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Troubleshoot: How to Play Popcorn Time Movies on VLC

Popcorn Time and VLC media player build a solid partnership in streaming movie playback. Majority of uses are disposed to use VLC to play Popcorn Time free movies or TV shows. The knotty problem is that your VLC media player is not showing up in Popcorn Time. Worse still, you uninstall Popcorn Time and reinstall it with the latest version, but it still isn't there.

How to get VLC to appear on "Watch Now" button? Spend 1 minute to read on the below workarounds:

Watch Popcorn Time movies via VLC
Watch Popcorn Time movies via VLC

Effective Solutions to Fix Popcorn Time Movie Not Playing in VLC Problem

Solution 1: Download and Install VLC in the Default Location

For Windows users, make sure your VLC is installed in the default app location - C:\Program Files.
For macOS users, VLC player won't appear in the Popcorn Time "Watch Now" option unless it's in /Applications location.

Solution 2: Adjust VLC Settings

Fire up VLC > Click "Tools" > Preferences > tap "Video" > Output > open the drop-down options and choose "Automatic" > Save > close and exit VLC > relaunch it and have a try. If, unfortunately, it still doesn't work, select another output value.

Solution 3: Load Popcorn Time Movies to VLC

  1. Step 1: Open Popcorn Time, choose a desired movie you wanna watch and tap "Watch Now" to play it. Don't choose any external video player.
  2. Step 2: After the Popcorn Time movie gets smooth playback, run VLC video player.
  3. Step 3: In VLC, click "Media" > Open File > Downloads > Popcorn Time > tap "Preload" file folder > open the folder with the specific date > select the Popcorn Time movie you're playing.
  4. Now, this movie is switching to VLC for playback. Note: make sure your VLC is version 3.0.8 or above. You'd better upgrade it to the latest version 3.0.10 if there's something wrong.

Check the below YouTube video tutorial if necessary.

Solution 4: Import Downloaded Popcorn Time Movies to VLC

Popcorn Time is a masterpiece for free movie streaming, but it's also a troublemaker, invalid media, full screen not showing up, subtitles missing, black screen, etc. And it's always stuck at 0% kb/s when downloading free movies. To make Popcorn Time movies successfully downloaded and playback in VLC, try trouble-free WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe!

No VPN needed, it allows you to safely and legally download movies (1080p/4K) from over 1000 movie sharing sites without half crash or freezing issues. Another bonus feature video conversion helps you convert movie to iPhone iPad, Android, Xbox, PS4/PS5, etc. any device formats, as well as VLC supported codec/format for smooth playback.

Legally download and convert movies
Legally download and convert movies

After the free movie is downloaded and adjusted to VLC supported format, add it to VLC for playback with subtitles. Warm prompt: please abide by your local area or country's law about copyright protection. Do NOT download movies for any unfair use or illegal purpose.

Solution 5: Play Popcorn Time on VLC Alternative

VLC is not the only one for Popcorn Time movie playback. If the above solutions still don't help you solve "VLC not showing up in Popcorn Time" issue, it's time to try best VLC alternative 5KPlayer. This one will never put you in this dilemma, regardless of which version.

Play Popcorn Time in 5KPlayer
Play Popcorn Time in 5KPlayer


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