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9 Fixes for Hulu Black Screen (with Audio) on TV, Roku, PC, Mac, Discord, Zoom...

Many users report that they have black screen issue with Hulu app on Samsung TV, Sony TV, Vizio TV, Apple TV, Roku, FireStick, PC laptop, Mac, or other devices. Some can hear audio or sound but can't see picture. Black screen issue may happen when they try to view Hulu or in the middle of video streaming. It may occur every several days or a few times a day. Other streaming services don't have black screen issues, just Hulu. That's weird. How to fix the black screen on Hulu app?

In addition, black screen will appear when we try to screen share Hulu video via Zoom, Discord, Skype and other applications. How to fix?

Hulu black screen
Hulu black screen

7 Methods to Fix Hulu Black Screen Issue on TV, Roku, Laptop...

The following methods have proven workable for some users. So, let's have a try.

1. Wait, or press Play/Pause button. If you use the "no ads" plan and find your Hulu screen will go black during what should be commercial, you can wait a few minutes. In most cases Hulu will work again without you doing anything. Other times you need to press play/pause button to get it started back.

2. Reinstall Hulu app. Reinstalling is a frequently mentioned solution for Hulu not working issues. Go to your app manager, find Hulu, and reinstall it. Once done, open Hulu and see if black screen issue persists or not. This solution may fix your Hulu black screen temporarily or permanently.

3. Run Device Care. Some users report that reinstalling doesn't work but running Device Care solves Hulu black screen error on their Samsung smart TV. Go to settings -> Device Care -> run Device Care.

4. Pull the power cord. Turn off your TV, pull the power cable from your TV, wait for 10 seconds or a little longer, and plug it back in. Next turn on your TV, open Hulu app, and you may find that it starts working without black screen issue. If the problem still occurs, try unplugging everything. Check other fixes for Hulu black screen on TV, computer, Roku, Discord, Zoom...

5. Add to your whitelist. If you have a pi-hole or network adblocker, adding to your whitelist can fix Hulu black screen. Some users even find that Hulu can still work even after adding to the blocking list.

6. Close your window and open it again. If you encounter Hulu black screen with audio on Chrome or other browsers on your computer, you can try closing the window and opening it again.

7. Restart your device via settings. Let's take restarting Apple TV as an example. Press menu button on your Apple TV remote -> navigate to Settings -> scroll down to System -> scroll down to Restart. Then Apple TV will restart. When it turns on, open Hulu and check if black screen disappears or not.

2 Methods to Fix Hulu Balck Screen on Discord, Zoom, Skype...

When you try to share Hulu screen with your friend, he or she can only hear the audio and see the subtitle, no video. When you stop screen sharing, the video will turn back on. This is because Hulu, just like other streaming services, has a strict policy that it doesn't allow screen recording, streaming and redistributing the content. Any solution? You may try the following things.

1. Disable the hardware acceleration setting of your screensharing browser of choice.

Every browser has such an option. Take Chrome as an example. You should click the three vertical dots icon at the top right corner of Chrome browser, click Settings, Advanced, System, and then switch off Use hardware acceleration when available.

2. Try a different browser.

Some users find that they get black screen using IE and Microsoft Edge but have no issues with Chrome and Opera.


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