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Christmas/Xmas & New Year Related Articles

To commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, people around the world celebrate Christmas Day annually on December 25, either the Christian or the non-Christian. Christmas is a public holiday in many nations, like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Australia and some African countries. On this day, people make Christmas decorations, make insteresting Chriatmas cards for friend and family, deliver gifts, cook traditional family meal, listen to top Christmas/Xmas songs, watch classic and new Christmas movies as a convention. Here we will list you some top best Xmas movies/songs, and some festival related how-to guides.

Best Christmas Movies of All Time for Kids, Adults & Families
What are the best Christmas movies of all time? This best Christmas movies list gives you what people search and listen to most, plus best new Xmas films deserving your watching.
Kaley Torres December 17, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
2021 Simple Family Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make
There are some free Christmas craft ideas to make homemade 2021 funny, cute and special Christmas crafts with kids. Spend time and energy with your kids by watching children Christmas crafts.
Kistent Waung December 14, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
How to Make New Year Greeting Video and Send Your Happy New Year Greetings Wishes
This guide saves you effort in making best 2021 New Year video greetings with Christmas New Year Greeting video downloading, converting and editing features.
Donna Peng December 14,, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
How to Make Free Christmas E-cards/Slideshow for Family and Friends
There're lots of free 2019 (Animated) Christmas eCards online, but it's more creative to make Christmas E-cards/slideshows on Windows 10 by yourself for greeting family and friends.
Donna Peng December 14, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
Best Free 2021 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults
Check out 2021 Christmas party games ideas for adults and children, and rankings of best free 2019 online Christmas themed games for kids to play.
Donna Peng December 14, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
Don't Buy Christmas Gifts Online before You Read This | 2016 Edition
This post hares you some money-saving tips and guides to buy Christmas gifts online safely for kids, family, parents, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend.
Donna Peng December 14, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
Tips on 2021 Christmas Activities for Kids and Students
This article provides you some tips on 2021 Christmas/Xmas activities for kids and students. Based on these Christmas activities, your kids may have a great holiday time.
Donna Peng December 14, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
2018 Best Xmas Gift Ideas from Best Xmas Deals and Giveaways
Learn to prepare special 2018 Xmas gifts from the best Xmas gift ideas for your parents, lovers, teachers, friends, kids, or pets, find the best Xmas discount/giveaway deals easily.
Donna Peng December 14, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
Best Foreign Movies around Christmas
This post lists best Christmas foreign movies including Die geliebten Schwestern(Beloved Sisters), Deux jours, une nuit (Two Days, One Night), Mommy, Song of the Sea, and Zero Motivation.
Kaley Torres Dec.6 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
List of Christmas Movies on DVD 2021 on Hallmark, Amazon, Walmart, etc.
Shop new Christmas movies on DVD 2021 on Hallmark, Amazon, Walmart, Google, etc. and rip Christmas movies DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. for playback on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android.
Kistent Waung December 03, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
2021 Christmas Tree Ornaments Giveaways - Homemade Xmas Tree Ornaments for Kids to Make
How to find the best 2021 family Christmas tree ornament giveaways? How to get free personalized Xmas tree ornaments for kids to make easily? Get answere here.
Donna Peng December 3, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
[Updated 2021] Best/New Christmas Movies on Netflix
What are the best Christmas movies to watch on Netflix instant? Here we have lists of good Christmas movies new on Netflix, best Xmas films 4K on Netflix for kids, family, etc for watch instantly and New Years Eve movie on Netflix streaming.
Matthew Palmer Dec.2, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
How to Rip Christmas Movie DVDs on Windows 10?
Christmas is drawing near! If you want to rip Christmas movie DVDs on new Windows 10/11 OS with DVD ripper, just follow this guide!
Donna Peng Dec 2, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
2022 Best Christmas Party Ideas for Kids and Families
Get best 2021 Christmas party ideas, to decorate Christmas tree, exchange gifts, bake cookies, sing carols and watch Christmas movies for having a funniest Christmas party.
Donna PengDec 2, 2021
List of Free Christmas Songs for Kids | Free Download
This article covers 2022 best free kids Christmas songs list and shows how to free download Christmas music for children from YouTube.
Matthew Palmer Dec.1, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV
How to Play A Christmas Carol DVD on iPhone, iPad and Android
Get tools to help play A Christmas Carol DVD on iPhone/iPad/Android after ripping Disney kids' movie DVD A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens on Windows (10/11) PC or Mac.
Donna PengDec 1, 2021
Top 6 Christmas Vacation Movies 2021 You Can't Miss
Here's a list of top 6 Christmas vacation movies 2021 you can't miss. Free watch the best Christmas movies 2021 HD 720p/1080p on iPhone iPad Android on Christmas vacation.
Kaley Torres Mar. 10, 2021 YouTube 4K, Apple TV

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Thanksgiving Related Articles

As the 2020 Thanksgiving (Nov. 28) looms large, people must start to get the decorations like candles and pumpkins, party music or songs and of cource Thanksgiving recipes ready to make tricks and treats at the big gathering night. Get some ideas here, and it also served up some best Thanksgiving movies you shouldn't miss on this Turkey Day.

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Halloween Tips and Ideas

Besides Christmas, there are also many festivals like Halloween, Mothers' Day, Valentine's Day... Here are some tips for you to backup all those festivals related movie DVDs (protected DVDs included) to hard drive, DVD, MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, WMV, MKV, MPEG, H.264/H.265, Chromecast, ISO, iPhone, iPad, Android, WP8 and PSP etc.


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