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Convert DVD to iPhone by Handbrake DVD to iPhone 8/7/6/6S (Plus)/SE, iPod touch 5 Preset

Use Best Handbrake Alternative to rip copy protected DVD and convert DVD & video to any popular device.

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If you have a large amount of DVD collection, with the tremendously improvement of portable multimedia devices, currently you can play and watch DVD movies whenever and wherever possible. The iPhone 6S/Plus [1] (preferred by users for its amazing 1334-by-750/1080 x 1920 Retina display) and latest iPod touch 5[2] are favorable choice to playback your DVDs (if you already own the DVD, you don't need to waste your money twice on the same movie from iTunes Store).

However, DVD format are not supported by any iPhone models (iPhone supported video formats), iPod Touch 5 natively, so you need a third party DVD to iPhone 6/7/8/SE, DVD to iPod touch 5, DVD to MP4/h.264 converting software. And Handbrake is best recommended for Mac OS, as well as Windows PC.

Handbrake[3] is well-known for its open-source and cross platform ability to convert and rip and convert DVD to iPhone gadgets. Then you can move these output MPEG-4 file into iTunes 12 Library, and then sync it to your iPhone/iPod touch. Currently the most popular solution of playback DVD on iPhone, iPod touch is using Handbrake convert DVD to MP4/H.264 (Supported by iPhone/iPod touch).

Handbrake alternative download

However, there is no prepared Handbrake iPhone 8/7/6/SE/5S/5C, and iPod touch 5 presets. And this article will guide you how to convert DVD to iPhone with Handbrake high quality DVD to iPhone 6 presets (you can also learn how to create Handbrake iPad high quality preset settings).

How to rip DVD to iPhone with Handbrake DVD to iPhone 6/SE and iPod touch 5 Presets

Here, let's take Handbrake DVD to iPhone 6 preset as an example.

Step 1. Open HandBrake folder: Hit Win+R, then paste %appdata%\Handbrake, and you will see two preset files in the folder: handbrake_presets.xml and user_presets.xml. These two folders contains Handbrake original presets, namely only iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV.

HandBrake preset for iPhone 6, iPod touch 5

Single click Mouse Right and open user_presets.xml with notepad.

Step 2. Delete all original content and replace the tags below, then save and close notepad.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ArrayOfPresetxmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" >
      <Name>(1334x750 H264):iPhone 6</Name>
      <Query> -f mp4 -w 1334 -l 750 -e x264 -b 1100 -a 1 -E faac -6 stereo -R 48 -B 160 -D 0.0 -x ref=2:bframes=2:subq=6:mixed-refs=0:weightb=0:8x8dct=0:trellis=0 -v 1</Query>

Step 3. Reopen HandBrake, and you'll check the handbrake iPhone 6 preset in its Presets window.

HandBrake iPhone 6 iPod touch 5 preset

Now you can rip and convert DVD to iPhone 6 by Handbrake High Quality iPhone 6 preset. However, comparing with GUI (Graphical User Interface), machine language is much harder to understand and handle with (it is quite normal to encounter with unexpected crashing and breakdowns). Besides, rather than grabbling around to find HandBrake iPhone 6 and iPod touch 5 preset settings (though you can download them anywhere, it must be a time-consuming labor and you are not ensured that the preset is suitable for your iPhone 6 (S)/iPod touch 5), why don't you simply find HandBrake Alternative software to convert your DVD/HD Videos onto iPhone 8/7/6S/6/SE/5S/5C, iPod touch 5 and iPad, PSP, Xbox, etc?

Go find Best Handbrake Alternative to convert DVD to iPhone easily and fast

Though Handbrake is greatly improved since V0.9.9 to the latest V0.10.5 (more than 1000 enhanced features and piles of bugs fixed), there still are some shortcomings that force users to find a Handbrake alternative.

1. When trying to convert DVD to iPhone 6/iPod touch 5, the conversion process must be involved with H.264 encoding (both iPhone 6 and iPod touch 5 support H.264 video and stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats). H.264 encoding will consume great portion of your CPU, and cause superfluous heat which harmfully over heat your iMac, MacBook or Mac Pro.

Some Handbrake alternative software will rescue your Mac from this trouble, like WinX DVD Ripper for Mac. It features CPU usage controlling ability, so you can regulate the "House power" of your CPU's capacity. This encoding will not only maximally speed up your DVD ripping process, but also bring minimal damage to Mac.

2. Handbrake sometimes is not as stable as you expected when converting Sony, Paramount and Disney encrypted DVDs. For example, error: This version of handbrake is 64, VLC found but not 64 (learn how to fix Handbrake 64 VLC Error)

3. Sometimes Handbrake users need great expansion of input and output options (Only supports M4V, MP4, MKV output formats, even do not supports AVI any more). Handbrake 0.9.9 acknowledged instability when converting DVD/Video to PS3/Xbox. But some Handbrake Alternative will help you out with hundreds of video/audio codecs equipped with, like WinX Video Converter for Mac.

4. Handbrake not only lack iPhone 6/iPod touch 5 preset settings, but also decent performance upon Windows PC. You can use WinX DVD Ripper Platinum when ripping DVD on Windows OS. There just are innumerous advantages that surpass HandBrake anyway. Like makes perfect 1:1 copy (disc to disk) with 5 minutes, constantly update to support latest DVD copy protections. Moreover, specifc iPhone 6 preset settings will save your time to create Handbrake DVD to iPhone 6/iPod touch 5 Presets.

iPhone 6(S), 5S, 5C output preset

To sum up, if you are not masterful at computer or software stuff, it is truly a hard ball game to handle with Handbrake DVD to iPhone preset learning. But with WinX Handbrake alternative, you are enabled to convert DVD to iPhone/iPod touch, convert DVD to MP4/H.264 without damage of your Mac computer or instability for your Windows PC (Learn to use Handbrake on Mac and how to run Handbrake on PC smoothly).

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

Want to learn details about Handbrake DVD to iPhone/iPod touch Preset Settings please Email to Digiarty Support Team.

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[1]: iPhone 6 - A phone features highest resolution ever, brilliant from every angle you see

[2]: iPod touch 5 - As amazing as iPhone 6, 1136 x 640 Retina Display, perfect for play game and watch video

[3]: HandBrake - popular DVD/Video encoding software, open-sourced

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"Yes, i've bought iphone 4 this july and updated my itouch to itouch 4 this sep. i really desire to play and watch my new bought DVD shulter island and DVD Sherlock Holmes upon my iPhone 4 and iTouch 4. now i can build my own handbrake dvd to iphone preset, it rocks!!! "
- Chrill

"somehow i do not fully believe what you guys said. but only one point i insist is that handbrake always cause my imac overheat when i trying to convert dvd to my iphone. it is a headache trouble... "
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