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Best Free Media Player

Alternatives to Windows Media Player 12: There're better free media players for Windows 7.

Some people think that it's necessary to introduce media players for Windows 10, but not for Windows 7, because Windows 7 has built-in Windows Media Player while Windows 10 doesn't. As a matter of fact, lots of Windows 7 users have been fed up with this default media player. It always stops working, crashes as soon as you open it, stucks on opening media, can't play the files you throw into it, and causes other issues. Some problems can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Media Player. However, this solution doesn't work all the time. Therefore, many people would rather download another media player for Windows 7 than fix WMP errors from time to time. After all, there're many excellent free media players for Windows 7 as alternatives to WMP.

One of the best free media player for Windows 7 32 bit & 64 bit - 5KPlayer

5KPlayer has many other outstanding features:

* Play virtually all videos, music, DVD discs/folders/ISO images, etc, without extra codec packs needed.
* Play 1080p HD, 4K Ultra HD videos and other resolution videos without glitch.
* Work as AirPlay sender and receiver to stream video audios from iOS to computer, and from computer to Apple TV and AirPlay Speakers.
* This clean 5KPlayer can do more than media playback.

Top 3 Free Media Players for Windows 7 - Play Videos, Music, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.

1. 5KPlayer Ratings: ★★★★☆ (based on 258 votes)
A modern, user-friendly, and all-in-one free media player for Windows 7

5KPlayer has good reasons to be the first entry in the list of best Windows 7 media players. Compared with other media players, it has shorter history. But for that reason, it arrives with modern and elegant interface and design. Free as it is, it will never bring virus, Trojan and other unfriendly malware and plug-ins to your computer.

best free media player for Windows 7 - 5KPlayer

As an all-round HD media player for Windows 7 (other operating systems are supported as well), it can handle home-made and commercial DVDs, videos, audios, and online radios without hassle. Virtually all video audio file formats are supported natively, including MP4, AVI, WMV, HEVC, MKV, M2TS, MP3, FLAC, APE and more. You don't need to download extra codec packs. Additionally, 4K and 3D video media files are accepted as well. Not only can it allow you to play local media files, but also download videos music from 300+ sites for further playback.

For iOS users, this media player has another fantastic feature - stream videos and music media files from iPhone iPad to Windows 7 PC, and from PC to Apple TV and AirPlay speakers.

5KPlayers' ranking in Softonic - a famous software download site: As of June 2017, 5KPlayer ranks No.3 in the top downloads list of Windows apps in United States, and No.2 in multimedia category, while VLC media player is in thirteen place and fourth respectively.

The unique core of 5KPlayer makes it recognize and read an H.265 video fast, and process and display it on the user computer as quickly as possible. More importantly, 5KPlayer is extremely user-friendly and lightweight. Even a beginner can play a 4K and 8K movie on Windows PC or Mac as easy as rolling off a log.

2. VLC Media Player Ratings: ★★★★☆
A time-honored open-source media player for Windows 7

Every time when it comes to media player, VLC Media Player will be one of our picks. You may think I'm a guy of no creativity. But this tool is really worth recommending. VLC is a mature media player for Windows 7 and other systems and platforms. It has gone through 16 years of development and update. Certainly, as an open-source media player, its update frequency can't be compared to 5KPlayer and the like. The latest version is 2.2.8, released on December 5, 2017.

VLC Media Player can open nearly all standard media types, including audios, videos, CDs, and DVDs. Videos that are still downloading via P2P network could also be played. Just like 5KPlayer, it has a broad compatibility, supporting almost all file formats. Generally, we don't need to install additional codecs to make our media play smoothly. VLC is a customizable media player. It offers lots of settings and options to personalize your player software. For example, you can customize interface with its skin editor.

Also, VLC is more than a Windows 7 media player. It is available to stream media over computer networks and to transcode multimedia files.

open source media player Windows 7 - VLC

3. PotPlayer Ratings: ★★★★☆
A Windows 7 media player with high number of settings and customizations

PotPlayer is a free media player compatible with Windows only. Windows 7 is perfectly supported. This tool and KMPlayer share the same developer. Users who once used KMPlayer will be familiar with its interfaces. Browse its interfaces and we'll find that there're dozens of settings which allow us to customize to our liking. But not all people love these options. Opponents think that the settings "unfortunately make wading through the checkbox-laden settings menu kind of a pain" and are "confusing".

But the consensus is that PotPlayer is a good option if you need to download a functional free media player for Windows 7, because it supports various video audio formats, Blu-ray videos, DVDs, 3D videos and 360-degree immersive videos. Besides serving as media player software, it is also a screen recorder, TV receiver and a video editor.

Note that PotPlayer locates at notification area instead of taskbar.

Windows 7 media player free - PotPlayer

If you have found and downloaded your favorite media player for Windows 7, you can uninstall Windows Media Player following the steps below:

1. Click "Start", type "windows features" into the search bar, and press "Enter" key to get access to Windows Features dialog.
2. Find "Windows Media Player" option, clear the check next to it, and then confirm to uninstall it.

If you want to reinstall it one day, simply mark the box again.

Download the Best Free Media Player for Windows 7

5KPlayer is perfectly compatible with any Windows OS (and Mac OS). Superior to Windows Media Player, this freeware is able to:

  1. Play HD, 4K, 5K and 8K videos on Windows (7) PC;
  2. Play any music files (MP3 AAC APE FLAC) on Windows 7;
  3. Play DVDs, 3D videos and radio uniquely on Windows 7;
  4. Stream audio video across Windows, iOS and Mac devices;
  5. Download online videos from YouTube, Vevo, DailyMotion, etc;
  6. Establish a complete and stylish media library;
  7. Pause, backward, forward videos, or drag the process;
  8. Make personal settings, choose subtitles, etc.

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