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Kaley Torres
Kaley Torres is a self-motivated, creative editor with eight years of marketing and SEO experience, specializing in writing on DVD, video, audio, images, new digital contents etc. With a partiality DVD collection, Kaley also enjoys digitizing DVD and is keen to share her DVD video conversion tips on social media.

Articles and Guides

VLC Not Showing up in Popcorn Time? How to Watch Popcorn Time in VLC?
Can't play Popcorn Time movies on VLC? How to play Popcorn Time stream via VLC? Check answers!
Kaley Torres , 2021 Popcorn Time
[Latest] Snapchat Down and Not Working Today? 100% Fixes Here
[2021 100% fixes here] Snapchat down and not working again on iPhone Android? Snapchat won’t open? Not send messages or videos? App keeps crashing? Fix all Snapchat problems here.
Kaley TorresOctober 22, 2021
[Solved] Google Drive Is Still Processing Video Issue
Causes to Google Drive processing video issue boil down to video file size, internet speed and browser state. This guide will explain them one by one.
Kaley TorresOctober 21, 2021
[Solved] Windows Media Player Won't/Cannot Play DVD
If you encounter the scenario of Windows Media Player won't/cannot play DVD, either burned or commercial one, get solutions here to clean this issue up.
Kaley TorresOctober 19, 2021
Free Download AVI Codec for Windows 10/11 when AVI Files won't Play
Safe and free download and install AVI codec pack on Windows 10/11 here. Learn how to play AVI codecs DivX, Xvid, H.264, VP9, MPEG-4, Motion JPEG, etc. on Windows 10/11 without third-party AVI codec packs.
Kaley TorresOctober 19, 2021
How to Troubleshoot Black Screen Errors on Windows 10/11
Windows PCs' screen gets black after upgrading to the latest Windows 10 v1909? These troubleshooting steps will set you in the right direction to fix Windows 10 black screen errors.
Kaley TorresOctober 19, 2021
How to Fix No Sound or Audio Fading Issue in Windows 10/11
Get no sound error or audio fading out issue after upgrade to the latest Windows 10 v1909? Don't worry. Here are simple fixes to troubleshoot Windows 10 no sound error.
Kaley TorresOctober 19, 2021
[Solved] OGG Files Not Playing on Windows 10 v1903
Ogg files not playing after Windows 10 v1903 update? For example, .ogg extension files can't open, be moved, deleted or analized properly. Here are easy steps to fix it.
Kaley TorresOctober 19, 2021
How to Convert WebM to MP4 in VLC [Tutorial and Troubleshootings]
This tutorial shares VLC tutorial to convert WebM to MP4 on Windows and Mac. Also you will get troubleshooting steps to fix VLC not working or no sound error, together with the best VLC alternative to transcode video from WebM to MP4.
Kaley TorresOctober 13, 2021
8MB Video Compressor: Compress Videos to 8MB Free Online
8MB Video Compressor allows users to compress max 2GB videos to 8MB for Discord free online. Is 8MB Video Compressor safe to use? How to compress video to 8MB free online using the service?
Kaley TorresOctober 13, 2021
How to Compress Videos to Smaller than 8MB for Sending on Discord
Discord 8MB file size limit is too small. Here are two ways to reduce large file size to 8MB without losing quality for sending on Discord.
Kaley TorresOctober 11, 2021
Top 5 Sites to Watch Squid Game Full Series (Episodes 1-9) Free Online
Where to watch Squid Game free except Netflix? We dig out the top 5 sites to watch Squid Game free online in HD, including PRIMEWIRE, Omgflix, HD TODAY, JustWatch.
Kaley TorresOct 11, 2021
How to Fix Audio/Video Codec Not Supported on Windows (10) & Android
Are you tired of seeing the error audio or video codec not supported or unsupported video format when playing video on Windows 10 or other device? Let's fix the issue now, either to install video codec, try another video player or convert to a readable video format.
Kaley TorresOctober 10, 2021
How to Compress 4GB Video File to Make It Smaller with No Quality Loss
How do you compress a 4GB video file to make it smaller for sharing faster, storing in your USB drive or saving more space for your NAS? Get the answer here.
Kaley TorresOctober 9, 2021
[Solved] Can't Import HEVC Videos to Adobe Premiere Pro
Your Adobe Premiere Pro will not properly import HEVC videos produced by iPhone, Android, DSLR, GoPro, Dji, Final Cut Pro and more, even if the format is supported? Never mind. Your issue will be fixed with easy solutions here.
Kaley TorresSeptember 30, 2021
How to Play MOV Files on Windows 10?
Windows 10 can't play MOV videos from DSLR cameras, DJI drones, iPhone, etc. in 4K or HD? Simple ways to help you play MOV files on Windows 10/8/7 easily.
Kaley TorresSeptember 26, 2021
How to Fix WebM No Sound on VLC, Chrome, Firefox...
The WebM no sound issue may be caused by any of the reasons below, codec issue, wrong settings, etc. Check for detailed causes and fixes here.
Kaley TorresSep 24, 2021
Top 8 MOV Players for Windows 10, macOS, Android, iPhone
Here is a list of MOV file player for Windows 10, macOS, Android and iPhone, covering VLC, KMPlayer, 5KPlayer, PotPlayer, etc.
Kaley TorresSeptember 18, 2021
Handbrake MOV to MP4 Guide - Steps, Errors and Fixes
Can Handbrake convert MOV to MP4? Yes, but it's tricky to convert 4K/HD MOV to MP4 using Handbrake, especially MOV @4K 60fps in HEVC, Prores, LPCM, etc. Check full steps, possible errors and fixes here.
Kaley TorresSep 18, 2021
GoPro/DJI/Canon/Sony Splits Video? Why and How to Merge Clips?
Because of FAT32 and exFAT file system, videos are split up by cameras or camcorders from GoPro, DJI, Canon, Sony, etc. to keep all videos safely as much as possible.
Kaley TorresSeptember 17, 2021
10 Best Free NFL Streaming Sites to Watch NFL Football Games
How can you watch NFL football games if you've cut the cords? This article introduces 10 best free NFL streaming sites to catch every regular-season NFL game.
Kaley Torres Sep 16, 2021 NFL
How to Compress a Video (90% Smaller, 98% Quality Reserved)
Free compress/reduce a video file on Mac, Windows, Android, or iPhone fast with CPU and GPU acceleration - 90% smaller, 98% quality reserved). Large sized video can be compressed fast for Email, YouTube/Facebook uploading, etc.
Kaley TorresSep 16, 2021
How to Compress H.264(AVC) Video Size without Losing Quality
Here you'll get 3 methods to compress AVC/H.264 video file size, one of which will show you how to reduce H.264 video size without losing quality. Hardware acceleration will be enabled to boost video processing speed.
Kaley TorresSep 15, 2021
2021 BEST Free Live Football Streaming Apps for iPhone & Android
Here is a list of 2021 best free live football streaming apps for Android iPhone iPad to live stream football matches, like 2021 NFL football, UEFA EURO 2020, live soccer scores, video highlights, and more in HD quality.
Kaley TorresSep.14, 2021
How to Compress a Large/Long Video for WhatsApp
How to compress video for Whatsapp without losing quality: step 1. Download and install WinX Video Converter; step 2. Load target video for shrinking; step 3. Specify compression settings; Step 4. Start compressing.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021
How to Convert WEBM to MP3 for Free [with Online & Desktop Solution]
We introduce 2 ways to convert WEBM to MP3 in high quality. One is a free online method, the other is a desktop converter.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 MP3
How to Cut/Trim Videos in VLC Media Player - VLC Support
Find out the ease of cutting clips in VLC media player: how you can quickly trim videos and get a specific portion of a clip you want.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
How to Upload Video to Google Drive [Guide & Troubleshooting]
We'll show you how to upload video to Google Drive from computer, Android phone/tablet, iPhone, and iPad, and why you can't upload video to Google Drive.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
Top 3 Ways to Resize Video for TikTok Free
How to resize or crop video for TikTok without watermark? Here top ways are shared to adjust video dimensions, resolution and aspect ratio for TikTok.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
How to Send and Share Large Video Files Free & Securely
How to share large HD/4K video files with others? Here are the best ways to send/share large video files freely and securely.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
Top Ways to Compress MOV Video to Smaller Size
This article shows how to compress MOV video file with smaller size and better quality and what factors are effecting MOV file size. Reduce MOV file size for email, online sharing/uploading and more.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
3 Ways to Attach a Video of Large File Size to an Email
How do you send a video of large size, more than 25MB via email attchments? This article shows you 3 easy ways to attach a large video to an email.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 Google Drive
What's the Google Drive Video File Size Limit?
What's the biggest video file size you can upload to Google Drive? This article will explain the Google Drive video file size limit and show you how to upload large videos to Google Drive.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 Google Drive
Google Drive Upload Stuck? How to Fix and Speed Up Uploads?
Google Drive upload stuck with message like waiting to upload or starting upload? No biggie. Effective solutions are here to solve stuck issue and make video upload to Google drive much faster.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
10+ Fixes for YouTube Video Stuck at Processing 0, 95, 99, 100
When YouTube video stuck at processing, you can fix it by updating browser, switching to a different browser, using incognito window, rebooting router, reducing file size, converting video, and so much more.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 YouTube
What Is FAT32 File Size Limit and How to Get Around It?
What is the FAT32 file size limit and how to avoid the error 'The file is too large for the destination file system' when you transfer files larger than 4GB to FAT32 drive? Follow the post and learn the max file size for FAT32 and workaround to the FAT32 file size limit.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
Maximum Video Size Limits of Emails and How to Send Videos Larger than 25MB
Here are the maximum video size limits of emails like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and more. Also learn how to send a video via email that is larger than 25MB.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
How to Compress WebM Videos [No Size Limit]
How to compress webm to smaller size for faster loading to Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook? Check top ways here to compress wemb to MP4 online or using software.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 Compress WebM
How to Compress 4K Video Size from 1GB to 100MB without Quality Loss
4K video gets too big in size? This page shows you how to compress/reduce 4K vdieo size maximally, up to 1GB to 100MB, without sacrificing quality for easier uploading, sharing, storage and playback.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
How to Compress Video with QuickTime Player No Quality Loss
QuickTime player can make 4K/2K/1080p video smaller. How to compress video using QuickTime? Check the detailed guide here!
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
FFmpeg Guide - How to Use FFmpeg to Compress Large Video Size
To compress videos in FFmpeg, you should make sure the common-line is right. Start with the common-line examples below using FFmpeg. You can also reduce video size using FFmpeg in Python.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
Best Apps Compress Video on Android without Losing Quality
How to send a video that is too large on Android? Compress video on Android with best apps, quality, size and speed well balanced.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 Compress Video on Android
How to Compress Video in iMovie with High Quality
iMovie file size too large? Compress video in iMovie before exporting your video file. Follow the guide to reduce video size in iMovie with high quality.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 Compress Video in iMovie
How to Compress Video File Size in Adobe Premiere Pro
Follow to guide to exporting video in smaller file size in Premiere Pro for email, Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
How to Compress Video for Web for Faster Loading Time
Webpage with a video would be slower than before in loading. Compress and reduce video size for web for faster loading time with best video compressor software!
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 Compress Video for Web
[Solved] How Do I Reduce the Size of A Big Video for Facebook
Shortening the video length is a key to compress videos for Facebook without losing quality. You can also lower the resolution, bitrate, and frame rate down to successfully make your video smaller.
Kaley Torres September 13, 2021 compress
[Top 6 Ways] How to Compress Large Videos for Email
This tutorial aims to help compress video for Email on Windows (10)/Mac, as well as iPhone and Android, without losing quality.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
How to Compress HD/4K/8K Videos for iPhone on PC/Mac
Compressing videos for iPhone is necessary when you want to play 4K/8K videos smoothly, save storage capacity, etc. Here's detailed guide to fast compress HD/4K/8K videos for iPhone.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
How to Compress (4K/HD) Monitor Surveillance Videos
Guide on how to compress convert large 4K/HD monitor surveillance videos to smaller size with high quality for TV, upload or sharing.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
Compress 4K Video from GB to MB without Quality Loss
4K video gets too big in size? This page shows you how to compress/reduce 4K video size maximally, up to 1GB to 100MB, without sacrificing quality.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
Top 4 Ways to Free Compress MKV Video File Size
Here are top 4 ways to reduce large MKV video files from GB to MB without much quality loss for free. You can reduce MKV video files using free online tools, Handbrake, VLC, or desktop video compression software.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
Compress Large 4K/2.7K GoPro Videos While Retaining Great Quality
How to compress large 4K/2.7K GoPro videos? The guide below will lead you to reduce GoPro video file size without having a visible drop in quality.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
How to Compress/Reduce 8K UHD Video Size without Quality Loss
This is for 8K video compression, mainly on how to compress 8K ultra HD video for YouTube, iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android, etc and reduce 8K video file size without losing quality.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
What to Do When 4K Video Export Is Large Than Original
Huge export size of 4K videos can be caused by higher bitrate setting if the video length is unchanged. To avoid 4K video exports larger than original, try the following tips.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
HVC1 Codec won't Play in VLC? How to Fix HVC1 Errors?
HEVC with HVC1 codec can't play in VLC media player? Learn how to fix HVC1 errors and play HEVC videos with HVC1 codec on VLC smoothly.
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
Compress (4K/1080p) Drone Video for Sharing Online or Space Saving
How to compress (4K/1080p) drone video (created by DJI, Gopro, Yuneec etc.) for uploading online like Twitter, FB, Ins and Whatsapp? Don't use tyros to cause obvious quality loss. Learn more here...
Kaley TorresSeptember 13, 2021
Top 10 Sites to Watch NCAA College Football Online Free Streams
Here we gather the top 10 live streaming sites for football fans to watch NCAA football online for free without cable or subscription. The list includes CrackStreams, BuffStream, Reddit Streams, and more.
Kaley Torres Sep 10, 2021 NCAA
How to Fix Choppy Video Playback of 4K/1080p HD on PC/Mac?
Encounter choppy, stuttering or jerky video playback error? Here are solutions to help play 4K/1080p video on Mac/Windows 10 PC smoothly without lags.
Kaley TorresSeptember 09, 2021
[Fixed] Reddit App Not Loading Videos, GIFs, Posts on Android & iOS
From time to time, Reddit app won’t load videos, GIFs, posts, NSFW content, front page… 100% working fixes to Reddit app not loading, freezes, slow loading errors are all here.
Kaley TorresSeptember 7, 2021
Fixed: Yahoo Fantasy Sports App Not Working/Loading
Yahoo Fantasy Sports app not working or loading on Android/iPhone? Here are the solutions, with free downloads for best sports video downloader.
Kaley TorresSeptember 7, 2021
[Solved] Reddit App Down on iOS, Android, Windows 10/11
Is your Reddit app down on your iOS, Android or Windows when you want to upload a video, leave a comment, submit links or post texts? Here are reasons and solutions.
Kaley TorresSep.7, 2021
Top 10 Free Video Compressor Apps for Android and iPhone
Here we gather and review top 10 free video compressor apps for Android and iPhone iPad. Check to get the best video compression applications without ads or annoying extra purchases.
Kaley Torres Sep.07, 2021 Video compressor app
Does Freemake Have Watermark? How to Remove Freemake Watermark?
Freemake video converter leaves a watermark on every converted video. If you want to remove freemake watermark or logo and want to convert video without watermark, you can find the workarounds and the best video converter here.
Kaley TorresSeptember 6, 2021
[Fixed] Reddit App No Sound on Feed, GIF, NSFW, Short Videos
Can't hear videos on Reddit mobile app? Fixes to Reddit no sound errors with GIF, NSFW, short videos, etc. are all here.
Kaley TorresSeptember 6, 2021
Reddit App Slow Laggy Glitchy on Android iPhone iPad? Fixed Now!
Try the following fixes to solve reddit app slow, laggy, buggy problem: force stop the app, reboot Android/iOS phone, clear caches and datas, leave enough memory space, etc.
Kaley TorresSep.3, 2021
How to Compress Videos for YouTube with Best Quality
This article explains how to compress videos for uploading to YouTube while keeping good quality. Any videos at any formats/resolutions can be easily compressed for YouTube upload on PC/Mac.
Kaley TorresAugust 31, 2021
Solved: Premiere Pro Import/Export MP4 No Video Only Audio
Is there no video but only audio when importing MP4 to Premiere Pro or exporting from it? Here are reasons and how to solve Adobe Premiere Pro MP4 no video problem.
Kaley TorresAugust 30, 2021
Top 3 Free AVCHD Video Players for Windows and Mac
Here's a roundup of top 3 free AVCHD players. Get the best free AVCHD video Player to help you free play AVCHD/MTS video smoothly on your Windows PC and Mac.
Kaley TorresAugust 30, 2021
Compress MP4: 4 Ways to Reduce File Size GBs to MBs
This article lists 4 possible ways to compress MP4 video files including Windows 10/Mac desktop and online MP4 compressors for space saving, uploading, emailing, etc.
Kaley TorresAugust 27, 2021
How to Play MKV on PS4/PS5 without MKV Not Playing Issue
PS4 won't play MKV from USB? X265 MKV can't play on PS5? Read this post to make MKV video playable on PS4, PS5 without problem.
Kaley Torres August 27, 2021 Play MKV Video
How to Convert and Play AVCHD (.MTS File) on iPad Pro/Mini/Air
HOW TO easily play AVCHD HD video on Apple iPad/Mini/Air/Pro? Transfer AVCHD video to iPad compatible video format, sync output video to iPad/Mini/Air/Pro via iTunes, and now watch your AVCHD video on your iPad!
Kaley TorresAugust 27, 2021
Free Download and Install MOV Codec for Windows 10
Install MOV codec for Windows 10 to solve problems when playing and editing MOV video files. Windows 10 Codec Pack and K-Lite Codec Pack are good choices.
Kaley TorresAugust 27, 2021
Discord File Size Limit 8MB? How to Send Larger Videos on Discord?
Discord file size limit is 8MB for free users, 50MB for Discord Nitro Classic subscribers and 100MB for Nitro users. But how to send videos on Discord more than 8MB or 50MB or 100MB? This article will give an answer.
Kaley TorresAugust 26, 2021
HandBrake Tutorial - How to Solve Handbrake Cannot Scan DVD Title Error
How to solve Handbrake cannot scan DVD title and Handbrake title scanning failed error? You may ask this question before you ripping DVDs by Handbrake. This page will help you to solve Handbrake title scanning failed error.
Kaley TorresAugust 25, 2021
Play HDR (4K) with VLC & Solve VLC HDR not Working
VLC HDR support live now. Here, learn how to play HDR (4K/HEVC) videos with VLC and solve VLC HDR not working problem.
Kaley TorresAugust 25, 2021
Best 10 Free YouTube Video Makers (Online & Software)
How to make a YouTube video stunning enough to attract audience? Here are 10 YouTube video makers for freshman, junior and senior to create wonderful videos for uploading to YouTube.
Kaley TorresAugust 23, 2021
How to Compress Video for Instagram without Quality Loss
Instagram upload video results in blurry and grainy quality? Compress videos for Instagram without losing qualilty to avoid Instagram compression and high-quality upload.
Kaley TorresAugust 23, 2021
Compress Videos More than 1 GB Online Free to MB
It's quite easy to reduce video size more than 1GB/1.5GB/4GB using online services - choose a video to upload, compress, and download. Here we pick top online free online compressing services and offer user guides to help you get started.
Kaley Torres August 23, 2021 compress
Top 5 Ways to Convert AVI to MPEG Easily
How to convert AVI to MPEG? This article will show you top 5 ways to convert AVI to MPEG for easier playback on your devices or for later burning to DVDs.
Kaley Torres August 20, 2021 AVI to MPEG
How to Upload Video to Reddit [2021 Complete Guide]
We'll show you how to upload video to Reddit from phone and computer and how to fix Reddit video post failed or no sound problem.
Kaley Torres Aug.20, 2021 Reddit
Fixed: Handbrake Output File Size Larger Than Input
Handbrake makes files bigger instead of compressing it while convert MKV to MP4? This post discusses why and how to fix Handbrake output file size larger than input issue easily.
Kaley TorresAugust 19, 2021
How to Compress AVI Videos without Quality Loss on Windows (10)
It lays out ways on how to reduce/compress a big AVI file to smaller size on Windows (10, 8, 7) PC, for emailing, uploading to YouTube, DVD burning, space saving and playback on iPhone/iPad etc.
Kaley TorresAugust 18, 2021
All HandBrake Supported Input/Output Formats
This article focuses on HandBrake supported formats, including input formats, output video audio file formats and subtitle formats. Also, it will help fix some HandBrake formats issues.
Kaley TorresAugust 18, 2021
Best HandBrake Settings for DVD to MKV
H.264 MKV 576p25 and H.264 MKV 480p30 are the best HandBrake settings for DVD to MKV by default, but you can also DIY the DVD to MKV settings with HandBrake.
Kaley TorresAugust 13, 2021
[Download] HandBrake Plugins Libdvdcss HBBatchBeast or Docker Container
Free download and install libdvdcss for HandBrake to rip protected DVDs, HBBatchBeast plugin for HandBrake to batch convert videos or docker container for automated video conversion.
Kaley TorresAugust 13, 2021
What is a VOB File and How can You Play it?
What is a VOB file, VTS.VOB files on DVD? How to play VOB videos from encrypted DVD? How to convert VOB files to MP4 for smaller size and better compatibility? All answers are here.
Bella MillerAugust 11, 2021
[Updated] Recommended System Requirements for Handbrake
Here's list of system requirements for Handbrake that can be used to help make sure the hardware in your system will work with Handbrake. The list covers the very basic of hardware that is required to run Handbrake.
Kaley Torres August 10, 2021 HandBrake
What's the Difference between Very Fast and Fast in Handbrake
What's the difference between Very Fast presets and Fast presets in Handbrake? Here we compare the two presets in terms of video encoding speed, file size, quality, encoder, bit rate, and more.
Kaley Torres August 10, 2021 HandBrake
Apple Devices Don't Support AV1 Videos, Why and How?
AV1 videos can't be played on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc., for currently, apple's macOS and iOS platforms do not support the av1 videos. How to play AV1 on Apple gadgets? Here is the answer.
Kaley Torres August 9, 2021 Popcorn Time
HandBrake 4K Presets: How to Encode & Decode 4K with HandBrake?
HandBrake 4K presets let you encode video in 4K for YouTube/Vimeo, Amazon Fire TV, Apple devices, Chromecast, Playstation, Roku, etc. And here is an over-all guide about HandBrake 4K.
Kaley TorresAugust 09, 2021
Why Can't People Download AV1 Videos from YouTube and How to Tackle the Barrier?
Do you have trouble downloading YouTube videos? Maybe you are downloading AV1-encoded videos. Here's why you can't and how to download AV1 videos
Kaley TorresAugust 6, 2021
Does HandBrake Support AV1? Can You Encode AV1 Files with HandBrake
Does HandBrake support AV1 codec? How can you encode AV1 video in WebM to other codecs and formats? This article will give you a clear answer and introduce you an easy way to transcode AV1 video files.
Kaley Torres August 6, 2021 HandBrake AV1
H.266 VVC vs AV1, Which is Better?
Both H.266 VVC and AV1 are designed to deliver 4K and 8K videos at reduced data requirements but the same quality. Which is better? Check this VVC vs AV1 differences in details.
Kaley TorresAugust 6, 2021
[Updated] Top 3 Ways to Open and Play AV1 Video on Windows 10
Microsoft adds AV1 video playback support in Windows 10 on condition you download AV1 video extension, in such a way to solve the error 0xc00d5212. This post shows you 2 other reliable ways to correctly play AV1 video on Windows 10, in addition to AV1 codec download.
Kaley Torres August 6, 2021 Windows
AV1 Hardware/Software Encoder Is Available Now
The future of AV1 is getting clear with the release of Intel's open-source CPU-based SVT-AV1 encoder. Video converter from WinX also supports fast AV1 transcoding.
Kaley TorresAugust 6, 2021
AV1 Video Codec: What Is AV1, Pros and Cons of AV1 vs HEVC and VVC
What is AV1 codec? how AV1 edges over HEVC and VVC? This post centers on AV1 codec explanation, AV1 pros and cons compared with previous codec HEVC, and how to view AV1 codec flawlessly.
Kaley Torres August 6, 2021 AV1
AV1 vs HEVC: Is AV1 a Better Codec than HEVC for the Future?
AV1 can save 30% of the bit rate than HEVC or H.265, so is the royalty-free AV1 a better video codec for the future? It's not that simple. First, check the differences between AV1 and HEVC/H.265, in terms of royalty fee, compression efficiency, quality, speed, and compatibility.
Kaley Torres August 6, 2021 HEVC
How to Free Convert AVCHD (Lite Playlist) to MP4 with HandBrake?
Does HandBrake support all AVCHD & Lite playlists? How to free convert AVCHD to MP4 with HandBrake no compatibility issue? Find answers here!
Kaley TorresAug.6, 2021
What is WebM Video Format and is WebM Better than MP4?
WebM is a free and open-source format alternative to MP4. Do you know what is WebM used for? What is the differences between WebM and MP4? Check this post.
Bella MillerAugust 6, 2021
BET Awards 2021 Full Show Video Download, Live Streaming
Free download the BET Awards 2021 video for offline watching. Live Stream the BET Awards 2021 full show via BET websites, BET Now app, Sling TV YouTube TV, and more.
Kaley Torres August 5, 2021 BET Awards
Free Download 3GP Movie (Hollywood & Bollywood) for Mobile
Want to free download 3GP movies for your mobile or other devices? Just jump into this article to learn where and how to download 3GP full movies from Hollywood and Bollywood in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc.
Kaley TorresAugust 5, 2021
Simple Fixes to 4K Choppy/Lagging/Stuttered on VLC Player
VLC 4K choppy, 4K choppy playback on VLC, VLC 4K playback lagging
Kaley Torres August 3, 2021 VLC Media Player
[Solved] How to Fix Missing Codec 0xc00d5212 Error When Playing Video?
If you ever encountered the error: missing codec 0xc00d5212 when you try to play MOV, AVI, MP4 or any other video on windows 10, stay on the page. You will learn why and how to fix the error code0xc 00d5212 here.
Kaley TorresAugust 3, 2021
[Solved] How to Fix Error Code 0xc00d36c4 When Playing Videos
Here're the quick fixes to error code 0xc00d36c4 when playing MP4 video or any other files. Follow the troubleshoot steps and play unsupported or corrupted video on Windows Media Player or any other player flawlessly.
Kaley TorresAugust 3, 2021
Top 5 Ways to Convert M2TS to MP4 for Free
How do you convert M2TS to MP4? Follow this article, you'll find top 5 programs to convert M2TS to MP4 for free with high quality reserved.
Kaley Torres July 30, 2021 M2TS to MP4
Best Video Scaler: Upscale or Downscale 4K/1080P/720P Video
The best video scaler software is available to free download here for Windows or Mac computer. It allows you to upscale or downscale 4K UHD, 1080P HD, 1080i, 720P and more while keeping high quality.
Kaley TorresJul.29, 2021
[FFmpeg HEVC] Ffmpeg HEVC to H.264 MP4, FFmpeg HEVC Encoding, etc.
FFmpeg HEVC tips here contain FFmpeg HEVC H.265 to MP4 H.264 converting, FFmpeg HEVC encoding, Nvidia/Videotoolbox hardware acceleration, and more.
Kaley TorresJuly 26, 2021
Best Video Card for 4K Movies Playback on PC
What is the minimum graphics card for 4K movies playback, no gaming? Check answers here with best budget for 4K GPUs.
Kaley TorresJuly 26, 2021
Which Graphics Card is Best for 4K Gaming? [Updated]
Best 4K graphics cards? Which GPUs will work for 4K gaming? Find answer here if you can't decide among Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, 3070, 2080/Ti, GTX1080/Ti and AMD Radeon RX5700 XT, RX6700 XT.
Kaley TorresJuly 23, 2021
Best 4K Video Cameras 2021 from DSLR/Mirrorless Types
Looking for a 4K video camera but on a budget? Want to buy a 4K DSLR camera or mirrorless camera to shoot 4k video? Find your answer here.
Kaley TorresJuly 23, 2021
How to Remove Watermark from ClipChamp Video (Voice Incl.)
This page shows you how to remove stock video audio watermarks from Clipchamp video without upgrade.
Kaley TorresJuly 20, 2021
What Are the Best System Requirements to Edit 4K on Premiere Pro
There are some people complains that they cannot edit 4K in Premiere Pro? Why? That may be an issue of your system requirements for 4K editing. This article will introduce the best system Premiere Pro 4K editing requirements.
Kaley Torres July 12, 2021 4k
Best 4K TVs for Gaming with PS4 Pro/Xbox One
Here are the best 4K TVs for gaming roundup, from which you can find the best 4K smart TVs for gaming with your PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Nintendo with Ultra HD resolution.
Kaley TorresJuly 12, 2021
Best 4K Projectors 2020 Under $2000 for Home Theater
Which one is the best 4K home theater projector? Optoma, Sony, JVA, Epson or BenQ? Draw your conclusion after reading this.
Kaley TorresJuly 12, 2021
4K Projector vs TV: Which is Better for Gaming and Home Theater
4K Projector or 4K Ultra HD TV? Which one is better based on brightness, contrast, setup, immersive experience, eye protection, power consumption, light, cables, sound, etc.? Find answers here!
Kaley TorresJuly 12, 2021
4K UHD vs HDR Differences Explained in Detail
What's 4K UHD vs 4K HDR? Are they the same thing? Which is better? Learn detailed differences between 4K and HDR in picture quality, gaming, hardware support, etc.
Kaley TorresJuly 12 2021
4K TV Blurry? How to Make 4K TV Picture Clearer?
Why does my 4K TV look blurry? Here are reasons and solutions to 4K TV pixelation problems you for your reference.
Kaley TorresJune 29, 2021
[Updated] Best Export Settings in Premiere Pro for YouTube
YouTube's video player works with a 16:9 aspect ratio, H.264 format. For more export settings in Premiere Pro for YouTube, look at the following suggested 720p/1080p/4K UHD video export settings for YouTube and learn how to export videos in Premiere Pro to YouTube.
Kaley TorresJune 28, 2021
How to Fix Pixelated Grainy Blurry 4K Video Issue?
Why does 4K video footage look pixelated or grainy? How to fix 4K pixelated blurry image issue? Solutions are here!
Kaley Torres June 23, 2021 4K Video Pixelation
Does Google Drive Compress Video?
Does Google Drive compress video? Here you can find the reason and solution to why videos seem to play at a lower quality when previewing them in Google Drive.
Kaley TorresJune 22, 2021
How to Fix High CPU Usage on Windows 10 When Playing Videos
High CPU usage on Windows 10 when playing videos? Why does this happen and how to fix it? This article will get the roots of the reasons and give you several fixes for high CPU usage error on Windows 10.
Kaley Torres June 22, 2021 video play
How to Convert XAVC (S) to MP4 for Better Compatibility
Find your Song XAVC or XVAC S files not playing/editing smoothly? Why not convert XAVC to MP4 for better compatibility? This article guides you how to convert XAVC to MP4 fast without quality loss visually.
Kaley Torres June 18, 2021 XAVC
2021 Best SD Cards for 4K Video Recording
What are the best memory cards for 4K UHD video recording? Learn how to select the best 4K SD card for your camera, DSLR, DJI, Gopro, dash cam, etc.
Kaley TorresJune 18, 2021
How to Fix Audio & Video Out of Sync in Premiere Pro or Other Editors
Audio and video out of sync issue is a concern to video editing industry. If you run into the audio latency issue in Premiere Pro, Avid, etc, you shall know the real culprit is variable frame rate. Converting variable frame rate to constant frame rate will solve the issue. Follow the post to learn why and how to sync audio with video.
Kaley TorresJune 10, 2021
[Fixed] Google Drive Won't Play Videos (MP4, MOV, MKV)
Fixes to Google Drive not playing video errors, including Google Drive video an error occurred, Google Drive there was a problem playing this video, etc. with MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and more.
Kaley TorresJune 9, 2021
Can't Transfer Videos from Canon Camera/Camcorder to Computer? Fix Now
We'll fix errors that prevent you from importing Canon video to computer, including cannot detect camera, nothing in DCIM folders, file showing 0kb, unspecified error, etc.
Kaley Torres June 8, 2021 Canon
Why is Video Playback Lagging in Premiere Pro? Fixed Here!
Why does Premiere Pro play video lagging? How do you fix Premiere Pro laggy video playback issue? Find reasons and solutions here!
Kaley Torres June 4, 2021 Premiere Pro Video Playback Lag
Why Recorded Videos Corrupted? How to Fix Corrupted MP4 Videos
How do recorded video files get corrupted? Can you repair a corrupted MP4 file? Reasons and solutions are here!
Kaley TorresJune 3, 2021
[Fixed] Premiere Pro No Audio on Timeline, when Importing/Exporting…
Quick fixes to no audio playback in Premiere Pro CC, including Premiere Pro MP4/MOV/AVI no audio on timeline, Premiere Pro no audio output, and other audio issues.
Kaley TorresJune 3, 2021
How to Watch NBA All-Star Game Online & without Cable
2021 NBA All-star game is just around the corner. How can you not miss every wonderful moment of NBA All-star? Read this article to find out how to watch NBA All-star game live streaming online.
Kaley Torres May 24, 2021 NBA All-Star
MP4 Compressor: Reduce/Compress MP4 File Size with High Quality
This article introduces top 5 FREE MP4 compressors to help reduce MP4 file size to free up storage, upload online, or sending via email.
Kaley TorresMay 24, 2021
Where and How can You Watch Friends the Reunion
Want to watch Friends the Reunion special but don't know how? Check where and how to stream Friends the Reunion in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
Kaley TorresMay 21, 2021
6 Quick Fixes for YouTube Videos Not Loading
Trying to stream and watch videos on YouTube only to be greeted with YouTube videos not loading/showing error or a black screen. No worries. It's easy to troubleshoot with quick fixes below...
Kaley TorresMay 18, 2021
How to Download YouTube Video with VLC (Error Fixes Attached)
Here's the step-by-step guide on how to download YouTube videos with VLC on Windows and Mac. Additionally, we'll help fix VLC YouTube download not working issue.
Kaley TorresMay 11, 2021
4K not Uploading to YouTube? How to Upload 4K Video to YouTube
4K video fails to upload to YouTube? YouTube reduces 4K video quality after uploading? This article offers the best YouTube 4K uploading settings and shows you how to upload 4K video to YouTube step by step.
Kaley TorresMay 8, 2021
Top 10 Goal Scores of UEFA European Championship in History [Video Download]
Check the list of top 10 UEFA European Championship goal scores in history. And, a guide will lead you to free download top goal scores compilation for enjoying the greatest moments on UEFA Euro whenever wherever.
Kaley TorresMay 7, 2021
2021 Top 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online
2021 top 10 best free sports streaming sites are listed to make you watch sports online for free like NFL, NBA, UFC, football, basketball, rugby, tennis, and more.
Kaley TorresMay 7, 2021
Free Download 2021 Brit Awards Full Show Video, Winners & Nominees Songs etc.
Here's guide of how to free download Brit Awards full show video and songs/music/performances MP3 MP4 by winners/nominees for better playback Brit Awards music/videos on PC/Mac and portable devices.
Kaley TorresMay 7, 2021
No Results Found in Popcorn Time? Solved Now!
No results found in Popcorn Time? Popcorn Time API failed to respond? Check solutions to get it resolved.
Kaley TorresApril 30, 2021
[Fixed]Popcorn Time iOS Installer Not Working/Stuck on Step 2
Can't get iOS installer to work on iPhone iPad? Popcorn Time iOS installer stuck at step 2? Best solutions are here to get it solved.
Kaley Torres April 30, 2021 Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time Invalid Media? Error Gets Fixed!
Error message Invalid Media pops up on Popcorn Time after movies download? Is VPN, Popocrn Time version or firewall settings fault? Solutions are offered to tackle this trouble.
Kaley TorresApril 30, 2021
Is Popcorn Time Safe? Is it Safe without VPN?
Popcorn Time is safe to use in terms of virus, malware, spyware while Popcorn Time is NOT Safe when it comes to privacy and copyright.
Kaley Torres April 30, 2021 Popcorn Time
[Fixed]Popcorn Time Full Screen Not Working or Control/Progress Bar Won't Go Away
Popcorn Time won't let you full screen? Popcorn Time title/control/progress bar keep popping up on full screen? All these issues get resolved here.
Kaley TorresApril 29, 2021
Popcorn Time No Subtitles? Subtitle Delayed? [Fix it NOW!]
Subtitle option is gone? Subtitle option is empty? Or Subtitle is out of sync again? Your struggle with Popcorn Time subtitles ends here. The quick fix is your lifesaver.
Kaley TorresApril 29, 2021
Oscars 2021: Download Nominated & Winner Movies to Watch
The best Academy Awards film download tool is introduced here to help easily get access to 2021 Oscars nominated and winner movies in HD 10800/720p MP4.
Kaley TorresApril 25, 2021
Best Video Editing Apps for YouTube Shorts Video Review
Free download best video editing apps to edit YouTube shorts video on iPhone iPad Android without hassle.
Kaley Torres April 23, 2021 YouTube Shorts
[Tutorial] YouTube Shorts Videos/Stories Free Download
Whether it's a YouTube short funny video, a short dance clip, or a movie clip, you can download YouTube shorts videos on mobiles, desktop/PCs with third-party help.
Kaley Torres April 22, 2021 YouTube Shorts
How to Watch MLB Games - with Cable, Stream Online, Download
The 2021 MLB is broadcast live on ESPN, Fox, FS1, TBS, and MLB Network. We've rounded up the best ways to watch MLB games. You can watch MLB games live with cable/satellite TV, stream MLB games, or free download MLB games videos for offline watching.
Kaley Torres Apr.21, 2021 MLB Games
Free Download Drone Video Converter for DJI/Parrot 4K Footage
Free download DJI Drone video converter and follow the tutorial to convert drone 4K HEVC video to MP4 H.264, AVI, MKV, etc for better playing and sharing, if you run into stuttering playback, lengthy sharing, or other problems with your 4K HEVC videos from DJI, Yuneec, etc.
Kaley TorresApril 13, 2021
[Guide] How to Change DJI Video Format from MOV to MP4
Follow the steps to change DJI video format from MOV to MP4 or convert recorded 4K MOV to MP4 format with a video converter program so as to play, edit and share the recordings easily.
Kaley TorresApril 13, 2021
How to Upload YouTube Shorts Video from PC and Mobile
Want to share your videos on YouTube Shorts? This article will guide you to upload YouTube shorts video step by step both from computer and mobile.
Kaley Torres April 12, 2021 YouTube Shorts
[2021] 3 Ways to Play MKV (4K/HDR) Files on Mac
MKV is not supported by QuickTime natively. That’s why you need one of the 3 methods to help play MKV files on Mac.
Kaley TorresApril 9, 2021
[Solved] YouTube Shorts Not Showing Up 100% Working Fixes
YouTube Shorts is not showing up and can’t create short videos? Check 100% working fixes to YouTube Shorts missing or not appearing problems in this post.
Kaley TorresApril 7, 2021
Best 2 Ways to Play MKV on iPhone [2021 Guide]
iPhone can't play MKV movies natively. Here we'll introduce the best free MKV player for iPhone and the best way to convert MKV to iPhone playable format.
Kaley Torres April 7, 2021 MKV, iPhone
Troubleshoot VLC to Chromecast Not Showing Subtitles
It's common that subtitles don't work when playing through Chromecast. Read the guide to learn why VLC Chromecast subtitles don't show, and how to cast VLC to Chromecast with subtitles.
Kaley Torres March 26, 2021 VLC Media Player
YouTube TV Freezes or Buffers on Ads? Quick Fixed Here!
YouTube TV keeps freezing or buffering when ads come on? Check here to find best solutions to fix YouTube TV freezes during ads.
Kaley Torres Mar.26, 2021 YouTube
How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working [All Common Issues Covered]
Here're all fixes for Disney Plus login/sign up not working, unable to connect Disney+ error, no sound/voices, and stuck on loading screen issues.
Kaley Torres Mar 25, 2021 Disney Plus
Disney Plus Buffering/Freezing? Quick Fixes Here
Disney Plus keeps buffering or freezing? Disney Plus lagging issue makes your video unwatchable? Solutions are here!
Kaley Torres Mar.24, 2021 Disney Plus
[2021] Best CUDA DVD Ripper to Rip DVD at Fastest Speed
Here is the best CUDA-accelerated DVD ripper that can take the processing off CPU and use CUDA core to improve DVD ripping speed.
Kaley TorresMarch 22, 2021
YouTube HDR: Everything You're Most Concerned About
Here we list all YouTube HDR supported devices, walk you through how to find, watch, and download YouTube HDR videos, and how to fix YouTube HDR not working issue.
Kaley Torres March 19, 2021 HDR
How to Fix Windows 10 HDR Washed Out Colors
HDR colors washed out or faded in Windows 10? This article will find out why and how to fix HDR washed out in Windows 10.
Kaley Torres March 18, 2021 HDR
Top Ways to Convert 4K HDR 10-bit to SDR Video
How to convert HDR to SDR? Which software can convert 4K HEVC HDR 10-bit to 4K/1080p SDR video? Find top ways here!
Kaley TorresMarch 18, 2021
4K 60fps HDR 10/Dolby Vision Video Demo Sample Free Download
Ultra-HD HDR HLG Dolby Vision demo/sample video free download - copy and paste video URL, click Download, and done.
Kaley Torres Mar 18, 2021 HDR Video
HDR vs SDR: What's the Difference? Is HDR Worth It?
What's HDR? What's the difference between HDR and SDR? Is it worth to upgrade to HDR? This article will answer all your questions.
Kaley Torres March 17, 2021 4K HDR
Hulu Keeps Buffering? Top 7 Ways to Fix Hulu Buffering Issue
Hulu buffering issues are very common on VIZIO/Samsung smart TV, Roku/Firestick, and other devices. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the Hulu buffering, stuttering, or freezing issue on your device.
Kaley Torres Mar.16, 2021 Hulu
Video Lags with the Sound on Samsung TV? Adjust Audio Delay Settings
How to delay the audio when Samsung TV video picture lags behind the audio? How to fix lip sync error on Samsung TV? Answers are here!
Kaley TorresMar.13, 2021
Popular Brazilian Portuguese Songs/Music Lists and Download Guide
Find the latest popular Portuguese songs, top Portuguese love songs and hot Latin dance music, etc. And learn how to download Ai Se Eu Te Pego, Bailando, Ai Esta Pena de Mim...
Kaley TorresMar.11, 2021
Download Royalty Free Background Music for Vlog/YouTube Videos
How to get royalty free vlog/YouTube background music? We will list the best sites to find great free tracks and the easiest way to download no copyright music MP3 for vlog/YouTube videos.
Kaley TorresMar.10, 2021
Best VR Movies Videos Free Download Method & Software
How to get best VR movies for iPhone/iPad/Android? This article provides best method to fast download 360 degree virtual reality movies videos in 8K/4K/HD 1080p or 3D with best free VR movies downloader.
Kaley TorresMar.10, 2021
Top 6 Christmas Vacation Movies You Can't Miss
Here's a list of top 6 Christmas vacation movies you can't miss. Free watch the best Christmas movies 2021 HD 720p/1080p on iPhone iPad Android on Christmas vacation.
Kaley TorresMar. 10, 2021
Top 20 Comedy Xmas Movies Free Download for 2016 Christmas
Check the list of top 20 comedy Xmas movies of all time. Get favorite funniest Christmas movies incl. new Christmas comedy movies 2016 4K/HD MP4 free downloaded for offline watching on 2016 Christmas with families and kids.
Kaley TorresMar. 10, 2021
How to Free Download Best Foreign Movies around Christmas
This post lists best Christmas foreign movies and also introduces tutorial to free download foreign movies for offline playback on iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
Kaley TorresMar. 10, 2021
Best 10 Christmas Movies of All Time
It ranks best 10 Christmas movies of all time for families and offers an efficient solution to rip and backup Christmas DVD movies for kids.
Kaley TorresMar. 10, 2021
MTV EMAs Nominees & Winners | Free Download EMAs Full Show Video and Songs
This article gathers everything about MTV EMAs, including MTV EMAs nominees, MTV EMAs winners, as well as guide of free downloading MTV EMAs full show video and songs of the EMAs nominees and winners.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
How to Free Download Metro Manila Film Festival HD MP4 Videos Online
It introduces how to free download Philippines Metro Manila Film festival videos in (1080P) HD MP4, like MMFF award-winning/nominted movies, parade of floats, awards night full show to play MMFF videos on PC/Mac/devices with no interruptions.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
[Fixed] Is KeepVid Down? How to Make It Work Well for Video Download?
When KeepVid is down, what you should do to make it accessible for online video download? If you have no solutions, just take a few minutes to check how to fix KeepVid not working here.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
Free Download and Watch Sundance Film Festival
Do you want to free download and watch Sundance Film Festival videos, as well as full movies, short movies offline? Here, the best free Sundance Film Festival video/movie downloader will help you.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
Free Download V Festival Performances Videos
Free download V Festival videos online to enjoy this big music festival without buying a ticket. V Festival lineup is also attached for your reference.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
Best Free FLV Downloader | Download Flash Videos Free
This tutorial focuses on using a best free FLV downloader to download flash videos/movies free in 1080p/720p HD or 8K/4K from any sites. with a fast speed for offline watching.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
How to Free Download TubeMate for PC (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP)
Despite TubeMate is designed for Android, downloading TubeMate for PC can be achieved successfully. Follow the step-by-step guide in the post to download TubeMate on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and XP PC.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
Free Download Berlin International Film Festival Award ceremony, Awarded Movies etc.
Free Download 69th Berlin International Film Festival opening/closing/award ceremony videos, nominated/winner movies etc, in (1080P) HD MP4 for offline playback on computer, iPhone, iPad, Android/Windows devices with no interruptions at all.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
Free Download Baby Movies HD MP4 3GP from YouTube and Other Online Sites
This article will lead you to free download baby movies in HD MP4 3GP online. With a free movie downloader, you can easily get baby films downloaded from YouTube and other 300+ video-sharing sites.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
How to Download Free 3D Animation Full Movies in 4K/1080P/720P HD
How to get 3D animation/cartoon movies free download in 1080p/720p HD/4K on PC/Mac for playback on iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices? Here's a useful guide.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
21 Day Fix Workout Videos Free Download HD 1080p/720p MP4 from YouTube
21 Day Fix workout videos free downloaded in HD 1080p/720p MP4 from YouTube and 300+ video sites instantly. Free download 21 Day Fix workout/Extreme videos with the best free video downloader for offline playback on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
Kaley TorresMar.9, 2021
How to Download KickassTorrents Movies Music Games and More Safely
Do you want to download movies music games and other torrents safely? This article will show you a step-by-step tutorial to download Kickass torrents.
Kaley TorresMar. 9, 2021
2021 Movie Torrents List - Download the Most Anticipated Upcoming Hollywood Torrent Movies
This page contains the list of upcoming movie torrents of 2021. Can't download Hollywood 1080p HD/4K MP4 torrent movies? Read the article and find the closest solutions.
Kaley TorresMar. 9, 2021
[Resolved] Disney Plus Stuck on Loading Screen Issue
The Disney Plus stuck on loading screen issue commonly appears on PS4, Xbox, Roku, Samsung/LG/Fire/Sling TV, Apple TV, Firestick, PS4, Mac, PC, and other Android/iOS devices. If Disney Plus won't load on your device, try the following troubleshooting tips.
Kaley Torres Mar 9, 2021 Disney Plus
[Resolved] Netflix App Not Compatible with Old iPad
There are several ways to stream Netflix on iPads even though your iPad isn't compatible with the Netflix app. Check Netflix compatible iPad models list and find workarounds to watch Netflix on old iPads.
Kaley Torres March 06, 2021 Netflix
How to Free Download Wedding Songs MP3 Online
How to get wedding songs download free in MP3 online? This tutorial provides you an easy way to free download MP3 wedding songs/music for your special wedding ceremony.
Kaley TorresMar.6, 2021
How to Download Music from iTunes | Download iTunes Music Free
Want to get favorite music on iTunes free? This article will discuss how to download music from iTunes and the best way to download iTunes music free.
Kaley TorresMar.6, 2021
Free Deezer Downloader – Download MP3 Music from
Here's a 100% clean and free Deezer downloader that can save MP3 music songs from for offline playback.
Kaley TorresMar.6, 2021
How to Download and Rip Pandora Music to MP3 on PC/Mac
How to free download and rip Pandora music songs into MP3? Is there any Pandora music downloader for PC and Mac? Look over here and record songs from Pandora.
Kaley TorresMar.6, 2021
Billboard Hot 100 Festival Videos/Songs Free Download Solution
Look for the easiest way to get 2018 Billboard Hot 100 Festival videos download from YouTube and other video sites for offline playback the most exciting music feast on iPhone iPad Android mobile devices? Here's the ultimate solution.
Kaley TorresMar.6, 2021
IDM Download – Internet Download Manager Free Download Guide and Tips
Internet Download Manager free download guide and must-read tips are presented here. Simply download IDM for your Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 to fast download videos, songs, apps and more at once.
Kaley TorresMar.4, 2021
Free Youku Downloader - Download Movies, Music, and Other Videos from Youku
This clean and free Youku downloader can download Youku movies, TV shows, animations, music and other interesting things of various kinds on PC quickly, easily and safely.
Kaley TorresMar.4, 2021
How to Free Download Parody Videos Online
Follow this guide to free download parody videos, like hit songs parody, sports parody, from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc, with the best parody video downloader.
Kaley TorresMar.4, 2021
How to Free Download Funny Videos in HD for Kids Online
Want to free get YouTube funny videos in HD for kids? It will present the easiest way to free download HD funny kids videos online for playback on PC/Mac and devices with no interruptions for kids.
Kaley TorresMar.4, 2021
How to Download Embedded Video from Websites to Computer for Free
How to download embedded videos for free? Here're 3 methods to help save embedded (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) videos from websites to computer easily.
Kaley TorresMar.4, 2021
Marathi Movies Free Download - Full Marathi Movies/Trailers Download
This article will lead you to get Indian Marathi movies free download and offer you the ability to download the latest Marathi full movies HD 1080p 720p MP4, Marathi movie trailers, Marathi movie songs from YouTube breezily.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
Best Free Ways to Download Tumblr Movie Videos to iPhone Android
Is there a way to download videos from Tumblr to iPhone Android devices on PC and Mac? Yes, you can use Tumblr video downloader or save Tumblr videos free using Chrome/Firefox plug-ins.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
How to Free Download (Music) Vidios Online with Video Downloader
This guide focuses on free funny or sexy music song vidio download: you can download free HD YouTube vidios xxx online with WinX YouTube Downloader.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
Where and How to Free Download Best R-rated Movies in 4K/1080P
This article give answer of where and how to free download 4K/1080P HD r-rated movies in MP4 enabling you to watch best r-rated movies on PC/Mac and mobiles.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
How to Free Download Any Workout Videos for Women/Men
Read this post to know how to free download workout videos from YouTube on PC and Mac. Any fitness workout videos can be free downloaded, say, dance workout videos, workout videos for men/women, yoga/cardio workout videos, etc.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
How to Download Best Broadway Shows/Musicals/Plays Videos
Wanna watch best Broadway musicals/plays/shows free rather than buying a ticket to see the Broadway show on-spot? It will impart you the knack of free downloading best Broadway show videos like The Lion King, Cats, Beauty and the Beast..
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
Free Download Action Movies Online| 2020-2021 Guide
Wanna free download action movies online and then watch them on your iPhone or iPad? This article will show you how to download the latest English/Hollywood action movies list, top action movies.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
How to Free Download SoundCloud Songs as MP3
How to easily free download SoundCloud songs/music as MP3 with a professional SoundCloud downloader? This tutorial offers you detailed guide.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
How to Free Download Animation Movies 3D, 4K, 1080P, 720P
This is about animation movies free download guide. It helps download free animation movies in MP4 from YouTube, including 3D, 4K UHD, 1080P, 720P and SD animated films.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
How to Free Download 3D Movies in 720p/1080p HD Online
It guides you to free download 3D movies (full movie/trailer) in 720p, Blu-ray 1080p HD from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc, with a 3D movies downloader in order to watch 3D movies on PC/Mac for free.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
100MB (HEVC) Hollywood Movies in English/Hindi Free Download
Need highly compressed Hollywood movies for mobiles? Here're solutions of how to free download 100MB (HEVC) Hollywood movies of 2021 or all time in English, Hindi, other languages to iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile etc.
Kaley TorresMar.3, 2021
How to Watch/Stream 4K Movies and TV Shows on Netflix
For all the requirements, bandwidth, pricing, 4K titles, and more you need to know about streaming 4K UHD in Netflix, read on below.
Kaley TorresMarch 02, 2021
How to Free Download Funny/Comedy Movies
This is a guide to free download funny comedy movies to enjoy during COVID-19. It lists top funny movies including 4K UHD or 3D Disney funny movies for kids and shows how to free download funny movies on PC and Mac.
Kaley TorresMar.2, 2021
How to Download 8K Movies for Free on Windows (10) and Mac
It's easy to download 8K movies for free following the guide here. Get the 8K full ultra HD movies downloaded and watch them offline smoothly.
Kaley TorresMar.2, 2021
Free Download 2021 Golden Globes Awards Full Show, Winner Movies etc.
Download 78th Golden Globes Awards 2021 full show video to review best, worst and funniest moments happened on this important film and television ceremony. Trailers of awards-winning and nominated movies can be downloaded for enjoying as well.
Kaley TorresMar.1, 2021
[VLC Tutorial] How to Add Subtitles to Movies in VLC
Here are 3 methods to add subtitles to movies in VLC: directly drag subtitles to VLC, import subtitles to VLC when playing video, put the movie file and subtitle file in the same folder.
Kaley Torres Feb 25, 2021 VLC Media Player
Best 5 VLC for Android Video Player Alternatives Download
Where to download VLC for Android app 1.0.0 or best VLC Android alternatives? Here we list top 5 VLC video players for Android alternatives for you to choose.
Kaley TorresFeb. 12, 2021
Play DVDs without Downloading Free DVD Decoder
Can't play DVD on Windows or Mac since your DVD can't decoded? Take it easy. The DVD not decoding/reading error will be fixed easily with the solution here.
Kaley TorresFeb 5, 2021
Best Free M2TS Player - Play Blu-ray and AVCHD M2TS Videos on PC/Mac
5KPlayer, the best free M2TS players, delivers a best solution to play M2TS videos from blu-ray disc or HD camera AVCHD videos on Windows (10)PC/Mac.
Kaley TorresFeb 5, 2021
VLC Upscaling | Enhance DVD/4K Video Quality in VLC
How to fix VLC washed out color issue? How to upscale 1080p to 4K or increase DVD playback quality in VLC? Find answers here!
Kaley Torres Feb.4, 2021 VLC
Is VLC Safe? Malware Has Any Chance to Access to VLC?
Yes, it's safe to download and install VLC media player from the authorized sites. Yet, malware has the chance to access to VLC since VLC has been constantly updated to different version.
Kaley Torres Feb.3, 2021 Is VLC Safe
How to Free Convert VLC Video to MP3 Audio
Follow this guide to free convert video to MP3 music with VLC player, as well as extract MP3 audio from VLC video file.
Kaley Torres Jan.29, 2021 VLC
VLC Deinterlace Guide: How to Deinterlacing Videos with VLC
Tired of the interlaced horizontal lines when playing videos on VLC? Here's how to deinterlace videos with VLC. Various deinterlacing modes are available.
Kaley Torres Jan.28, 2021 VLC
How to Stop VLC Crashing on Windows 10, Mac, Android
VLC keeps crashing, VLC keeps crashing windows 10, VLC keeps freezing
Kaley Torres Jan 27, 2021 VLC Media Player
How to Free Download Someone Else's Facebook Live Video
You can download your Facebook live video to computer after it's end. You need FB video downloader if downloading someone else's Facebook live video. Check here to get what you want.
Kaley Torres Jan.26, 2021 Facebook
Is Plex Legal and Safe to Use? [Plex Support]
Is it legal to stream movies, discs, music, etc. through Plex? Is Plex 100% secure to use? Does Plex store and protect the personal information they collect safely?
Kaley Torres Jan 26, 2021 Plex
[Solved] Plex Subtitles Not Working/Showing/Appearing Error
Plex subtitles are not working on Roku? Plex local/eternal subtitles are not showing up? Check the solutions to get subtitles appear in Plex.
Kaley Torres Jan.22, 2021 Plex
All the Ways to Watch Super Bowl 2021 on TV/Online for Free
There're many ways to watch the Super Bowl 2021, via CBS TV channel or streaming services. And you can watch it at home or on the go.
Kaley Torres Jan 21, 2021 Super Bowl
How to Merge Multiple Videos into One in VLC Media Player
Can VLC merge videos? Absolutely, it's fairly easy. Open multiple videos in VLC, choose Convert option and Start conversion. All done!
Kaley Torres Jan.20, 2021 VLC
VLC is Unable to Open the MRL Error Fixed!
The error 'VLC is unable to open the MRL' pops up when you try to open and play a file that's not located in your local computer. Problem gets fixed here. Check now.
Kaley Torres Jan.20, 2021 VLC
What to Do If VLC Subtitles Not Working/not Showing
Many users posted VLC subtitles not working on the VideoLAN Forums, such as VLC subtitles not showing/displaying. This post will tell you the reasons why the VLC subtitle stops working and how to resolve the issue easily.
Kaley Torres Jan 20, 2021 VLC
How to Fix VLC Audio Delay/Out of Sync Issue
How to fix VLC audio video out of sync problem permanently? Check this post to fix audio lag issue in VLC.
Kaley Torres Jan.19, 2021 VLC
How to Cast VLC to Chromecast Connected TV
Can VLC stream videos to Chromecast connected TV? Something VLC users have been requesting for a long time is finally available. Check how to cast VLC to Chromecast in this post.
Kaley Torres Jan 19, 2021 VLC, Chromecast
How to Rotate Video 90/180 Degrees in VLC Media Player
How to rotate MP4, MOV, MKV video in VLC? 3 Steps: load video; tap Effects and Filters under Tools; enable Rotate under Geometry from Video Effects and adjust angels. That's damn easy.
Kaley Torres Jan.18, 2021 VLC
How Can We Get VLC for Roku? Cast VLC to Roku [2021 Update]
VLC isn't compatible with Roku, but we'll show you how to get VLC on Roku by screen casting. Read this article and learn how to cast VLC from Windows/Mac/Android/iOS to Roku.
Kaley Torres Jan 18, 2021 VLC, Roku
Play YouTube Video on Samsung Galaxy S21/Note 21 5G Anywhere
Troubleshooting: Cannot play youtube videos on Samsung Galaxy; download/watch YouTube video on Samsung Galaxy freely. Get some knacks of downloading and playing YouTube video on Samsung Galaxy here.
Kaley TorresJan 14, 2021
9 Fixes for Hulu Black Screen on TV, Roku, PC, Mac, Discord, Zoom...
[2021 update] We've found the solutions for Hulu black screen (audio/subtitle may work) when watching Hulu on TV, Roku, computer, or when sharing Hulu on Zoom, Discord, Skype.
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[Solved] How Do I Free Rip DVD to Windows Media Player?
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How to Change Netflix Region [2021 Latest Guide]
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How to Free Download Video from Twitter to PC, iPhone, Android?
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[3 Ways] How to Download Video from Facebook Free on PC/Mac
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ShowBox Free Movies App Download and Install Guide for Android iOS PC Mac Users
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Top 3 ShowBox Alternatives for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac
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How to Download ShowBox for iPad mini/Air/Pro Without Jailbreak?
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Why and How to Troubleshoot Netflix Low Quality
Why does Netflix lower video quality? There're 4 reasons and 4 troubleshooting steps: 1. check Netflix plan and settings; 2. check network; 3. check browser limit; 4. check hardware compatibility and configuration.
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10 Best Free VPN for Netflix to Bypass Geo-restrictions
Here we list the top best free-trial VPN for Netflix to bypass the geo-restrictions and unblock most libraries of Netflix.
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[Fixed] Apple TV Not Working on Samsung TV
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Why and How to Bypass Netflix Proxy Error (M7111-1331-5059)
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Fix Netflix Subtitles Not Working on Apple TV, Roku, Firestick, PS4...
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Why Is Netflix Stuck/Frozen on Loading Screen TV and How to Fix
Netflix gets stuck at 20, 24, 99 or other percent on loading screen TV while loading. The Netflix frozen issue can occur on TV models from Sony, LG, Vizio, Sharp, Panasonic, and any other Android/non-Android TVs.
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Troubleshoot Netflix Audio out of Sync with Video Issue
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