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Resolve Amazon Prime Video Audio Out of Sync Issue

You select a movie on Amazon Prime, the video starts, then freezes, then the audio goes out of sync with the video. The movie is ruined if the lip doesn't match the sound. Sadly, it's one of widespread Amazon Prime Video not working properly issues with Amazon Prime Video app. The Prime Video audio sync issue can occur on Apple/Roku/Samsung/Fire/Sony, Xbox One, PC/Mac, and other devices. Learn causes and troubleshooting tips before you reach out to Amazon Prime Video team for some solutions.

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Why is the audio out of sync on Amazon Prime

There are a few causes that can lead to audio delay/lagging, video subtitles out of sync, or lip-sync errors when streaming Amazon Prime Video.

1. Improper frame matching settings in your Apple/Roku/Samsung/Fire TV, or problems with your streaming devices.

2. Old software version on your device.

3. Rewinding or fast-forwarding/pausing causes out of sync audio.

4. Device connection issues, such as a sound bar, speaker, or external audio receiver. The list goes on.

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How to sync Amazon Prime video and audio

On all devices

These tips work for sound sync issue when streaming Amazon Prime Video on TVs manufactured by Apple, Samsung, Fire, Sony, Roku, PC/Mac, Android/iOS mobile devices, game consoles, etc. Try streaming again after each step completes.

Solution 1. Verify the sound on other applications. Try streaming Netflix, Hulu, or another streaming service to test if it's an issue with your device or with the Amazon Prime Video app. If other streaming services work fine on your device, contact the Prime Video team or move to the next solution.

Solution 2. Check your internet connection: A poor or unstable internet connection can cause audio sync issues. Make sure you have a stable internet connection by performing a speed test on your device. If the connection is slow or unstable, try restarting your modem/router or contacting your internet service provider.

Solution 3. Try a different device or browser: If possible, test Amazon Prime on a different device or browser to see if "Amazon Prime video picture/audio not synced" issue persists. This can help determine if the problem is specific to one device or browser.

Solution 4. Restart your device (TV, computer, set-top box, mobile device, or other devices you are using to watch Prime Video), and try streaming again. A simple restart can fix various Amazon Prime Video streaming issues, such as Prime Video buffering, stuttering, black screen, etc.

Solution 5. Watch the content on Amazon Prime Video from the beginning, which may re-sync the video and audio.

Solution 6. Clear the cache of Prime Video app. Steps may vary on different devices.

Solution 7. Verify if your device, for example, your Apple TV has up-to-date software.

Solution 8. Uninstall the Amazon Prime Video app, redownload it and sign in with your account.

Solution 9. Check for device firmware updates: If you're using a smart TV, streaming device, or set-top box, ensure that you have the latest firmware installed. Manufacturers often release firmware updates to address software issues and improve performance.

Solution 10. Contact Amazon Prime support: If none of the above steps resolve the Amazon prime video audio delay issue, reach out to Amazon Prime support directly. They can provide specific troubleshooting workarounds or steps if necessary.

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On smart TVs

If you are watching Amazon Prime Video on your Sony, Apple, Samsung, Roku, or other smart TV and the sound doesn't sync with the picture, also try the following troubleshooting steps when the above methods don't fix the issue on your TV.

1. Try changing your audio settings to a different option on your device. For instance, enable stereo sound. On your TV, select Settings & Messages > Audio & Video Settings > Dolby Digital, and select Dolby Digital to PCM. Turn the A/V sync on if available.

2. Troubleshoot your device connection if you are streaming Prime Video on your TV, including verifying HDMI or other optical connectors being plugged in properly or trying another cable.

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In conclusion, fixing audio synchronization issues on Amazon Prime Video requires a combination of troubleshooting steps. Verifying your internet connection, device settings, and app updates are crucial initial steps. Clearing cache or reinstalling the app can often resolve minor glitches. Additionally, ensuring your device's firmware is up to date and contacting Amazon's support if problems persist can be beneficial. As technology evolves, these issues may become less common, but in the interim, these troubleshooting methods can help rectify audio sync problems on Amazon Prime Video, ensuring an uninterrupted and enjoyable streaming experience.


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