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How to Rip and Convert Blu-ray to MP4 with HD Quality
This article will discuss how to rip Blu-ray to MP4 format with WinX Blu-ray Ripper. With this versatile Blu-ray to MP4 ripping tool, you can easily remove all kinds of Blu-ray copy-protections. And, after you convert Blu-ray to MP4, the output quality is still as vivid as original.
Jack Watt April 10, 2021 Blu-ray
Jack Watt
Jack Watt is a sought-after editor at Digiarty. He is responsible for digital and multimedia world, delivering definitive video and audio related software reviews, enlightening guides, and incisive analysis. As a fan of Apple, Jack Watt also brings his experience to more readers and focuses on writing of the Apple ecosystem at large.

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Freemake Not Working Problems [Solved]
Freemake is not available? Freemake Video Converter and Freemake Video Downloader not working? Check for fixes here.
Jack Watt June 18, 2021 Freemake
What Are Google Drive Supported Video Formats
Google Drive supports many commonly used video formats such as MP4, WMV, FLV, AVI, H.264, MPEG4, VP8.
Jack Watt June 09, 2021 Google Drive
Top Ways to Convert H.264 to MP4 Free on Windows (10)
Follow this tutorial to Free convert videos from H.264 to MP4 on Windows (10) with best best free H.264 to MP4 converter - WinX Video Converter.
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HandBrake vs VLC: Which Performs Better in terms of Video Conversion
We'll compare HandBrake and VLC to show you their differences and similarities. Find the better video converter to use.
Jack Watt Feb.27, 2021 HandBrake, VLC
Fixed: Adobe Media Encoder Not Working/Rendering/Importing
Adobe media encoder failed render/encoding video? Adobe media encoder won't import After Effects Comps? Check here to find best solutions to all AME not working errors.
Jack Watt Jan.27, 2021 AME not working
Is CloudConvert Safe? Will CloudConvert Delete Your Files after Conversion?
Is CloudConvert safe to use? Many users would like to check CloudConvert security before using it. This article will go to detail is CloudConvert safe, how it works and will it store your files on its sever.
Jack Watt Jan 26, 2021 CloudConvert
Get Freemake Video Converter Free Key
There are Freemake Video Converter Serial Keys and registration code to get Freemake Video Converter free full version.
Jack Watt June 18, 2021 Freemake Video Converter
Is Zamzar Online Website Safe and Legal
Many users are worried about Zamzar safety issues. Is Zamzar safe and legal? Does Zamzar keep you files?
Jack Watt Jan 19, 2021 Zamzar
How to Fix Adobe Media Encoder Not Installed Error in Premiere Pro, AE etc.
Have you ever been prompted with Adobe Media Encoder not installed error while rendering video from Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects? But it's installed indeed. Why is this happening? How to fix Adobe Media Encoder not installed error in Premiere Pro? This article will share you some troubleshooting tips.
Jack Watt Jan 18, 2021 Adobe
Which Software to Change Video Frame Rate?
How to Change Video FPS? Which Software is the best 60FPS Video Converter?
Jack Watt October 22, 2020 Camcorder
30FPS vs 60FPS, When and Why?
Discussion about the difference between 30fps & 60fps. And how to use WinX HD video converter to convert video framerate.
Jack Watt October 22, 2020 Camcorder
Why We Need an Online Video Converter Alternative?
Topic about the snake in the grass of using online video editor & Clipchamp. And if there is a better substitude of online video editor/ Clipchamp.
Jack Watt October 22, 2020 Online Converter
Will there be a Hardware Acceleration for AV1 Soon?
AV1 Hardware Acceleration Absence, Will there be a cure? What was the biggest flaw of AV1 video codec and the progress of developing AV1 codec hardware supplyment.
Jack Watt September 15, 2020 AV1
PLEX Server Settings Are Unavailable? Here're the Fixes.
This paper diagnoses the Plex server setting unavailable problem and help you connect the PLEX server correctly.
Jack Watt September 15, 2020 Plex
How to Fix the Plex Remote Access Not Working Problem?
This is a step-to-step guideline to fix the PLEX not opening remote access error, along with a detailed diagnosis of PLEX connection problem.
Jack Watt September 15, 2020 Plex
The Best GPU for Plex 2020, NVIDIA or AMD?
Discuss which is the best GPU for Plex's hardware acceleration function, NVIDIA or AMD, who will win this battle and who will be the greatest hardware acceleration card for Plex.
Jack Watt September 15, 2020 Plex
How to Turn the PLEX Hardware Acceleration On & a Better Software Option.
Introduce what is the Plex hardware acceleration & how to turn it on in the system setting menu,with a better solution offered.
Jack Watt September 15, 2020 Plex
Xvid Codec Files Won't Play on Plex? Find Quick Fixes Here
Xvid codec files won't play on your clients via Plex? Follow this article to find out why Plex won't play Xvid movies and how to fix it easily.
Jack Watt September 18, 2020 Xvid
Can Plex Play MKV? How to Fix MKV Playback Issue on Plex?
Does Plex support MKV? Why MKV files are forced to transcoded and later fail to play? Read this article to learm what MKV metadata does Plex support and how to fix Plex MKV playback issue easily.
Jack Watt September 16, 2020 Plex MKV
Everything You Need to Know about the H.266 VVC Codec
What is H.266 VVC and what are the progress it made compare with it's predecessor HEVC H.265, and preview its astonishing new features of this new video codec."
Jack Watt July 21, 2019 MP4
What's the Codec for MP4? Download MP4 Codec for Windows 10/8/7
What is the codec for MP4? How can you get MP4 codec for Windows 10/8/7? Follow this article to free download MP4 codec for smoothly playback on whatever devices.
Jack Watt Augest 21, 2019 MP4
How to Fix 4K (HDR) HEVC Video Frame Drops During Playback
Here're possible solutions to fix 4K (HDR/60fps/10bit) HEVC videos dropping frames during playback on PC/Mac.
Jack Watt July 19, 2019 4K 60fps
HEVC/H.265 Encoding Seems Very Slow? How to Make It Faster?
This article gives the best solution to fix slow HEVC/H.265 encoding in HandBrake, Adobe Premiere etc., and introduces the fastest way to encode HEVC/H.265 on PC/Mac.
Jack Watt Aug 9, 2019 Codec
Videos not Playing on macOS 10.15 Catalina? How to Fix?
This article discusses why videos are not playing on macOS 10.15 Catalina and tells how to troubleshoot video playback issue on the latest macOS.
Jack Watt June 20, 2019 macOS
[Review] 2021 top 3 DVD Decrypter Software for Mac to Decrypt Protected DVDs
Don't miss the list of 2021 top 3 best DVD decrypter software for Mac if you are seeking for a valuable program to decrypt copy-protected DVDs on macOS (10.15 Catalina).
Jack Watt Dec 19, 2019 DVD