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Video Compression: Convert 1080p to 720p Video Easily on Windows and Mac

How to Convert 1080p to 720p Video Easily on Windows and Mac? | Adjust Resolution, Bitrate, Frame rate

Convert FHD 1080p to HD 720p

Is 1080p or 720p better?

It is not necessarily to generalize 1080p is better than 720p. They are essentially different progressive video resolutions. To be specific, 1080p video of higher resolution may be more suitable for viewing on HDTV to have more pixel details of image displayed; 720p HD Ready or Standard HD, however, has its advantages:

If you have a slow internet connection, 720p will be a better choice for live streaming. Streaming 720p video will gobble up less data and bandwidth, say, 0.9GB per hour.

720p video, as an HDTV signal format, is enough for widescreen HDTV and standard 720p TV. Even some TV broadcasters and cable/satellite providers like ABC and FOX send programming in 720p resolution.

Standard mobile phones have screen resolutions of VGA (640×480), QVGA (320×240), WQVGA (xxx×240), HVGA (480×320), WVGA (xxx×480), FWVGA (854x480), SVGA (800x600), Quarter HD or qHD (960×540), XGA (1024x768), WXGA (1366x768). HD mobile phones' screen resolutions range from 720x1280 to Quad HD (1440x2560), Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) and Ultra HD 4K (3840x2160 pixels). For most mobile phones, 720p resolution video can be played back clearly enough without noticeable pixel block (depending on pixel density).

The Catch: The best pixel density for phone is about 300 pixels per inch, i.e., the relation between phone screen size and resolution is 300 PPi, which will deliver the best screen resolution for phone.

A same video at 720p resolution will result in smaller file size than at 1080p. It means faster video transmission (sharing/uploading), less storage consumption and smaller drain on your phone's battery.

Accordingly to a test using a professional HD video converter, after converting a 27-minute 1080p video to 720p, the file size is about 63% smaller, from 380MB to 142MB.

File Size: 1080p vs 720p

Here are how to downscale and convert 1080p to 720p video on Windows 10 using WinX Video Converter (with image quality comparison).

The Best Free 1080p to 720p Video Converter for Windows and Mac
WinX Video Converter ranks top among HD video converters

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▶ Compress videos: resize and downscale large HD/4K videos.
▶ Convert formats: MKV to MP4/iPhone, M2TS to AVI, H.264 to HEVC, MOV to PSP, etc.
▶ Download videos and music, edit videos, make photo slideshows.

How to Convert 1080p to 720p Free with a Specific 1080p to 720p Converter?

Follow the step-by-step guide to free compress and convert a FHD 1080p to a HD-Ready 720p video on Windows PC within a few clicks.

All you need:
A desktop or laptop running Windows 2000 - Windows 10.
The EXE file WinX Video Converter installed.
One or more 1080p HD video files on your hard drive.

Step 1. Load a source 1080p video.
Click "Add Video" button on the top left of the free 1080p to 720p HD video converter, browse in your computer and find the 1080p HD video file that needs to be converted. Choose the video file, tap "Open" and let it loaded to the converter that supports almost all video formats, including MP4, AVI, M2TS, HEVC, MOV, WMV, FLV, VOB and so on. It supports adding video files in batch.

How to Convert 1080p to 720p

Step 2. Choose an output profile if necessary.
The default output format of WinX Free Video Converter is MP4 Video with H.264 + AAC codec. You can choose any other profiles provided, such as AVC Video, AVI Video, etc. If you are just to change the resolution instead of format, just choose an output format that is the same with your original video. But honestly, MP4 is always recommended for good reasons.

Step 3. Choose 1280x720 resolution.
Click on a gear-shaped setting button, under Video Options hit the drop down arrow and select 1280x120.
Besides resolution, Bit Rate, Frame Rate and Aspect Ratio (4:3; 3:2; 16:9) can be set according to your needs. Video bitrate recommended for 720p is 2000-4000 Kbps, but you don't have to set it by yourself since it is ready-made.

Step 4. Define the output folder.
You can browse and choose any folder in your computer or hard drive as the Destination Folder to save the output 720p video file.

Step 5. Enable Hardware Encoder.
No matter your computer has iGPU or discrete GPU, the 1080p to 720p downscaler software can invoke it for acceleration if the Hardware Acceleration on your computer is turned on.

Enable Hardware Encoder.jpg

Step 6. Make other settings and start.
You can make any other settings if necessary. After that, click RUN button and start converting 1080p to 720p.

Here we take a small part of the original 1080p video and the downscaled 720p video, played in full screen by Windows Media Player on a 24-inch widescreen Dell Windows 10 desktop as the image quality comparison.

Video Quality 1080p vs 720p

As you can see, there is no noticeable difference between the images at 1080p and 720p resolution even on a widescreen computer. The difference will be less on a smaller sized device such as an iPad, iPhone or Android phone.

Download the Best All-in-One Video Software - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is an all-in-one video software capable of video format conversion (e.g. MOV to MP4, AVI to iPhone), resolution shifting (e.g. 4K to 1080p), video editing/processing, video downloading and more. It can decode videos, compress any SD/HD/4K UHD/8K videos to MP4, HEVC, MOV, FLV, and more videos, make all kinds of videos playable on Apple iPhone X/8/7/6(S)/ Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S9/Edge, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, Windows Phone, Surface Pro, PS3/4, Xbox One/360, etc, for a convenient video movie playback, uploading, downloading, or storage. Thanks to the level-3 CPU/GPU hardware acceleration, the video processing speed will be as fast as you need.

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