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Popcorn Time Invalid Media/Black Screen? Fix it Now!

Wonder why your Popcorn Time sends you the message "invalid media" on the lower left side? Can't help thinking why Popcorn Time is still not working (black screen) since the movie downloads seem to be fine? Don't rack your wits about reasons of Popcorn Time invalid media error. Go straight to the following troubleshooting tips to get problem solved, time and energy saved, as well.

Smart Approaches to Fix Popcorn Time Invalid Media Error

1. Uninstall Popcorn Time Fraud and Reinstall PT Official Version

Check your Popcorn Time version. If your version is 6.2 or 6.1.0, please uninstall it and go to (currently, it re-directs you to to get the official version installed on your device. So far, the latest version goes to version 0.4.4.

Attention: currently, Popcorn Time has been shut down several weeks due to new lawsuit sued by movie studios. You can't find or popcorn time sh any more on Google. Providing you're afraid of legal issue caused by Popcorn Time app, you'd better stop using it right now and resort to legal app for movie watching.

2. Resort to VPN with P2P Supported

Popcorn Time uses torrents to provide you with free movie downloads and streaming while torrents, as is known to all, are a form of P2P file sharing. If the VPN service you're using is excluded from P2P, VPN might be to blame. Thus, ditch away your old VPN and try a free or paid VPN with P2P supported. Be noted that the VPN service from VPN provider should not be taken into consideration. Its Paypal account has already been frozen by court.

3. Adjust Anti-virus Program Settings

In most cases, the firewall settings on your antivirus program will prevent some tools from initiating. Virus scanner Avast is a typical case. Granted that you've Avast installed on your Windows PC, tweak firewall settings on Avast and turn it off before you fire up Popcorn Time.

4. Flush all databases

Access to Settings on Popcorn Time > tick "Show advanced settings" > scroll down to "Cache Directory" > manually clean the cache directory. Afterwards, move to the bottom of the interface > click "Flush all databases" > exit PT and re-launch to have a try.

5. Play Movies using External Video Player

Sometimes, invalid media message shows up because of incompatible codecs. Get VLC, 5KPlayer, GOMplayer or other free media players installed on your platform. Use external video player to playback movies or TV shows after downloading is done.

Warm prompt: irrespective of what service you're using for movie enjoyment, Popcorn Time, MovieBox or online movie download site, you're suggested to save movie and watch movie under the compliance of your local or country copyright law. Do NOT download any movie for unfair or illegal purpose like piracy.


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