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Slow Download Speed on Popcorn Time? Make it Faster Now!

Popcorn Time downloading speed is unstable. Sometimes, it can bounce up to 100 kbps or 300 kbps while suddenly it slumps to 50 kbps or 0 kbps. Most users say that their computers are good, network connection is strong, Popcorn Time is the latest version and that the paid VPN is fast. That being said, why is Popcorn Time still lagging in movie downloading?

The causes are tangled. Spend 2 minutes reading the possible reasons and solutions if you haven't found answers yet.

Popcorn Time slow download speed:make it faster

[Updated] How to Make Popcorn Time Faster?

Solution 1: Improve Bandwidth Speed

Make sure that your bandwidth speed is 10Mbps or above.

Solution 2: a Strong VPN is Key

Though your network connection speed is fast enough, your Popcorn Time movie downloading speed can still be weakened if your VPN is poor. In case your VPN is "crap", you will lost up to 50% of that speed. For instance, 1.25MB/s (max download speed) for ISP's 10Mbps will be reduced to 750KB/s (max). Ditch away your inferior VPN and go for a strong one.

Note: stop using, for it has also become a defendant in the lawsuit of copyright infringement sued by movie studios. This VPN provider has already had its Paypal account frozen.

Solution 3: Change or Update Popcorn Time Version

There are varied clones of Popcorn Time, no official Popcorn Time website. You're suggested to download Popcorn Time for Windows or macOS version from (latest version 0.4.4). You'd better not install Popcorn Time from, for the version 6.2 provided by this site urges you to plunk down $12 monthly for Anonymous VPN. But this VPN doesn't work indeed. If you used other type of Popcorn Time clone, change or upgrade to new one.

Note: Do NOT update Popcorn Time currently; even don't use it, either. Cuz Popcorn Time official website has been shut down for several weeks after new lawsuit. Though PT team exposes its plan to come back, if and when still hang in doubt.

Warm prompt: no matter which tool you use Popcorn Time or other PT alternatives, please comply with your local area or country's law about copyright protection. Do NOT download movies or TV shows for any unfair use or illegal purpose.

Solution 4: Resort to Best Popcorn Time Alternatives

If, unluckily, the above solutions don't help you increase Popcorn Time movie download speed, how about considering top Popcorn Time alternatives? Replacements to Popcorn Time are Netflix app, Movie Box, ShowBox, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Chief among them, Netflix is the first option. It creates dozens of original movies and TV shows, including The Platform, The King, Space Force, Roma (2018), Strange Things, etc. You can get monthly subscription at $7.99 and legally enjoy most movies and TV shows without copyright infringement issue. Of course, Movie Box and ShowBox are worth consideration if you're budget-minded and prepared for their risks.

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate downloading or copying copyright content for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the copyright laws in your countries before doing so.


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Home > Video > Streaming Video > Make Popcorn Time Faster