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How to Remove TikTok Watermark or Download TikTok No Watermark

In this article, we show you top simple ways to get rid of tiktok watermark without much sweat.

TikTok wins a wide popularity around the whole globe, where you can post your creation video clip for sharing with all the viewers globally. But it makes you fall into awkwardness when you want to share the tiktok video to other platforms like Instagram, Facebook reels but find the tiktok watermark embedded into the video. In such case, you urgently need to remove the watermark from TikTok video.

How to take off tiktok watermark and save tiktok without watermark or logo? Here this post shares with you top easy solutions to remove tiktok watermark or logo free, fast and painlessly.

TikTok Video Watermark Removal Guide:

Part 1. Crop TikTok Video to Remove Watermark

It's never a rocket science to remove TikTok video watermark or logo. Instead, this issue can be easily fixed only if your iPhone or Android mobile device has a tool with video cropping feature built-in. Take iPhone for instance. You don't have to look somewhere else. Instead, your iPhone default Photos app is enough. Check how to use Photos app to take off watermark from tiktok video on iPhone.

1. How to Remove TikTok Template Watermark or Logo on iPhone Photos App

  • Open the tiktok video in your Photos app after you saved the video from tiktok.
  • Select "Edit" from the top-right corner > tap the "Crop" icon from the row of options.
  • Pinch and zoom to make sure the video image size you wanna keep and crop out the watermark. If the tiktok watermark bounces around, you'll have to crop more than one area of your video clip.
  • Crop tiktok watermark on Photos app
    Crop tiktok watermark on Photos app
  • Tap "Done" to save your watermark-free tiktok video after cropping.

After video cropping, play it back to check whether it totally removed the watermark from tiktok or not. If it didn't, try the below tips.

2. How to Remove TikTok Watermark in Capcut

Capcut is a prevailing video editor application for iPhone Android mobile devices. Any video editor worth its salt would include cropping feature. And this application is of no exception. You can load your tiktok video into Capcut to crop watermark or logo from tiktok video easy as pie. Here's how to use it on iPhone:

  • First of all, download your desired video clips on tiktok.
  • Launch Capcut app on your iPhone and tap New Project to import your tiktok clip.
  • Tap New Project
  • Choose TikTok videos from Videos under Albums.
  • Load tiktok video
  • Find "Crop" feature from the bottom menu bar. Then move the slidebar to the beginning of your tiktok video clip.
  • Locate to Crop feature
  • Use your finger to freely pinch or zoom the marquee to ensure your desired video image size. Meanwhile, make sure the tiktok template watermark or logo is excluded from the video image. By the way, you can further accurate your video size by selecting the preset aspect ratio, including 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, etc.
  • Crop watermark from tiktok video image
  • When the video cropping is accomplished, tap the hook icon. Then tap Export button to output your tiktok video after you pick up resolution and frame rate for your watermark-free tiktok footage.
  • Export watermark-free tiktok video

When the exporting is finished, you can go back to your video storage folder to open your resulting tiktok video to check if the watermark is removed.

3. Crop TikTok Watermark using Professional Video Cropping Software

If you have a wide library of tiktok videos to handle in watermark removal and don't want to occupy your iPhone or Android too much time, you can do the watermark removal work on your computer by using a solid video cropping program. Winxvideo AI helps you free crop watermark or logo from TikTok video just a couple of clicks. Moreover, it also lets you free adjust tiktok video aspect ratio to 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, etc. any aspect ratio you need for more social networks sharing.

As its name implies, it also performs as a decent TikTok video converter to convert tiktok video to MP4, MOV, H264, HEVC, MKV, AVI, FLV, SWF, MP3, AAC, ringtone, iPhone iPad, Android, Xbox, PS4/5, etc. over 370+ video and audio formats. Back to the point, check its instructions:

  • Launch this video cropping utility after downloading and installation.
  • Click Video icon at the top bar to import your downloaded tiktok video clip. This tool supports batch processing, so you can load multiple tiktok video files to batch get rid of tiktok watermarks.
  • Choose the output video format on the pop-up output format window. Keep original video format if you have no need to change format.
  • Choose format for tiktok video
  • Tap the scissor-shaped Edit icon on the main interface to activate video editing window where you can find Crop feature.
  • Enable Crop and you can move the marquee to crop your tiktok video image. Beyond cropping out the watermark, you can also enter the specific number to adjust video size.
  • Crop tiktok video
  • Tap Done after TikTok watermark removal is finished. Give the last hit to the RUN button and this program will begin removing watermark or logo from tiktok video and exporting your resulting tiktok file with highest possible quality (High Quality Engine supported).

Part 2. Use TikTok Watermark Remover App

The TikTok watermark remover app for iPhone Android is also an excellent performer in removing the annoying watermark. And there are umpteen options available for you to take off the tiktok template or ending watermark without cropping. Considering most of them are much of muchness, there is no need to elaborate them one by one. Instead, we just pick up one typical removal app - SaverTok to show you how to get rid of tiktok logo or watermark step by step.

Note: to mobile watermark removal apps, they live on users subscription (weekly, monthly or yearly) or commercial ads. Therefore, you bear the maddening ads for free or pay for its subscription to enjoy better experience.

  1. Download SaverTok from the app store.
  2. Open the app on your iPhone. Afterwards, a prompt will greet you to pursuade you to purchase a subscription or a free trial.
  3. SaverTok
  4. Open TikTok and find the video clip you plan to free download without a watermark. Tap "Share" > "Copy link."
  5. Go back to the watermark remover app again. It will automatically import the tiktok video. Now, you're allowed to download it without the watermark by tapping the "Save" icon.
  6. After the tiktok downloading is accomplished, open to check if there is watermark or logo on TikTok video clip.

Part 3. Use Online Service to Download TikTok without Watermark

To save tiktok video without watermark or logo on iPhone Android, online tiktok downloader service - Snaptik shouldn't be missed. No downloads, installation or any 3rd party plug-in, it puts zero burden on your iPhone Android, time and energy. You just make sure you have stable yet smooth network and then you can download tiktok video without watermark or logo on your mobile device. Follow its instructions if you wanna try:

Step 1. Open TikTok app on your iPhone or Android. Find the video you wanna download and tap the sharing icon. It's an arrow pointing downward next to the link.

Step 2. Tap "Copy Link". This will copy the tiktok video's direct link to your clipboard.

Step 3. Go to in your Safari, Chrome or Firefox web browser. Tap an X to close the pop-up ads on the website.

Step 4. Paste the tiktok video link in the text field. Tap and hold your finger on the text field until a menu pops up and tap Paste.

Step 5. Click the green download button. Next, you'll be re-directed into a page with several blue Download buttons.

tap Download button

Step 6. Tap Download Server 01, which might be found beneath couples of ads.

Step 7. Tap Download on the newly pop-up small window to save your tiktok video. When the download is done, you will either get a pop-up notification on your screen or you will find the download complete notification in the notification center. Access to "Downloads" folder to find your resulting watermark-free tiktok video on your iPhone or Android device.

Download tiktok file

After the downloading is over, you can check the final result on your iPhone Android to see if the watermark is successfully removed. If it is, share your tiktok to your friends or upload tiktok watermark-free video to Instagram or Facebook, etc. other SNS platforms. If still not, you can consider to create your video outside of the tiktok app.

Part 4. Create Videos outside of TikTok App

The safest way to ensure no watermark on your video is to create video clips outside of TikTok app. You can directly record video by using Instagram recorder, Facebook Reels or YouTube Shorts and then directly upload them to those social networks for sharing. Thus, you can 100% avoid TikTok watermark or logo trouble and download your videos to iPhone iPad Android without watermark.

All roads lead to Rome. Try different approaches to remove tiktok watermark or logo grounded on your specific needs. There are some other posts with more than 10 methods introduced, yet they just include more products, no more novel ways. The most commonly used ways are all mentioned in this post. Certainly, you can try more applications or online services to dig out a better one. And we warmly welcome you to share with us your effective yet brilliant ideas on removing TikTok logo & watermark via Email or official Facebook/Twitter account. And we'll never cease to update this post.


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