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How to Fix DVDFab DVD Ripper Slow Ripping Speed Problem

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"I'm having a problem with DVDFab giving really slow ripping speeds. I tried to copy a TV DVD disc to hard drive, selected one of the episodes to rip to MP4/H264. It started fast and quickly dropped to 10 and below FPS. 3+ hours to encode! How to make DVD ripping speed faster? Any suggestions are appreciated!"

If you are an unlucky guy who are experiencing DVDFab DVD Ripper slow DVD ripping problem like the above questioner and seeking for helpful solutions to speed up DVDFab ripping, the following tips can do you a favor.

Causes and Solutions

DVDFab DVD Ripper slow ripping speed may result from DVD disc, hardware or software settings.

  • The DVD disc is scratched or has bad sectors.
  • The hardware is not qualified for fast DVD ripping speed.
  • Adjust software settings to fix DVDFab slow ripping problem.

Solution 1 - Fix scratched DVD

DVDFab DVD Ripper may switch to a slow process if discovering scratched parts or bad sectors on a DVD disc. Please try to rip an intact DVD or fix the scratched DVD before ripping using DVDFab DVD ripper.

Solution 2 - Enable DMA, re-install IDE Controller, update Firmware

One important reason of DVDFab slow problem is that the CPU/GPU cannot support a fast DVD ripping speed that you want. In addition, not enough RAM, DVD drive read/writing speeds also influence DVD ripping performance. In this case, you can make use of the tips below to accelerate DVDFab ripping speed.

▪ Enable DMA
Enter 'Device Manager' panel. Unfold IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Right click ATA Channel 0/1 and select Properties. Click Advanced Setting tab and check 'Enable DMA' option under Device Properties.

DVDFab slow ripping

▪ Re-install IDE Controller
Get IDE controller from Device Manager. Right click the primary IDE controller and select uninstall. Restart your computer and the IDE controller will be automatically installed.

▪ Update Firmware
Updated or hacked firmware can help you bypass the DVD ripping speed limitation which is set by some DVD-ROM manufactures to prevent users from copying DVD.

Solution 2 - Adjust software settings

DVDFab DVD Ripper builds in Multi-core CPUs and updated with NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick Sync to speed up DVD ripping. You can adjust CPU cores to maximum and enable all GPU codecs from Common Settings module of DVDFab DVD Ripper to get the fastest DVD ripping speed.

Certainly, it takes long time to encode DVD to a HD video (e.g., H.265) so that you can choose to copy DVD to VIDEO_TS folder for faster DVD copy speed. Moreover, it is recommended to rip a DVD to local computer rather than portable/external hard drive or USB Flash Drive.

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