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How to Troubleshoot Amazon Prime No Sound Problem

Amazon Prime sound issues are quite common. On Amazon forum, you can see Amazon Primie video no sound errors on Roku/Samsung/Apple/Sony/Amazon Fire TV, iPhone, and other devices. There's video playing but no audio when streaming movies or TV shows using Amazon Prime Video. To bring back the sound of the Amazon Prime video, try some hardware and software related troubleshooting steps, for instance, check the volume control, restart your device, verify HDMI or other optical cable connections, change Amazon Prime audio settings to another, etc.

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Amazon Prime Video No Voice Issue Troubleshooting Steps

Check the volume control

The first thing you should do is to check the volume on your device. Some users may have the system sound turned off or muted, which causes no sound issue with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, or any other file you are playing. Press the volume increase button to unmute your device.

Perform a restart

Sometimes, a simple restart can fix various annoying Amazon Prime not working problems, such as Amazon Prime video audio out of sync, Amazon Prime black screen, buffering, etc. Close the Amazon Prime App on your device, and relaunch it. Stream Amazon Prime Video again to see if the audio issue is fixed.

Check cable connections

If you are using TV (Roku/Samsung/Apple/Sony/Amazon Fire, etc.) to stream Amazon Prime Video, troubleshoot cable connections when Amazon Prime sound cuts out. First, verify the HDMI or other optical connectors are plugged in, double check the optical connection to see if its connected rightly. Then check for any cable breakdown, and try another HDMI cable. The solution also helps if Amazon Prime video and audio go out of sync.

Update the OS or software

Update the software on your device when the update is available. Make sure you are using the latest operating system and the latest version of Amazon Prime Video app on your device. Check Prime Video help guide to update the app if you have no idea.

Change Amazon Prime audio setting

CW TV and tubi TV Help Center guide users to turning off Dolby Digital Plus when they encounter Amazon Prime sound issues on Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick. Try changing the audio settings. For example, on your TV, press the Home button on your TV remote, go to Settings > Audio Mode, and change the audio setting to another not selected currently. Many users successfully fix Amazon Prime no voice/sound issue after changing the audio setting.

If you get no sound when watching Amazon Prime Video on Windows, you can try updating your audio drive, disabling audio enhancement, or using audio troubleshooter. Refer to fixing no sound issue on Windows 10 for more detailed tips.


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