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Best Free DVD Flick Alternative for Windows 11/10 and Lower

The latest version of DVD Flick available to download is version released in 2009. Since there's no more active development for ages now, it is inevitable to run into large or small problems while burning DVDs with DVD Flick. If you can't fix DVD Flick issues some of which are listed below, downloading a free DVD Flick alternative is supposed to be the best workaround. Now we'll introduce a free DVD Flick alternative for those who are sick of DVD Flick because of badly slow DVD burning speed, can't recognize source videos, incompatible with PC, low-quality output with audio and video out of sync, a lot of processor power required, or other matters.

Part 1. Best Free DVD Flick Alternative for Windows 11, 10, 8.1/8, 7, Vista

Google DVD author, DVD burner and the like, we will seek out many programs that do the same thing as DVD Flick. But when it comes to an alternative to DVD Flick, WinX DVD Author is worth recommending. This isn't an open source tool, but it is exactly free to burn videos to DVDs on Windows, perfectly compatible with Windows 10 and lower. Read on to check more details about this no-charge DVD Flick alternative and see if it is the replacement you long for.

WinX DVD Author arrives with many terrific features:

  • This is permanent free DVD burning software without setting limitations on features.
  • It is safe to download and use, because it isn't bundled with adware, malware, or anything hazardous.
  • Like DVD Flick, this alternative program is able to burn nearly all videos to DVDs, such as videos in MP4, MKV, AVI, VOB, FLV, MOV, ISO.
  • Users are also allowed to create DVD menu, insert subtitle track, and background music.
  • Supported discs include DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD DL+R, DVD DL-R, DVD DL+RW, DVD DL-RW, PAL/NTSC DVD.
  • Equipped with Deinterlacing tech, high quality decoder and encoder engine. Dolby Digital AC-3 audio is supported.
  • Different from DVD Flick using a lot of processing power but working exceedingly slow, it occupies little CPU and utilizes powerful decoder encoder engine to boost transcoding and burning speed efficiently.
  • If there's unwanted segment in your footage, trim it off simply by setting start and end time. No need to bother third-party tool.

Part 2. Free DVD Flick Alternative User Guide: How to Use WinX DVD Author for DVD Burning?

Like what you do with DVD Flick, first you should download and install this alternative program on Windows PC. And then we could burn videos to DVDs following the steps below.

Step 1: Insert a blank recordable DVD disc into your DVD-ROM. Open WinX DVD Author, and then choose "Video DVD Author" from right of the main interface.

best DVD flick alternative
best DVD flick alternative

Step 2: At the new pop-up window you should see "+" button at the bottom left. Click it to open the videos you want to burn to DVD.

Other things you can do at the screen include:

  • Clip off unwanted part from source videos;
  • Add/remove video clips, change the order of videos;
  • Add external subtitle track, specify subtitle language and font size;
best free DVD flick alternative
best free DVD flick alternative

Step 3: If you select "Create DVD Menu" option in step 2, then you will be directed to a panel to create title menu and chapter menu. There're several background templates for choosing. Certainly, it is eligible to choose one from our local library. Also, we can insert desired background music for our menu. Next, type in proper text. Click ">>" when you finish it.

Step 4: Change output property if necessary. And then click "Start" to initiate converting and burning process. This free DVD Flick alternative will convert your videos to VOB first and then burn VOB to DVD.

best free DVD flick alternative
best DVD flick alternative

The Bottom Line:

WinX DVD Author is worth trying when you need a free program like DVD Flick. It possesses some similar features with DVD Flick yet works better and faster than DVD Flick thanks to advanced inbuilt techniques.

Part 3. FAQs about Free DVD Flick Alternatives for Windows

What can I use instead of DVD Flick?

There are plenty of alternatives to DVD Flick for DVD authoring and burning, such as WinX DVD Author, DVDStyler, DeVeDe, Bombono, to name a few. WinX DVD Author is the most powerful and fastest DVD Flick alternative and has regular updates with better features added. It is available on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Is DVD Flick really free?

Yes. DVD Flick, popular in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and other countries, is a free open source DVD authoring program for Windows 7/XP/Vista. The source code of DVD Flick is released under the GPL. You can download DVD Flick, use it, redistribute it, and modify it as you wish. It is available to convert videos to DVDs for playback on DVD player, Media Center or Home Cinema Set. Also, it allows users to import subtitles, audio tracks, and menus to help burn a professional-looking DVDs.

Can DVD Flick convert MKV files?

Yes. DVD Flick supports converting and burning MKV files to DVDs. MKV is a container video format that can include video stream, audio stream, and subtitles. DVD Flick can convert MKV files with video, audio, and subtitles using a supported format. Common video and audio codecs DVD Flick supports include H.264, MPEG-4, DivX/XviD, Flash Video, MPEG-1/2, VP6, VC1, DTS, AAC, AC3, Vorbis, FLAC lossless, Apple lossless, MP3, and more. Make sure your MKV files use subtitles DVD Flick accepts, SSA or ASS. However, DVD Flick may don't handle MKV files well and have the following errors.

  • "Couldn't open MKV files. It says corrupted to all my MKV files."
  • "I updated to Windows 10 several days ago. I love Windows 10 but DVD Flick doesn't work well with it."
  • "I downloaded this tool, and I guess it worked, but the picture quality went down a bit, and the audio and video got out of sync by about half a second."
  • "Twice now, on two different computers it goes through the burning process, all the encoding and stuff, but when the DVD is "done" everywhere I try it says it's blank! My computer, a DVD recorder, my ps3, they all say it's blank. It just went through 3 - 4 hours "burning" but not actually doing anything!"


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