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[Fixed] Hulu Not Working on Apple TV/Firestick/Roku/Samsung TV

Hulu's website, Hulu and Hulu+ Live TV are available on almost any device and platform, be it Apple TV, iPhone iPad, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, Chromecast devices, Roku, Xbox, PS5/4, macOS and Windows PC browsers, etc. You can enjoy live streams of more than 50 broadcast, cable-originated channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW included) and superior contents from its partners like DreamWorks Animation, Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, etc. once you subscribe to its service.

That being said, Hulu is unaccessible now and then, especially when you're eager to watch the recent updates. If Hulu is not working on your Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, Samsung TV and no better option is available, spend 3 minutes reading the below fixes.


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Top Solutions to Troubleshoot Hulu Not Working/Can't Access Hulu Problem

The following approaches are meant to use in the common scenes, irrespective of your device or platform. Providing they don't work for you, please google the specific keywords like "Hulu not working on Apple TV", "can't access Hulu on samsung TV" to find the workarounds.

Solution 1: Check if Hulu is in the outage or maintenance.

Go to isitdownrightnow.com to check if Hulu is down. If so, you can't do anything but to wait. If not, read on.

Solution 2: Check your network connection.

Check if your bandwidth is okay. Move to the place where your router is placed. Or disconnect your smartphones, tablets or Wi-Fi connection from the operating Hulu device. Wait 1 or 2 minutes, and then re-connect to have a try.

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Solution 3: Check Internet download speed.

Generally, your internet download speed should be at least 6Mbps for Hulu and 8Mbps for Hulu+ Live TV. Upgrade your network download speed or upgrade to 5G network.

Solution 4: Troubleshoot DNS problems.

A Domain Name System (DNS) enables a site IP address (192.168.x.x) to be identified with words (*.com) so as to be memorized. Sometimes, DNS might do harm to your apps like Hulu. To rule out potential risks from DNS, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache.

For Windows users, click Start > Command Prompt > type "ipconfig /flushdns" and tap enter. Afterwards, select your operating system. Resort to an alternative to DNS service rather than your ISPs if Hulu is still not working on your computer after you succeed in other tasks like access a website.

Fix DNS issue
Fix DNS issue

Solution 5: Get browser problems resolved.

Force a full refresh for the site via "Ctrl+F5" shortcuts on Windows PC. Clean up the temporary cache and cookies on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Explorer...) to make sure that you get the latest version of the web page.

Solution 6: Try more workarounds.

  • Update your Hulu or Hulu+Live TV app to the latest version.
  • Sign out of your Hulu app and re-sign in.
  • Delete Hulu app on your device and re-install it to have a try.
  • Reset your Wi-Fi modem.

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