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Hulu Keeps Buffering? Top 7 Ways to Fix Hulu Buffering Issue

Hulu keeps buffering/freezing. I am having problems with hulu streaming on my smart tv. It keeps buffering. I can never get through an hour episode without buffering. It buffers at least 3-4 times. What can I do to stop Hulu buffering?

Hulu buffering issues are very common on VIZIO/Samsung smart TV, Roku/Firestick, PC, PS4, and other devices. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to figure out causes and resolve the Hulu buffering, stuttering, or freezing issue on your device.

Why Does Hulu Keeps Buffering

If you are experiencing buffering issues when streaming Hulu or Hulu Live on VIZIO smart TV, Roku, Firestick, PC, PS4,or other devices, it's possibly because there are internet connection problems, Hulu app or device system is outdated. The main causes of Hulu buffering/freezing/stuttering issues are listed below.

  • Slow or unstable internet connection.
  • Incorrect network settings blocking streaming Hulu.
  • Outdated Hulu application or old device system.
  • Corrupted Hulu caches or web browser caches.

How to Stop Buffering/Freezing When Streaming Hulu

1. Check your network settings

Make sure your network allows Hulu streaming. Some networks have limited speed and might prevent you from streaming Hulu, which can cause Hulu streaming to freeze or buffer. Try a different internet connection if you are using cellular data or satellite internet connection.

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2. Check your internet connection speed

It's known to all that slow internet connection speed can cause buffering. If you don't know how to do that, check Hulu's guide to testing your internet connection on computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Sustained download speeds of 3.0 Mbps is required for Hulu's Streaming Library, 8.0 Mbps for Hulu live streams, and 16.0 Mbps for 4K content. Connect your device to your internet directly. Try power-cycling or contact your internet service provider for more help.

3. Improve your Wi-fi signal

There are a few things you can do to improve your Wi-Fi signal. Move your router to a new place. Move wireless devices away from the router. Elevate your router. And stop using the same Wi-Fi on other devices or for other activities. If your router is old, replace it with a new one.

4. Perform a restart

Sometimes, a retart can fix an issue easily. Restart your Hulu streaming device, restart your home network, and restart the Hulu app on your device. Try Hulu again to see if the buffering issue is resolved. A simple restart always fixes various glitches. If Hulu freezes, but other devices are working, it usually means there's a problem with your device.

5. Perform an update

Use the latest version of Hulu app and your device system. Check for the Hulu app and your device system update. There should be an official guide on Hulu Help Center and your device's official support page.

6. Clear cache and data

Corrupted cache files can lead to buffering issues when streaming Hulu. Clear Hulu cache and data and try Hulu again. If you stream Hulu via a web browser, clear your web browser caches. To clear web browser cache, click on the Settings bar > Settings/Options > Privacy & Settings, find cookies and data, click Clear Data to remove cache data.

7. Reinstall the Hulu app

Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app on your device. On your streaming device, uninstall the Hulu app and reinstall the app to fix any streaming issues. Steps may differ on different streaming devices.

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