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How Can We Get VLC for Roku? Cast VLC to Roku Connected TV

VLC is a great free media player which can play DVDs, various file types like MKV, and live streams. It can work on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Apple TV, etc. However, there is no VLC for Roku, despite many users are requesting this.

Well, is there any way to get VLC on Roku? Yes. Screencasting or screen mirroring feature will help you to cast VLC from Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad to Roku connected TV.

[Solved] Can't Cast VLC to Roku? Solve It with WinX Video Tools

Here comes WinX Video Tools Pack including a 4K video player and a 4K video converter that you can use to directly play any videos files up to 4K smoothly and also cast videos to Roku, or fast convert videos to Roku compatible formats so that VLC media player can cast without errors.

VLC vs WinX Video Tools

How to Cast VLC from Windows to Roku

There're two ways to cast VLC from Windows to Roku.

Way 1.

  1. Connect your Roku and computer with the same WiFi.
  2. Launch VLC on your PC and select target media file from your offline content library to play with VLC.
  3. Click the Playback menu at the top of VLC player and then scroll down to Renderer. VLC will scan available devices. When your Roku device shows up, just select it. And then the VLC screen should be casted to your Roku.
Cast Windows VLC to Roku
Cast VLC to Roku

Note: If your Roku doesn't show up under VLC Renderer, please check whether your computer and Roku are connected under the same WiFi network.

Way 2.

  1. Connect your Roku and computer with the same WiFi.
  2. Click the chat buddle icon on the right side of the computer taskbar to get access to your laptop's action center.
  3. Click Connect. If you can't see Connect, you need to click Expand first. After you click Connect, your computer will begin searching for compatible devices nearby. When your Roku device appears, just choose it. Then, your computer screen will be mirrored to Roku.
  4. Launch VLC and play what you like. You will find selected media is playing on your Roku TV.
Mirror Windows VLC to Roku by using Connect feature
Mirror Windows VLC to Roku by using Connect feature

Note: If your laptop can't find your Roku, check if your laptop and Roku are connected under the same network.

How to Cast VLC from Android to Roku

Almost all Android devices can be mirrored to Roku thanks to the mirror feature. However, the name of the mirror feature varies. It could be Cast, Screen Casting, Smart View, Quick Connect, HTC Connect, Smart Share, Wireless display, Display mirroring or something else. Now follow our guide below to cast VLC on Android to Roku.

1. Connect your Android phone and Roku to the same WiFi network.

2. Enable screen mirroring feature on your Roku device. Most current generation Roku streaming players and Roku TVs support screen mirroring except for Roku Express 3700 and Roku Express+ 3710. Once more thing, Roku Express+ 3910 screen mirroring is only available on the HDMI output.

Enable screen mirroring feature on Roku TV
Enable screen mirroring feature on Roku TV

3. Launch VLC on your Android.

4. Find the mirroring feature on your Android from Settings or by swiping down from the top of the screen to display the quick-access icons. Once you find it, enable it.

Cast Android's VLC to Roku by screen mirroring
Cast Android's VLC to Roku by screen mirroring

5. Then your Android will start searching for available device. When your Roku is detected, just choose it. Then, you will get a notice on your Roku connected TV, just like xxx would like to cast video to your TV. What you need to do is to click Allow.

6. Go back to your Android's VLC app, select something to play, and you will find the video will be casted to your Roku TV.

How to Cast VLC from Mac, iPhone, iPad to Roku?

I'm afraid that you'll be unable to cast VLC from iOS device to Roku TV. When you press the cast button on your iPhone or iPad, you probably won't see Roku device. Why? iThings don't do Miracast natively. You need to live inside the walled garden and use proprietary AirPlay. According to Roku, Screen mirroring with a Roku device is not supported with iOS® or Apple devices.[1]

Any workaround? Not right now. A user once installed a third party screen mirroring piece of software, but still failed.

VLC Alternative for Roku

If you can't cast VLC to Roku, there are some VLC alternatives for Roku which you can directly download from Roku channel store.

  • Roku Media Player
  • MyMedia
  • PlayUSB
  • MediaBoxUSB
  • Plex
  • PPlayer
  • Media Browser


1. "How do I use screen mirroring with my Android™ or Windows® device?" Roku


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