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How to Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video Black Screen

During the COVID-19 lockdown, you are watching a Hollywood blockbuster on Amazon Prime Video, and suddenly, it turns to be a black screen with a message saying "call customer service at us". The problem can occur on any device, be it Android phones and tablets, Samsung/LG/Fire/Vizio TV, PS4, or others. Common causes include hardware collection problems, outdated software or system, devices breakdown, etc. Here's how to troubleshoot the issue so you can watch your favorite movies or shows normally on your device.

1. Lower the video resolution

1. If you are playing 4K UHD content, try lowering down the resolution to 1080p or lower. Restart your Internet modem/router to ensure you get the best possible connection. To play 4K Ultra HD on Amazon Prime Video, a steady internet connection of at least 15Mbps is recommended. Otherwize, it's possible that Prime video streaming buffers/freezes. Your device should support HDCP 2.2.

2. Return to the previous page and try playing the material again.

3. Select other TV shows or movies to see if it's the content issue. Check what to do when Amazon Prime Video is unavailable.

2. Restart or reinstall

Uninstall the Amazon Prime Video app on your device, turn the device off, wait for a few minutes, then power it on. Reinstall the app and try watching videos again. A restart and reinstallation always solve some unexpected problems.

3. Update and relaunch your browser

1. If you use a browser to watch Amazon Prime Video, update the browser and relaunch it.

2. Disable add-ons in the browser. Clear browser cache.

3. Try another browser to see if the issue continues.

4. Troubleshoot HDMI collection

Check HDMI collection on your TV. Try a different HDMI port, HDMI cable, other HDMI ports on another TV, reversing the ends of the HDMI cable. When there's a receiver or sound bar connected to your TV, make sure it is on, or directly connect your device to the TV.

5. Clear Prime Video viewing history

Clear Amazon Prime viewing history. On web browsers, open Amazon's website, log in with your account, go to Accounts & Lists > Your Prime Video > Settings > Watch History > View Watch History > Remove this from watched videos. On Amazon Prime Video app, tap Settings > Clear Video Search History, try Amazon Prime Video again.

6. Update software

Perform a software or system update when it is available. Some old TVs or devices that no longer support updates may be not compatible with the Amazon Prime Video app.

7. Uninstall the graphics driver on your computer

Uninstall the graphics driver on your Windows computer, uninstall the driver and reinstall it. If the Amazon Prime Video black screen problem is caused by Windows computer, check solutions to black screen errors on Windows.

Or trying playing Amazon Prime Video in a browser. You can watch Amazon Prime Video content on Safari, Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. Make sure you are using the latest version of the above browser. Safari only supports up to 1080p HD.

Check more fixes to Amazon Prime Video not working errors, such as "no internet connectivity", "Internet Connect Failure", "Service Unreachable", "insufficient bandwidth", no option to download video, Error 1060, etc.

Black screen is a common error on every streaming service and video sites, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube (check what to do when YouTube shows a black screen). Instead of live streaming, you can download movies and TV shows for offline playback on Android phones & tablets, iPhone iPad, HDTVs, etc. All you need is a reliable video downloading tool, Winxvideo AI.


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