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[Solved] YouTube Shorts Not Showing Up 100% Working Fixes

YouTube has rolled out its own short-form video services called Shorts. As a feature inspired by TikTok, YouTube Shorts lets users shoot, edit, and upload short videos from their mobile phones. But when some active users eager to start their short content, they find that the YouTube Shorts option is not showing up on TV, Android, PC, tablet, etc. If you can't find YouTube Shorts option or videos, find a solution in this post.

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YouTube Shorts Not Showing Causes and Fixes

Part 1. [Casues] Why YouTube Shorts Not Showing

YouTube Shorts might not show up or encounter issues due to various reasons. Here are some key causes of YouTube Shorts not showing.

1. Content Guidelines Violation. YouTube has strict content guidelines, and Shorts that violate these guidelines might not be shown or get restricted. Content involving violence, hate speech, nudity, or copyright infringement can lead to Shorts not being displayed.

2. Copyright Issues. Using copyrighted material without proper authorization can cause Shorts to be blocked or removed. YouTube's Content ID system flags copyrighted content, leading to restrictions or removal.

3. Inadequate Metadata or Tags. Shorts might not gain visibility if they lack relevant metadata like titles, descriptions, and tags. Inaccurate or insufficient metadata can affect their discoverability.

4. Limited Distribution or Algorithm Changes. YouTube's algorithm might not promote Shorts due to changes in algorithms or if the content is deemed less engaging or relevant to the audience. YouTube may also limit the distribution of certain content based on various factors.

5. Geographical Restrictions. Some Shorts might not be visible in specific regions due to copyright issues, licensing restrictions, or other legal reasons. Certain content may be geo-blocked, making it inaccessible in certain countries.

6. Technical Glitches or Errors. Technical issues within the YouTube platform or errors in uploading Shorts can result in them not being displayed. This could include upload failures, processing errors, or glitches in the YouTube Shorts system.

7. Community Guidelines Strikes or Restrictions. If a creator receives strikes or violations against community guidelines, it can limit the visibility or availability of their content, including Shorts.

Part 2. [Fixes] What to Do When YouTube Shorts Doesn't Show

#1. If YouTube Shorts Option is Not Showing Up

Solution 1: Common Fixes to YouTube Shorts not Working

  1. Update the YouTube App to the latest version.
  2. Clear the YouTube mobile app's data and cache.
  3. Check if your internet is connected.
  4. Restart your Android mobile device and try again.
  5. The YouTube server can be down, busy, or under maintenance. Wait for a while and try again.

If the YouTube Shorts option is still not showing up in the app, try the VPN solution before you contact the YouTube team.

Solution 2: Use a VPN

How can you get YouTube Shorts, especially when you're in areas outside YouTube Shorts available countries? If there is no YouTube Shorts option on your YouTube app, try a VPN. First, go to the Play Store on your Android device. Find YouTube app and make sure it's the latest version. Update the app if necessary.

1. Download a VPN

Now open the YouTube app and check if the YouTube Shorts option is still missing. If you still don't get YouTube Shorts, go back to the Play Store and search a VPN. You may see many free VPNs here, install a free one. Once installed, connect the VPN to somewhere in the US or India.

Can't find YouTube Shorts option

2. Start YouTube Shorts

Now you can access to YouTube Shorts even if you're not in the US or India. Open the YouTube mobile app and you should see a dedicated YouTube Shorts option in it. Tap on it can you can scroll through endless videos and if you want to create short videos, tap on the + icon and record videos via the Shorts camera.

no YouTube Shorts option not showing up

#2. If Videos are Not Visible under YouTube Shorts

Solution 1: You need to make sure you have #shorts in the title and description. For those who have YouTube Shorts, they can create shorts videos using the Shorts camera. For those who can't access the Shorts camera, they can also upload their existing vertical videos that are less than 60 seconds using the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description. It’s important to include #shorts to let YouTube algorithm figure out the video is made for Shorts, or you will find YouTube Shorts videos not showing up.

Solution 2: One more thing to note, sometimes you can't find YouTube Shorts videos if they're exactly 60 seconds in length. This is because YouTube sometimes adds 1-2 seconds to a shorts video for some reason. Be careful about that and it's safe to make sure your Shorts video is 58 seconds or less.

Solution 3: If your YouTube Shorts is not getting views, you need to know it takes a while for YouTube to index a shorts video and recommend to people. That varies from person to person. Some Shorts takes several days while others take weeks. Be patient.

#3. If YouTube Shorts Videos are Not Showing up Correctly

Once uploaded, the YouTube Shorts will be displayed in a vertical thumbnail on YouTube, together with other regular content that is available in your account. You can create a new channel for the short videos. If the Youtube shorts is not appearing correctly, try:

  1. Go to your channel and click "customize channel".
  2. Go down to Featured sections, and click add section.
  3. Under the "videos" section you’ll see short videos. Click that, and the videos you have which are tagged with "shorts" in the description or title will automatically populate here.
YouTube Shorts missing

Part 3. FAQs about YouTube Shorts Not Showing

How do I enable YouTube Shorts?

To enable YouTube Shorts, ensure your channel meets eligibility criteria, including being in a supported region. Next, create or upload a video less than 60 seconds in vertical format (9:16 aspect ratio) with the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description. Utilize the Shorts camera or upload Shorts from the YouTube mobile app. Confirm your account settings allow Shorts to be seen under the "Shorts Permission" section in YouTube Studio.

Why am I not getting views on YouTube Shorts all of a sudden?

A sudden drop in YouTube Shorts views can stem from algorithm shifts, content quality, or heightened competition. Analyze recent trends, reassess content quality, and stay updated on audience preferences. Optimize metadata with engaging titles and descriptions, and actively promote Shorts across platforms. Engage with your audience and adapt to evolving trends while maintaining consistency.

Can I not see Shorts on YouTube?

YouTube Shorts might not appear due to several reasons: Geographical restrictions can limit availability in certain regions, while outdated app versions might lack Shorts support. Account eligibility and settings also impact visibility. Ensure your YouTube app is updated and settings permit Shorts viewing. Temporary glitches or technical issues can hinder Shorts visibility too.

How do I get my YouTube Shorts seen?

To maximize visibility for your YouTube Shorts, focus on engaging content creation with catchy titles, descriptions, and relevant hashtags like #Shorts. Consistency in uploading, coupled with active promotion across social media platforms, enhances reach. Interacting with your audience through comments and collaborations fosters community engagement. Experiment with diverse content styles while adhering to YouTube guidelines. Striking this balance between compelling content, strategic promotion, and community interaction significantly boosts the chances of your Shorts being seen and shared across the platform.


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