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DVD CPRM Decrypter - Play CPRM Protected DVDs on PC/Mac

Have you ever encountered CPRM-protected DVDs that refuse to play on your devices? One frustrated user shared their experience on Doom9's forum, recounting the challenges of accessing content from a friend's CPRM-secured DVD.

"I recently got a DVD from a friend. It's a digital program and it's a flipping VR disc with CPRM on it. Standalones won't touch it, not even the DVD recorder which supports DVD-RAM. I had access to four computers at the time, two with drives that support CPRM (according to Nero Infotool) and two that don't. Here's the crazy madness. On the drives that do not support CPRM, you can see the files on the disc (DVD_RTAV, with the Manager IFO and VRO inside). They can't play the disc, however, because the drives don't support CPRM and can't unlock it. And playing the disc gets you a green screen at best (even when the VRO is ripped to hard drive and played from there), and a hanging player trying to access the CPRM at worst. On the OTHER hand, the disc shows as a blank in the drives that support CPRM."

What is CPRM? How to play CPRM DVD? Just follow us.

What Is CPRM?

CPRM[wikipedia] is short for Content Protection for Recordable Media. It is a hardware-based mechanism or technology built in storage media for restricting illegal or unauthorized copying, moving and deletion of such media on a host device. It has been applied to personal computer, digital player, and certain removable and ATA specification media, more often in Japan than other countries.

In a simple word, it is an effective and good technology to defend the rights of copyright owners. But it also hampers the reasonable right of DVD users for own use. For example, since it is for recording "Copy-Once" digital broadcasting programs, it only allows copying only once, and CPRM recordings which can only be made on DVD-RW discs in VR mode can only be played on CPRM-compatible devices and players, even including Windows Media Player and VLC media player. Likewise, here's a real case:

- "Went to record a sports game tonight, and it won't accept my DVD +RW. OK, I have a DVD -RW so I pop that in. Nope, error there too, not in VR mode. I format it in VR mode, and it tells me the disc is not CPRM compatible."

In another word, only if your hard drive, media player, etc. are CPRM compliant or you have a professional DVD decrypter program to deal with the CPRM protection, your CPRM protected DVDs can be played.

How Does CPRM Encryption Happen?

CPRM was developed by 4C Entity jointly by Intel, IBM, Matsushita and Toshiba. It is similar to CPPM that means Content Protection Pre-Recorded Media mainly for DVD-Audio, both relating media with recording. MKB (Media Key Block) is placed into the storage media for high copyright protection in association with the Device Key preordered in the player device. Moreover, by further enhancing CSS used in DVD-Video, it can protect the copyright work even if the key is leaked. All DVD recorders and burners manufactured after 1999 are in support of the scheme.

Every blank DVD-R disc has a unique 64-bit ID built in NBCA. When the protected content is burned to disc, it has been encrypted by 56-bit C2 (Cryptomeria) produced from the ID. That's to say, when the content is copied to other media, specifically, not only disk, but also hard drive and flash drive, the ID and related algorithm will get lost or go wrong, and the data will not be decrypted. Although it may have been cloned, it cannot be watched at all.

The broadcastings of digital TV programs have been used and will continue using CPRM standard widely. As a result, the non-CPRM-compatible DVD camera and DVD recordable media will not be able to record any more. But it will depend on the following situations since they are divided into three restriction types:

• For Copy-Free: you can still record and copy such content as you want.

• For Copy-Once: you can record them with CPRM-compatible DVD recorders, but will be disabled to re-record or copy them.

• For Copy-Never: nothing you can do to record such content.

How to Play CPRM-Protected DVDs

To overcome CPRM encryption and play CPRM-protected DVDs on your PC or Mac, you'll need a reliable CPRM decrypter like WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. This powerful software not only removes CPRM protection but also handles other copy protections like CPPM, Sony ARccOS, CSS, and region codes.

Main features of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum:

  • Various copy modes: It allows users to copy full content of your DVD to ISO or DVD folder, or just copy desired footage to MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG(2), WMV, AVC, TS, MOV, etc.
  • High quality keeping: unlike many other CPRM DVD decrypters, it can preserve the image and audio effect maximally thanks to High Quality Engine and "Yadif Double Frames" De-interlacing Engine.
  • Intuitive design: user oriented, allowing flexible settings and fine-tuning.

How to Decrypt and Rip CPRM DVD?

Step 1. Download and install WinX DVD Ripper on your computer.

Free Download for Win 7 or later
Free Download for Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Please DO Not use WinX DVD Ripper to rip rental DVDs.

Step 2. Insert your CPRM DVD to DVD drive and click the DVD Disc button on WinX DVD Ripper to load it.

Step 3. Within the Output Profile window, choose an output format.

Step 4. Click the RUN button to start the decryption and ripping process. Once done, you'll have a CPRM-free digital file that you can play on any device or media player without restrictions.

Decrypt CPRM DVD

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.


author - Donna Peng

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