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Best Foreign Movies around Christmas

As the holiday season envelops the world in a festive glow, there's a special magic that transcends borders and languages, uniting audiences in the joy of celebration. This enchanting time of year brings with it not only the warmth of twinkling lights and the aroma of seasonal treats but also a rich tapestry of foreign films that capture the essence of Christmas in unique and culturally diverse ways.

From heartwarming tales of love and friendship to whimsical adventures that unfold against the backdrop of snow-covered landscapes, the top foreign movies around Christmas offer a delightful escape into different traditions and storytelling styles. Join us on a cinematic journey as we explore the best international films that infuse the holiday spirit with cultural flair and universal themes, reminding us that the magic of Christmas knows no boundaries.

Best 5 Foreign Movies around Christmas

There're many fantastic foreign language movies, such as Winter Sleep, the Golden Palm winner at the 67th Cannes Film Festival. Are there any great foreign movies around Christmas? When the foreign films, if any, are released in USA? And can I watch the foreign movies online or download them to my iPhone, iPad or other mobiles? All questions will be answered one by one.

1. Best Foreign Movie around Christmas - Die geliebten Schwestern(Beloved Sisters)

Country: Germany
Language: German
Director: Dominik Graf

Plot: Two sisters named Caroline and Charlotte vow to share everything. When both of them fall in love with Schiller, a controversial young poet and playwright, they decide to share their love with Schiller...

Watch it because: Its premiere is in the competition section of the 64th Berlin International Film Festival and it has been selected as the German entry to compete for Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards.

2. Best Foreign Movie around Christmas - Deux jours, une nuit (Two Days, One Night)

Country: Belgium, Italy & France
Language: French
Director: Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne

Plot: A young mother Sandra discovers that her 16 co-workers have determined to make Sandra redundant to get monetary bonus. And then she must make use of a weekend to persuade her colleagues to reject the bonus and keep her job.

Deux jours, une nuit

Watch it because: This is another entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards. And it once competed for the Golden Palm at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and won the Sydney Film Prize at the Sydney Film Festival.

3. Best Foreign Movie around Christmas - Mommy

Country: Canada
Language: French
Director: Xavier Dolan

Plot: Diane Després is a windowed single mother. It is very difficult for her to raise her troubled and violent son until her mysterious neighbor Kyla comes to help.

Watch it because: This foreign movie won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Like the first two foreign movies, it is also one of the Best Foreign Language Film entrants at the 87th Academy Awards.

4. Best Foreign Movie around Christmas - Song of the Sea

Country: Ireland
Language: Irish, English
Director: Tomm Moore

Plot: This animated movie follows young Ben and his little sister Saoirse on a fantastic journey. Saoirse is the last of the selkies. She holds the power to bring the ancient stories their mother told them to life. To keep these tales alive, Saoirse needs to find her voice, and Ben needs to overcome his deepest fears.

Song of the Sea

Watch it because: This foreign movie has received many highly positive reviews. According to Hollywood Reporter, "Song of the Sea is another satisfying smack in the face of computer-generated 3D animation from Irish director Tomm Moore, after his earlier, Oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells.

5. Best Foreign Movie around Christmas - Zero Motivation

Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Director: Talya Lavie

Plot: A group of young female soldiers working at a remote desert base. Every day, they do chores and play computer games to pass the time. And all of them are looking forward to returning to civilian life.

Watch it because: Opinions to friendship, love and country are perfectly handled with humor and sharp-edged wit. And it has got 8 wins and 6 nominations at the Israeli Film Academy Award.

As we wrap up our cinematic sleigh ride around the world, these top foreign movies stand as a testament to the universal allure of Christmas and the power of storytelling to bridge cultural gaps. From the heartwarming warmth of family reunions to the enchanting mysteries of winter landscapes, these films have woven a tapestry of holiday magic that transcends language barriers. As you immerse yourself in these international treasures, may the joy, laughter, and timeless lessons they impart become a cherished part of your own holiday traditions.

So, whether you find yourself inspired by the grace of a French fable, the humor of a German comedy, or the romance of an Italian masterpiece, let these films be your global companions in celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. Here's to a season filled with the joyous spirit of Christmas, shared across borders and embraced by hearts around the globe.


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