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How to Watch WBC/Major League Baseball Live Stream Online Free

Updated: tech giant Apple unveiled that it will have the exclusive rights to online stream "Friday Night Baseball" on Apple TV+ once the 2022 season kicks off. For Major League Baseball, it's an effort to get its sport in front of younger audiences who are not accustomed to watch MLB live sports via traditional TV. Subscribe to Apple TV+ with $4.99 per month and you can watch Major League Baseball Friday Night Baseball live sports online in real-time.

If you're unwilling to subscribe to Apple TV+, you can choose another baseball - World Baseball Classic. World Baseball Classic (WBC)[1], which is held every four years since 2009, went into 2022 season. To watch World Baseball Classic live stream online is a perfect solution. And here, we're glad to share the best free WBC 2022 live streaming sites and apps for all baseball fans.

Can't Keep Pace with MLB/WBC 2022 Live?

For one reason or another, it is seemingly impossible to watch all live matches. And even we may miss some important games. How to catch up the lost? It is suggested to free download World Baseball Class 2022 videos, Major League Baseball videos from YouTube, ESPN or other sports streaming sites. Winxvideo AI is a good helper enabling us to free download any WBC 2021 matches in 1080P/720P HD MP4, 3GP, WebM, FLV for offline playback on computer, iPhone, iPad, Android and more.

Where to Watch World Baseball Classic/MLB 2022 Live Stream?

1. Official Networks


MLB Network is the exclusive English-language network for airing World Baseball Classic live in United States, while MTB.TV is online live streaming service available for U.S. ONLY. To watch WBC/MLB live stream online, we need to subscribe MLB.TV premium for PC/Mac, Apple TV, PS3/4, Xbox etc, or purchase At Bat Premium app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android.

ESPN Deportes

ESPN Deportes is the exclusive Spanish-language network to air all games of 2023 WBC in the United States. ESPN Deportes+, working as a streaming service, offers World Baseball Classic 2022 live contents in Spanish for streaming on computers, iPhone, iPad, Android, Xbox Live and more devices.

Official Broadcasters for World Baseball Classic/MLB Live in Other Territories

  • Sportsnet/RDS (Canada)
  • Sports5 (Philippines)
  • Televisa Deportes (Mexico)
  • Tele Rebelde (Cuba)
  • CDN Sports-Max (Dominican Republic)
  • Fox Sports Italy (Italy)
  • Wapa 2 Deportes (Puerto Rico)
  • JTBC (South Korea)
  • Eleven Sports/PTS (Taiwan)

2. [Top 5] Online Free World Baseball Classic 2022/MLB Live Streaming Sites & Apps


Rated as one of the most popular online free sports streaming sites, WatchESPN embraces virtually all live sports events. It is operated by ESPN Inc., and provides streaming simulcasts of 10 channels, including ESPN Deportes (official channel for WBC Live) and an internet-only channel, ESPN3.

WatchESPN also launches apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android, Windows 8, Kindle Fire, PS4, Xbox One and Chromecast enabling us to watch World Baseball Classic 2022 live stream on various devices anytime and anywhere.


LiveTV is a great website to follow a diversity of live sports events. It allows us to watch Major League Baseball, World Baseball Classic live stream with a high quality for totally free thanks to the P2P technology. Apart from live streams, now and upcoming sports schedules and live scores will be listed for us to check the latest news. And, video archive category gathers daily-updated scores or highlight videos from recent games in any genre.

A browser supporting Adobe Flash is needed to display live streams, while SopCast should be installed if we want to watch World Baseball Classic 2022 live stream on iOS or Android devices.


VIPLeague is a versatile free sports live streaming site which contains major sports events, like baseball, soccer, football, basketball and more. To watch World Baseball Classic 2022 live stream, select Baseball from the menu on the home page. Another page pops up with full schedules of WBC 2021. Unfold any live match to access to the LIVE HD STREAM button and flash stream options (Primary with HD and regular). Choose one and you will be led to where WBC/MLB live is streaming.


Given all sports events now, we can immediately get World Baseball Classic 2021 live schedule on Bosscast. And, time zone can be changed helping us know the exact time when the match will be played in our time zone. Move the mouse to WBC 2022/MLB match and unfold it. A channel link and LIVE HD STREAM button is shown. Click any one to visit the live streaming page. Besides specific matches, this free WBC live streaming site offers several sports networks like ESPN, FOX Sports, NFL Network on the left sidebar for us to watch live streams on those networks through Bosscast.


Stream2watch is announced as the biggest live sports index which covers worldwide television sports events. It puts the sports menu on the homepage. Select one genre, for example baseball, to check live matches right now (If there is no desired genre on homepage, click Show All to find what we want). Click the match and the live page will appear. If we want to watch MLB, World Baseball Classic 2022 HD streaming, we need to register an account or install HD streaming plugin offered by Stream2watch. It is suggested to watch Stream2watch sports live streams using Chrome on computer/laptop. Stream2watch also runs well on smartphone and tablets.

Tip: Apart from the above-mentioned online free World Baseball Classic 2021 live streaming sites and apps, we can also seek out more resources from SNS (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin etc.) because some users may give a live stream or recommend live streaming sites on their own pages.

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[1]World Baseball Classic - An international baseball tournament sanctioned from 2006 to 2013 by the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and after 2013 by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC)....

2021 World Baseball Classic - Official 2021 WBC site with information of 2021 WBC schedules, scores, news and more...


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