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[Solved] Popcorn Time No Results Found/API Failed to Respond

Popcorn Time is a troublemaker. You've fixed Popcorn Time slow movie downloading problem, Popcorn Time stuttering trouble or not working error. You thought that's the end? How is it possible? As long as you choose streaming and watching movie with Popcorn Time, this is destined to be a journey of problems and solutions.

Well, what other problems do Popcorn Time have? No results found or API failed to respond is supposed to be on the list. But no biggie, even though you come across such condition, you'll get it quickly fixed using the below troubleshooting tips.

Effective Solutions to Fix Popcorn Time No Results Found Issue

We know how frustrating it is when you launch Popcorn Time but nothing is there, no movie shown. So that's why we are here to provide you with the effective workarounds to get you out of Popcorn Time no results found or API failed to respond troubles. Check the below details:

No results found in Popcorn Time
No results found in Popcorn Time

Solution 1: Clear the cache and data

Launch Popcorn Time > click settings icon on the top upper corner of the home screen > scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up Settings interface > tap "Flush all databases" to clear the cache and data.

Solution 2: Exit other programs

Check your firewall or anti-virus programs to see if they're incompatible with your Popcorn Time. You'd better shut down those programs running background on your laptop.

Solution 3: Upgrade Popcorn Time version

Uninstall your Popcorn Time version 6.2 if you download it from getpopcorntime.is. Instead, download and install Popcorn Time latest version 0.4.4 from popcorntime.sh or popcorntime.app. Plus, the version 0.4.4 also allows you to enjoy free movies, TV shows and anime using stable VPN service with more flexibility, unlike the getpopcorntime.is with lame Anonymous VPN supported only.

Optimum Solutions to The Remote API Failed to Respond Error

The Remote API Failed to Respond
The Remote API Failed to Respond

Solution 1: Change DNS or exit incompatible programs

Try https://movies-v2.api-fetch.website/status. If you can't, something on your desktop is blocking you. It might be ISP or some programs running on your computer blocking you from accessing the API's popcorntime uses for digital content. Change DNS or your VPN service if it's ISP to be blame. Or shut down and exit the free VPN, anti-virus programs if these tools are in conflict with your PT.

Solution 2: Download and install PT from ci.popcorntime.sh
Uninstall Popcorn Time from your computer. Download and install Popcorn Time from ci.popcorntime.sh.

Solution 3: Change settings on Popcorn Time

Many a user complains that Popcorn Time CE only movies are working, anime and TV show API failed to respond. To fix this Popcorn Time not working problem, the first thing is to change another version of PT. Afterwards, do the following steps:
● Fire up Popcorn Time.
● Find and click Settings icon at the top upper corner of the main interface.
● Make sure "Show advanced settings" is ticked.
● Scroll Down to "TV Show API Endpoint" and turn it to: https://www.popcorntime.ws/api/eztv/

Ultimate Solution: Download Free Movies for Offline Enjoyment with ZERO Error

If unfortunately the above-mentioned methods still don't solve your trouble, try WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe! This alternative to Popcorn Time enables you to safely and legally download free movies, anime, TV shows from YouTube, Popcornflix, break, Dailymotion, IMDB, etc. 1000 movie sharing sites with any format (MP4, MKV, H264, HEVC...) any resolution (720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K). It doesn't rely on any torrent service, so you don't have to pay for any VPN service or change your DNS.

Another additional feature is the built-in 420 profiles, which lets you convert movies to iPhone iPad, Android, Xbox, PS4/PS5, Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Google Pixel, Apple TV, iMovie, iTunes, etc. any device formats, as well as VLC supported codec/format for smooth playback.

Legally download and convert movies
Legally download and convert movies

After the free movie is downloaded, you're able to change its format to your desired format (as the above picture shows). Warm prompt: please abide by your local area or country's law about copyright protection. Do NOT download movies for any unfair use or illegal purpose.


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