopped working error.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is right tool what you need. It is a highly-acclaimed DVD copier and decrypter perfectly compatible with Windows 10, 8(.1), 7, Vista, XP and the lower. It is available to copy DVDs to ISO image and VIDEO_TS folder at 1:1 ratio as well as rip any DVDs to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MPEG etc, bypassing copy protections CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs and Disney X-project DRM. Built-in 350+ preloaded profiles, it also can convert DVDs to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone/tablets, Xbox, PS3/4 etc, with possible highest video/audio quality. This best DVD ripper for Windows 10 delivers a sharp ripping speed thanks to Super Encode Engine, Hyper-threading tech and Multi-core CPU utility.

Best DVD Ripper for Windows 10
Best DVD Ripper for Windows 10

Notice: Before ripping DVDs on Windows 10, please check DVD copyright law in your country!

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Best Solution for Fixing DVD Shrink Not Working on Windows 10 - WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Rip/copy any DVD movies with removal of copy-protections (CSS, region code, Disney X-project RAM etc,) to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, MPEG, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone (10/8), Surface Pro, Xbox, PS3/4 with crisp videos and deliver fastest DVD ripping/copy speed.


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