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How to Make Free Christmas Greeting E-cards/Sliseshows

In the digital age, where connectivity spans across distances and time zones, there's a unique and heartfelt way to extend the spirit of Christmas to your loved ones – through personalized e-cards. As the holiday season approaches, the art of crafting Christmas greeting e-cards has become a cherished tradition for many. It's an opportunity to infuse your warm wishes with creativity, sending a virtual hug adorned with festive cheer.

In this article, we'll explore the joy of creating your own Christmas e-cards, offering tips, ideas, and inspiration to make each digital greeting a meaningful expression of love and goodwill. Embrace the magic of the season as you embark on a journey to design e-cards that will bring smiles and festive delight to the inboxes of friends and family alike.

Download Tools to Make Christmas Photo E-cards

There are some free eCards Maker Apps online for you to download, and still you can create Christmas greeting eCards by the existing software such as PowerPoint, Free eCards and Winxvideo AI , the last of which has a really brilliant bonus feature that can help you make Christmas slideshows freely, similar to Christmas Ecards, but more vivid and dramatic.

The biggest advantage of making Xmas slideshow with WinX is that it can help compress and convert the Christmas slideshow Ecards to a certain video format in a proper size at the same time, for furthuring sending by Email or uploadeding to YouTube as Christmas gifts.

Part 1. Convert Photos to Christmas Slideshow on PC/Mac

Download Winxvideo AI or HD Video Converter for Mac, which specializes in making Christmas photo slideshow videos on PC or Mac. Before making the Christmas slideshow, you need to put all the photos and pictures you need in a folder, all JPG, PNG and BMP pictures being accepted.

Step 1. Import Xmas Slideshow Photos
Open Winxvideo AI, click "Photo" icon to select the photo folder and have all the images loaded in.

Step 2. Choose Output Format/Device
Since FLV, M4V and MP4 videos have high compression rate to ensure smaller file size, you are suggested to choose one among them as the output video format to send Email or upload online. If you are only willing to play the slideshow on your mobile phones, just choose the phone model at the device profile, iPhone 15 Pro max included.

make Christmas slideshow video

Step 3. Start Making Christmas Slideshow Video
Simply click RUN button to make your photo slideshow while compressing the slideshow video to fit the Email. The video conversion speed of the Winxvideo AI is super fast that the Christmas slideshow video can be created from photos in no time.

Advanced Christmas slideshow editing feature: After clicking the Edit option, a slideshow editing window will pop up, where you can sort the photos in file name, creation date, or location order; set the interval time between two photos; and add background music file(s) into the slideshow video.

Tips of Making Xmas Ecards and Slideshows

  • You can personalize you Ecards with photos, slideshows videos and music.
  • WinX enables you to make screenshot from the video you want to convert. You can set the Snapshot Folder destination in the Option item.
  • You can add some effects into the Christmas slideshow videos.
  • You can convert videos to YouTube formats for uploading and sharing online with this video converter.
  • WinX can free download YouTube videos and convert various videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, WP8, Xbox, PS4, etc.

Part 2. Email Christmas Cards to Kids and Friends

If you have created Christmas cards successfully, do not forget to send kids and friends through Email. But please note that Only Gmail and Apple mail support embedding and reviewing videos on e-mail.

As you embark on creating your personalized Christmas greeting e-cards, envision the joy and warmth they will bring to the hearts of your loved ones. Each carefully chosen image, heartfelt message, and creative design is a testament to the spirit of the season and the love you share. As you send these digital expressions of goodwill, consider the smiles they'll elicit and the connections they'll strengthen. In a world where distances may separate us physically, these e-cards serve as bridges, connecting hearts across the miles.

This holiday season, let your digital greetings carry the magic of Christmas, uniting friends and family in a tapestry of love, peace, and shared celebrations. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas filled with the joy of giving and the warmth of meaningful connections.

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Home > Resource > Christmas Holiday Tips >make christmas e-cards